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Long Stair Dungeon Style Zones part 7

have updated long stairs hardware list

This zone is a mish-mash of lost world, land of the lost, hollow earth and H.P. Lovecraft. Most critters are reptilian with serpent men, intelligent pterodactyls, sleestak and reptile men. The odd grey and mythos being here too. Meshes with Alcheringa zone on borders. Meant as a break from typical dungeons with a dash of weird science.

Ill do a forbidden city inspired one and leave this for a while. Tempted to do a sewer zone, boiler room zone (freddys basement demonic horror). Consider suggestions but want to get back to some other projects. Wrote most of these while stranded without net in Adelaide. 

Back to gammaworld game as of next week and some prep for upcoming DnD. Started some geomorphs for dungeon zones my slap them up here too.

Cyclopean Zone

A seeming endless sprawl of alien ruins, with anachronistic mix of species and hazards. A lost land with mostly reptilian species like dinosaurs, lizard men, draconians, saurian, sleestak, serpent men and dinosaurs. Other species dubbed greys and morlock have been discovered with advanced technology including energy weapons and robots. Some sub-tropical green zones, others more desert. Light comes from glowing crystalline rocks in ceiling that seems to provide plants of their needs. The ruins are hexagonal formed with crystal structures. Some argue multiple doomed races died here. Some talk of the great race that built this and ponder what killed them or drove them away. There are startling rock formations similar in Western Australia. It has been suggested the Great Race were time travellers and point to the strange temporal phenomena here as proof. Sleestack seem like a reptilian almost insectoid hominids who excel in primitive crossbow use but they seem linked with pylon structures that seem to control local phenomenon. Feral and tribal humans have been found here, including some missing children living in caves as savages. Strange xenotech and alien documents to be found.

Cyclopean Zone Hazzard 1-3 d20
1 Tar Pit
2 Quicksand
3 Lava Pit
4 Geyser eruption
5 Swarm of parasites
6 Flimsy bridge over a hazard
7 Pit trap, hunters near by
8 Snare or net trap
10 Cliff or chasm
11 Poison Gas Con Save or 1pt damage per turn for 1d4 hours
12 Mudslide Dex save of toppled over and buried in mud, Str save to escape
13 Sacred idol offends local natives if touched or approach
14 Carnivorous plants
15 Poison dart trap
16 Diseased muck Con save
17 Dinosaur nest, mom will smell and hunt you
18 Cursed idol laying in clearing
19 Crystal found, wanted by some elder race
20 Piranha pond

Cyclopean Zones Mysteries 1-3 d20
1 Strange machine with buttons, levers etc
2 Semi opaque glass wall with suspended great race behind
3 Reptilian mummies
3 Sleestack heads on altar speak to puny humans
4 Sleestak Pylon temptingly open
5 Black basalt plug blocking pit entrance
6 Mummified old one husk
7 Sleestak perform ritual around pylon
8 Pile of huge metal books with cellulose pages of alien script
9 Broken piece of advanced technology
10 Bones of some fantastic saurian
11 Remains of surface world survivors
12 Gateway to who knows where
13 Environmental control pylon
14 Remains of robot
15 Remains of advanced tool or weapon
16 Glowing console with changeable crystal rods
17 Frozen specimen in stasis cube with controls
18 Sleestak blessing dinosaur eggs
19 Remains of ancient sleestack with clothes, jewels and a laser
20 Serpant man tomb – possibly just sleeping

Cyclopean Zones Encounter lv 1-3 d50

1 Morlocks with surface world prisoners
2 Savage lizard men hunters
3 Raptor riding lizard man
4 Lizard men with serpent man wizard
5 Serpent wizard man in disguise as human
6 Sleestack hunters with crossbows
7 Human cultists with serpent man wizard
8 Surface humans looking for treasure
9 Savage tribal hominids on warpath
10 Robed sleestack warns to not mess with what you cannot know
11 Hostile robot attacks
12 Crocodilian attacks near water
13 Swarm of stinging bugs 1d6 rounds or 1pt damage
14 Dimetrodon attack
15 Plesiosaur attacks near water
16 4HD snapping turtle
17 Constrictor Snake 3HD 2d6 crush and 1d6 bite
18 Poisonous 1hd snake
19 Huge 1HD poison spider
20 Sauropod eating, will lash at pesky small creatures that get close
21 Small grumpy stegosaurus, 4 HD 2d4 tail lash
22 Small triceratops, 4hd 3D4 charge
23 Plant humanoids growing among normal vegetation
24 Wolf weeds – killer tumbleweeds 2-4 HD, d6 or d8 bite
25 Vegepymies looking for humanoid animals for their farm
26 Morlocks have uncovered something and try to defend it
27 Idiot eloi mute idiots wander in fields, morlock herdsman nearby
28 See a hideous shoggoth slide into a sinkhole
28 Feral child spies on party
29 Wild man attacks threat to party, mute savage but friendly
30 Tentacle from well tries to pull into a well
31 Giant frogs attack
32 Dire wolf may howl for company if party it tracks hurt
33 Sabre tooth tiger stalks party
34 Flesh eating ape
35 Axebeak birds stalk party
36 Huge centipede nest 1d4 HP, +2 save poison, 1d8 in nest
37 Nazi SS exploration team lost since 1939, (crashed nazi saucer nearby)
38 Cave fisher in cliffs drops a tangle line into party
39 Giant lobster nips near water
40 Cloud of diseased miasma infects with prehistoric disease
41 Mute reptilians hominids attempt to trade
42 Primitive tribal cannibals outraged you touched their sacred land
43 Pterodactyl wizards fly over head
44 Lesser shambling mound eating compost
45 Hybrid creature insane with pain after teleporter accident
46 Marooned human wild man, forgotton how to speak, has lair nearby
47 Cyborg monster still adjusting to treatment, mad with rage
48 Mutant with laser pistol from alternate apocalypse
49 Zombies with pygmies shaman
50 Flying saucers or weird lights fly overhead

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