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Long Stair Dungeon Style Zones part 2

Arg! Parents sick at xmas from illness, missed seeing Hobbit with mom. When i did catch up they had seen it. She seemed more impressed than earlier films or possibly got used to Jackson style. Spiders she thought were not as cool as they should be. Dad thought it had no story but liked clothes (not really a fantasy fan). So when we did catch up saw life of Pi which was a pretty attractive film. Read Non Stop by Brian Aldiss which was a big influence on metamorphosis alpha. A quick read and pretty amazing for first book and for when it was written. Any way more long stair stuff for now.

Redbrick Zone

Non-sentient species dwell here like carrion crawlers, trappers, piercers, stirges and others. This zone is extensive and continues to the gates of several other nations. Areas cleared are rapidly altered and changed but nobody has seen how this happens. Despite traps personnel report the rewards are worth it and the combat with non-sentient xenofauna is refreshingly impersonal. Traps probably the biggest killer here, usually include a distraction such as loot or enemies. Sentients here seem to be adventuring for treasure too or hunting for dungeon food. Many monsters just keep the floors clean of scraps. The area is mostly unlit but torches and candles seem refreshed by somebody. Kobolds popular choice to blame for renovations, traps and light sources. Tables here might be handy too:

Redbrick Zones Hazards lv 1-3 d20

1 Bridge over deadly feature like spikes, lava, monsters
2 Pitfall trap with spikes
3 Pitfall trap with snakes or scorpions or giant centipedes
4 Pitfall trap with slide to lower level
5 Pitfall trap with sealed lid and gas
6 Pitfall trap with slide into compactor chamber
7 Pitfall trap with monster
8 Swinging pendulum Dex save 1d10
9 Guillotine trap Dex Save 1d8
10 Falling rock deadfall trap Dex Save 2d6
11 Net Trap Dex Save or strung up wrapped in net
12 Scythe Trap Dex Save or leg slashed 1d8
13 Pressure Plate trap gas Con save sleep, teargas or poison
14 Pressure Plate trap flame burst Dex Save 2d6
15 Pressure Plate trap acid spray Dex Save 1d6
16 Pressure Plate trap poison darts Dex Save 1d4 + Poison save
17 Centipedes or other swarm dumped on from above, 1d6 damage (1 per round)
18 Portcullis blocks passage
19 Flammable gas flooded corridor, spark trip line trap
20 Sealed corridor then section flooded, has hidden escape passage

Redbrick Zones Mysteries lv 1-3 d20
1 Solid oak beam door with gilt coating and 4 locks
2 Brightly coloured solid door with trapped lock
3 Door covered in magical wards, runes or sigils
4 Secret door going somewhere?
5 Fake door or bricked up door
6 Sealed Iron Door with no lock
7 Door with knockers and peephole, bolted from other side
8 Elevator to lower level
9 Revolving corridor section
10 3 Mysterious doors, 2 cursed one with treasure
11 Treasure sealed behind barrier like glass or bars or huge pit
12 Peephole with visible treasure, difficult to access
13 Kobolds building a trap flee, leaving blueprints, tools and parts
14 Message to group demanding your dues in dungeoners guild
15 Busy Imp directing kobolds and gremlins seen in distance
16 Treasure found but with something personal from surface world
17 Corpse in spent trap, haunt cries for help
18 Corpse in spent trap, mobile phone goes off
19 Locked secret room full of tools, bricks, mortar, doors, lamps, food
20 Treasure in plain view on pedestal in large clear area

Redbrick Zones Encounters  1-3 d50
1 Carrion Crawler looking for food
2 Rust Monster looking for snacks
3 Gelatinous cube on cleaning detail
4 Ochre Jelly looking for food
5 Stirge colony 4d4
6 Piercers 1d6
7 Trapper
8 Lesser Mimic
9 Orc adventurer party looking for kills 2d6
10 Goblin adventurer party looking for magic 2d6
11 kobolds setting traps attempt to skirmish 3d6
12 kobold commandos harass and use dirty weapons like flaming oil 2d4
13 Gremlins stalk party and wait till at rest to attack 4d4
14 Kobolds shaman and 2d6 acolytes curse party
15 Ogre with a red cap and halberd guarding something
16 Kobolds eating person in trap, 1d4
17 Shrieking fungi goes off, roll again
18 Dwarf adventurers 2d4
19 Bright Elf adventurers 1d6
20 Dark elves putting poison on traps 1d6
21 Hobbit adventurers looking for loot and good times
22 Minotaur lair, hunts intruders to the death
23 Tako octopus adventurers from aquatic zone, 1d6
24 Young Troll making a name for himself
25 Kobold suicide bombers 1d4, lit fuse on back 2d6 blast over 2Yard radius
26 Gnoll adventurers looking for food 1d4
27 Gnome adventurers looking for tests of skill and trading 1d6
28 Dungeon humans, possibly mercenaries or guards of dark powers 2d4
29 Foreign humans from upstairs 1d6
30  Orc hunter with pet wolf
31 Goblin Hunter riding wild boar
32 Goblin bat rider wizard
33 Goblin hunter wolf rider
34 Gnoll hunter with hyena
35 Dungeon pony with little cart of trade goods
36 Worm holes with 1d6 1HD blood worms (baby purple worms)
37 Giant Pit Viper 2HD and poison bite
38 Dungeon Constrictor 3HD, 2d6 crush and 1d6 bite
39 Rat swarm 1d6 rounds 1 pt damage each
40 Giant scorpion 3+3HD 1d8/1d8/1d6+poison
41 Giant trapdoor spider 4d+2 HD
42 Giant Gekko 3HD 1d6 bite, wall walking chameleon
43 Giant bats 2d4 1d4HD
44 Giant rats 2d4 1d4HD
45 Gnome traders looking for goods 1d4
46 Imp decides to follow party invisibly
47 Troglodytes 1d4 war band on lookout for hardware
48 Assassins in robes attack, explode or melt on death, suicide pills
49 Wizard with 1d4 guards and a rogue looking for loot
50 Evil High Priest with 1d12 skeletons in robes

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