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Long Stair Dungeon Style Zones part 1

Ill be writing up some tables for the various zones for my long stairs DnD game. Each has a table for basic hazards, some mysteries and some encounters. While long stairs is DnD vs modern special forces - ive made these tables fairly neutral to be used in my regular game. So far long stair is proving fun and very different. Mowing down 20 orcs with machine guns in dread one will survive and get a possibly killing blow on a character is interesting.

other zones

heavily trapped mostly non sentient creatures and puzzles in maze of doorways

goblin mine
goblinoid infested mine with cursed magic jewels and minerals

A Piranesi like endless giant castle and dungeon with big monsters

ixture of prehistoric Australian megafauna and Aboriginal dreamtime (as said earlier many portrayals of this content dodgy - Terror Australis by Chaosium not bad, keep scary not newage)

Cyclopean Zone
ndless sprawl of alien ruins and anachronistic mix of species and hazards

Amber Manour
Decayed mansion inhabited by deranged members of Amber family

Lost Temple
Ancient bronze age desert tomb of traps, undead and splendid art

Forbidden City
Swampy jungle with sunken ruined city and underworld dungeon

Toying with underdark cavern, glacial rift, slaughterhouse horror and some more

Am making some geomorphs for these at the moment. Gothic one (below) probably will cut and paste actual gothic building plans


Gothic Zone
Grey cold and dark, ornamental dressed stone and ironwork resembling gothic cathedrals, catacombs and mausoleums. They seem almost random assemblages of gothic architecture. Gothic Zones have a cold and fearsome environment. Explorers report haunted monastic choirs may be heard, along with chains, moans and screams. Lit candelabras and torches provide light in some areas, others are dark. Undead and horrific preternatural predators of legend can be found here. Many crypts are trapped or cursed but contain wealth and xenotechnology (magic). Unpopular with explorers but the experienced delvers are more willing to confiscate valuables. Presumably the ancient dead entombed here are responsible for building it. Personnel lost here have been seen reborn again undead.

Gothic Zones Hazard lv 1-3 d20
1 Explosive Rune 1d4+1 damage
2 Curse Rune – minor awkward curse
3 Wards – Wis save to pass
4 Pit trap - spikes
5 Floor collapses into lower crypts (1d10 levels)
6 Pit trap with encounter
7 Interesting Statue with Trapped gem eyes
8 Stone Crypt with sleeping undead
9 Ready to burst rotting corpses bar way
10 Undead having a feast and too busy to notice you
11 Prisoner in gibbet locked up with alarm
12 Dead acquaintances corpse – attacks when close
13 Fungal Bloom – alarm fungus, yellow mould, etc
14 Bone structure turns to skeletons while in use
15 Spider web filled area
16 Dust filled area bad air Con Sav or -2 all while here
17 Poison dart trap
18 Falling masonry trap
19 Parasitic infection from being near corpse remains
20  Corpse dust spreads disease Con save

Gothic Zones Mysteries lv 1-3 d20

1 Mysterious script and engravings
2 Burial urn with scenic art
3 Crumbling bundles of manuscripts
4 Shrunken Head of ancient human with tatoos
5 A scaffolding surrounding a gigantic stitched together corpse
6 Attractive aristocrat asks for help from out of the blue
7 Wall relief art depicting an exotic scene of underworld
8 Shrine to strange god
9 Ancient furnishings of everyday life laid out
10 Funeral Boat on blocks
11 Burst coffins and earth recently from surface world
12 Hear a voice of a dead person from surface
13 Screaming ghosts chill your soul Wis save or fear
14 Corpses mummified in spider web
15 Kindly Haunt sage talks senile rant in underworld tongue
16 Weeping child haunt tries to lead you somewhere
17 Bone scroll tube with maps and documents
18 Intelligent dead sends you a message to meet
19 Intelligence tempts a party member with wishes
20 Collection or sarcophagi of various vintage and style

Gothic Zones Encounter  lv 1-3 d50
1 Zombie work crew repairing dungeon
2 Skeleton pair guarding door
3 Screaming Skull – spy and attracts other foes
4 Rats swarm – 1d6 rounds of 1pt damage
5 Death Dogs – 2d6 undead hounds
6 Skeleton guardians – 2d6 usually unassembled at start
7 Zombie soldier patrol – 2d6 some ex troops or elsewhere
8 Ghoul Gang – 1d6 looking for food in new territory
9 Bats swarm – 1d6 rounds of 1pt damage
10 Wight – a lone staggering specimen, will track party slowly
11 Mummy and entourage on own mission ignores party
12 Ghoul agent, spies, tracks or talks to party for its master
13 Undead body part swarm twitches and spasms (Wis Save)
14 Haunts – phantoms reliving life ignore party
15 Haunt Warriors – aggressive haunt attacks
16 Haunt maiden – begs for help from mortal
16 Spirit Possession – Wis Save resist or embark on spirits mission
17 Necromancer and his minions
18 Ghoul Hounds –  1d6 Paralysis bites
19 Hags – a coven of evil witches, not quite human
20 Lesser flesh golem 4HD, 2d6 punch, Mv 8, on rampage or mission
21 Jackal Man with 2-khopesh style Lv=Total of party
22 Goblin death cult visiting to soak up ambiance 2d6+shaman
23 Orc death cult visiting to collect food and skulls
24 Pony sized Mage spider lurks here wants spell books and brains
25 Undead fighting, too busy to notice you
26 Were rat in human form tries to join group
27 Lost human from surface – sole survivor of party
28 Lost human from surface – insane serial killer cannibal
29 Skeleton palanquin with ghoul wearing crown
30 Zombie monster with non-functioning power like Mindflayer, Medusa, etc
31 Undead bard follows party at distance singing about doom
32 Skeleton Ape territorial over its entombed kin
33 Zombie farm animals
34 Dark elves hit and run with spells and missiles
35 Undead assassin stalks party
36 Undead snake attack
37 Skeletons jump from funeral jars 2d6
38 Huge 3HD skeleton with 4 arms, each with a sabre
39 Zombie corpse wagon collecting bodies
40 Skeleton dancers seem harmless then try to make you join
41 Lesser gargoyle sitting among stonework
42 Zombie hand grabs through crack in stonework
43 Something else recently killed by players risen again
44 Haunt follows party and berates them for defiling the dead
45 Skeleton wizard attacks with spells Lv 1d4
46 Skeleton priest attacks with spells Lv 1d4, and 1d6 zombies
47 Skeleton warrior attacks with exotic armour and fighting skills Lv 1d4
48 Skeleton rogue attacks with sneak and back stab Lv 1d4
49 Zombie courtesans with undead/necromancer/illusionist pimp
50 Lich and entourage shielded by force barrier pass through

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