Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Cosmology and history for my setting

Some possibly tru setting stuff for my world...

Una the great dragon the old one existed before space and time in the darkness exploded into emanations which unfolded into the universe of darkness, then came the titans of light and void then matter. Then came the elemental titans, then came the moral principle (alignment) titans who slew the elder generation in turn and used their blood and flesh and bones to make the world where the proletariat and vassal gods would toil.

Angels, archons, devas, demons, devils and elementals build great worlds of their own from left overs. But newest gods of beast, plants, monsters and giants and trolls and goblinoids, gods in turn made mortals and beast and more petty gods and spirits and changelings and demihumans to serve them. There were many wars between the too many peoples. These gods drove the titans away or imprisoned or killed them.

Humans were made to replace all the older races and to dominate bringing the end of the dawn time. They were a big surprise and changed the world. For some time great wars raged as men drove off the older races and defeated the great orc armies of the wizard lords. Then a plot of the traitor gods ushered an age of darkness where beast men tribes and their thrall species unified as the monster empire. Eventually human barbarians with aid of demi humans and spirit folk rose up against the empire and the good gods prevailed. The dark empire finished the races tried to re populate the world but humans prospered the most by breeding faster than demihumans and being more advanced than orcs. Orcs were said to be the last race and were made to wage wars. 

Before metal was even common there were wizards in crude stone towers (later buried under glaciers and mountain caves). Some developed necromancy from the black lore of the old dark empire

The elder age or eldritch aeon was post the monster empire. It was the age where the first cities began in the rivers of the great wastes. Thee age ended when wizards brought back the missing oceans flooding thee civilized lands and driving everyone to new regions on the edges of the world.

Three great empires have spanned much of the world since then who speak the common tongue most recently. The first was a bronze kingdom who unified refugees from the old civilizations. It fell when barbarians all turned on them again after generations of depravity and debt. The second empire of Iron fought multiple wars in many lands. It fell when the capitol was destroyed by a volcano. The new empire of steel spread knighthood across the world crusading against chaos and outsiders. It has been in a civil war with seven factions for 30 years now.

Orc Trivium

First orcs genderless but people assumed they were male
Made from dead elves then living elves
Old orcs all male intended to taint and exterminate other races with taint of orc blood
Made from dead humans then living humans then from alchemical mud by wizards
At the end of monster empire significant female orc numbers appeared
-some wished into existence by orc heroes
New orcs bred by natural reproduction not magic and had males and females
They were no longer irredeemably evil and hostile
More likely to be shamans or druids than priests or wizards

Current Orc Earth Goddess was created late from a minor earth goddess to help the later
Other gods gifted Orc Earth Goddess with powers and old magic secrets
Pure born new orcs fight their older kin who were transformed or created
They serve their earth goddess ho gave them orc women and freedom from evil wizards

One old Orc god killed his sister and mother that he gave birth too
Orc just get mad if you mention incongruities - heresy to say it

Many oldest Immortal orcs made from elves became demigods

Monday, 12 November 2018


Ive done a few versions of this but handy in one spot
1" = 10 foot of 3 yards indoors or 10 yards out doors
black powder weapons misfire 1 in 20
If wet can raise to 2 or even 4 in 20

Holdout Pistol d4 6 rounds to load Range 1/2/3" 600gp
Small Pistol d6 8 rounds to load Range 1/2/4" 800gp
Large Pistol d8 10 rounds to load Range 2/3/5" 1000gp
Dwarf Pistol 2d4 10 rounds to load Range 2/4/6" 2000gp
Hellfire Pistol 2d6 10 rounds to load Range 3/6/9" 4000gp
Light Musket d6 8 rounds to load Range 3/6/12" 1000gp
Musket d8 10 rounds to load Range 4/8/16" 2000gp
Dwarf Musket 2d4 10 rounds to load Range 6/12/24" 2500gp
Hellfire Musket 2d6 10 rounds to load Range 8/16/32" 5000gp
Arquebus d12 uses bipod 10 rounds to load Range 6/12/24" 3000gp
Dwarf Arqubus 2d6 uses bipod 10 rounds to load Range 8/16/32" 4000gp
Hellfire Arquebus 3d6 uses bipod 10 rounds to load Range 10/20/30" 6000gp
Blunderbuss d6/d4/d2 10 rounds to load Range 1/2/3" 800gp
Dwarf Blunderbus 3d4/2d4/d4 10 rounds to load Range 2/3/4" 3000gp
Hellfire Blunderbus 3d6/2d6/d6 10 rounds to load Range 2/4/6" 5000gp

black powder skill halves loading time 
using ammo of superior guns destroys a gun unless magic


-Waterproof mechanism 1000gp
-up to 4 extra barrels +50% weight per barrel +100%gp per barrel
-knuckleduster d3 punch on pistol +10%gp
-heavy stock d8 instead of d6 as 2h club +10%gp
-iron sights +1 to hit +10%gp
-long barrel improved range 20%, +30%gp
-pistol bayonet d4 handgun as dagger +10%gp
-longarm fixed bayonette as spear +10%gp
-detachable bayonet (as dagger if removed) +20%gp

Explosive & Incendiary* 2lb each
Grenaide 2d4 1" radius, light fuse and throw STR x1" 2lb* 50gp
Mine 3d4 2" radius save halves, various fuses possible 6lb, placed or as a trap* 300gp
-usually fuse lit and smoulders, bumping it or trip line sets it off

Burning Oil 2d4 1" radius, save or burns 1pt d4 rounds, light fuse and throw STRx1" 2lb* 30gp
Hellfire 2d6 2" radius, save or burn d3 for d6 rounds, light fuse and throw STRx1" 2lb* 100gp

*Explosive weapons can be saved to resist
in most cases this halves damage or prevents incendiary effects
save means you dived for cover and mostly prone after

Range and Misses

short STRx1 medium thrown range STRx2 and STRx3 long

Short Range = STRx1 1d6 yards off aim on a miss
Medeum Range =STRx2 -2 hit 2d6 yards off aim on a miss
Long Range =STRx3 -4 hit 3d6 d8 yards off aim on a miss

d12 for compass direction of bounce

Rocket Arrows

rocket arrow tube d6 on us Range 2/6/12" 10gp per shot - one use
1 to 3 on a spear or pole arm handy
Cart with 30
Waggon of 400

Experimental Operations Command Weapons
Gloch Pistol 9mm 2d4 Rate 2 Range 2/4/9" 20 shots
MP5 SMG 9mm 2d4 Rate 2 or Burst20 Range 2/4/9" 40 shots
-often silenced suppressed versions with a night scope
Pistol .45 Magnum revolver 2d6 Rate 2 Range 2/4/9" 6 shots
Aug Steyr Assault Rifle 5.56mm d6 Rate 2 or Burst10 Range 10/15/30" 40 shots
SLR 7,62mm 2d6 Rate 2 or Burst10 Range 15/30/60" 20 shots
Spas 12 Gauge Shotgun with 12 round drum 3d6/2d6/1d6 Rate 2 Range 3/6/9

Burst fire (kinda ripped from older brp)
B10 = ten shot burst, most automatic rifles and shotgunsB20 = 20 shots burst, most sub machine guns
If aim at a group, no range penalties
-lose bullet between each target medeum range
-lose half bullets at long range

Everyone in group gets minimum of one bullet
Divide bullets among targets for maximum number of potential bullets that can hit
Randomly roll from 1 to potential hits number to see how many actual hits

eg from a 10 shot burst short range
1 target d10
2 targets d5 each
3 targets d3 d3 d4 bullets
4 targets d2 each one takes d3
5 targets d2 each
8 targets 1 each two targets take d2

The F1 Fragmentation Grenade* 1lb

Fragmentation - 14 ounces HE mixture and 4000 x 2.5 millimetre steel balls
Lethal Radius - 2" yards 3d6
Casualty Radius - 5" yards 2d6
Danger Radius - 10" yards 1d6-1

Range and Misses

Short Range = STRx2 1d8 yards  off aim on a miss
Medeum Range =STRx4 -2 hit 2d8 yards off aim on a miss
Long Range =STRx6 -4 hit 4d8 yards off aim on a miss
d12 for compass direction of bounce

*Explosive weapons can be saved to resist in most cases this halves damage
save means you dived for cover and mostly prone after

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Marvel Prep

Have been getting ready for a sunday fortnightly game hoping on 3-4 players.
Getting some toy busses for more melee weapons when i set up city battles.
Scale less fussy so hero clix for special characters, 1/72 or train scale for everyone else and matchbox/hotwheels for vehicles. Got some weird hotwheels too silly for my roadwar game but more like super folk cars. Whole bunch of spider theme ones. I failed to launch my roadwar/cyberpunk brp game but lots of elements of that will be here. Have lots of silly aircraft too.

Made a form for every session to record 5 news articles and a report from the Australian Paranormal Intelligence Service. I will post them here as they are used and have 40kg of notes from my previous 20 year long game. Hoping Dallas can help me set up online game too. Seem to be designing again which is good. Easier to do in bed than layouts.

This is as much planning as I do in what is a sandbox. Characters end up generating plots or choosing what to investigate. Sometimes I tie news items together and link to the secret gov briefings. Sometimes they are red herrings.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

My New Marvel Campaign River City 2018

FASECRIP - home mod TSR marvel mostly

After running a game for 20 years we did a few things
Adderd Charisma so FASECRIP
i like popularity but cap in disguise still has amazing oratory skills
Spiderman possibly normal range charisma
We had characters in alter egos alot and in disguise on missions
Players chosen to do street level mystery men types

Might run this online and in real world

River city is a territory not a state
(like northern territory or ACT not a state)
Between SA and VIC states, in Starya mate,
Surrounded by bush and coutryside but
Built on now toxic swamp where sewerage is dumped too
Built by corrupt business interests and to avoid normal safety and other laws.
Disastrous social planning resulted in ghettos preyed on by crime and rich
Chemical and biological leaks, high tech leader
Indecent made the ghettos on Diablo Island made lots of poor mutants
Disproportionate crime, corruption, poverty and nazis.
Excessive super heroes and villains from whole country forced there
Many supernatural and strange events here
Government "encouraged" lots of b list super humans to relocate there
Diablo Island had a mutagenic compound released
Mutant gangs have stopped property development
Lots of forgotten bases and lairs all over city

Also been logo designing for super human monitoring agencies
Hope each game will have briefing with:
5 news headlines and a major plot thread
Wiss design it up and show here

So more superhero posts coming up

Monday, 5 November 2018

Fantasy Conspiracies

eed some bull for crazy old men in taverns, village idiots, madmen or radicalized halfling terrorists? Or perhaps they are true? These are for when in town. Will do a dungeon one later. Spreading stories is mad or stupid or gossipy or evil slander for a purpose.
Evil bards-spread fake and fear news
-rally angry mobs
-make slanderous lampoon to ruin reputations of towns or people
-blackmail, cash or will lie about you or your lineage or alignment
-seduce and prey on young and innocent
-ruin lives, break up marriages, spread vice
-support despots and usurpers and influence elections-spy for foreign kings and cults-encourage xenophobia and disunity-lure away youth somewhere if village wont pay bard away (thanx Gus L)

Mad Bards-Spread paranoid delusions
-Work up the mob to make more extreme violent or Dionysian
-Believe their own lies with sincerity
-start personality cults and bands
-spread vice and make it look cool
i should play an evil graffiti bard-tag cantrip
-wizard words spell 2nd lv, 10x small or one big word per level 
-wizard banner 3rd lv 10" banner or mural as if painted or glowing text various styles out there, some optical illusions and fake doors

more on evil bards later

d100 Fantasy Conspiracies
01 Goblins are babies kidnapped by elves
02 Dwarves are all male, they make babies with alchemy
03 Gnomes arelf-dwarf cross breeds
04 Bugbears love catnip, it makes them friendly
05 If you raise an orc properly they are just like people
06 Dwarves are all alcoholics, it is mothers milk to them
07 They look human but elf genitalia is monstrous and deadly
08 Halflings often die from flatulence from oveeating
09 Halflings are really cannibals in secret
10 Dwarveeat gold, cut them open and they are full of coins
11 The royal family are reptilian hybrids up to no good
12 The true heir to the throne has been raised among the peasants 
13 Several nobles are really demon worshipers
14 The current heir is a faerie changeling
15 Doppelgangers have infiltrated the nobility
16 Witches have infiltrated the royal castle
17 The queen has a secret lover
18 A member of the noble house is a traitor to the nation
19 A vampire ancestor of the nobility hides in the royal castle
20 A noble woman likes to bathe in the blood of peasant girls
21 Demons are about to destroy the world because of mortal sinners
22 Wizards are plotting to destroy the world to become new gods
23 Monsters from below are planning to invade any night now 
24 The neighboring kingdom has spies among us for a coming invasion
25 The legions of hell are corrupting the nobility/church/youth/all of the above
26 The gods will bring the apocalypse soon
27 Witches areverywhere among us, call the witch hunter
28 The plague is coming! Head for the hills
29 A comet was seen in the sky, doom is coming soon
30 A great flood is coming, head for the hills or gt a boat!
31 If a dragon eats you you will be reborn as a dragon egg
32 Under the town is a secret mega dungeon, the commoners are in on it
33 All the job offers in town are a trick to murder and rob you
34 The local beer is poisoned by elves to put a glamour on us
35 All the gold is faerie gold, only use silver or loseverything
36 Someone in area is really a disguised monste
37 Don"t trust local mercenaries, they are all mad berserks
38 The local wizard is in league with the local dungeon boss
39 A secret thieves guild is hidden in a ordinary shop
40 A secret local cult has infiltrated the administration of town
41 A god walks among us in secret
42 Petty god or spirit visited the area recently
43 The area is cursed by the gods, everyone is doomed
44 Some one has offended a god who will send punishment to us all
45 A monster has been sent to punish us all from the gods
46 The graveyard is tainted by evil now the gods no longer protect it
47 Many priests have no powers and are frauds and no authority
48 The gods are just elder giants, kin of the titans who survived the wars of the gods
49 Humans look more like the gods but are tiny and have the least magic
50 Now the old ways forgotten angry spirits and monsters will return to destroy and eat our souls
51 Som
e of the townsfolk are really undead
52 Lycanthropes are hidden among us 
53 Ordinary farm animals are monsters in disguise
54 Plants I tell you, from strange pods I've seen in the woods, replacing everybody
55 The local wizard and his apprentices constantly charm people
56 One of the local new religions is up to no good
57 The country folk around here are still secretly druids and witches 
58 Don't get arrested round here, nobody sees prisoners again
59 This area has the most kidnappings
60 Locals are secretly cannibals, don't eat meat here
61 All of th
e village babies look the same
62 Some of the villagers have been cavorting with supernatural beings
63 More of the parents have sold themselves to evil in secret, children all imps
64 Mutants are coming, look for their taint! One drop of blood will taint you with chaos!
65 The people of this area come from different stock and have many secret hidden ways
66 The people here look normal but don't be intimate with them, they are unnatural
67 Lynch mobs arise over anything these days, look out anything could set them off
68 Madness is rampant in the land, wild stories, incompetent leaders, decadence!
69 Many humans are now part orc and you need to watch out or soon everyone will be an orc, they are nasty sorts
70 The locals are touched by faeries who come at night to speak gold and leave fairy tainted food
71 Elves are inbreeding us out of existence in secret, we've got to fight back!

72 Orcs are made bad by wizards, if they were raised proper they would just be ugly
73 Gnomes are running the town, they are secretly trading influence and using illusionary magic
74 Dwarves burrow into the deep to avoid the apocalypses, but now times are good they are returning to the surface to take over
75 Halflings eat and share food forbidden to commoners, lord says food makes them fat and lazy and gruel does them good
76 Dwarves take currency into their deep holes never to be seen again which hurts the kingdoms finances
77 Magicians plan to replace the the common man with monsters and magic and machines
78 Elves are breeding a new race to replace humanity
79 Orcs are destined to replace us, they can interbreed with anything
80 Dwarves are sex mad because they have no women, look at all the short people round here
81 Its so easy to sell your soul to a devil for anything you need, even a commoners soul is worth something, imps tell you what to do occasionally for some unseen plot, no wonder everyone doing it
82 There are secret sex cults in the forest where humans mate with sylvan beings and take drugs, be wary of any sneaking around at night
83 A murder kidnapper cult int the area has been striking travellers don't go out in the dark
84 Thieves are everywhere taking over, a hidden gang war rages the streets unseen
85 The whole town is drug addicted alcoholics in secret and are awful to each other out of sight of strangers
86 Nobility randomly seize travelers and locals for some mysterious reason
87 Secret police are everywhere listening to the people, hang on a minute who are you?
88 There are only a few of those sort now but a great horde is coming of them to attack, why don't the law seize them for questioning
89 Crime is higher in areas with halflings, their lands are more productive, time they were driven off
90 Gambling is rife and the mob hold everyone in thrall through crippling debt
91 Wizards spy on us constantly, even read your mind, their is no privacy
92 A secret masked cult has taken control of everyone in power and serve a secret monster master

93 A secret connection to the non human elder races of the great under land is where our country affairs are really from
94 This isnt the first cycle of reality, all kinds of leftovers from the old ones are still around, soon this one will end
95 Xor the world eater is here to devour everything even the gods

96 We are just cattle to the gods and if we don't sacrifice to them we will be replaced, perhaps wizards can kill them all
97 Necromancers are going to make everything dead to live forever under their rule, it is inevitable the dead will out number us
98 Some new evil from outside of ours has entered bringing new menace and threaten our universe
99 The stars will soon be right! The old ones will awake, their cults work to make this sooner
100 Magical talking goats are taking over the farmyards, making animals intelligent and spreading forgotten beast cults, nobody knows their true purpose, i couldn't make any goats talk (promptly attacked by stray billy goat)

 If you die in a dungeon you come back as a monster type stuff on next indoor version.

This one is a bit broken

d10 Quick Types
01 Old race secrets
02 Royal scandals
03 Thend is nigh
04 Crazy stuff
05 Wrath of the gods
06 Local Troubles
07 Secret shame
08 Xenophibic terrors
09 Unsafe in the streets
10 Cosmic calamities 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Simple Treasure Types

You can use multiples if you need more

Small Change (peasants pocket change)

Coin Purse (common townsman)
d6 sp 3d6cp

Coin Box (church donations or commoners savings)
d4gp 3d6sp d100cp
1in10 chance of lesser treasure
1in6 chance of a lesser defence

Small Horde (payroll)
d100gp d10x1000sp, d10x1000cp,
d4 lesser treasure, 1 major treasure
d3 lesser defences

Medeum Horde (fortune)
d10x1000gp d100x1000sp and cp
2d4 lesser treasure, d4 major treasure, legendary treasure
d4 lesser defences and a major one

Large Horde (kings ransom)
1d10x10000 gp and sp and cp,
4d4 lesser treasure, 2d4 major treasure, d3 legendary treasure
2d4 lesser defences and d4 major defences and one legendary defence

d10 lesser Treasure (up to 100 gp)

1 Semi Precious stone
2 Jewellery d4 1=Ring 2=broach 3=arm band 4=neck ring
3 Fancy quality clothing
4 Figurine
5 Holy symbol
6 Healing herbs or medicine d4 doses d4HP
7 Common Scroll
8 Common Magic Potion
9 Broken part off greater treasure
10 Tools or adventurers pack

d10 Lesser Defence
1 Mouse trap
2 Baby potted shrieker
3 Poisonous guardian d4 1=snake 2=spider 3=scorpion 4=centipede
4 Poison needle or dart d3+poison save
5 Threatening letter declaring ownership of goods
6 Lock 1in6 have d3 extra locks
7 Monster d4 1=giant rat 2=stirge 3=undead hand 4=feret
8 Blade Trap 2d4 damage if fail save
9 Smoke bomb
10 Stink bomb

d10 Major Treasure (up to 10000gp)
1 Rare Potions d4 doses
2 Rare Scroll 2d4 Lv worth of spells
3 Gem d6 gems worth 1000gp each
4 Jewellery d6 items worth d6x100gp each
5 Metal Bars d10x1000gp worth of d4 1=gold 2=silver 3=electrum 4=platinum
6 Artwork of great value 1in6 lost from a collection
7 Book d4 1=spellbook 2=prayerbook 3=rare magic recipe 4=rare magical lore
8 Rare magical or holy materials possibly used to make magic
9 Relic belonging to a noble clan lost long ago
10 Magic item d4 1=weapon 2=missile 3=wand 4=miscellaneous

d10 Major Defence
1 Small humanoid locked inside will scream if opened and attack
2 Undead locked inside screams and attacks d4 1=skeleton 2=zombie 3=shadow 4=spectral minion
3 Trap 1=deadfall 3d6 save for half 2=poison gas cloud 3=diseased 4=releases monster
4 Monster d4 1=clockwork cobra 2=yellow mould 3=green slime 4=imp
5 Acid spray 2d4 save or take d4 damage for d4 rounds
6 Magic d4 1=cursed 2=alarm 3=4d4 explosive runes save halves 4=wizard locked
7 Dart Trap shoots d6 2d4 damage darts, save vs each 1in6 are poison tpp
8 Releases spell like effect d4 1=hold person 2=sleep 3=d4 magic missiles 4=web
9 Black powder bomb 2d4 to all in 1", d4 for surrounding inch
10 Incendiary bomb 2d4 to all in 1" area save or burn d4 damage for d4 rounds

d10 Legendary Treasure (up to 100 000gp)
1 Great treasure affiliated with kingdom or people like a crown d4x10000gp
2 Huge Gem worth d6x10000gp associated with long history of tragedy
3 Artifact or part of one part of a legendary prophecy
4 Relic often in bejewelled box d4 1=saint casket 2=statue 3=saint body parts 4=holy scriptures
5 Slumbering person in magical sleep, petrified or in a magic casket
6 Collection of true names and talismans for commanding d6 outer planar beings
7 Weapon or armour of a great hero famous for past deeds
8 Magic item of great power and fame that belonged to a great spell user
9 Means to locate great machine that once threatened the world power balance
10 Planar gate

d10 Legendary Defence
1 Requires a code or puzzle to unlock or access, protected from magic
2 Summons demon or elemental or ghost guards the treasure
3 Dreadful great curse that can infect descendants and any who touch treasure
4 Magical trap d4 1=10d6 fireball 2=Ice storm spell 3=10d6 lightening bolt 4=disintegrate ray
7 A demigod or dragon or great beast vows to torment lives of thieves
8 Monster generator creates monster protectors until destroyed
9 Chamber trap 1=sealed with stone 2=seal then flood 3=seal then flood with sand 4=seal then flood with lava
10 Planar trap d4 1=sends intruders to another plane 2=loot really hidden on other plane 3=opens gate releasing entities 4=surrounded by hostile other plane conditions