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EMO DnD Classes pt 9: Elf

Saw some stats with elves dropping off as not so popular compared to newer races in recent DnD. If everybody is doin the new thing instead of the classic then you've broken the game. Eldren or eldar or even spirit folk all fine as elves to me. Mine are based on the BX elf with choices for spell type. In ADnD terms all my elves are like fighter-spell casters. Makes elves very feared for spell and fighting abilities but they dont really have HP to back it up. Elves peak early and dont do so well at higher levels but have no restrictions on how high they go like original BX.

Considering a few things to make dwarves combat monsters. Halflings have never been my forte but ill make them tough fighter-theives.

Fey folk warriors of mist haunted elf-lands

HD: 1d6+1 Prime Stat: Int
WP: 2 (+1/2nd Lv)
NWP: 6 (+1/2nd Lv)
No-WP mod: -3
Languages: 3d4 (+1/ lv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: Choose as priest or druid or wizard or sorcerer magic systems
NWP: Warrior and Wizard
Shield: Any
Armour: Any
Weapon: Any Bow, Spear or Sword, Staff,  Dagger, Bolo, Javelin, Sabre, Whip, Shuriken, Rock, any Halberd, pole arm, dart (Some types use other weapons)
Fight as: Warrior
Save as: Wizard

The Elvish or Eldren race were servants of the gods at the dawn time. Some served the gods in the celestial city before the fall, others served the natural cycles, spawning countless fey races (undines, dryads, goblinoids) and become part of the living world. Elves hail from many cosms yet are kin. Native earthborn elves cannot be bound or banished by spells and are tolerant of steel. Different elves chose different paths but their race was heavily depleted by evil rituals turning them into orcs. Servants of the elder races made the spell to punish elves for causing the fall of the elder age. They fear depleting themselves so are increasingly rare. Elves when imprisoned or enslaved
deteriorate faster than humans. Elf body parts and blood are good for spell casting. They tend to be aloof and superior, believing all other races to be inferior and out to abuse them or too young to know better.
-Cast spells as a Wizard, Sorcerer, Druid or Priest (pick one)
-Wizards and Sorcery magicians  start with 4 cantrips and get one more spell per lv
-Get Int bonus on spells, can cast bonus 1st lv spell at 1st lv
-Can cast spells wearing armour and holding swords and shields
-Infravision 120 feet
+4 spot and listen
+2 Sneak, Hide, Track, resist Charm, Sleep or Paralysis
+1 hit and damage any bow or blade – may use these with use focus instead of dagger and staff as normal magicians (only 1 slot in specialization max per weapon but can learn choice of Sword or Bow, can learn critical hits too but start with none like most classes)
- 6th you attract a follower – a mount, elf companion or pet creature +1 every lv from now on
- 8th +1 attack per melee round on bow or blade
- 10th you establish a natural stronghold in a place of great beauty attracting +1d6 followers
- 20th you are expected to build a new colony of elves and can build a sacred gate between worlds, you are now an elder and also can cast commune once per week

Earthborn or otherworlder?
Earthborn have none of these problems or gains.

Otherworld born elves cannot use mortal Iron or Steel weapons or amour.
All starting amour and weapons made from elf metal. 
Take +1 damage from weapons made from iron or mortal world iron or steel weapons and take 1pt per hour from iron of steel armour.
They can be banished, commanded or bargained as per otherworld beings and have true names.

Gain an additional 1st spell slot or 4 x 0 lv cantrip spell slots (choose once) at first lv and a book of 1d4+1 extra spells if a wizard.
May find and enter gate to home faerie land monthly on full moon (may return same night). Get get one roll here to start:

Receive Otherworldly Gift d20
1 - Cloak +4 Hide and Boots +4 Sneak
2 - Living Bow – grows one +1 arrow per day (only last a day)
3 - Silver sword +1
4 - Chain +5 – can cast spells or sneak in without penalty, ½ weight
5 - Rations satchel – carries one year of food preserved for 2lb bag, lasts for 10 years
6 - Healing satchel – 20 x 1d4 healing charges, only one use per day per person
7 - Silver Bow +1
8 - Elf coracle - 4 man boat folds to pocket size
9 - Horn - calls an otherworldly elf to your aid once per month of equal Lv
10 - Silver dagger +1
11 - Silver helm +1 saving throws
12 - Silver 2-h sword or polearm
13 - Sea Plate - full or half plate can swim in
14 - Instrument that plays self
15 - Horn calls otherworldly elven horse one day a month

16 - Horn calls 2HD elf hound from other world one day a month
17 - Feast cloth - creates a delicious feast for 4 once per week
18 - Suit of fine elf clothes, resistant to filth, repairs self over night
19 - Cantrip wand 1d100 charges
20 - roll twice - if roll this again then pick reaming items

Specialist Elf races

Name Alignment (other name)
Culture description
Homeland description

WP - Weapon Proficiencies - can spend 2 WP slots for elf type weapon group
NWP - Non Weapon Proficiencies
Spell lists

Bonus Exotic Items 1d4

Forest Elf NG (Green Elves)
These are the most common earth born elves, allies of nature
Dwell in tree forts and forest cities
Long Sword, Long bow, Dagger, Short Spear
Sneak, Hide, Survival, Track
Druid or Sorcery Spells
 Elvish SW, Common SW, Ancient S, Goblin S
1- Ranger house: Bonus Track NWP
2- Hunter house: 1doz+1 Arrows
3- Houndmasters house: Loyal Pet Elf Hound 1
+1 HD, AC +4 Track, Sneak, Hide
4- Falconmasters house: Loyal Pet Falcon

Wild Elf CG CN (Copper Elves)

These are savage elves living in harshest regions like mountains, deserts and ice flows
These elves live in pueblo style stacked buildings or are nomadic
Long Spear, Short Bow, Sabre, Dagger
Carousing, Hunting, Nature Lore, Spot
Druid Spells
 Elvish SW, Common S, Ancient S, Elder S, Wild Man S
1- Gatherer house: Forage
2- Hunter house: Survival
3- Loyal Pet Wolf
2HD AC +4 Track
4- +1 Ancestral Club

Celestial Elf LG LN BN (Light Elves)
These elves work in the celestial city aiding the gods in the celestial bureaucracy
They live in beautiful built towers of glass, stone and wood
Long Sword, Long bow, Dagger, Shortsword
Astrology Lore, Navigation Lore, scribe, Spot
Wizard, Sorcery or Priest Spells
Elvish SW, Common SW, Lawful SW
1- Celestial scribe: 1d3 Magic Scrolls
2- Celestial Soldier: Silver Sword, flashes 20ft of evil
3- Loyal Pet Owl or Ibis 1d4+1 HD AC 4 Spot, Hunting, Scout
4- Navigator House: Star chart or pocket astrolabe

Moon Elf - Any Alignment (Silver Elves)
These nocturnal elves live on the moon but some fall to earth, their ladies ride unicorns
They dwell in white towers with good views of the moon
Battle Axe, Long sword, Shortbow, Dagger
Sneak, Hide, Navigation Lore, Rope Use
Wizard, Sorcery or Priest Spells
Elvish SW, Common SW, Elder S, Goblin S
1- Luna Gatherer: 1d3 Magic Mushroom Potions
2- Lunar Soldier: Silver Sword, flashes

20ft of evil
 3- Loyal Pet Owl friend 1d4+1 HD AC 4 Spot, Hunting, Scout
4- Unicorn House: 6+2d6 refined unicorn dung pellets 1d4 healing

Night Elf Any - non Good alignment (Dark Elves)
They serve the darkness and lurk in hidden forests and in the roots trees deep in the underworld
They live in black tree forts or decadent underland cavern cities
Long sword, short bow, dagger, dart
Sneak, Hide, Listen, Climb
Any spell list
Elvish SW, Common SW, Elder SW
1- Underland explorer: elven rope, stretches from 20-100 F
2- Underland Assasin: Silent black blade
3- Bat Friend 1d4+1 HD AC 4 Spot, Listen, Scout
4- Navigator House: Coded cavern charts

Sea Elf – Any Alignment (Jade Elves)
They dwell under water controlling the undersea world for the sea gods
They live in underwater towers and caverns and hidden coastal villages
Sabre, short bow, trident, net
Swim, Hold Breath, Boating, Map Lore
Any spell list
Elvish SW, Common SW, Elder SW
1- Sea: 1d3 Magic Scrolls
2- Oceans Soldier: Returning Silver Trident
3- Octopi Friend: Loyal Tako retainer Lv1
4- Navigator House: Star chart or pocket astrolabe

Sun Elf  - LG LN NG (Gold Elves)
They dwell in the court of the sun but come to earth to kill evil
Usually build fortified towers in view of the sun
Long Sword, Long bow, Dagger, Short Spear
Fire Making, Hunting, etiquette, Spot
Wizard, Sorcery or Priest Spells
Elvish SW, Common SW, Ancient SW
1- Suns scribe: 1d3 Magic Scrolls
2- Suns Soldier: Silver Spear, flashes near evil
3- Hawk Fiend: Loyal Pet Falcon 1d4+1 HD AC 4 Spot, Hunting, Scout
4- Permanent Light spell ring with hood to block light at will

Cave Elf – Any but good alignment (Ghost Elves)
Albino violet tinted skin and white eyed elves toil in the underworld and deepest caverns
Live in glum stone towers and cities in giant caverns
Sabre, short bow, short sword, crossbow pistol
Survival, Caving Lore, Climbing, Listen
Any spell list Spells
Elvish SW, Common SW, Elder SW
1- Cave Creeper: Mountaineering NWP
2- Permanent Light spell ring with hood to hide light
3- Reptile Friend: Loyal Pet Lizard 1+1 HD 1d8 bite AC 4 Track, Hunting, Scout
4- Mushroom Keeper: 1d3 Magic Mushroom Potions

Arcane Elf - Any alignment (Chromatic Elves)
These Eldren devote their lives to contemplation of magic, philosophy and pleasure
They dwell in ancient hidden depopulated citadels which resemble worn down rock formations
Long Sword, Long bow, Dagger, Short Spear
Elder Lore, Sense Magic, Spot, Plane Lore
Sorcerer or Wizard Spells
Elvish SW, Common SW, Elder SW
1- Arcane scribe: 1d3 Magic Scrolls
2- Arcane Soldier: Silver Spear, flashes
20ft of evil
3- Magical Prosthesis: Hand (hit +1 magic monsters), eye +2 vs Illusions, Leg +1Mv
4- Amulet +1 on a one stat but cursed if used by non elf

Dragon Elves - Any alignment (Obsidian Elves)
These elves worship other planar beings and call monster to do their bidding – famed as dragon riders
Dwell in baroque sinister towers filled with decadent luxury and forbidden pleasure
Long Sword, Composite bow, Dagger, Short Spear
Elder Lore, Dragon Lore, Poison Lore, Demon Lore
Priest, Sorcerer or Wizard Spells
1- Demon Scribe: 1d3 Magic Scrolls
2- Elemental Blade: +1d4 fire (6 rounds per day)
3- Demon Blade: Magic blade, damns slain souls to hell and moans hungrily
4- Drug Visions: Has prophetic dream before each adventure of a location peril

+1 per 1gp spent on jewels, art, clothes, esoteric lore, poems, entertainment, planting forests, exploring, great monuments,  books, instruments, magical weapons or implements, creating great garden, giant tree fort or house, feasting, hunting, breeding magical beasts, build faerie dancing circles and other structures to facilitate interworld travel
+50/lv casting spells to help victory
+50 per proficiency success that helps
+100 for visiting places of beauty or learning songs and tales.
Double XP for fighting other elves or orcs

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