Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Geomorphs for Redbrick Zone

Some more geomorphs I designed - most of these have identical outer courts and the inner areas being redesigned and stuff cut and paste into them. As this is nicknamed the Ikea dungeon repetition suits it. Endless identical tunnels and doors. These work nicely and just need a few more. Remove the central area and drop in any terrain you wish from trees to a mini fort or factory or something. Goblin Mine should be fun too - could include smelter/refinery map, miners barracks, fungi level, lots of winding passages and tunnels, flooded section, exposed ruins and crypts, crystal cave etc. 

This is an admin and court area for a local boss. A throne room, kitchen, feast hall, extra shrines and a guard station for elite guards.

The maze - an attempt to recreate those old tsr geomorphs. Random crazy crap fit for traps and treasure with kobold trapper colony. Annoying to map for adventurers and designed by a rich madman. Kobold warren of 2ft wide tunnels or fit for some critter and traps. Room contents should be illogical and mildly magical. Maybe i need a gonzo decor table.

B1 rooms would work in here or just steal all those unused designed rooms from old adventures here.

Magic pond, magic fog filled area, mild poison or flammable gas, cold area with 3 inches of slick ice, hot area with blazing furnace and fire snakes and toads. Polymorphing trap and a former party in frog form.

 Great temple. You'll not their is only one way in or out. Thats because the summonings held here are very private and the demon gods called probably want to trap everyone easily for consumption. You could add a secret door or like some cathedrals could have a complete couple of rooms under altar or stairs to lower level or new dungeon zone.

Outer rooms are priest quarters, temple admin, stores and shrines to saints heroes and the main gods kin.

 This area is a prison, zoo or slaughterhouse. Possibly it is restocked. Some might have undead men or animals. Possibly breeding pens or a mad wizards specimens. Unconscious characters could wake up here. Some cases the area if just full of animals to feed dungeon staff.

 This area contains might store rooms. Building materials, food, trap supplies and even treasure. The locks should be huge and multi staged deathtraps. A bit more decor here as if a king might come through to inspect or lounge in courtyard. Outer rooms are account records, admin, store rooms and a few monster dorms. Organized troops like hobgoblins would be good here.

This one is a random generated one from a web site and slapped into my template. Kobolds and minotaurs at home here. Kobolds are genius at trapping and craft but their design principles result in stuff like this. Some say to make these plans they roll dice according to ancient holy books to stop ghosts following them home. A hundred kobolds here would be a fine challenge.

This is a barracks where local monsters sleep shit shower and shave. Many monsters here off duty. Often almost empty. You dont want to be here without a guest pass when fully staffed. Includes dormitory (add 2 extra levels here if wanted), huge kitchen and workshop, cage for conscripts, prisoners, deserters, food animals. Huge toilet laundry and well in washroom. Another big room with well for armoury and food stores. Outer rooms are officers quarters and admin.


  1. These are really great! The graphic for the last geomorph doesn't link to the larger version.

  2. i dontknowwhy as all done same way but will put all on flickr

  3. will repost all on flickr with and without grids when set finished - probably make up a pdf


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