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Long Stair Dungeon Style Zones part 8

Michael Bowers kindly pointed this out too me:
Cheers as i have had about 9 items of feedback for this blog. Id do controversial game philosophy posts if i thought id start a good fued. Given some Arduin stuff too so now I know what people are talking about - has some good stuff to plunder.

Most of these zones could used in my regular DnD game too.

Yes i pulled out my fiend folio here. Like the Amber Manour zone was inspired by Castle Amber module, this was inspired by the desert of desolation and the old Lost City module (one of my faves - could spend whole career trapped down there. Lone and Level sands dragon module too (no 81?).

Lost Temple Zone

Ancient sealed desert bronze age tomb with cults, scorpion men and mummies. Egyptian, Babylonian, Hittite, Eutruscan, Minoan or even like the early lost city DnD module (which seemed a bit Macedonian/Egyptian). Undead, crazy cultists, tomb robbers, traps and other horrors abound. Magical lamps provide light in some areas and the stonework is limestone with some marble, gilt, stucco paintings and relief carvings. Statues of long lost gods and demons abound. Substantial treasures can be found here.

Lost Temple Zone Hazard 1-3 d20
1 Stone block drops from above
2 Giant stone ball rolls towards chases into spike pit
3 Spiked pit trap
4 Pit trap full of snakes
5 Stone blocks seal section off corridor
6 Stone blocks seal section off corridor fill with sand
7 Pit Trap full of zombies
8 Poison Dart trap
9 Cursed doorway
10 Cursed guardian Idol
11 Cursed treasure item
12 Statue guards animate if disturbed
13 Guardian creatures from paintings or carvings come to life
14 Poor stale air 1hp dam pet turn if fail save
15 Mummy dust spreads disease if breathed without mask
16  Floor collapses or pit trap to lower level
17 Monster lair with various beasts
18 Unstable ceiling vulnerable to sounds
19 Tomb robbers camp site and cache
20 Pendulum trap

Lost Temple Zone Mysteries 1-3 d50
1 Art depicting mythical scene
2 Art depicting great treasure and king executing foreigners
3 Art depicting king hunting and killing monsters
4 Scrolls with ancient formula or prayers or recipe
5 Dropped loot from some tomb robbers
6 Tomb robbers corpses killed by traps, monsters or starvation
7 Talking statue blabs about ancient wonders
8 Sleeping ancient in magic coffin
9 Bound djinn or efreeti offer reward if binding ruined
10 Sarcophagus with unusual mummy like a chimera or two headed
11 Canoptic Jars overflow with human offal if opened
12 Elaborate puzzle in artwork opened sealed door
13 Every day kingly object like boat, chariot or mummified harem
14 Two sects of masked cultists in a fued
15 Clay tablet library with great wisdom (but very heavy)
16 Crumbling scroll collection with lost knowledge
17  Statue of king, god or hero doing something heroic
18 Art depicting a map of world or mythic realm
19 Cursed relic inflicts a quest on party
20 Stelae depicting border between local temple styles

Lost Temple Zone Encounters 1-3 d100

1 Spirit from past asks or tries to trick into helping
2 Skeleton guardians attack outsiders
3 Zombie builders making repairs
4 Zombie guards recruiting members
5 Lesser Mummy in sarcophagi awaits intruders
6 Greater Mummy awakes, summons monsters and returns to sleep
7 Soldiers from painting come to life and slay any foreigner in sight
8 Spirit in statue of cultist seeks a body for a quest
9 Spirit of an ancient royal possess body and makes host a pompous royal ass
10 Spirit of a priest possess body and preaches to evil intruders
11 Soldier spirit possesses body and attacks intruders
12 Weeping woman spirit possess body and commits suicide
13 Animal Headed lesser mummy guardsmen with weapons
14 Shadow snake (as a shadow) strikes from darkness
15 Hell hound seeks victims to terrify
16 Ghoul aristocrats wearing gold finery attack
17 Hideous rotten naked insane ghouls
18 Robed ghoul ancients with illusion of normalcy powers
19 Ancient ghouls more bestial with 1d6 beak & claws, some feathered some furred
20 Tomb robbers attack rivals
21 Tomb robbers flee in panic and lead party to death trap
22 Tomb robbers lost and separated from allies request alliance
23 Tomb robbers warily offer trade and exchange of maps
24 Masked cultists acting out shared delusion
25 Masked cultists in a ritual go crazy if disturbed
26 Masked cultists greets party and investigates as possible members
27 Masked cultists transporting undead in coffin
28 Masked cultist assassins attack, explode on death into smoke
29 Masked cultist demand donation to their faith
30 Masked cultist invite party to their cult shrine
31 Ancient awakened and lost looking for his courtiers
32 Lost builder looking for way out
33 Sacrificed trouble making cultist sealed in here
34 Lonely undead wants to talk for a few years
35 Animal headed warrior (Lv +party total) hunts humans
36 several dog sized scorpions
37 a swarm of tiny scorpions
38 a giant scorpion blocks corridor
39 sphinx asks questions rewards right kills if wrong
40 Vulture men follow party smacking their lips
41 Jackal men attack thieves
42 Hawk men examine outsiders for warning signs of evil
43 Cow headed female bards offer beer and sex
44 Cat headed thieves look for trinkets
45 Serpent men sorcerers and reptilian guards
46 Minotaur berserker sent to slay heroes by evil god
47 Chimera on pile of loot and very hungry
48 Intelligent boulder chases party
49 Two giant dung beetles rolling giant ball of monster turd home
50 Ram headed priest harasses party with magic
51 Sea pours from a painting flooding corridor
52 Statue comes to life and attacks – animal or other
53 Satyr looking for ladies or where he can get some
55 Wemic warrior out to slay humans
56 Centaur priest threatens party
57 Centaur knight seeks single combat
58  Chaos centaur archer with arrows dipped in his own blood
59 Thri Keen assassin guards treasure
60 Cult Monks in hoods want to search defilers for stolen goods
61 Statue guards built into gateway caryatid columns animate
62 Very very slow bronze golem stalks party
63 Water weird fountain
64 Al’Mi Raj (Unicorn dungeon bunnies) aggressively territorial of area
65 Coffer Corpses attack as zombies then pretend to spring to life
66 Crypt Thing with some skeleton guards defends a tomb section
67 Several two headed death dogs with collars guard this section
68 Devil Dog, guards chamber with trapped floor uses fear howl to panic party
69 A Dune stalker follows party and attracts next awkward moment
70 Elder Grell crawled from some deep well and exploring for lore
71 Fire newt band of adventurers looking for trouble
72 Huecuva undead polymorphed into friendly adventurers
73 Iron cobra guarding golden urn from inside
74 Kamadan leopard with 6 snake heads wearing jewels
75 Displacer beast looking for food wearing jewels
76 Blink dog pack looking for evil to slay, might follow party
77 Kenku monks adventuring and seeking treasure
78 Lesser Lamia with charmed slave from surface
79 Necrophidius undead skull worm guards a pit of corpses and treasure
80 Sandman stalks party so he can relocate them when unconscious
81 Skulk assasins try to backstab party for kicks
82 Sons of Kyuss arise from crypts
83 Shedu offers to hear parties confessions
84 Pampered bejewled baboons attack
85 Axe beaks with jewellery hunting
86 Sleepy cocatrice in statue room
87 Mummified crocodile men guardians attack defilers
88 Lesser Naga looking for slaves, 5HD +2 save poison bite, no spells
89 Succubi looking for some attention and levels to drain
90 Gnolls looking for dead stuff to eat with plundered jewellery
91 Hippo humanoid (use ogre) looking for for unholy intruders
92 Gynosphynx will answer questions if they can teach it anything new
93 Hyenas sniffing for wounded follow party howling
94 Lammusu will heal party for its good deeds
95 Lion with gold collar looking for food
96 Medusa in statue museum chamber
97 Cowardly Rakasha tries to join party to betray later
98 Androsphinx willing to heal party if they don’t tell local gynosphynx where he is
99 Hierachosphinx nesting on pillaged treasure wants more
100 Criosphynx demands toll for passing through his territory

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