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Long Stair Dungeon Style Zones part 3

Long Stair Between Crawls
roll on any one below between sessions

1 Disaster - deadly accident or xeno contamination
2 Mishap - minor accident and injury
3-4 Uneventful - all good
5 Outstanding - spectacular success - minor or temp bonus +1
6 Critical Breakthrough - new understanding achieved +2 on NWP

1 Drunken party
2 Sportsman
3 LAN gamer
4 Tabletop Gamer
5 Sexual Escapades
6 Gambling
7 Online socialite
8 Fight
9 Locked up
10 Black market

1 Experiment with xenotech
2 Experiment with xenomethodology
3 Corespondance student in upstairs qualificatons
4 Study xenofauna
5 Study xenosentients
6 study xeno language
7 Study xeno terrain and maps
8 Study xeno  culture and religion
9 Test subject volenteer
10 Offered field trial of new or captured hardware

1 Vehichle familiarity - operate downstairs vehichles
2 Weapon familiarity - operate additional weapon systems
3 Base familiarity - layout of base and hiding places
4 Survival familiarity (study food, shelter and water sources in dungeon)
5 Medical familiarity (work with medics)
6 Xenofauna capture familiarity (retrain, trap and handle critters)
7 Patrol group familiarity (more downstairs experience)
8 Military protocol familiarity (helps promotion or become MP)
9 Unarmed combat familiarity
10 Archaic weapon familiarity

Goblin Mine Zone

Honeycombed cavern and mine zone was dug by some other species long ago and is now infested with tribes of xeno humanoids. Sounds of mining, screams of violence and savage drums are heard. Many cavern dwelling predictors also come here and stay for the food. Tempting gems and minerals abound and tempt the unwary. Some are of types unknown to science and have strange properties. Teams come here frequently but occupation has been hard. Remnants of a Russian cold war base has been found here occupied by goblins. Some areas in lower levels have free flowing magma, boiling water and acid. Many areas are lit by xeno methodology powered candles and lanterns. Goblinoids adoption of captured weapons makes them far more deadly. Humanoids in melle are the biggest killers here.

Goblin Mine Zones Hazard 1-3 d20
1 Rickety dried wooden walkway
2 Stone bridge within huge cavern
3 Quake shakes stalactites from celling
4 Flammable gas
5 Floor collapses into lower level
6 Dilapidated elevator
7 Corridors blocked by burning kobold metal over 10 ft
8 Toxic gas - Con save every turn or 1pt til clear
9 Bad air triple fatigue – enough to effect a fight
10 Deadfall drops rubble 2d6 or Dex save
11 Beams collapse blocking passage
12 Railway line with ore cart ready to roll
13Toxic glowing green gems Con save every turn or 1pt til clear
14 Evil glowing red gems – Wis save or tempted to dig and possess gems
15 Pit with crumbling edges
16 Bubbling volcanic mud pool
17 Waterfall
18 Tiny claustrophobic crawl hole
19 Whirlpool drain in pool
20 Huge gaping chasm above lava

Goblin Mine Zones Mysteries 1-3 d50
1 Dwarvern skeletons amid treasure
2 Goblin books bound in human skin
3 Kobold traps boxed ready to install from wizard Arkeyah
4 Invulnerable chest fitted with a dozen traps
5 Strange mineral unknown to explorer
6 Bizarre complex barn size mining machine rusted solid
7 Tinned food of unknown origin
8 Creature eggs clustered on mine works
9 Crude graves with simple signs and a few nick-knacks
10 Cave graffiti, smutty drawings and abuse
11 Crushed bodies under deadfall
12 Map of mines with locations marked
13 Section or mine, drain, train tunnel or bunker from surface
14 Rune covered vault door
16 Huge structure covered in scaffolding incomplete
17 Ruined citadel, evidence of last days of last inhabitants
18 Train timetables found on goblin corpse
19 Gnomes trying to awaken god in hopes of getting a wish
20 Uncovered crypt and dead miners
21 Remains of jury rigged alchemical workshop to make something
22 Skeletons digging up corpses or a structure like a crypt
23 Fungus garden with strange properties
24 Prisoner chained up begs for help
25 Echoes from party noise amplified and sent across region
26 Hurricane wind force drives party to shelter
27 Scaffolding supports heavily mined area east to collapse
28 Exotic coin pile, probably trapped cursed or poisoned
29 Goblin leader declares parley
30 Aparatus and strange mineral discovered
31 Mine cart with mummified body holding locked tiny chest
32 dig site of fused copper coin deposit
33 a great pit of discoloured mine drainage water
24 Remains of smelting and casting operation
25 Collection of miners housing
26 Distillery and bootleg hooch refinery in a shack
27 Shed filled with sweaty old explosives
28 Shed with filthy miners clothes and laundry
29 Shed with candles, lamps, ropes, ladders and other mining crap
30 Mass graves of lost miners with shrine
31 Dumped waste from surface world
32 Trapped claim area with “claim jumpers out” sign
33 Burning rocks light cavern
24 Burning pit of natural gas, possibly gate
25 Rust monsters fighting over iron spike
26 Carrion crawler infected person found, ready to burst
27 Shrine to strange gods and ancestors
28 Mining clockwork automatons working a seam
29 Giant grubs eating toxic waste from surface
30 Mushroom men ballet ceremony rarely seen by humanoids
31 Gigantic skeletal remains of fossilized rock
32 Miners set up a sly grog shop to drink and gossip
33 Hobgoblins demand to see your mining licence
34 Hobgoblins offer to sell you a mining licence
35 Ancient monolith covered in alien runes found
36 Notebook about nightmare encounter in subterranean crypt found by miners
37 Crate of exotic grog from another world
38 Gigantic crystal cavern, crystalline animals dwelling there attack thieves
39 Pile of monster dung some chainmail links on surface
40 Miners have uncovered a mass grave and abandoned the dig
41 A water wheel operated elevator built into cavern
42 Goblins with sweaty old dynamite playing boom boom
43 A mummified wild west prospector
44 Goblins herding a bullette
45 Map showing purple worm tunnels
46 map of hot and cold water system resembling a reactor
47 Goblins with missing scientist prisoner, hitting radioactive ore with mallets
48 Badger men fighting dark dwarves over ancient meteor fragment
49 Deep gnome steam forge with advanced steampunk tech
50 Dark elves spreading spores according to chart they have been given by masters

Goblin Mine Zones Encounter lv 1-3 d50
1 Goblin miners who hate claim jumpers
2 Goblin wizard and entourage seeks to study intruders corpses
3 Goblin Warg rider hunter, may fetch friends
4 Goblin bat rider, may fetch friends
5 Goblin archers on patrol
6 Hobgoblin squad on patrol
7 Hobgoblin sniper
8 Hobgoblins torturing prisoners
9 Hobgoblin master with whip with goblin crew
9 Bugbear hunter, curious follows party
10 Bugbear patrol with goblin runners
11 Bugbear women skinning goblins for dinner with kids
12 Legless kobolds in carts throw grenades and stink bombs
13 Kobold trap builders interrupted at work
14 Kobold magician wants to trade magic
15 Kobold commandoes on patrol, masters of hit and run
16 Kobolds with drugged blowpipes with shaman
17 Skeleton or zombie miners
18 Skeleton or zombie soldiers
19 kobold hero 4HD, blunts weapons on touch -1 per hit, curses if killed
20 Goblin escaped slaves in chains beg for help
21 Goblin carrying parasites and plague tries to join party
22 Kobold children beg for food
23 Albino stirges cover ceiling
24 Kobold selling lava fried stirges on 3 foot poles
25 Goblin pimp and dealer offers party vice and forbidden pleasure
26 Goblins fighting over surface artefact
27 Ork infantry hunting intruders
28 Ork assassin trails party – try to use captured weapons
28 Ork with Assault rifle with 2 clips and wants more
29 Ogre looking for food and gems
30 Dwarves looking to trade or for alliance
31 Derro lie and cheat and plot to kill party but feign peace
32 Dark elf sniper-mage harasses party
33 Dark elf maid offers to join party and trade
34 Dark elf hunters with goblin beaters
35 Mushroom men in trance circle, psychedelic vapours emitted
36 Human kill squad from surface world
37 Human slaves from surface world with goblin slavers
38 Ogre with hobgoblin slavers herded into digging vein
39 Mage spiders lurk on ceiling
40 Giant Spider blocks corridor
41 Goblins moon party from distance, laugh keep on trying
42 Humanoids fighting while others watch and gamble
43 Fish men attack from subterranean well
44 Goblin mini catapult or ballistae attack from distance
45 Troll teen looking to start a lair
46 Pack laden pit pony
47 Cave fisher above
48 Cave lobster attacks from water
49 Giant Bat attack
50 Piercers lair on ceiling
51 Goblin and goblin dogs
52 Pack of goblin dogs
53 Purple worm fighting 2d100 kobolds
54 Bat swarm 1d6 rounds 1pt dam per round
55 Distant reptilian salamander rolling in magma pool
56 Ankheg eating a humanoid
57 Owlbear snuffling for food
58 Devil Swine asks to join party, offers cursed gems
59 Cave Lizard after food
60 Fire Toads
61 Fire Newts on riding birds
62 Fish men cultists dragging captives into well
63 Dark elf vampire and demon lover tease party for kicks
64 Dark elf offers exotic goods and services
65 Gnome adventurers offer trade and maps
66 Deep Gnome wish to hire mercenaries
67 Dark elf with Orc troops
68 Giant rat pack
69 Rat swarm 1d6 rounds 1pt dam per round
70 Rat men on mission to spread plague
71 Gremlins follow party for mischief
72 Cave octopus tribe with clubs and spears
73 Troglodyte party looking for slaves
74 Were rat, pretty sure you can’t hurt him
75 Kobolds divert river down tunnel
76 Goblin children throw faeces at you
77 Slick of flammable oil and tar
78 Deadly cave walrus guarding territory
79 Kobold-troll hybrid, every kill grows back two separate kobolds
80 Ice Salamander or Ice toad lair in chilled cavern
81 Goblin market
82 Goblin vs Dwarf battle
83 Hobgoblin commander and dark elf commander fighting with goblins
84 Chained prisoner begs for help
85 Doppelgangers douse lights with magic then copy heroes faces
86 See a Dragon fly through distant cavern
87 Gargoyle snatches victim and flies away
88 Aboleth slave trapped in water begs for help (cant breathe air now)
89 Drider, dark elf-spider hybrid stalks party for magic
90 Scorpion man insane killer chases party to eat
91 Friendly Blink dogs begging for scraps
92 Displacer beast looking for food
93 Halfling adventurers looking for something shiny
94 Goat men cultists sacrificing victim to demon
95 Rolling boulder pushed by goblins
96 Goblinoid party in preparation or full swing
97 Hung bodies actually zombies who try to ambush
98 Goblin religious ritual in progress
99 Mushroom harvester goblins with sickles and hand carts of mushies
100 Goblin miners shift change, try to ignore party, not their shift, etc

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