Friday, 6 December 2013

Reviewing my reviews

Elfmaids & Octopi This blog will at times frustrate you with the authors writing style and then amaze you with their ideas. It a kaleidoscopic horror show at times but no matter what, you have to just keep with it because you're going to find things that you never even thought about doing suddenly looking like great ideas. Well worth the read. Updates: Twenty or more times a month. 

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A great list of blogging stuff

Im would like to know what is frustrating about my style. My dyslexia? My terrible mix of USA, UK and Australian spelling? My not trying to write commercial quality written entries? My keyboard that has food inside and sometimes the letter S doesn't work?  That I primarily write for me? I used to write 10 000 words a month commercially and never was reviewed as frustrating before. Is "kaleidoscopic horror show at times" a good or bad thing? Possibly Im just feeling a bit worthless and melancholic right now. It is still complimentary, mostly.

Any explanations offered might make me feel better and get back to doing stuff as Im in a bit of a funk. I think I am dreading going home for xmas and packing up my dead Mum's stuff with my Dad.

Found this on g+ which i quite liked...
"Chris Tamm has been hard at work, forging his craft in the fires of distant lands, training beside the black oceans that hold no water, not a drop"

The main reason I have not published anything gaming is editing. I have 3 manuscripts done. I was a art director for 5 years with Indesign on several mags and university marketing dept. Had one nice person go through Psychon book which will help the next version lots. I have offered to do design in return for editing and one person interested, I will get onto next year. My art unsuitable for fantasy rpg mostly.

Have got a few products of late and thought were value poor and blogs have done better. Some products read like a blog post and shouldn't have been sold. Im aiming at April for a release of my own.

Enough self indulgent twaddle for now, off to try and write something worth while...or go play videogames for a while.

I guess a bad review of my graffiti would be a brick in the head so I'm doing ok.

Aparently i was comming on ill when i wrote this otherwise i might have come out differently. Apologies to Dyver who actually meant well and thanks to comments of support. I will leave this here to remind myself to go be miserable on instead


  1. It's something with the punctuation and the tendency towards longer sentences, I think. It *reads* like a first draft that was spellchecked. Kind of in the vein of JOESKY, although not nearly that frenetic. >>>Don't sweat it, though!<<< It works great for Psychon. It's perfectly fine for a gaming blog. I'm here for the awesome huge random tables and big setting ideas. You shouldn't worry about what people think of your writing style on your blog if that'll slow down the rate of putting out cool stuff.

  2. I didn't mean the phrase "a kaleidoscopic horror show at times" in a negative way.

    I was referring to the amazing variety of weird horrors that you have in your blog. With brilliant posts like "My New Adventures in Dragonlance" and the fantastic Psychon stuff, you've created a blog that will challenge a reader's preconceived notions about how far the game can go and where it should go.

    As for the writing style I was referring to the occasional entry that will seemingly start in the middle of a thought. It took me some time to realize what you were referring to in such posts and to get up to speed.

    Your blog is brilliant, so please don’t feel like I was taking a poke at you. That was the farthest thing from my intention.

  3. Publish your stuff - typos, Courier 12 point and all - it's a free PDF, and your internet friends will be happy regardless. As for the talentless naysayers who bitch about font, typos and layout - meh - I hear they can pay for professional products.

    Also I think that review was meant nicely. I think what might be frustrating is the formatting on your huge and beautiful tables - things run together and such sometimes.

  4. Having read Psychon, I can say for one I dig your frenetic style and that people not getting it is something to be proud of. Sorry to hear about your Xmas funk and plans, but soldier through and see you on the other side mate.

  5. Hmmm ok that cleared that up thankyou all - im just a bit of a grump at the moment

  6. publish your ideas...
    if you try to please everyone you will be please no one..
    I still marvel at your d100 tables ((added to my GM file)

  7. I just got over a 12 hr headache and cramps so feeling better

  8. I love your blog, and your writing style. Hope your Christmas isn't the soul-sucking torture it can be some years for some folk.


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