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d100 Post crash space hab modules 1

So your orbital space habitat, asteroid colony, moon city, operational space hulk section, or generational starship needs a isolated civilization trapped in a habitat module possibly backwards for hundreds of years. I have done bunkers for post apoc games and Psychon could do this too but now my game is in the domain of TV serial Star Lost, movie Pandorum, rpg Metamorphosis Alpha and book Non-Stop by Aldiss. This will be handy. Once again like Dr who many contained a failed utopia who have failed to grow and are on the brink of transformation or destruction. Sky raider traveler modules by FASA reprint would be awesome - had geomorphs for huge asteroid hab with modules one of best Traveller products ever. Had Geomorphs. I wanna design some space geomorphs one day. You could use these for domed cities, in gammaworld or some post apoc setting im sure.

Post crash space hab modules 1 features urban type

Post crash space hab modules 2 features eco type
Post crash space hab modules 1 features industrial type
Then do mega space structure infrastructural tables 
d100 whats wrong with my bunker? - could be handy

Some all city with machines making food and air, others garden cities or surrounded by wilderness.  Eco habs more about preserving wilderness. Industrial more about manufacturing and ship systems

d100 Post crash space hab modules: Urban Module

01 Agro dome with levels of factory farm with top layer replicating archaic agricultural community. Often religious and backward, unaware of outside the hab module.
02 Warlike aggressive martial law big brother state stockpiling weapons, sealed inside and highly paranoid. Assume all strangers from place just like them. Military borgs.
03 Ruined city with handful of survivors hiding from diseased sex mad mutant hordes, use drugs to maintain humanity, hostile AI God keeps people trapped and promises better place
04 Ruined city with handful of survivors hiding from undead necrovirused zombies. Uncontaminated fight constant battle seeking food,weapons and escape from quarantine
05 Garden city overgrown with triffids, pod people, vegepigmies and killer plant consciousness. Humans may hide in subworlds and maintenance levels underneath.
06 Royalist feudal state at first welcoming then threatened by strangers existence and cultural impact. Eventually lords turn and imprison and interrogate aliens.
07 City habitat fighting machines and mad AI god. AI wants to infect outside systems, locals trying to kill it and minions. Served by cyborg clones, warborgs, robot mecha and androids
08 Civilization of androids seem human at first then reveal truth. Seek humans to study and keep in menagerie with other specimen for life. Androids seek to mimic humans more
09 Gigantic mental hospital with therapy AIs, medical and security bots and android staff. Possibly some human clone staff. Thinks all intruders are mental hospital.
10 Huge cryobank with tens of thousands of people in stasis with order of religious people who worship them as sacred ancients and keep them in stasis
11 Huge cryobank with tens of thousands of people in stasis with degenerate feral cannibal mutants living off the pods and intruders. If learn of escape they will try to escape.
12 Huge cryobank with tens of thousands of transhumanoids who have uplifted selves into amoral supermen. If freed will enslave intruders and begin to unfreeze their kin for war.
13 While most in section are mutant cavemen who worship tech, elites remain hidden and harvest cavemen for organs in the guise of gods and ritual sacrifice. They live in luxury
14 Module is simulation and educational facility that runs events with androids and faked sections of the ship such as the bridge, labs, classrooms, lecture theatres, to teach clones
15 Module ruled by children with protective AI's. They are curious about adults but may change their minds, have been preserved as tweens and kids since the system crash
16 Module of ruined city ruled by rival youth gangs who kill adults if possible who caused the crash. Constantly running system down with war, some not so bad seek peace.
17 City of drugged pleasure watched by AI who sends death squads to execute trouble makers or elderly or defective humans. Squads human, android or robot.
18 Medical and hospital hab with governing AI, androids and medical robots. Automated thinklabs try to recover human DNA, cure plagues and save humanity by dissecting visitors
19 Insane cult of occult cannibal killers seek to kill eat and abuse outsiders and last few non members left in ruined city hab. Possibly worship mad AI s a demon god.
20 Small community in rebuilt garden city have evolved Psionics and remain quite advanced but they feel superior and patronizingly seek to help other humans without talents
21 Remains of huge automated prison complex with huge yards, thousands of cells, security borgs and androids, and frozen criminals in sub levels. Crazed inmates are cannibal killers
22 Megacity of overpopulated strained resources with absolute law police force who kill criminals mostly on sight. Justice AI assists the law and provides them with weapons
23 Garden city where back to nature nudists, hippies and pagans dwell in wilderness with alternative wind and bicycle technology, not prepared to face threats or violence
24 Few human left play VR games in pods and think they are godlike beings in various fantasy worlds. AI needs guest players to get them to come out
25 Ruined city with wilderness where tech shunning aggressive religious community protect folk from advanced technology by keeping backwards. Burn tech users as witches
26 Huge fat people constantly eating, actually having blubber symbiotic bio suits milked of nutrient by machines. Fatties graze like simple cattle watching tv with food tubes, cant walk
27 Decadant city dwelling minority served by robots planning a revolt, intruders make them step up and start murders and plant evidence blaming outsiders
28 City controlled by gangsters who rule by force and compete with other senior gangs, each with own leading technology and field of expertise, outsiders are recruited for intrigue
29 Floating Atlantean utopia on sea farm served by homo mermanus slave workers and dolphins who are planning revolt with other aquatic slave races
30 Ruined city with mutant warlords struggling for domination and superior weapons,many hate normal humans and hunt them. Use salvaged tech with religious awe for ancients
31 Citizens secretly farmed for food by other species that has learned to control city system, live in ignorant utopia, harvested at 18 by machines - space wasps, mutants or beastmen
32 City hab ruled by mad AI in fear of communist and mutant or psionic infiltration, suspicious outsiders are spies, peopled by simple clones willing to live in fear
33 City hab uses subhuman worker caste such as androids, beastmen (ape, pig, dog?), mutants, clones, slaves or some other prejudice, ripe for revolution 
34 Locals kept under control by medical state who claim population infected and require constant treatment and obedience, death squads hunt rebels and outsiders
35 Machines carry on in city and humans outside live in primitive state in forest parklands, Some machines wary of organics, others acy as gods for humans and aid them 
36 Economically struggling community with super rich elites, military testing genetic clone, replicant and animen troops to control populace who resist order or filthy ruin shantytowns
37 Tribal barbarians in wilderness raid ruined mutant filled city for for magic relics and glory and pretty unmutated slaves found in the secret science caverns beneath the ruins
38 Mutants, metahumans and/or psionics act as defenders and heroes for the common folk who struggle to grow food the parklands of the city ruin, Some good, some mad some bad
39 Community ruled by democratic government but all elected under control of an AI, Mutant, clonemaster, psionic dominators, pod plant people or androids
40 Former theme park module with with mutants, animen, androids living in land of wonder and wackiness. Locals deeply religious about history and amazing (and deadly) monuments
41 Beastmen rule and building own civilization with human slave. May be at war with city mutants, zombies, robots or rebel humans
42 Wonderland of eloi living in city of pleasure with horrible morlocks in sub technical level who come out to pick victims to eat. Locals drugged and clueless hedonists
43 Fabulous garden, nude humans feast, frolic and fornicate like beasts and are cared for by androids and robots. AI provides them with new sensations, smells and pleasures
44 Most of population live in prison camp conditions by minority who are well armed and possibly aided by uplifted beasts, animen, androids, robotics, psionics or mutants
45 A university habitat with staff and students engaged in research and study of ancients, sciences, nature and other noble fields. Ruled by council of most acclaimed oligarchs
46 Regimented cast system of professions and rank administered by AI. Uses cloning to keep population static, recycling same people mostly. Outsiders make locals wary
47 Cyborgs bound to AI god prepare for war and conquest, training in infiltration in simulated village in own base or actually in process of infiltration and invasion of locals
48 Fungoid, macrobic, slimey, oozy gelatinous horrors overun complex converting locals to own matter. Horrid twitching slime jungles with last humans in city shelters
49 Humans persecuting minority or nonhumans actually being controlled by them in secret to manage city dwelling humans
50 Hunter gatherers graze across overgrown jungle in garden city with feral animals and giant bugs to due to hyper evolving and giganticism mutations, worship tech and seek god
51 Primitives in fear if infiltration practice self mutilation and practicerituals. Failure to act properly results in a witch hunt. Hunt muties in the ruined cities
52 Hab intact and humanless with friendly AI that wants to be your friend. Lures in and locks visitors inside and works on extermination. May even include other synthetic life
53 Zoo habitat with liveinhabs for staff and many mini ecozones,with tech sub levels for housing, labs, animal hospital, DNA storage and clone lab. all treated as animals by AI
54 Alien occupation or infestation, possible evidenceoflong tampering. Simple residents ignorance and fearful of aliens who live in rocks and the sky, aliens kept backwards
55 Alien walkers fit pacifier caps to wicked and fight rebels, they keep humans backwards and obedient with huge tripod mecha, vampire octopi inside like to drink human blood
56 Robots serve the AI god acting as his chaplains. Human serve the gods and obey priests. Use threat of unclean mutants to alarm humans
57 Military industrial complex ruled by fear of war and fake threats of contamination to oppress and contain locals, constant propaganda of fear and nationalism
58 Aliens using mostly uninhabited city as a base, park their ship here, possibly damaged, set up labs, prison camps and clone factories. Hostile to intruders or being discovered
59 Aliens infiltrating city hab act as secret power behind the leaders or use hybrids to dominate humans who are recovering from the disaster. Aliens suspicious of outsiders
60 Monastic cult live in superstitious cloistered citadel, wary of outsider heretics who may be mutants or worse. Some one gender and use cloning vats, some quite martial
61 Local warlord seeks to capture people to repair crumbling weapons and vehicles, some try charm at first but basically bully's seeking glory and power, often unstable and paranoid
62 Local wizards rule ruins with technology, psionics or mutations. The locals are backward and live in fear of the wizards and their supernatural powers
63 A scientific technocracy is at war with barbarism and ignorance and use superior technology to great advantage. Have agents investigating targets to liberate
64 Sentient necrovirus undead such as vampires or some alien force creates an aristocracy and rules ignorant locals. May keep them primitive and easliy manipulated as slave cattle
65 A industrial worker complex with factories on low levels and elites in management section growing more decadent, may have backward technology like decopunk era
66 Haughty superior supermen or mutants study intruders and get idea to enslave outside world from intruders. A few progressive ones might aid escapees.
67 Drugs used by rulers or gangs or AI or Morlocks to enslave population with blissed out delusions, used as food, spare parts, concubines, neural peptides or other uses
68 Tribal hunter gatherers living in ruined city with megafauna worshiping rival AI's with sacrifice and ritual, superstitious awe of strangers from beyond who could be from the gods
69 People in city live in fear of swarms of some hostile organism, they devote much time to countering them and not going forward, authorities use necessity to control society
70 Plague city where disease or mutation or zombies killed most people leaving area looking sterile while last humans in hiding tend to shoot strangers, moving backwards
71 People have come to live simple life and toil in city parklands for food. Automated reactor claxon sounds daily, with more frequency is misinterpreted as well done message from god
72 Feral post crash urbanites fight for status in gladiator arenas, strangers always popular and machine gods create monsters for battle, public made passive by brutal entertainment
73 City of advanced industrial dystopia with android or animen or slave rebellion imminent. Desperate authorities becoming more brutal and only making things worse
74 Training habitat with copies of ship systems for training, locals believe they are operating whole complex just following AI simulated lessons,
75 Industrial hab crawling with eco system of machines gone feral, robot tribes snub humans as weakest tribe and snub them, humans believe they are unatural beings
76 Religious and racist religion rules with inquisitors, witch hunters and templars, superstitious to machines. Hate aliens, racially impure, mutants pr psionics
77 Population enslaved by mindhack virus controlled by AI but possibly has gone feral and developed own agenda. Cold and ruthless in desire to spread
78 Filthy degenerates dwell in service levels kidnapping and eating visitors and local citizens slowly diminishing in numbers, society stood still live in fear of the people in walls
79 City ruled by gangsters and corporations, polluted and contaminated people use cyborging tech and organ legging to maintain health, robots common
80 Primitives worship automated city systems and sacrifice to them with bloody state religion. AI and robots and androids or cyborgs are possible priest and warrior castes
81 Library hab centre for scholarship and learning with museum, real books, classrooms, research labs and residencies. Order of scholars and AI protect data from thieves
82 Population of feral survey team obey AI god who speaks to seamen and demands sacrifices of strangers. Ruined city forbidden zone where AI elite serve it directly
83 Polluted industrial city hab with small population living amid automated machines who eat rats and eat mana of machine gods, dying desperate people fighting each other
84 Feral teens fed by AI roam ruins as gangs and if accepted are allowed to live in paradise like city as adults. AI death squads hunt enemies of order or elderly
85 Over populated industrial hab with AI and law officers the ruling powers. Viscous gangs in slums run riot and extreme lawmen execute on the street
86 Highly bureaucratic admin and logistics hab most population admin caste pen pushers, working classes have some rebellious factions but secret police take care of them mostly
87 A synthetic colourful forest with music, fuzzy animal like friendly androids and candy growing on trees, a giant hab for infants and small children, now full of hedonistic morons
88 Decadent villain keeps city for his elites as a palace with outer wilderness with backward tribes who pay villain and their princes tribute. Roaming with monsters bred to spread fear
89 Colony in hab dying of flesh rotting disease, becoming more and more cyborged, on verge of becoming a new race let by computerized brains in vats bent on conquest
90 Animen of one or more types rule humans as slaved in wilderness area but shun mutant humans dwelling under the war torn city. Animen believe they built everything
91 A primitive feudal colony hab has contact with other habs has called in ambassadors to make deals and alliances. Strangers assumed to be more and presented to king
92 Unpopulated city with hab with frozen citizens and clone vats ready to go but mutants, aliens or mad cult have taken over and are eating frozen chosen ones slowly
93 Training hab with citadel surrounded by various wilderness zones for training. Now has been occupied by tribals in zones threatening more advanced citadel dwellers
94 Alien or mutant biological strain taking over with strange growths and combat organisms while remaining humans try to fight off. Some contaminated humans serve invader
95 Clone dome where AI recreates same people again and again to toil in citadel while ferals in outer wilderness reproduce naturally and now hate the machine
96 A colony of artists and academics toil in university and culture hab but are starved for artistic ideas and inspiration, strangers offer exotic vistas. They are unprepared for hostility
97 Ruined city hab with wilderness believe they are on earth still, various tribes feud over city artifacts each with different tech, some psionic or mutated or cyborgs
98 Intact city believe everything according to plan, AI's hide truth of crash while citizens train and operate useless equipment to keep them busy and feeling useful
99 Uniform wearing facist state emerged wasting resources on weapons while driving people more backwards and harder lives, revolutionaries think strangers here to help
100 Caste society with specialty trades run by AI. Strangers upset moral perfection and system and if dont adapt must be recycled or reprogrammed


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