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d100 Wasteland Compound Structures

I have some days off so getting to chill and possibly game extra and write.

Rural pitt stops on the road was a early attempt, i have recycledd some data. These tables good for small comunities and has comunity defence tables worth using. These setlements are common on trade routes and welcome travellers. I might convert these into d100 instead one day. Previous post to this one has some useful links too.


Wasteland compounds are settlements off trade routes, mostly completley rebuilt from trash partly using ruins. Most compounds have a wall. Technology is lower. They are not just used by desperate farmers and neo primatives but popular with gangs, cultists, tribals, ferals and others who prefer to live in the forgotten wastes. They make good settings for missions like mad max 2 rescue the village from bandits. They can also be targets for attacks or subterfuge or headquarters of enemies. Corps might use them as covers for black labs.

d10 Walls (can have mixed types)
01 Trash heaped into wall with wire and logs
02 Mesh baskets full of rocks stacked
03 Log stockade with corigated metal sheets
04 Dry stone wall heaped loose stone and earthworks
05 Wire fence with concrete anti vehicle bollards
06 Recycled brick wall, reinforced in defencive areas
07 Stone bricks with mortar
08 Ruined brick walls reinforced with trash
09 Trash with vehicles like air craft, train, trucks or stacked car wrecks
 Reinforced concrete covering garbage and mesh wire and steel beams

d10 Wall defences
01 Watch towers - high towers for observation, snipers and weapons
02 Spikes and barbed wire - making climbing hazardous
03 Pit or moat - pit around walls with spikes, septic water or flamable liquid
04 Mine feild - trigered by foot, car or remote detonated explosives
05 Crude tank or car traps - concrete spikes or bollards and pits
06 Chemical weapons - use gas, smoke and irritants, defenders have masks
07 Flamer weapons - using gas or refined fuel and incendiaries
08 Balistia and catapault weapons - often using truck springs 
09 Machine Guns - ammo often limited and low or mid cal but effective
10 Light Artillery - mostly light anti vehichle weapons

d10 Quick compound structures
01 Residence
02 Industry
03 Agriculture
04 Storage
05 Defence
06 Public
07 Admin
08 Emergency
09 High Tech
10 Strange stuff

compound structures
01 Clusters of small humpies, filthy little single person hovels
02 Small wooden and scrap huts for families
03 Large shack for multiple families
04 Barracks with bunks for workers or fighters
05 Slave pens for labour
06 Prison cells for criminals or hostages
07 Ramshackle scrap cottages for families
08 Large communal living multi story shed
09 Small guest shack
10 Multi room hotel

11 Fuel refinery using bio slurry (meat or shit) or petrochemicals or gas
12 Windmill or water wheel

13 Shack with tools for specialist like blacksmith
14 Sweatshop work house shed for often unhealthy labour
15 Mineshaft pit with waste rubble heaps and toxic water pit
16 Garage for car fleet and repairs with piles of arts
17 Blast furnace for smelting and casting metal
18 Steam plant burns coal or wood to provide mechanical energy
19 Water refinery and pump house
20 Shed of mining equiptnment and excavating equiptment
21 Green house garden for special crops
22 Hog sheds eat sewerage and waste produce biofuel
23 Chicken sheds for meat and eggs waste produces fuel, fertilizer, explosives
24 Grain silo for storing grain and flower
25 Cannery to store food
26 Refrigerated cold store
27 Mushroom growing sheds
28 Trees growing in sheds
29 Root vegetable store room
30 Slaughter house
31 Vault for keeping valuables
32 Quartermaster store for goods and sales
33 Brewery
34 Fuel dump
35 Ammo dump
36 Library
37 Warehouse
38 Lockers for clan personal stuff
39 Scrapheap full of parts, wrecks and store sheds
40 Cistern for water storage
41 Gunpower mill
42 Anti aircraft gun tower
43 Spotlight tower
44 Underground bunker
45 Guard animal pens
46 Fire control sprinkler pump house
47 Shooting range shed
48 Armoury for weapons and armour
49 Radio  and radar shack
50 Ultralight scout plane shed
51 Saloon Bar
52 Meeting Hall
53 Gallows or guillotine
54 Fighting pit for gladiators or animals
55 Bath house
56 Brothel
57 Mess hall
58 Theatre
59 Shrine
60 Billiard hall
61 Record office
62 Boss house
63 Council Meeting hall
64 Market Place
65 Tax office counting house
66 Bodyguards barracks
67 VIP guesthouse
68 Statue of founder
69 Cult statue
70 Plaza with artwork, flags and statues
71 Fire house with waggon shed
72 Infirmary for sick 
73 Doc surgery
74 Drug lab
75 Crack house for laying about stoned in
76 Torture dungeon
77 Agricultural lab for developing new crop strain
78 Museum with collection of antiques and collectibles
79 Collection of occult paraphernalia in shed
80 Home of former celebrity or shrine to dead one
81 Tank or APC in shed
82 Cyborging black lab, military surplus or corporate
83 Ultra tech experimental weapon like laser
84 Drone bat and control room
85 Airship mooring
86 Surplus combat or gladiator robot
87 Advanced mainframe fell off back of a truck
88 Satellite uplink station
89 Several cruise missiles and launch system
90 Cable tv station with studio
91 Enormous mutant plumbed into building sucking out ultra nutrient fat
92 Cave shrine with prehistoric idol to elder god
93 Hidden lab with brains in vats and alien biotech
94 Witch house with d6 witch cultists
95 Psi house with d4 psionic 
96 Sheds with mutant creatures
97 Sheds with undead prisoners
98 Shed with a stolen dinosaur
99 Shed with strange glowing thing that fell from sky
100 Drums of mutagen in a tunnel complex 

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d100 Urban Structures in Ruins

Since the plague many small cities abandoned and sections of large cities abandoned. This is some handy table Im doing to create modern urban ruins on the fly and I will do some others too. I would probably generate as blocks or quarter blocks. A small rural city might only have a few dozen important sites. Bigger ones will have hundreds or thousands.

Rural pitt stops on the road was a early attempt
Random Law encounters
Slumburbs - mass housing estates outside of walled cities

d10 Condition
1 Very good pristine, recent advertising d6 months old
2 Slightly worn, dated ads a year old
3 Some damage, older advertising d4 years old
4 Vandalized, ads are ten years old often vandalized
5 Covered in graffiti
6 Partialy burned
7 Partially collapsed
8 Mostly collapsed, mostly walls but some shelter
 Entries collapsed but sealed rooms
10 Pile of rubble

d10 Advertising and Signage
1 Food or beverage items 
d4 1=soda 2=snacks 3=takeaway 4=
2 Vice Cigarettes, drugs and alcohol
3 Public warnings 
d4 1=terroroism 2=fallout 3=mutants 4=cults
4 Public messages d4 1=drink driving 2=election 3=war recruitment 4=patriotic
5 Mural 
d4 1=patriotic 2=local pride 3=paid street art 4=abstract colourful blots
6 Media d4 1=pop music 2=movies 3=book 4=magazine
7 Television network adds d4 1=show 2=news 3=network promo 4=sports8 Health care d4 1=vitamins 2=drugs 3=medical care 4=plague
 Clothing d4 1=shoes 2=underwear 3=fashion 4=work
10 Vehichles 
d4 1=bikes 2=off road 3=family sedan 4=sports

d10 Quick Structures
01 Public fittings, monuments
02 Public buildings
03 Residential apartments
04 Industrial
05 Retail
06 Office blocks
07 Government
08 Recreation
09 Demolition and construction
10 Other strange stuff possibly dangerous

d100 Urban Structures in Ruins
01 Bus shelter or depot
02 War memorial
03 Graveyard
04 Park with pick nick and bbq facilities
05 Plaza with public art work and sculpture
06 Bridge
07 High rise car park
08 Pay toilet d4
09 Phone boxes d6
 Train station
11 Police station
12 Hospital (1in6 mental facility)

13 Fire station
14 Library
15 Public admin
16 Museum
17 Art gallery
18 Aquatic centre
19 Sport centre
20 Council works depot
21 Town houses 2-3 story
22 Apartment block
23 Gated community of town houses
24 Private Mansion
25 Motel complex
26 Luxury hotel complex
27 Apartment block
28 Apartment block with shops on ground floor
29 Highrise apartment complex
30 Sealed archology
31 Power station
32 Garage complex
33 Small Factory
34 Printing press
35 Gated industrial park
36 Gated science park
37 Warehouse complex
38 Grain silo
39 Recycling centre
40 Garbage dump
41 Shopping mall
42 Supermarket
43 Hardware warehouse superstore
44 Row of basic shops
45 Row of boutiques
46 Row of takeaway stores
47 Market complex for meat, fish, vegetables, flowers
48 Car accesories
49 Car yard
50 Petrol station and garage
51 Small building of office suites
52 Large building of office suites
53 High rise of office suites 
54 Corporate arcology
55 Homeless shelter
56 Cyborg war veterans shelter
57 Nurses housing complex
58 Student housing complex
59 Prison complex or arcology
60 Church complex or cathedral
61 Army base or recruitment centre
62 Airport or helicopter pad or airship moor or docks
63 Post office sorting centre
64 Courthouse
65 Local government chambers
66 University campus
67 Technical College
68 School complex
69 Youth centre
70 Preschool centre
71 Cinema
72 Game console arcade
73 Zoo
74 Bowling alley
75 Shooting range
76 Sport field
77 Race Track (dogs, horses, cars, gocarts)
78 Casino
79 Convention Centre
80 Gymnasium
81 Demolition site
82 Construction site
83 Boarded up building to be reconditioned
84 Building was full of squatters and marked for demolition
85 Building was a sweatshop
86 Cargo container depot
87 Open pit construction site
88 Long abandoned fenced construction site with pond and vegetation
89 Armoured crack house for gang or druglabs
90 Partially constructed wall or road with mobile sheds
91 Theme park operated by androids (War World)
92 Dinosaur or pliestocene theme park
93 Botanical gardens (1in6 over run by triffid hybrids)
94 Centre for disease and mutation control
95 Space Research lab
96 Bunker complex
97 Cryogenic facility
98 Temporary field or refugee hospital
99 Black Lab in disguise
100 Secret society lodge hall or cult temple

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Strange Omens and Portents

When destiny draws near or fates turn sour, signs of warning appear. Some are warnings to stay away others are invitations for heroes to face your doom. One god will send a warning while others want heroes to face their doom.

I wanted these results to be reversible for good or evil omens. Some tips to make omens good or evil included in quick types version.

Spells or prophecy might warn you with signs to look for.

You could add several together.

Omens mostly warn you  are displeasing a god or straying from a prescribed mission. Also might be warning signs of a curse or prelude to supernatural encounter or receiving a new quest.

You might receive a warning of the sign and what it represents so when you see it you expect trouble or a clue for your quest.

You might receive as a warning or invitation at a obstacle, river crossing or cross roads.

You might get a omen after an adventure as a enemy god scowls at you or good god salutes your actions.

An omen might warn of a petty god or demon or deity manifeting

d12 Sources of prophetic warning
1 Written divination in book or scroll or monument in stone
2 Hear a poem or song possibly from bard or other source
3 Crazy old person yells at you
4 Local tells you old story
5 Temple prophet or diviner sends you message (donations welcome)
6 Cultist or evil priest curse you with bad fate
7 Humanoid boss or shaman mutters curse as dies before you
8 Witch curses you
9 Former surviving enemy has you cursed and sends you message
10 Professional curse maker sends you copy of tablet
11 Supernatural messenger or spirit tells you in a dream
12 Supernatural creature warns you

3rd level Cleric Spell
Curses or blesses a person to judgement from the clerics god and give them a warning. If target fails a spell WIS save.  They can also cast it on self another person to warn them of gods displeasure. If cast on self . Remove curse removes all effects.

4th Level version can be cast with conditions to activate a omen
5th Level version can be used as form of prophecy by asking a question and receive omens good and bad (hotter/colder) when you seek a quest, nudging you accordingly at the hand of god. One omen nudge per level per quest or 
lasts a day a level.

d10 Quick Types
01 Weather Signs - horrible or nice weather like storm or rainbow
02 Earth Signs -  fair or foul like quake or blooming flowers
03 Bird Signs - benevolent or evil birds like vulture or dove
04 Animal Signs - benevolent or evil beasts like wolf or kitten
05 Birth Signs - two headed or talking baby born
06 Written Signs - evil burning script or glowing angelic script 
07 Bodily Signs - horrible boils or youthful
08 Star Signs - sinister star signs vs fortuitous
09 Monster Signs - good monsters vs evil monster
10 Magic Signs - strange lights haunted or holy

Feel free to change results of species or change to human or non human or any other details

d100 Strange Omens and Portents
01 Strange breeze whistling a song of despair/cheer
02 Fog mysteriously boils from nothing haunting/refreshing all
03 Peculiar odour smells of foulness/sweetness
04 Strong breeze blows your face/rear
05 Whirl wind blows in path confusing your party/enemies
06 Crackling storm cloud thunder fill you with fear/courage
07 Fierce stormclouds blast across the sky driving you to stand-still/on-wards
08 Lightning blasts creates/removes a obstacle in path
09 Sky dims as cloud blocks sun or shines a shaft of light in path
10 Black clouds cover/clear the sky covering all in darkness/rainbows
11 Ground shakes underfoot knocking people down/rooting worthy to ground
 Strange disturbing/encouraging noise from underground
13 Plants die/grow in path making patterns
14 Plants in area wilt/sprout
15 Wind blows weird/pretty pattern in grass
16 Tree fall on path making a obstacle/bridge
17 Blowing leaves (or snow or rain) forms patterns
18 Road or river crossing is flooded/fordable
19 Area bleak and garbage strewn or candy covered love garden
20 Path ahead is dingy crumbling and unsound or sunlit and sound
21 Tiny birds cheep to warn/welcome you
22 Raven (or gull or pigeon) hops about and follows
23 Bird seen flying backwards/acrobatics
24 Hundreds of tiny birds circle area chirping angrily/cheerily
25 See a rare bird overhead connected to ill or good fate
26 Flee/see a hungry colossal flying creature
27 Rare bird spotted dead/alive
28 Followed by hungry vulture or talking bird
29 See a planar bird from hells/heavens
30 Followed by malevolent/benevolent bird
31 Witness a animal spirit acting as a warning/guide
32 A animal spectacular attacks/passes
33 Herd or migration of animals
34 Quest beast guides you to doom/victory
35 See a planar beast from hells/heavens
36 Sacrificial animal has swollen liver indicating evil/good
37 Peculiar animal with mutation/virtue
38 Find dead mutant animal or blessed adorable baby animal
39 Witness a angry/friendly monster 
40 Followed by malevolent/benevolent beast
41 Local two headed or talking baby born
42 Find a crawling cackling horror/adorable baby
43 See a hideous mutant or noble savage pass
44 See miserable mother with dead baby or meet happy family with newborn
45 Swarm of horrible/adorable critters like rats/butterflies
46 Plague of blood-sucking/sweet singing insects
47 See rare baby monster 
48 See corpse on road or water or see healthy fair bodied traveller
49 Witness passer by (anuimal or human) with deformation or birthmark
50 See heraldic symbol of noble clan
51 Flaming writing spells out approval/disapproval
52 Swarm, school or flock of creatures form into advisory script
53 Tattoo appears on flesh and disappears as mission completed
54 Writing in stone, clay or sand signals approval/disapproval level
55 Water trickles into words or symbol of advice
56 Cloud forms or shadows of something at right time form letters 
57 Find a blowing letter, paper seal or note in a bottle
58 Words appear in food or drink or body
59 Words appear scar or blood or brand
60 Words appear on object  like weapon, lamp light or 
61 Skin breaks out in boils or seems to shine 
62 Hair falls out grows longer
63 Hair changes colour
64 Feel nausea/glowing 
65 Feel itching/tingling
66 Blood nose or feel blood surge with heat
67 Teeth and fingernails feel loose or buzz with energy
68 Skin turns sickly and sweating or a warm inner glow
69 Every breath choking/invigorating
70 Brain on fire or great clarity 
71 Eclipse darkens the sky or sparkling sunlight shows path
72 Sinister hairy star falls from sky or blessed rare planet seen
73 Malign/kindly constellation rises
74 Combination of constellations fighting/friends represents fate
75 Planetary star seen indicating influence of a god 
76 Star of wicked/lucky influence winks
77 Rare constellation clearer than normal
78 See shooting stars fall to earth
79 Aurora of colour flickers in the sky
80 Planet seemingly off course representing deity
81 Find dead remains of foul creature or dead creature with valuable remains
82 Find remains of long dead monster or witness a rare mythical creature
83 Witness two monsters fighting
84 Witness monster chasing animal for food
85 Monster appears and speaks to quest takers
86 Monster creates/removes hazard or obstacle
87 Monster destroys something like a shrine or tree or border stone
88 Monster kills person of certain character 
89 Spirit being or ghost advises 
90 See titanic or colossal monster like titan or great dragon or dinosaur approach/pass
91 Magical vision shimmers in the air warning of failure/success
92 Two opposite character wizards battle
93 Glowing magical sign in path
94 Glowing magical sign in sky ahead
95 Crackling wall of fire or magical bridge
96 Divine messenger warns/directs
97 Divine symbol warns/welcomes
98 Visions from aspect of god
99 Divine being appears like flaming devil or lactating angel
100 Deity projects phantom making hand gestures

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d100 Evil Frontier Farms

In the frontier there are many single family farmsteads. Many are alone for years, desperate, poor and afraid Many of the supernatural beings that lurk in the wilds are evil. Many become tempted by evil for survival and fall to temptations of chaos. Some of the entities of evil are mostly vindictive to civilized invaders and might leave local tribes alone. Some of the generational settler families are corrupted or tolerated but in fact are weaponized against newcomers. Backward frontier folk are often backwards in many basics like technology, good manners, who they should marry, what they should eat. Their cults are often non orthodox and backwards, even archaic. Occasionally a city priest comes through and if he doesnt get eaten or sacrificed will get a display of lip service to the faith of civilized people. You would think being so backward and odd they might be tolerant but no. Many city folk or foreigners strange ways or might enrage them. On the other hand if they like you they will find someone you should marry and they will eat your friends if they disagree. Many clans have a prisoner who has been surprise adopted. Some want to escape, many have been brainwashed and stay or worse, as visitors for help then change their mind and betray then to the clan.

Adult Males 1d4 

Adult Females 1d4
Male Youth 1d3
Female Youth 1d3
Male Children 1d6-1
Female Children 1d6-1
Male Elderly d3-1
Female Elderly d3-1

This generates 4-26 people

d12 Farm Styles
01 Ramshackle huts built against cliffs or trees 
02 Single log cabin house
03 Cabin and shed
04 Farm house and shed
05 Farm house and barn
06 Several farm houses and barn
07 Several rude huts
08 Multiple cottages
09  Multiple cottages and one large house
10 Several houses connected to cave system

11 Walled wooden stockade with sheds, houses with lookout tower
12 Hilltop stockade with houses and barn

d12 Local Livelihood
 Huntin & fishin
02 Prospecting
03 Banditry
04 Smuggling
05 Cannibalism
06  Drug abuse and production
07 Alcohol abuse and production
08 Helping cultists on pilgrimage
09 Trade with non humans
10 Fur trapping
11 Trade exotic herbs and fungus
12 Finding treasure

It is possible a clan does all of these things

d12 Creepy Features
01 Pathetic graveyard with 6d6 crude wood markers
02 Wooden frames with glistening red animal hides and fish left out to dry
03 Wooden block where animals and enemies are beheaded, years of bloody mess
04 Older crumbling shack semi collapsed they used to live in
05 A underground store house for root vegetable, pickles and possibly secret murder room
06 A creepy shack where animals disemboweled and smoked 
07 A horrible outhouse with snakes and huge spiders possibly worse
08 A pit full of offal, surrounded by horrible flies
09 Scraggly fields with poor quality methods, sickly looking animals
10 A sad looking well with a rope and bucket, possibly some kind of chamber down there

11 Huge piles of clay bottles and brewing equipment
12 Huge pile of mostly animal bones and skulls, best ones in the house

d12 Odd pets (Possibly kin)
01 Pack of semi wild dogs
02 A huge smelly meat eating ape
03 A dire wolf or giant lynx
04 A scarred old grizzly bear
05 A giant lizard or frog or gator or newt
06 A zombie pack pony
07 A giant bug or spider
08 Retarded youth kept in a shed is actually now a ogre
09 Shoggoth hybrid mutant idiot thing lives in a pit or well and actually a fa
10 A family of stirges (family members all scared)
11 Giant Rats or evil giant beavers
12 A elder god servitor species, super evil and intelligent kept in shed, cant communicate

Pets do as they please but if you kill them the clan will go crazy. Rednecks feed critters babies they find to fatten em up to eat and some turn out so pleasing they get kept like a family member

d12 local Problems
01 Fleas, in grass, in the dust, all over the area
02 Worms, parasite eggs everywhere
03 Huge rats or possibly huge bugs like bedbugs
04 One clan member was kidnapped and want help to escape 1in6 betray you
05 Drunk or High and neglecting health and children
06 Need fresh blood in clan looking fer marraige
07 Gambling over any event, neglecting family and loosing all wealth
08 Always keen for huntin and murdering folks
09 Feud with another clan of degenerates a few miles away
 Old person near death, everyone worries
11 Clan leader is a wizard who needs to sacrifice a human urgently so visitors welcome
 Locals are d4 1=inbred 2=diseased 3=starving 4=idiots or all of the above

d12 Favorite food when havin company fer dinner
01 Possum pie
02 Jugged Hare
03 Rabbit or dog stew
04 Frog casserole
05 Stuffed Mole
06 Squrrel on a stick
07 Mystery Meat Jerky
08 Ham and turnips (possibly orc ham)
09 Pickled lamprey
10 Carrion crawler eggs

11 Kobold or goblin stew
12 Pork ribs or gator flaps

d12 Things to do for fun round here
01 Wittling horrible figurines of tentacle monsters eating people
02 Skinny dipping in local pond or creek with animal friends
03 Shooting squirrels or frogstomping
04 Skinning animals alive
05 Provoking each other or pets or local monsters into violence
06 Playing kickball with a hog head
07 Spying on each other especially ones having sex
08 Getting high and drunk till they fall over
09 Preparing to raid enemy clan
10 Spit roasting a orc they caught

11 Torturing or lynching a prisoner d4 1=goblin 2=orc 3=tibesman 4=shifty lone traveller
12 Serving their dark lord

d12 Who is their dark lord?
01 Personality cult with head who acts as religious leader
02 Work with tribal or humanoid clans and cults
03 Clan Patriarch or Matriarch some kind of spell caster
04 Ancestor worship, possibly keep the body preserved
05 Animal spirit cult
06 Worship a local monster
07 Worshiping dark fey beings
08 Serving a wicked elemental being
09 Serving a bad spirit
 Serving a demon

11 Serving a elder horror from beyond
12 Serving a bad god

Cult shrines in every settlement. WIzards, witches, druids and priests common with shaman often for the spirit and ancestor cults.

d100 Evil Frontier Farms
01 Red Shed Farm, home of cannibal clan of deranged killers who collect human skulls
02 Black Creek Farm, clan of fish folk hybrids, always lookin to marry newcomers 
03 Swine Tree Farm, ruled by devil swine charming newcomers into clan with charm spells
04 Black Bog Farm, moronic hillbillies like to skinny dip with randy frog folk
05 Axe Stump Farm, crazed serial killers like to kill and dance naked in blood
06 Blood Creek Farm, patriarchal cult clan desperately seek next sacrifice to lord Krondor 
07 Frog Eye Farm, frog god cult clan like to drown victims in bogs then feed giant pet frog
08 Leech Farm, clan of leech folk hybrids, hungry for blood, like to hide in mud 
09 Skull Hill Farm, clan of lazy inbred necromancers, use skeleton ancestors as labour
10 Gizzard Creek Farm, inhabited by were rats, crawling with plague carrying rat swarms

11 Kidney Gully Farm, clan of peat miners, collection of evil artifacts from monster age
12 Bear Head Farm, clan inbred with cavemen bear demon worshippers hungry for blood

13 Kneebone Farm, huge obese clan lookin fer new blood in family, imprison strangers
14 Skank Hill Farm, obese patriarch and attractive flirty daughters, actually all succubi
15 Chunder Creek Farm, horrible drunken clan brew beer, have huge pool of rotten vomit
16 Black Gut Farm, clan worship horrible monster in pit they feed fermented man entrails
17 Vulture Farm, clan worship vulture demon imprisoned in stone monolith in barn 
18 Ribcage Gully Farm, necromancer clan building a colossus from gore in barn to raid town
19 Shank Neck Farm, ex convicts have gibbets full of rancid corpses hanging in trees for fun
20 Blood Oak Farm, clan of blood druids sacrifice strangers to thirsty evil treant
21 Crap Hill Farm, built on garbage tip of forgotten evil city, sell trinkets to cult pilgrims
22 Gorgon Hill Farm, chaos cult clan have mutant bull in barn to unleash on intruders
23 Klorgon Hill Farm,  built on ruins of old temple, cult clan worship idol in catacombs
24 Grave Gully Farm, built on remains of ancient graveyard, clan elders are ghouls
25 Slime Hill Farm, clan like to sit around pool of chaos watching critters crawl out
26 Filth Gully Farm, crawling with fist sized ticks among garbage, sore covered clan
27 Hog Head Farm, decorate farm with heads cut off pig men who roam area at night
28 Zephyr Hill Farm, clan worship evil air spirit who drops sacrifices from great heights
29 Crooked Stream Farm, ex city gang clan growing drug crops and secret smuggling
30 Bleeding Pig Farm, inbred degenerates stabbing screaming pigs in cages for fun
31 Toadstool Farm, covered in mould and fungus with goblin slaves being whipped by clan 
32 Nugget Farm, hillbilly prospectors keep gnome prisoners to slave in mines and for eating 
33 Giblet Creek Farm, clans happily spitroasting a orc and making orc hams for market
34 Hempbend Farm, stoner clan lazing about while children torturing farm animals
35 Goiter Hill Farm, clan keep a pit with hungry half shoggoth children wallowing in filth 
36 Phlegm Gully Farm, degenerates wallow in slime mould pools, growing gelatinous cubes
37 Scab Hill Farm, sore covered degenerates let pet stirges suckle blood from them
38 Squid Hill Farm, clan keep pet land squids as pets, worship the burrowing god beneath
39 Bloodnut Farm, clan of gingers keep degenerate ape men in tunnels growing mushrooms
40 Shit Hill Farm, clan worship a neootyg,  living in septic sewerage pit of the ancients
41 White Stain Farm, clan of albinos, mostly live in tunnels of serpent folk ruins under farm
42 Flesh Pit Farm, clan of degenerate butchers operate smokehouse, wallow in rotten offal
43 Snot Gully Farm, children of clan play with tame grey oozes while adults praise slime god
44 Twisted Hill Farm, mutant clan in hiding from city folk, cannibalism rampant
45 Fang Hollow Farm, cult of demon worshiping killers worship shadow demon in caves
46 Blood Tree Farm, grow and sell decorative gourds and spread pod people plants to city
47 Jack-O-Lantern Farm, clan use pumpkin headed scarecrow golems labour and guards
48 Pot Shard Farm, built on ancient ruin, clan attracts demon worshiping pilgrims to stay
49 Slug Valley Farm, crawling with slugs, clan worship giant slugs living in catacombs 
50 Gargoyle Bluff Farm, ruined old walls with roosting gargoyles worshiped by clan
51 Raven Bluff Farm, keep manticores in shed who share hunts with clan who raised them
52 Chumbucket Farm, clan catch monster fish but always short on meat to lure them
53 Bleak Hill Farm, melancholic clan only want true love and have built cell to keep them in
54 Turnip Hill Farm, worship bloody demon aspect of turnip god and summon him often
55 Bat gully Farm, clan interbreed with were folk who live in local caves with ruins inside
56 Black Goat Farm, clan dominated by magic chaos goat guarded by chaos goat men
57 Giblet Gully Farm, sell beef to local orcs and live off offal and giblets, a few are half orcs
58 Fang Hill Farm, clan of mutants with enlarged fangs, gift from their demon patron
59 Spider Gorge Farm, giant spider infested area ignored by most settlers except this clan
60 Ogre Valley Farm, clan of half ogres living in shattered hovels, each generation dumber
61 Sour Creek Farm, some thought water caused strange dreams but clan of cultists love it
62 Stink Gully Farm, stinking sulfurous pools in area slowly mutating farm clan into freaks
63 Vile Valley Farm, clan grow garden of huge carnivorous chaos vegetables 
64 Knob Hill Farm, clan trade and breed with colony of derro in caves under farm
65 Slime Flats Farm, rocky ground with slime pools the local clan eat from, devolving slowly 
66 Claw Bluff Farm, clan under thrall of vampire ancestor, some have demonic abilities
67 Rock Lizard Farm, sell giant iguana meat as mutton, worship lizard god in local ruin
68 Spine Rock Farm, built among titanic stone skeleton, worship prehistoric beast lord 
69 Clump Farm, clan of idiots living on poorly built houses, use weird glowing rocks for light
70 Tanners Creek Farm, filthy clan pollute streams with tanning plant, wear human skin suits
71 Flesh Pit Farm, clan matriarch pimps out daughters to prospectors and worships demons
72 Storm Bluff Farm, clan of witches use weather to drive away strangers from arcane rites
73 Glob Gully Farm, clan worship and sacrifice to chaos pit where ochre jellies ooze from
74 Rust Gully Farm, area crawling in clan pet rust monsters who eat iron nodules in bogs
75 Red Hill Farm, clan worship blood god, often visiting cultists and chaos templars 
76 Ant Hill Farm, clan use giant ants to tend crops by keeping queen hostage in cage
77 Sand Loaf Farm, clan cult resurrect prehistoric fossils into living monsters
78 Prudence Hill Farm. appear to be fundamentalist good folk, hide demonic shrine in barn
79 Wizard Hill Farm, clan of magic users with evil patriarch teaching demonic syllabus 
80 Cloister Hill Farm, built in ruins of monastery, clan serve evil undead monks 
81 Dragon Creek Farm, dragon now retired waited on by cultists it kidnapped over the years
82 Cadaver Gully Farm, built on ancient battlefield grave, clan eat preserved corpses
83 Lice Creek Farm, crawling all over everything while clan worship parasite god
84 Rodent Hill Farm, clan farm giant rats, mothers nurse giant rats with babies, sell jerky
85 Goblin Creek Farm, clan slave goblins farm mushrooms they trade with dark elves
86 Fester Gully Farm, clan of plague carriers serve plague god, ship infected food to city
87 Crow Eater Far, hopeless clan have eaten farm and wild animals even crows, starving
88 Eel Creek Farm, clan farm eels and worship eel demon, increasingly mutating into eels
89 Shit Creek Farm, filthy diseased degenerate clan wallowing in sewerage easily offended 
90 Corpse Creek Farm, dead bodies wash down stream from here for years
91 Slurry Hill Farm, clan keep a pet gibbering mouther in a pit of rotten liquid waste
92 Glorp Gully Farm, chaos cult wallow naked in slime pools, welcome visitors to join them
93 Blind Worm Form, albino clan gather white grubs from caves under village
94 Toad Bluff Farm, frog faced clan like to skinny dip with local friendly frog folk
95 Foul Creek Farm, stream flows from cliff cave carrying mutagens, clan hideous freaks 
96 Big Top Farm, retired circus clowns settled here with odd animals, worship chaos jester
97 Bloat Creek Farm, stream full of bloated rotten corpses in pond clan like to fish in
98 Clot Hill Farm, clan cult have huge blood covered idol, if clan threatened it comes to life 
99 Venom Creek Farm, crawling with snakes the clan care for, worship serpent man idols
100 Cheese Cliff Farm, clan have heard of chaos goats they make into cheese for maket