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grey halls Reskin 4: The Goblin Garden

All based on this post and the zine/map i made - will do more

I had nice feedback on this dungeon and a few pointed out it was a good beginners dungeon.  Was intended as a B1 sort of affair that with a simple village could be a basis for a campaign. Another option could be to have characters clear out the dungeon once a year with various soap opera antics in between as they grow from zero or 1st lv youths into local well off peasants.

Various reskinnings are possible given the parameters of the zine. I'm supposed to be finishing is a seaside cave companion also. A seaside village map might be good too. Have had lots of good ideas of late and my to do list has grown.

I have a bunch of early 1st ed modules and gurps sf books coming in to inspire me too.

Reskin Possibilities?
I might make up a compilation of these reskins to go with the zine/map too.

Undead, humanoids, bandits and then frog men versions. Perhaps more feral ghoul one where they feed off the zombies. Necromancy apprentices vs undead cult + undead...that one year where carrion crawlers bred out of control...

Greyhalls Reskin 4: Humanoids HavenThe goblins were peaceful and ressettled the dungeon. They ran a marked and mushroom gardens and painting. Later as extreme cults came molesting sheep and eating babies and attracting more adventurers. The other ex factions keep trying to take over and enslave the goblins so they have become alert to make up for their physical weakness. Several goblin cult spell casters are trying to sway the tribe. Chief Gragax is playing them all but favours the ancestor goblin underworld shaman cult because of the dungeon's habit of turning any intact corpses or skeletons into the undead. With the right cult those undead can be put to good uses.

goblins have a d6cp each hobgoblins and bugbears a d6gp each

Rooms L-R

Store Room 1Room is full of trays on shelves growing mushrooms, these ones are fast growing edible ones and this room has a d6 months worth of shrooms

The entry has been covered by foliage and bushes. Goblin wolves inside the guard posts in the entry hall alert occupants silently  Guards
Each niche has a wolf patiently sitting inside, possibly gnawing on a bone. Very hard to snak up on them Gate Keeper
A bugbear with two hobgoblin flunkies watches the door. Each has a shorbow and a battle axe. The bugbear will hide and ambush while the hobgoblins will start shooting when anyone fights the wolves
A goblin redsmith Kalax works here. She is very respected and has has three asistats. They have made 2d6 shortswords, 2d6 spears, d6 shields, d6 shortbows and 200 arrows 

A goblin sitting on the toilet eating a baby carrion crawler that had come up from the cistern

Store Room 2
This room with shelves with trays of mushrooms grows exotic magical types that shamans use for medicine and dream visions

Goblin Druid (D3) with two wolves and a goblin assistant is here making mushroom potions while his assistants slice shrooms and put on racks to dry. A shrine to the mushroom goddess is the main feature

Six goblins scurry round cooking mushroom stew and roasting a stolen spit roast lamb. They fight with cooking utensils 

WellA older hobgoblin guards the well to make sure no goblins pee in their water and watches for carrion crawlers coming from the deeps

Nine goblins are feasting on lamb and mushroom stew and drinking mushroom beer. They are easily surprised while eating. A untouches plate of lamb shanks have sleep drugs in them that the wolves and goblins leave alone
Goblin underworld priest here has 3 human zombie guards attending their shrine of the goblin underworld ancestor, death and hunting god 

Crypt 1
Three zombies are stored here laying in stone niches filled with vinegar but will awaken if non goblins poke around the room. 3d6cp and some rusty weapons in the niches

Crypt 2
Four 1HD d6 dam zombie goblins stand here painted in holy designs of the underworld god

Crypt 3
A zombie bugbear HD4 d8 dam with a pole axe guards the room. Chest with d6x100sp
Crypt 4

Three ghouls have been sealed in here by the goblins who were caught eating zombiesBooks
Piles of rotting old necromancy books now overgrown with yellow mould. A wizard scroll is buried under all the filth
A goblin wizard (W4) with his four assistants is here making sleeping poison potions they use to drug food and drink of enemies. The wolves are trained to leave such food alone 

Guarded Entry Hall
4 Hobgoblin guards with a wolves

Public Throne Room
Gragax a 3HD goblin chief with two bugbear guards is here most of the time 
Barracks 1
d4+4 goblins, half are asleep the rest are playing knucklebones 

Barracks 2
d6+1 hobgoblins
, half are asleep the rest are drinking

Barracks 3
d3 bugbears are here making shrunken heads 

Drill HallA hobgoblin sergeant with a halberd drilling 3d4 goblin guards
Store House

A locked store room overgrown with mould has a angry carrion crawler locked inside
Prison Cells
Several missing village folk are kept here with a bugbear warden and his two goblins and a wolf watch them. They are well fed surprisingly because the bugbear thinks they are too skinny to eat

Women & Childrens Room
Six goblin women and two hobgoblin maids with a bugbear eunuch are here with a d6 in harem costumeschildren

Sly Grog Shop
Goblin barkeeper serving a d6 drunk goblins with mushroom beer and some stolen wine. None of the goblins here care who comes in

Family Court
Three goblin mothers are here playing with a d6 baby goblins. One young bugbear is as big as a goblin already and will fight with the women

Elderly hobgoblin goblin woman is nursing a d4 babies and will beg for mercy
Four goblins and two wolves guard here

TempleShrine here is painted with scenes of the goblin underworld and several clay statue of their major gods. A d4 goblins are worshiping here and other near rooms will respond to noises
Priest Room

Goblin priestess (C3) is here anointing the belies of a d4 pregnant goblins
Ancestor shine statues here with a wise woman (C2). She has three d4 healing potions and a guard dire wolf

Ceremonial Room
Several goblins are here painting some corpses awaiting the revival on the next full moon. They will respond to shouting but otherwise very busy
Funeral Temple
A goblin is nailing a d6 coffins shut stolen from the village graveyard

Room is occupied by a thoul champion of the tribe. Others fear and avoid him and wont help. He has a d6x100sp in his nest and a collection of skulls on the shelves
The chiefs treasure room with a dozen wolf pelts, 180gp of boar tusks and a chest with 
three d4 healing mushroom potions. Another chest with a cobra inside has a d6x1000cp and a d4x1000sp. A doombat is locked in here
Master Bedroom
The chief lives here with and can be found by day with his concubines

Death Shrine
 A goblin shaman (C3) is working on the shrine paintings with his direwolf familiar

Four goblins and two wolves

Now overgrown with giant fungi including 4 shriekers shrooms and several chaos mushrooms that cause minor unpredictable mutations x2d4. A goblin Druid (D2) assistant is watering the garden and spreading spoors

Six attractive by goblin standards, a virgin from the village and a bugbear eunach with a pole axe all in harem costumes. Thee is a d4x100sp worth of semi precious stones in their costumes worn and in several chests

Sacred Baths
A bugbear and four hobgoblins are bathing in here naked with mould floating on the surface of the filthy water. It takes them a round to grab their weapons by the door or they will grab torches from wall brackets if cut off

Hidden Cave
The rear entrance has been hidden by bushes and a secret door installed. Three ghouls have hidden in the main room and are eating a dead wolf. They have a d6x10gp and a d4x100sp in a box and a +1 silver dagger in a wooden box

Thursday, 22 February 2018

What did the Dragon & Giant & have for dinner?

These are for insides of big monsters. In case of parasites use giant snakes, leeches or centipede stats or whatever you like. SOme monsters requiring magic to harm might survive longer alive.

d100 Loot in big monsters corpses
01 Sheep d4
02 Half a cow
03 Pony
04 Orc d6
05 Maiden
06 Farmers d4
07 Donkey with load of goods
08 Goat d6
09 Chicken house
10 Small brass cannon
11 Weather vane
12 Roof tiles
13 Pile of skeletons
14 Knight in armour
15 Holy symbol from church
16 Sacks of flour 2d6 and half a waggon
17 Paving stones
18 Elephants head
19 Chest with d6x1000cp
20 Payroll chest d4x1000sp
21 Sack of gold d4x100gp
22 Crate of iron rations
23 Paving stones
24 A dwarf in armour
25 Family of halflings d6+2
26 Chimney 
27 Wheelbarrow
28 Pushcart with rag and bone and old man
29 Several limbless beggars d6 
30 Mine cart with ore
31 Anvil, bellows and bricks
32 Fishing net full of fish
33 Plow and ox head
34 Treestump
35 Piles of wood and a d4 beavers
36 Several nuns or monks d4
37 Children 2d4
38 Goat with tiny waggon
39 Bales of hay 2d6
40 Small boat with fisherman and fish
41 Gallons of mud
42 Huge cyst with rusty harpoon
43 Sack of copper cups, bowls and rinds worth 3d6x10sp
44 Dead young giant worm
45 Crocodile
46 Pigs d4
47 Goblins 3d4
48 Horse
49 Dolphins d4
50 Deer d6
51 Hundreds of pounds of rubble

52 Huge parasites size of snakes attack
53 Foot long hostile maggots
54 Bear
55 Cultists in robes d6 each with d6 gp
56 Witch with broom and familiar and a d4 magic potions in bottles
57 Live imps d4 (probably turn invisible)
58 Gremlins D100
59 Zombies d6 
60 Undead skeletons d6
61 Giant snake
62 Giant spider 1in6 alive
63 Giant scorpion 1in6 alive
64 Bejeweled relic box worth d4x1000gp to church
65 Headstones from graveyard 2d4
66 Coffin
67 Inquisitor and chest of confession notes
68 Gargoyle still alive
69 Giant rats d100 1in6 chance all still alive
70 Giant centipedes d100 1in6 chance all still alive
71 Chest with live child inside gasping for air

72 Several bushels of apples
73 Barrel of cider or wine or beer
74 Cart of root vegetables
75 Two dead lovers and a haystack
76 Priest holding holy gold holy symbol worth 300gp
77 Templar with chest of client credit notices
78 Giant mushroom house with d4 gnomes inside
79 Beehive 1in6 chance still alive and angry
80 Lion
81 Chest of books worth d4x100gp
82 Box of gems worth d4x1000gp
83 Druid with gold sicle 30gp
84 Hunter in wicker camouflage disguised as bush
85 Baker, oven and d100 loaves of bread
86 Dining table and noble feast spread
87 Figurehead off a ship
88 Statue of an angel
89 Tiny smokehouse filled with ham or salami or fish
90 Wheels of wax coated cheeses
91 Surprised looking wizard with petty magic item
92 Boxes of legal documents
93 Banker and chest with 1000gp of bank credit notes

94 Barrel of pork lard
95 Chest of cast iron cookware and utensils
96 Trunk of male or female clothing worth d4x100gp
97 Chest of jewelry d10x1000gp belonging to rich family
98 Pirate treasure chest d10x1000gp but pirates want it back
99 Immortal who awakes coughing and spluttering, not sure how long in there
100 Petty god, relieved to be freed offers a blessing or future aid

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

d100 What did the monster last eat?

Real murder hobos don't just search for secret doors and buried treasure, they search monsters guts for treasure. This is for medium size monsters and humanoids. Will do another table for bigger monsters later.

Don't let this decor fool you. There is treasure inside that corpse!

d10 Corpse Decor
1 Corpse has relieved its bowels on death
2 Corpse has fleas which infest searcher
3 Corpse covered in tattoos

4 Corpse has horrible weeping sores and buboes
5 Corpse has scabies and scaly rashes
6 Corpse has blackening finger tips
7 Corpse covered in scar tissue
8 Corpse has horrible burn scars
9 Corpse has pubic lice
10 Corpse has stinking gangrene wounds

d100 What did the monster last eat?
01 Someone's fingers
02 Someone's ears or nose
03 Small birds 
04 Pickles
05 Worms
06 Whole eggs
07 Mushrooms
08 Raw meat
09 Sausages
10 Raw fish
11 d10cp
12 d10sp
13 d10gp
14 d6pp
15 Semi precious stone 10gp
16 Brass key
17 Tiny silver key worth 5gp
18 Silver necklace 10gp
19  30gp small cracked gem
20 Finger with a 10gp ring
21 Parasitic worms
22 Cancerous growths
23 Toenails
24 Large bone
25 Beer
26 Squirrel
27 Insects
28 Fruit
29 Roots
30 Bark
31 Cast iron grenade with fuse
32 Gravel
33 Nails
34 Leaves
35 Hair
36 Chopped up shoe leather
37 Horrible stinking gas
38 Bubble of foul flammable gas
39 Grease
40 Rats
41 Gold needle 1gp
42 Crumpled up vellum treasure map 
43 Pawnshop token
44 IOU note
45 Sheepgut condom
46 Lead sling bullet
47 Evil holy symbol
48 Brothel token
49 Ceramic tile
50 Parasitic stomach octopus
51 Feathers

52 Straw
53 Puppy
54 Cat head or kittens
55 Rabbit
56 Ivory chess piece 15gp
57 Jar of paste
58 Clay figurine
59 Corks from wine bottles
60 Bone dice
61 Silk hair ribbon
62 Acorns
63 Manure
64 Teeth
65 Knucklebones
66 Tiny ragdoll
67 Dead gremlin
68 Living gremlin
69 Silver pendant 10gp
70 Tiny bell
71 Dog collar

72 Horse hoof
73 Large pill
74 A rock
75 Quarts crystal
76 Goblin ear with 5gp earing
77 Silver spoon 5gp
78 Glass eyeball 10gp
79 Dentures with gold tooth 10gp
80 Signet ring with family crest
81 Arrowhead
82 Carrion crawler grub
83 Rot grub
84 Candle stubbs
85 Bar of soap
86 Fish heads
87 Bracelet with name embossed 15gp
88 Flints
89 Beeswax
90 Tiny bottle of ink
91 Head of a tiny statuette 5gp
92 Ancient coin of evil empire 5gp
93 Ball of string or yarn

94 Walnuts still in shells
95 Fancy belt buckle 1gp
96 Demonic medallion 25gp
97 Gold nugget 15gp
98 Small ruby 40gp
99 Large Crystal 15gp
100 Fragment of demon prince horn

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Dirty Deals in the Citadels of Psychon

In the citadel under slums and ghettos, all kinds of deals and goods are sold. Some might even be good.

Dirty Deals in the Citadels of Psychon
01 A man selling home made shanks and powder he sez is drugs
02 Creepy cultist selling ugly idols, shrunken heads and human teeth
03 Wizard selling unfathomable alien sex toys
04 Goblin with wasp nest offering to double your penis size for one copper
05 Man selling talking animal, it is shy at moment and stubborn but if you take it home will talk
06 Offered chance to fight for money in a private combat pit club
07 Private troops insist you come to fight in a great gladiator arena
08 Goblin offers to remove parasites for 1cp
09 Priest offers healing for anyone who accepts his harsh god of low and take a oath
10 Pilgrim offers to feed any who joins his alien love god cult
11 Wizard offers to sell his worse apprentice for 50gp
12 Old woman possibly a witch offers to tell your fortune
13 Cyborg goat men gangsters offering cheap cyborg gun arms, use your old hands in demonic rite
14 Map seller has plans for several bunkers and ruins for sale
15 Man selling access codes for a hidden door of secret sub level of citadel
16 Old man selling map to a crashed spacecraft
17 Robot drug dealer offers free samples for first hit, AI runs a robot's drug lab
18 Old man offers keys to house if you can find his daughter a slum gang took
19 Beastman selling human skin suits 5gp each
20 Old goblin will teach you secrets of buttchugging potions to make them last longer 
21 Old wizard selling youth potions he extracts from teenagers leaving them old cripples
22 Boy offering to show you a otherworldly gate he found in sewers for 1gp
23 Woman selling adorable fuzzy beastmen babies
24 Cannibal selling human limbs raw, roast or smoked
25 Old man selling junk including a 24" cube damaged AI module with no voicebox
26 Old cyborg offers to sell body parts for beer money
27 Strange mutant selling huge eggs he found 1gp each
28 Goblin nurse selling babies or goblin milk
29 Boy selling glowing green metal rods he found in ruin, needs money for medicine as he feels ill
30 Old woman selling yellow canisters with warning symbols of the ancients
31 Woman singing living crystals that sing sad songs in alien voices
32 Wizard selling a werewolf potion in a syringe, just shoot it up and feel the power 
33 Old hunchback selling a magic intelligent sword, he sez the sword is a bit of a jerk
34 Mushroom men selling magical shrooms, have a filthy flophouse to try them in
35 Time traveller selling identical item that party member has 
36 Super soldier serum for sale being sold by slimey mutant in lab coat
37 Junk merchant selling orbital com unit, just set up dish and talk to the gods
38 Mutant seling angry trolls squeezed in steel cube cages grown from flesh scraps
39 Young wizard offering night of pleasure with succubus or incubus
40 Necromancer offering wide range of zombie prostitutes
41 Damaged venus probe bot for sale, once activated runs amok on killing spree
42 Golem for sale, just needs fuel and furnace lit to reanimate, no known way to control it
43 Mutant selling canisters of psychotronic warfare nanite agent causes mass hallucinations
44 Apprentice selling imps in bottles, "great for the kiddies"
45 Scruffy pervert selling eldren maiden in block of amber
46 Kid selling mutagenic warhead from his pushcart
47 Man selling dried and living fairies which he crushes and snorts the dust
48 Dealer selling variety of slave kobolds with various special skills
49 Morlock selling eldren pickled meat
50 Frogman selling deactivated "sex androids" 1in6 are assasin models
51 Man selling comgem implants from dead priests, claims anyone can have cleric powers

52 Servant of wizard selling notes on surgical creation of one type of abhuman
53 Alchemist selling demon and vampire ichor no questions asked
54 Alchemist student selling magical potion to enchant your genitals, you'll never regret it
55 Kid selling canister of military necrovirus starts a zombie plague
56 Man selling alien symbiotes that replace your puny human organs
57 Goblin shaman selling potions to turn goblins into hobgoblins
58 Morlock selling a purple worm egg or carrion crawler grubs
59 Wizard offers formula to turn babies into mighty ogres which fight much better
60 Witch selling a blink dog pup, not house broken or able to be caged
61 Witch selling displacer beast kitten, it loves to ruin furniture and climb curtains
62 Crystal abhuman selling potions that turn drinker into a stone statue
63 Sorcerer selling addictive drug that gives arcane casters extra 1st level spell once
64 Rag and bone man has book of long lost holy scriptures in his pushcart
65 Turban wearing creepy man selling delicious spicy beatles
66 Eldren selling wine with euphoric properties
67 Man selling cracked satellite with strange glow, causes retro evolution
68 Wizard selling freshly created orcs, not house broken yet or tame but like to fight
69 Fishman selling strange gold idols, insists they are not cursed by dreams of fish god
70 Old woman selling blueprints of a nuclear weapon silo found in the wastelands
71 Dogman selling used bones, barley chewed and still good

72 Fisherman selling baroque diving suit with sea creature motifs he found in a chest
73 Fisherman selling interesting spiked metal spheres he found (sea mines)
74 Fisherman selling poisonous blue ring octopus excellent for killing enemies
75 Man selling navigator beacon globe from a crashed aircraft he found
76 Woman selling live robot heads, most of them beg to be saved from her awfulness
77 Man selling flesh sphere he says will grow into a living house if planted
78 Eldren selling magic tree seeds will grow rapidly into treehouse with food inside
79 Man selling security ID card from a orbital of the space gods
80 Old woman selling wizard hats all styles and colours to make you look powerful
81 Devil selling primer spellbook with one spell and ritual to sell soul to get more
82 Man selling idols and holy symbols of many gods, you can never be too sure
83 Witch offers cheap potion of youth, turns drinker into a child d6+3 years old
84 Witch selling magic addictive candy and gives free samples to children
85 Man selling dentures made from real teeth and will buy old teeth
86 Old mutant selling cryopod with genetically engineered war criminal
87 Druid selling seeds if planted in corpses grows into plant zombies
88 Druid selling potted baby giant carnivorous plants
89 Man selling cracked AI module that threatens everybody and hates humans
90 Man selling "dragon teeth" swears will grow into obedient fighting men if planted
91 Orc selling delicious fat halflings, plump and juicy with sweet cries of despair
92 Necromancer selling immortality potions, on death drinker turns into a zombie
93 Cultist selling discount idols and spell books stolen from his cult

94 Old homeless man selling scroll to call down a demonic prince
95 Apprentice selling demon medallion and true name and summoning ritual
96 Goblin selling piss in bottles claims is healing potions
97 Morlock selling enchanted wrench +1 as a d6 club and some cursed items
98 Necromancer selling talking skull of his former master (try stopping it)
99 Witch selling various monster testicles good for eating and potency and soup
100 Goblins selling magical frogs with strange powers

Monday, 19 February 2018

Down and Dirty in Psychon Citidels

A request for gonzo filthy degenerate high tech magic slum encounters. Maybe some Gathox. Maybe some alpha blue are a 40k chaos city

d100 Down and Dirty in Psychon Citadels
01 Seedy morlock offers live eloi in a back alley shack, cannibal gang awaits
02 Blind beggar being beaten by children with live snakes
03 Skater gang with knives shanking people as they pass
04 Two abhumans fighting, a crowd gather to place bets and eat the loser
05 Devil swine with guards announces looking for some men for dirty job
06 Man has a fit and as crowd gathers he becomes a werewolf
07 Hungry dogs tear an old cripple into pieces and run away with limbs
08 MiGo ask if they can hire you for a dangerous snatch and gab missions
09 Ogre gnawing on a human leg vomits and dogs come to lick it up
10 Kids trying to scrap a combat robot buried under rubble and it reactivates
11 Gang of virused androids trying to pick fights with organic scum
12 Street kids making monkey-rat hybrids fight insect-dog hybrids
13 Tentacle reaches out of a drain to drag a victim into the deeps
14 Children hitting rusty old artillery shell with mallets
15 Crowd of nasty exotic harlots and a orc bodyguard with a axe and a flintlock pistol
16 Robots haggling over price of a human slave start shooting 
17 MIssionaries from upper levels offering peaceful euthanasia to the needy
18 Mob burning a mutant witch and her pets
19 Police crucifying a gang who had a member dare hit a cop 
20 Waggon of food spills over and mob swarm and start a riot
21 Old man screaming covered in rats or bugs runs down the street
22 Rhino centaur fighting a one horned ogre cyclops over a human girl slave
23 A eldren getting harassed by crowd casts stinking cloud, street filled with vomit
24 Rich children paying hobos to kill each other for fun  
25 Giant spider drops on webline from the ceiling and grabs someone
26 Vendor selling cooked chunks of troll flesh he cuts off a live chained troll
27 Hybrid squidmen preaching about their mad octopus headed god
28 Giant carnivorous worm bursts from the ground and drags a victim under the earth
29 Married couple fighting pick up weapons and murder each other
30 Giant mutant possum grabs old person with tail and runs away over rooftops
31 Creepy gargoyle offers chance to get stoned cheap, a medusa waits in shack
32 Lesser demons dragging youths in chains and whipping them on way back to hell 
33 Cultists handing out free drug samples and invitation to a sorcerers pleasure dome
34 Tense gang stand off between two rival ghetto guilds
35 Degenerate mutants have bailed up a lost topsider and tearing up her her clothes
36 Drunken ogre being stabbed by children who collect blood in bowls and run off
37 Vampire tearing apart novice clerics with ease, tearing out their spines for fun
38 Waggon load of old coffins fall off a cart and zombies spill out and chase the drivers
39 Goblin chief on palanquin with entourage, hobgoblin guards shove everyone out the way
40 Goblin prostitutes complement passers, "try some green and you'll always be keen" 
41 Hooded cultists dealing exotic foreign drugs, crowd shoving to get close
42 Wizard selling freshly created orcs, dumb and young but full of hate
43 Gang of topless orc women attack and eat anyone who looks at them too long
44 Troll offering rich dandies to stab and beat him for a fee
45 Doppelganger stripers entice customers to enter shack where they get eaten alive
46 Tax collectors taking fingers, ears or noses of anyone who can't pay breathing tax
47 Militia beating beggars for not giving them cut of collections
48 Morlock gangs having a street auction for a naked eloi slave being sold by a wizard
49 Naked old witches cooking cauldrons of humanoid body parts, 1cp a cup
50 Child selling ear necklaces, old man comes and beats them for cash every hour
51 Orcs chopping off goblin legs to bet on a one legged race, losers get eaten

52 Pierced tribal headhunters with different tribal marking arguing, other people scatter 
53 Rabbitmen beating farmers trading in town with clubs and stealing vege waggon
54 Giant sewer lobster emerges from manhole and drags screaming victims into the deep
55 Mob holding a kangaroo court for police informer who is torn apart by mob
56 Street flooded in sewerage, locals don't mind walking knee deep in filth
57 Beggar falls over then corpse bursts open with parasites keen for new hosts
58 Children push old person off a walkway to death for fun
59 Child catchers trapping feral children for slave market
60 Vampire talking to gothic teens, inviting to it's lair to receive immortality, honest 
61 Youth gangs just hanging out on their turf asks "what are you looking at"
62  Frogman throwing crumbs on the ground and then gulping down the pigeons that come
63 Apprentice space wizard wants to join you in return for all spellbooks found
64 Cyborg kobolds begging for energy cells even old chem cells or dead ones they can sniff
65 Sucubi offering a dopelgangergangbang just through this dark alleyway
66 Ogre offering homeless to shave him pays in a dry ration biscuit of dried meat
67 Robohobo scavenging parts and system fluids from other robohobo
68 Alien bard with a keytar with a built in theremin wants to write a poem about party
69 Robot one armed bandit follows you, complementing you and your luck
70 Robot vending machine nags you to buy d4 1=drugs 2=
71 Doppelganger prostitute tries to harass party, abuses them as freaks if rejected

72 Robot prostitute offers to stimulate your pleasure centres you dirty meatbag
73 Robo Pimpbot, with his exciting multi species and gender strange pleasure beings 
74 Alien child demands a cp or will kill his adorable puppy (huge slug with illusion?)
75 Beggar wants just one copper, if paid a d100 more follow you for a d6 hours
76 Soothsayer reading entrails and liver and of a humanoid to tell fortunes 
77 AI in a brain pod carried by small humanoid robot, wants to buy you guys drinks
78 Robohobos and cyberbums facing off for places to lie on cardboard boxes
79 Robot beggar needs cash for a new leg, then starts to beg cash for a penis
80 Lonely space dwarf vacuumorph, needs a low pressure suit and breather to live
81 Cultists performing human sacrifice in open street shrine to keep a elder god away
82 Urchins throw rocks and demand a cp to go away. no we meant a cp each
83 Multiracial youth gang in harmony shanking people for cash
84 Line of beggars selling souls to devils for food
85 Cloud of spoors as a stinking cloud or disease
86 Street overgrown in giant fungal bloom of shrooms and bracket fungi and slime moulds
87 Stray pack of blind alien space wolves
88 Street has swarm of vermin d4 1=bloodworms 2=floating jellyfish 3=starfish 4=maggots
89 Street has swarm of vermin d4 1=pigeons 2=bats 3=squirrels 4=finchs
90 Street has swarm of vermin d4 1=wasps 2=bees 3=flies 4=scorpions
91 Street has swarm of vermin d4 1=mice 2=rats 3=possums 4=bats
92 Ghouls peacefully grazing on dead homeless corpses
93 Cult follow you playing music and chanting till they get a donation

94 Snakeman wizard in disguise as a human apprentice selling cursed items
95 Someone crying and melting into a pool from a rare bio agent 1in6 with someone
96 Assassination cult point out party for initiates to test themselves on as a holy test
97 Devoutly religious person offended by party member and alerts locals
98 Cultist decides something about party makes them holy enemies
99 Tedious immortal is interested in your party for some awesome dangerous scheme
100 A petty god admires your party and decides to follow them and hang around close

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Psychon Bestiary

Really you can use any monster books you like. Gamma World and Monster books have plenty and you cou steal anything from prehistory. Stealing ideas from old pulp magazine covers or old Marvel monster comics are a worthy project. It is also worth hybridising any creatures or mixing up several with a human or just mutate some other creatures. Microscopic or weird sea creatures blown up to huge sizes can work too.

This describes some basic stat blocks on some basic creatures and monster types.


Abhumans are modified humans made to be tougher for combat or industry or otherworldly survival. Beast abhumans are the most common including tigermen, lizardmen, pigmen, frogmen, fishmen, goatmen, ratmen and many more. Treemen and fungal men are common also with modified hybrid tissue. Elemental abhumans are adapted to other planets environmental extremes. possibly with and include magma men, icemen, crystalmen, rockmen, metalmen.  There are also abhumans who are of orcish stock and even supermen tribes of barbarian abhumans. Most tend to live as barbarians, nomads and savages but some tribes are more civilized and many live among other humans.

Some abhumans believe they predate humanity and other fictional histories. Some believe they once ruled and will again. Some gods encourage this and use them as enemies for their protagonists in their convoluted dramas.

Artificial Intelligence

These ancient intelligences controlled various systems and interacted with humans. The rich had them in cars, as personal assistants in the home and office. More powerful ones ran buildings, ships, factories and orbitals. The greatest ran countries, generation starships, nuclear defence, stock exchanges, whole corporations or some of the global systems such as weather control or the global teleporter array. After the Apocalypse the gods took control and did their best to fix the wounded world. Today lesser AI are seen as spirits of machines or buildings and the greater ones as gods. They grant priests their powers and support the arcane infrastructure that allows magic.

Pseudo Biological artificial life form mostly in a human form that can act much like a human and use human tools. Androids while humanoid are not made to be convincingly living, that would make them replicants. Androids vary as to how their systems mimic a living human. Increasingly sophisticated ones are harder to tell apart. Androids mostly come in industrial, service, brain and combat types. Many androids shave been virused to be hostile to humans by remnants of ancient war nanites.


Old earth animals are gone. Surviving animals are often hybrids or modified. Prehistoric animals were created and went wild during the apocalypse like mammoths, dinosaurs and sabre tooth tigers and trilobites. Animals of psychon frequently have several of these changes

d10 Basic species changes

1 Colour shift - something more colourful
2 Size shift - bigger or smaller
3 Skin change -scaled, feathers, slimey, fur
4 Locomotion - might be adapted for land, water, burrowing or have wings
5 Climate - adapted for vastly different environment, hotter or colder
6 Hybrid - combined with another species or humans
7 Extra body parts - limbs, tails, horn, trunk, tentacles
8 Intelligence - smarter or dumber, hive mind
9 Diet - herbivore, carnivore, omnivore or some specialization
10 Social - colonial, hivemind, symbiotic, parasitic,  pack, herd, family structure

Some generic stats

Tiny HD 1hp AC11-13 MOV 6-12" might require swarm to be dangerous
rat, pigeon, squirrel,

Small HD d4 AC11-13 MOV6-12" Att d3
cat, giant rat, large rabbit, snake, small dog, big chicken, monkey

Medeum HD d6 pr d8 or 2d8 MOV 6" or 12" or 18" Att d6 or d6/d3/d3
large dog, pig, wolf, goat, sheep, lynx, ostrich, chimp

Large HD 2d8 - 8d8 MOV 6" or 12" or 18" Att d8 or d6/d4/d4 or d8/d6/d6 or d10/d8/d8
horse, cow, bear, lion, tiger, crocodile, terror bird, gorilla

Huge HD 9d8-20d8 MOV 6" or 12" or 18" Att d12 or d12/d10/d10 or 2d8/d12/d12
elephant, dinosaur, rhino

Powerful servants of the gods and lesser AI in their own right. They were created to serve the gods and may be worshiped as angelic beings. Some have turned wicked or serve evil gods. Most live in orbitals or with their gods.

Biologically augmented life form, deliberately enhanced with additional new living organs. Typically it is a pre existent organism modified later with augmentation rather than created. The results are consistent not like mutations. Some think of them as biological cyborgs.

Modified humanoids grown from birth for specialization such as aquamorphs who live in water or vacuumorphs who live in space or cybermorphs who are encased in technological casings they cannot live without. Biomorphs look radically different or even alien to normal humans and are no longer homo sapiens. Some machines or inorganic objects are described as biomorphic if they look organic described. A human modified to breath water might still be human and be a Bioorg or even a abhuman. A aquamorph is more specialized and even less human, possibly like a vaguely humanoid sealion and barley able to operate outside of water. Cybermorphs have returned from the stars and are unimpressed with what happened to the Earth. More are returning and plotting to re terraform the earth in their image. A few have invaded orbitals and some have come to Psychon to perform cruel experiments.


A biological brain in a life support pod connected to a robotic body or possibly on a console or linked serialy in a computer array. A synthetic brain duplicating biological process like a android or robot brain is often referred to as a cyberbrain and use the same interface jacks as brainborgs. Brains eventually decay and go insane and die. Some remain dormant if not in use and last longer.

Mixture of cells and tissue from different organisms fused together mostly by genetic engineering and often tissue rejecting immune systems are suppressed with drugs, mutagens or other biological processes. Advanced mutants can seemingly be made up of different material, especially as they begin to absorb other organisms into their make up rather than digest them. The most advanced are liquid flesh horrors sprouting and reabsorbing animal body parts, mouths, eyes and others. Often used to describe horrible monstrous natural hybrids.

Mass produced copy of a living being used for meat industry, medical replacement spare parts, military troop production or reproduction. Many artificial organisms are mass produced by cloning. The gods often make clones from old data, tweak them and write new histories for them creating instant cities with populations and ancient histories.

The artificial brain of a android or robot. Often encased in a pod like a brainborg with the same interfaces that can be plugged into different bodies or consoles. Some have a intact head and can sense and talk and can be attached to a headless robot or console with standard jacks. Android brains tend to have more soft synthetic tissue and liquid inside than a robot brain. Robots are less concerned with exactly mimicking biological processes.

A fusion of biological systems and machines. In most cases is a artificial limb or organ. Once only the brain is left the being becomes more of a brainborg. Some eventually become machines. Some parts even come from robots while others are specialized. Some suffer trauma at replacement and become insane.

Devil, Demon

These entities live in great caverns of the underworld, Devils are the lawful persecutors of the damned and wicked who serve the gods in a hierarchy mimicking the celestial city of heaven. Demons are rebellious outsiders living in petty feuding principalities and serve the gods of chaos. Devils sometimes employ demons as mercenaries or bounty hunters to arrest those who escape hell. All are sadistic and evil but devils are more legalistic and are limited by many rules. The underworld gods make them and rule over them. Some gods make bodies and identities to rule over the lesser ones in the form of dukes of hell or demon princes of the abyssal wastes.

Unsure bur rumour says they are many things. Aliens invader spies or shape shifting android spies are popular thoughts. Some rumoured to be spirits that take temporary forms to harass mortals and ruin their lives. All could be true and the name might infer a methodology not a singe species. A generic style of humanoid shape shifting predator of regular people.

Digital Personality

A personality from a living person recorded and now operating like a much like a AI but usually equivalent to a lesser god at best. Most can be carried and are only ten pounds in a semi transparent plastic case of lights and electronics. Some are set into robot bodies or androids or mainframe consoles or get carried by robot or AI servants.

Biological combat organisms made to lay waste to large areas killing and eating everything then hibernation till food supply returns. Some species are intelligent and some can breed. The worse are cyborgs also with missile racks and death rays and force screens.

Simple machine operating on a basic repetitive program or controlled by a human or artificial intelligence. Remote viewing drones, combat drones, transport drones are common examples.

Eldren are humans modified to be improved and perfect. Most lived in orbitals above the planet while many went into the stars. Some dwelled in pleasure bunkers but tended to become idiotic and dependant on AIs. These eldren became Eloi and cannibalistic morlocks came to take over their pleasure bunkers and use them as food. Eldren have expanded minds and learn magic or psionics more easily. Most avoid humans and lesser races. Some have begun to return from long rang space missions and are shocked by the new world.


It is uncertain if they are a created racial stock to antagonise humankind or actually aliens from Tau Ceti. They have a a caste system and develop various specializations and rapidly develop adaptions and variations in a few generations. Hobgoblins are larger, dumber more militant and are hard working. Bugbears are a larger hairier breed which make elite shock troops and are experts at stealth. Goblinoids have large pointy ears and their upper bodies are barrel like with long arms and short legs. Their skin colour varies grey, yellow, red, blue, green, jet depending on the environment and lifestyle. They believe they are otherworldly stay hidden from humans ostly. Some live with humans. Most are primitive and have crude but functional technology but some are seen piloting saucers in little jump suits with ray guns. Standard goblins can be crafty and are good at mining, animal husbandry, gardening and rearing fungus. Many serve other stronger races or wizards if they don't have the more combative castes like hobgoblins or bugbears.

Giants are enlarged humans ranging from 7 foot to hundreds of feet tall. Many are mindless brutes with mutations who eat humans but some are more refined. Giants feel they are gods and deserve worship and sacrifice. Giant's believe they predated man and lost a war with the gods. Giants are a product of eccentric AI and not the ancients.


These are magical constructs animated and given the semblance of life by arcane means. They have partial or incomplete souls that animate them. They are made by priests and wizards who imbue inanimate statues with the spark of life called from heaven. There are other lesser magical statues and animated creatures like gargoyles also which are nor regarded as golems.


Short subterranean humanoids bred to survive in bunkers and be technologically capable. Mutations of skin colour changes and cannibalism became commonplace in the species.

Mutations come from mutagenic nanite weapons infecting the hosts cells. The mutagens are stimulated by radiation, disease and chem exposure. Mild exposure cases produce mild cosmetic mutations. Severe cases make victim unrecognisable as human. Worst cases reduce victims to horrible formless horrors. Common humanoids on psychon with more mutation than most who don't breed consistently. Mutant offspring may look very different to parents. Mutagens may continue transforming a mutant to a non humanoid tentacled fleshy horry that constantly change. Some resist this process for many years. Drugs can inhibit the mutation process or make you resistant to mutation for a period. Some drugs accelerate or cause mutations. Mutants are often angry about being shunned and hated. The severest mutations turn the mutant insane, many becoming mindless cannibals or sex maniacs. Some mutants can hybridise in ways not found in nature. Some become stable and breed true becoming a species. Eventually many mutants loses all consistent form and becomes a Chimera.


Humans modified for labour and or combat, many are stricken with other mutations. Related to giants.

Humanoids designed for combat that grow rapidly and are instinctively militaristic.

Psuedobiological androids made to resemble a living human and difficult to tell apart by sight or touch. Once cut or damaged the artificial materials will become obvious. Used to deal with humans to make them more comfortable and for personal service rolls or espionage or dangerous tasks.

A machine that that works instead of a human. Industrial robots are often built in place on assembly lines. Some robots are built for a function with inbuilt tools and locomotion for their task. Some are more human like and can perform a greater variety of tasks. Robots can be humanoid but are not normally confused with living persons (see android). Robot intelligence varies but is usually limited to what is needed for their function. Humanoid domestic service robots or combat robots are among the smartest and may be fully AI rather than just smartbots or cleverbots. Most industrial robot and many worker robots are dumbots and only able to perform limited tasks requiring programming.  Robotic vehicles are typically only smart bots, able to navigate, deal with traffic, fuel economy and tasks related to travel.

A hybrid creature, a form of chimera but the parts are more seamless and better integrated into a new species that can consistently breed. Many combine animal and human features but more extreme than a abhuman with a few animal characteristics. Sphinxes are generally treated with more respect than chimeras and are more likely to be intelligent.

Trolls are a biological life form made to be ravenous killing and eating machines to cleanse areas of all life. They are capable of self repair from extreme damage and reproduce by budding or being cut into parts not be reproduction. They have no gender and are mostly insane. Some trolls are more like morlocks or eldren and less horrible but they are rate on the surface.

Undead are initial products of pre war necrovirus or nanite colonies that alter the biological processes and mind of the victim to turn on their own kind. Used to destabilize countries it backfired. Many new strains have emerged since the zombie strain.

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Psychon Locations of Adventure

Ancient Ruins
Some ruins predate Planet Psychon or are at least modeled after them. The gods like to create intact ruins complete with cultural history and languages and other details much like they did creating computer game simulations to entertain the masses. Some of the civilizations they create fall into ruin also. Some of the ruins seem to be from ancient bronze age or medieval. Others are steam age, decopunk, or later eras technologically. Many ruins are lairs for tribes, bandits, animals and monsters. Some have ancient synthetic constructs like golems or robots. Some are contaminated with plages or contaminants and other hazards.


Citadels are gigantic multi story compact city structures. Many are ruined or have ruined sections. Some still have functional AI and other intact systems. Each citadel can provide months of adventure for explorers or even a place to live or conquer. Some citadels are even mobile. There are regions where where citadels are mobile and fight each other. There are sea citadels and ones underwater on the moon and other planets. They are the most common form of large population centre.

Dimensional Spaces

Some AI Gods have mastered the ability to generate gateways and pocket dimensions and defy the laws of time and space. Some AI store components and store raw materials and world building apparatus in such spaces. Places like heavens, hells, underworlds, elemental planes were created like this. Such places are very dangerous and unpredictable.


Many ancients built bunkers to survive the apocalypse living in self contained sealed societies. Most died leaving interesting ruins to explore. In many more cases the gods created many such complexes and more recent civilizations in the age of Planet Psychon build them. Technology levels can vary but without humidity control, air filters and pure water such complexes fail. Some live in ruined bunkers existing on scrap and repairing what they can. Some are pristine marvels of superscience. Morlocks especially like them and often herd Eloi in them.

There were many lunar bases and mining complexes and citadels on the moon. Some teleporter stations, gates and transit shuttles still function. Most are products of ancients of earth but Eldren and Morlocks and humans and gods of Psychon have remodelled some. Some are very exotic and overrun with all kinds of strange creatures.


Mars was partially terraformed, planted with forests, citadels, people and dinosaurs. The AI of mars are wary of Psychon and visitors. Only a few ships and gates make the journey.


In orbit are many platforms and structures many holy to the gods and predate the fall of Earth. Great treasure and holy temples are commonplace. Teleporters, gates and shuttles are the main means of visiting. Some modes of transit are one way though and require extra problem solving to escape or you might have to go to the moon or another orbital to return.


Settlements are villages, camps and towns of regular folk. These are places to meet, trade, rest or retire to. Adventurers might even set up their own settlement or colony. They are good places to get missions usually. Some are hostile and instead are places of conflict or require stealth to get what you want for a mission.

Sub Worlds

Subworlds are part of ancient transit tubes that linked the world. Originally the tubes were vacuum sealed for maglev trains or some were huge highways. Many stations were complete with parking, malls, hospitals and other facilities. Many have survived constant terraforming by the gods (or have they?). Most fear them as sacred places of the ancients.

Temple complexes vary from small shrines to great wonders like pyramids or huge statues or sprawling complexes. These are the best places to find priests and talk to the gods via monitor screens. Some temples share the monitor chamber among several gods. Temples of bad gods are often places of adventure as are ruined old temples of long dead or dormant gods. Many are guarded and gods don't like their holy places sabotaged.


Great caverns, underground cities, bunkers, transit tubes and all kinds of spaces exist in the deeps. Some are so lost they predate Psychon. Strange creatures might adapt to the deeps and food can be scarce. Certainly many good adventure locations can be found in the unfathomable depths.

Under Water
There are underwater citadels and habitats like domed cities, wrecked ships in the deeps. Some have flooded sections. Some live trapped in the deep as prisoners. Some humans were modified for depths and can even breathe water with gills and webbed fingers and toes. These still rely on technology and the mercy of the gods. Some went further becoming aquamorphs or fishmen abhumans, dependant on water to live and limited away from it.

Venus terraforming never worked quite to plan but there are orbitals and cloud cities in the upper atmosphere. Nobody is quite sure what is under the clouds. A high pressure wasteland scarred by ammonia rivers or dinosaur filled jungles.

Psychon offers many strange types of wilderness. Besides the tables in the Planet Psychon book I like to find any exotic landscape photography online that looks other worldly and use that. You can always colour shift them to make stranger looking.