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Terrible Campaign Ideas: Too Many Gods

Re looking at my rpg books in my new pad and looking at what id like to get hold of. Still want ICE cyberworld book, lots of GURPS books, DnD cyclopedia. The awesome Petty Gods book (or PDF) has an amazing amount of non fluff ideas and I want to use it more. Here are some ideas.

Be like Hindus and have gods everywhere. That tree dryad or a pond spirit are petty gods too. A fancy gate post spirit. A dragon. A satyr. All mior common everyday divinities. A city will have at least a thousand shrines. A town at least a hundred. Any village will have a d10.

With gods everywhere you have to expect lots of trouble. Scare some villagers and the call a petty god. Mug a guy in city alley oops its is a god by mistake. Or that blood you spill attracts a tiny thirsty god from a rat haole.

Every dungeon could have at least one petty god roaming about. Many like dungeons and can be found watching ladders or criticising adventurers ropes.

Having a petty god met in every adventure isn't so bad a possibility. Many gods suited to meeting in cities or villages. Certainly many are more interesting than plain mortal foils.

As low level treating even kobolds and goblins and letty undead as supernatural beings makes them more scary. Goblins, dwarves, elves all kinds of non humans are low ranking divinities. As you climb a few levels you might meet a dangerous petty god and be able to fight one. The certainly make opponents you could face up to higher levels when you might move onto lesser demi human gods then proper gods that deserve temples and cities dedicated to them.

In such a cosmos animals and humans are pretty much at the bottom of cosmic order.

Other ways of using more petty gods

Scrolls with info on petty gods and means to summon them are in circulation. Dodgy fools try to call them. A dungeon boss might call one to annoy invading murder hobos.

A player is cursed to meet lots of petty gods and attracts them. Possibly curse can be removed. Possibly they might enjoy it. Even if locked in a prison a petty god will turn up and meddle in your life.

A relic or book might do something similar.

A region or country where petty gods are common. Or a island with a stranded god or god local in a pub or graveyard or crossroads. A petty god might be banished or trapped or bound by magicians to keep them away from a place or confined to a place.

A semi self aware magic book with info on petty goods keeps running away and getting found by strangers. The book contrives for the person to contact a lost petty god unseen for ages. Each new god called hangs around and becomes a local force. Players try to recover the book that keeps getting away or stolen or somehow taken from them. If you destroy it it just returns somewhere else a few days later. Constantly investigating new gods and finding who has the book would be a nice mini campaign

Dropping clues about weird rituals that might stir up a petty gods attention might be a way of dropping them into a setting.

A scroll describing a ritual to get knowledge on a certain night might lead to the petty god Aspix being awakened and to start his cult. He will hope to restore his ancient city and empire.

In ancient times when world younger petty gods were more common. Fairy and folk tale characters are often petty god so you might hear of them long before you meet them. Perhaps many imprisoned petty gods be awakened or revived. Perhaps players might overcome a temple with imprisoned petty gods in the basement. Players might notice a place has changed since last visit by a petty god. Prices might change or clientele of a bar might have improved. Crops and overall wealth improved in a village. Bandits and monsters might leave locals alone after a petty god helped villagers once. Perhaps someone they met was befriended or maligned by a petty god changing them.

Petty gods might leave stains or property damage or footprints that locals will revere and will show the wonder to travellers and pilgrims. Sometimes someone blabs too much about a petty god and dare complain about how useless and annoying a god is. This might attract a petty god or a friend or one or a rival. Commoners might evoke petty gods while using tools or performing every day tasks.

Petty gods don't need a fancy temple but one would impress them. A simple shrine where locals leave some fruit or a vegetable or food. Perhaps tobacco or flowers, Some local will perhaps make a gesture or spit when passing the shrine. Mostly a few locals look after it and rarely a acolyte might look after tit or several shrines.

At the least if you haven't used this book in a while go for it

Am doing a-z Xor now

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A-Z Village Location key

Ive been playing with more village stuff of late including a zine booklet to record each village
coming soon. Village life is lots of fun and a good place for beginning adventurers. I realized my a-z dungeon key will be handy system for village creation also. This A-Z format might be good for hell or xor too. This is for rural villages mostly surrounded by woodlands. I would do different one for coastal settlement.

Basicly roll a random building type and define detail yourself or pick or roll one of the ten examples of each type. Should be able to create lots of villages using this.

Rural and Village Life on Exile Island
Village Idiots
Nice Village Encounters
Mob Violence
Villagers mistake adventurers for...
Mildly suspicious village happenings
Weird village happenings
Rampant chaos village happeneings
Evil Commoners
Evil Frontier Farms

Most businesses and government have heraldic like painted wooden signs for the mostly illiterate public to find them. Feel free to merge any two identities with skills into a single one like a holy healer or a wise head person or a magician sheriff
Villages on Exile Island copy elements of communities from the model of the empire. Basic buildings tend to follow similar purpose and style. On Exile island you see more varieties of faith. In the Barrony people sneer at druidry as it is weak and backward. In the Empire territories Druidry is persecuted like witchcraft.

Each 7th day villages have a day off attending church usually followed by meetings, defence training run by sheriff or his sergeant. Then a few beers, perhaps a contest or sing along. Children are often given extra lessons at church to help them go to the good place when they die.

Once a month is a great holiday or feast which coincides on a seventh day also.

d100 Building function key

01-04 A Head Person House05-10 B Tavern House
11-13 C Sherriff House 1 Executioners block
14-20 D Traders Store
21-24 E Industry - mill, mine, loggers
25-30 F Crafter Workshop
31-33 G Shrine
34-36 H Healers House
37-38 I Store House
39-41 J  Woodsman House hunter, furier, woodcutter, barn
42-45 K Wise Person House
46-47 L Oldest Persons House
48 M Magicians House
49 N Cult Hall
50-54 O Graveyard
55-60 P Camping Green
60-61 Q Abandoned House
62-64 R Idiots House
65-80 S Farmers House
81-85 T Rental House
86 U Haunted House
87 V Villains House 
88-93 W Well
94 X Ruins
95 Y Unusual building
96-100 Z Farming Shed

A Head Person House
Every village has a head person who acts as a leader to represent the comunity. They deal with the lord they owe fealty to, perhaps with religious authorities, bandits, merchants and even to solve petty disputes and lead village assemblies. The do their best to deal with problems without bringing in more senior authorities. Some villages are more independent or have a assembly typically comprising of everyone over 40. Some might only include men or land holders or persons of a certain class or faith. Head persons might even face punishment from higher authorities.
1 A mean spirited head who puts his masters before the village and thinks they are superior

2 A corrupt greedy money grubber who deals with bandits and unfair tolls and tariffs
3 A sleazy hedonist who lives for pleasure, gluttony and vice, vulnerable to gifts and flattery
4 A proper hard but fair head who follows strict religious and legal doctrine
5 A jolly head who likes feasts and parties, tries to be peoples friends, very diplomatic
6 A head who meets weekly with assembly of elders and tries to follow their lead
7 A head who is a farmer and listens to assembly of land users about borders land division
8 A head who is old and wise and is supported by elderly for conservative ways
9 A head who seems able but more interested in secret cults and dealing with strangers
10  A head who serves secret interests and interested in all strangers comings and goings

B Tavern House
Most villages have a tavern where farmers and labourers enjoy a quick one before going home after work. Some villages spend far more time in the tavern than their families would like. Most taverns just serve drinks but might let you sleep on the floor for a copper. In more developed villages on better routes will have accommodation, some are sponsored by the kingdom to accommodate messengers, change of horses. Many have live entertainment and games and even operate as meeting place for the village
1 A sly grog shop from a tent under a tree where people sit about drinking
2 A small tavern with mostly just local beer and locals getting drunk
3 A medium tavern with accommodation on the floor at night and simple meals
4 A large tavern with good food, full and festive with many locals and travellers
5 A Inn with a small stable with shared and private rooms where a weekly coach service
6 A state sanctioned inn of good quality with royal messengers rooms and spare horses
7 A Large in with many rooms and a good stable with many visiting traders
8 A coach house inn where regular carriages services stop for accommodation and food
9 A huge sprawling Inn with many floors and some permanant residents as guests
10 A sad old battered inn has seen better days but is quiet, sprawling drunks lay about on floor

C Sherriff House
Local lawman usually with several bailiffs and beadles and a cell for those awaiting trial. Mostly prisoners are held awaiting trial by travelling magistrate or sent to a larger prison in a castle or town. Some have facilities for punishment and execution. Sheriffs are elected by locals or appointed. A sheriff house ins pretty normal but includes an office and weapon locker for use by village self defence militia. A sheriff may have up to two bailiffs who in turn may have two beadles who typically carry clubs. A Sherif might also command a sergeant at arms who trains and commands up to a dozen armed militia men called on for man hunts or village is openly attacked. Mostly the cells holds drunks or prisoners awaiting trial or being transported
1 Has e
xecutioners block and a professional axeman
2 Has gallows and a local volunteers as hangman in such cases
3 Has stocks where petty criminals are locked in as humiliation
4 Cages or gibbets hanging from trees where victims are exposed
5 Huge rock with manacles and a small amount of poor shelter for prisoners
6 A one or two person cell with wooden bars for temporary holding
7 A large iron bar cell can keep six persons
8 A basement cell with torture paraphernalia that muffles screams
9 A small stockade or wall with several small cells for up to a dozen prisoners
10 A huge hollow tree or tree stump with barred door capable of holding one or two prisoners

D Traders Store
Most villages have a general store that handles trade for the whole village. The store keeper is pretty important and influential. Some goods are for sale on behalf of farmers especially livestock. If you cross a shopkeeper you might get your whole family banned and this will force them to travel miles.
1 Tiny hut with basic farm supplies and tools with humble old shopkeeper
2 Small store with all kinds of basic goods some are a bit old and shop keeper a mean miser

3 Crowded store with standard goods and livestock run by friendly fat merchant
4 Mean cheap store with high prices especially for strangers and most of village in debt

5 Rugged and rough store with second hand weapons and armour run by ex soldier
6 Charming country store with bulk preserved food goods and jolly ex farmer couple
7 Cramped overcrowded store run by crazy old person full of all kinds of junk
8 Shifty store with some unusual dungeon goods and second hand stuff run by ex theif

9 Cluttered store also acts as pawn shop with guards and barred windows
10 Filthy shop run by drunken ex murder hobo with lots of old maps

E Industry
Most villages are farming communities but many are partly supported by other industries also which often employ workers. They tend to be noisy eyesores with waste products polluting down stream. Often the facility is also home for itinerant workers and add a d30 workers not counted on village population. Wagon loads of minerals are frequently hauled away. Precious materials might require guards and a strongroom. Locals mostly do not mix with labourers and owners of industry usually have local power and influence
1 Mill usually water or muscle powered grind the grain crops farmers harvest
2 Lumber yard with stacks of logs, oxen, worker shacks and machinery to cut wood in a shed
3 Mine with mounds of soil, miners shacks, storage sheds, old pits and mine entrance

4 Abattoir where animals are slaughtered and processed then shipped away to butchers shops
5 Tanners yard where leather cured, boiled, dyed and toxic waste washed away

6 Charcoal burners gather wood and convert into charcoal for other industries
7 Smelter where ore is cooked and refined in stinking furnaces

8 Smoke house where fish and meat are smoked and shipped away
9 Sweatshop or workhouse where crafters make common goods like rope, rugs, or wool
10 Quarry with open pit, piles of rubble and workers cutting and carrying stone  

F Crafter Workshop
Every village has several crafters who toil in their home workshops and sell their own goods mostly by barter. Crafters are important and respected as are their children and apprentices. Evil villagers might cripple or imprison important craftsmen or keep them as slaves. Nice villagers often include them in assemblies. Many belong to town trade guilds and travel yearly to visit them. Crafters often have complex guild symbols and secret signs to identify members and bewilder everybody else.
1 Blacksmith works simple metal goods and fixes horse shoes, weapons, tools and armour
2 Carpenter works with wood and makes all kinds of goods including shields and weapon hafts
3 Leatherworker makes often ornamental goods from hide and leather including clothes and armour

4 Jeweler makes artistic items with metal and mostly semi precious stones for local use
5 Clothier makes cloth and can also act as a tailor often has several workers helping
6 Dyer colours cloth and leather with often toxic materials and has several workers often slaves
7 Butcher cuts and sells meat as well as cures and preserves food stuffs and slagters farmers livestock

8 Baker makes bread, cakes and and other items and uses huge ovens for fests and festivals
9 Brewer makes beer from grain and wine from fruit or herbs and mead from honey
10 Potter makes ceramic goods with some making fine trade goods for far away markets

G Shrine
Shrines are small religious sanctuaries with often a wood or stone idol under a shelter at the least to a fully staffed chapel. The regional villagers may operate older forms of worship frowned on by city folk. Some have a shrine for travellers which is a welcome site. A shrine might have local significance and include footprints from a giant or marks made by a saint or hero, a sacred well or tree or grave. Most villagers have one obvious one and possible a few more out of common sight.

1 Pagan stone megalith with ancient rock carvings cared for by a local druidic acolyte
2 A stone statue of the high church tended by a local acolyte
3 A wood or stone pagan idol with offerings left to it attended by a local part time druid

5 A stone or totem pole circle cared for by several druid local acolytes and used at festivals
6 A idol under a wooden shelter where religious travelers often stay or shelter under
7 A bell rung by high church acolyte for weekly service or danger to the village
8 A small shack where monk or acolyte lives in with altar and lives off offerings left
9 A tiny quality old house where a respected acolyte lives dealing individually with locals needs
10 A tiny crude chapel often used as village meeting place dedicated to one of the gods

H Healers House
Healers vary from religious magicians to simply skilled medics or herbalists. Healers might sometimes be oppositional to priests using different methodologies. If they become too popular a priest might acuse them of witchcraft. Some have good relations and might also be the holy person.
1 War veteran has treated many wounds with first aid and hospital care
2 Old person herbalist often able to treat wounds and recovery with know how
3 Country surgeon trained in the city possibly a student, a bit too modern for most locals

4 Former alchemists assistant can make a few weak and affordable potions
5 A druid healer of the old way expert in skills and with some magic
6 A old witch lives just outside of town, who knows what she can do with her forbidden wisdom
7 A missionary priest with lots of experience and prayers to sooth the sick and cursed
8 Former hospitalar from the crusades skilled in surgery and medicine with combat experience

9 Craftsperson has experience with wounds and has come to be relied on for toothache and cuts
10 Local farmer makes a good living off treating animals now locals come to him for human ailments

I Store House
Country folk make food and need to store it some simple others complex. Other goods and items might be stored also. Large wooden sheds are commonplace. They can be communal or owned by a person in the village. The local lord might own shed and the headman leases it out on lords behalf. Outsiders might store goods in out of the way places and merchants might hire them to ply market manipulation schemes. A dog or a few locals will keep an eye on them typically telling strangers to "clear off" and/or call the sheriff.
1 A storehouse used by village to store goods to be sent to market by merchants in sacks or barrels

2 A warehouse used by the local store who sublets space to others who require long term storage
3 A storehouse used by local tradesman or crafter for goods, materials and workshop
4 A old murder hobo lives here storing stuff from a party went missing in dungeon a while ago
5 A criminal guild from town or city uses this to cool off goods and have d4 gang caretakers
6 A warehouse used by merchants to manipulate city markets and stockpile goods
7 A warehouse used by townsman to store belongings mostly furniture and trade goods
8 A mostly empty spider filled shed where murder hobos, drunk labourers and youths hang out
9 A shed filled with old waggons, ox sleds, saddles and carts and possibly a homeless person
10 A warehouse used to store military equipment and rations by militia and passing military

 Woodsman House
Every village has a specialist who makes a liking from the wilderness rather than farming. Such persons also warn see threats to the village first and help lead rescue attempts, mobs or deputised manhunts. They also tend to deal with dangerous animals and watch the villages forest resources. Hunters are often poor and loners but many belong to secret societies. Most think of hunters as loners who avoid living among people but plenty are quite popular and sociable. they tend to win archery contests.
1 Hunter pursues dangerous and valuable animals living near the village
2 Furriers use traps to catch animals for hide and leather to stretch on frames to dry
3 Woodcutter wanders the forests gathering hood for locals and cutting best trees for carpenters
4 Ranger is a devoted guardian of the village from monsters and humanoids part of a secret order
5 Scout working with regional authorities looking for bandits and enemies fakes being a hunter
6 Prospector looks for minerals, ruins and dungeons in the wilderness and sells locations
7 Bard watching area and composing works in solitude living as a woodcutter
8 Druidic acolyte on the lookout for the order for evil works as a hunter and herbalist
9 Lone woodsman is actually a lycanthrope who hates everyone and keeps their distance
10 Woodsman is in fact a cultist monitoring the area for some sinister purpose posing as a hunter

K Wise Person House
Every village might have a wise person which could also double as another villager role. Wise persons offer useful advice in a crisis and are often consulted when problems develop. Wise people are less stuck up than church clergy but they would rather help a common innocent than a rich warlord. Wise people usually have a line of d4 locals wanting a d4 hour consultation. Some of the crazier ones
1 Kindly old washer person mostly by water gives advice to the good and needy

2 A elderly artist spends time in studio selling a work a month has thoughtful ideas
3 A philosopher from the city spends time in a trance or drunk or writing philosophising or poems
4 A cunning old person used to be a street urchin gang member as a kid who made it out of ghetto
5 A wise old homeless woman on the fringes of town lives with her pet, knows strange things 
6 A robed future gazer dwells here with occult paraphernalia and magical looking stuff 
7 A school teacher from the city come to help the wretched bestial poor of the wasteland
8 Pilgrim on religious tour has been attracting followers and now is laying low here in shack
9 Local hermit living in abandoned shack has helped many local people with advice about future
10 Hideous cackling old person who lives in a semi ruined house is a good listener seems to help

L Oldest Persons House
Oldest villager might have some clues or be just crazy. On a good day they remember some story or event from the past. They might be head person or wise person also. Typically many have huge families but some are loners who rist having the mob or witch hunters investigate them some day.
1 Blood thirsty old murder hobo scares children with horrible stories of dungeon days gone by
2 Kindly and beloved villager related a third of the village a surrounded by good family
3 Cruel great grand parent controls family with threats and abuse and rude to strangers

4 Fragile old person cared for by family mostly rits and tells rambling stories of old days
5 Machiavellian old timer seeks to control village needs some new dupes
6 Old person tells erotic tales of being a prostitute in the big city many decades ago
7 Retired weary sailor lives alone with servants he kidnapped on travels as a explorer long ago
8 Old slave retired and free lives happily in squalid shack, inspires other with cool fighting spirit

9 Decrepit but healthy old timer is a important secret society leader and always lying and scheming
10 Old person sole survivor of a bloodline exterminated by the state decades ago

M Magicians House
Not every village has a spell user but plenty have one. Often failed apprentices settle down in lonley rural places and get t be big shots. Other spell users might retire or settle down where they were born for a life away from everyday occult life.
1 Bumbling old wizard likes to entertain children and bumpkins with illusions

2 Kindly wizard teaches local students and prepares them for scholarship exams
3 In hiding from old enemies, wary and suspicious of any outsiders who might be assassins
4 Necromancer up to private research and helps with local funerary rites
5 Cult leader sorcerer ran away from lynch mob with faithful favorite followers and in hiding
6 Cult leader on retreat with favorites mostly high and drunk and screwing

7 Young wizard with telescope out here for silence and star gazing away from city
8 A clerical scholar is here to study, write and teach in silence of the countryside
9 A vicious miser studying magic and trying to catch fairies to make potions from with his cat
10 A wizard studying books and mapes seeking lost dungeon in area and looking for help

N Cult Hall
Cults operate even at the village level and many secret societies cross national borders. Demanding loyalty and setting men against each other is par for the course. Sometimes the cult meet in another village other than home to throw off suspicion. Cults also rent abandoned houses for this purpose and many are haunted by evil rites and vile rituals held inside. Such hell houses are often left with traps and guardians. Some cult halls are secret or disguised or buried. Sacrifices do happen but sometimes are for feasts or just cult business.
1 Older person most children afraid of, occasionally has guests over for secret occult rites

2 Kindly villager has dug complex under house with secret doors for cult to meet in secret
3 Scary old abandoned house full of traps and lesser creatures guarding attic cult meeting hall
4 Ruined house occupied by a d4 homeless madmen guarding secret cult basement
5 Burned barn conceals cave entrance to cult meeting place guarded by monsters
6 House of cultist maintained as cover for entry to hidden prehistoric temple complex
7 House of cultist covers a mine entrance to maze with a monster and a shrine in the centre
8 House inhabited by family of serial killers who also accommodate travelling chaos pilgrims
9 House seems abandoned but private well leads to caves and chaos cult mutant monster
10 House of legitimate private club who use it for drinking or feasting with caretaker

O Graveyard 
Every community has graveyards. Some have multiple types from older religion or perhaps remains of a exotic foreigner. Several villagers care for the graves and help with funeral rites with a elder or head or holy person. Bigger villages might maintal a part time caretaker (probably a homeless drunk or old person).
1 Crude wooden grave posts staked out in a field
2 Fenced off graves in sanctified soil
3 Stone wall around graves with cold iron spikes
4 Graves capped with bricks
5 Graves with sanctified head stones
6 Several clan tombs and a few scattered headstones among them
7 Mausoleum building keeping all the town dead sealed and sactified
8 Stone sarcophagi and tombs
9 Mix of modern headstones and crude ancient megaliths
10 A hill surrounded by stones with gravestones of various eras

P Camping Green
Common green is where festivals and public outdoor events are held and travellers who don't use the inns use to pitch tents on. A stone lined bonfire pit is common possibly several smaller ones. On well travelled routed the green will be used uften. In quieter villages the locals will be more curious and suspicious. Some travellers are not welcome and villagers might drive them off or worse.
1 Carnival folk camping for festival with circus acts, fighting and tame monsters
2 Flagellants on pilgrimage gathering and getting drunk with local youths
3 Leprous pilgrims on way to be healed at holy festival but locals not happy 

4 Children being led off to crusade by robed men claiming to work for church
5 Pilgrims traveling around holy sites defended by templars
6 Labourers working on short term project clearing land and building on just on way
7 Army searching for bandits camping here while searching area
8 Theatre troupe or travellers willing to put on a show for some coins or food while on break
9 Merchant caravan with ox carts camping here briefly
10 Drunken crusaders on way to port city but willing to kill anything foreign they see on way

Q Abandoned House
Many old houses become abandoned. Occasionally some one repairs and resettles them and the headman will arrange the sale or lease. If you repair it yourself the rent is usually cheap. Sometimes these places are occupied by vagrants or even criminals or cults. More often youths like to hand about in them to drink stolen beer.

1 Burned out semi ruined house long forgotten
2 Dusty old but repairable house with low rent
3 House is covered in mould and giant fungus with a few giant bugs

4 Dusty old house has several goblins living under floors eating local chickens by night
5 House overgrown with vegetation with trees inside with root mass everywhere

6 Crumbling brick house full of spiderwebs and rubbish
7 The murder house where cannibal cult died leaving poltergeists
8 Old house with white sheets over furniture, probably not sheet phantoms
9 Gang of delinquent youths hanging in old house to kiss, drink, get high and summon demons
10 Inside covered in cultist graffiti and chaos beast man feces

R Idiots House

Every village needs a idiot. It is bad luck to not have one. They double as scapegoats and entertainers and all kinds of uses. Villages are competitive of their idiots and hold regional contests. If a idiot dies the village will seek a new one. If a new idiot arrives they will compete for love of the village and drive loser away. Idiot  houses are oddly decorated and ramshackle messes.
1 Common idiot likes to chase bugs and laugh

2 Former city jester come to the country to take it easy as village idiot
3 Built like a ox, murder hobos keep trying to recruit him for dungeon crawls
4 Likes to tease murder hobos by dressing ineptly as monster
5 Likes to dance in the street especially for strangers
6 Followed by billy goats they talk to constantly and seem to understand

7 Idiot likes to torment priests with theological riddles
8 Bedridden idiot being cared for by locals who are wondering if they need a new idiot

9 Two idiots sharing house and battling for hearts and minds of area
10 Local idiots gather for a village idiot contest and people from far away come to see

S Farmer's House
Most houses in rural villages fit into this catagory housing typical families even three generations.
1 A sagging shack with leaky roof and several unlivable rooms lived in desperate looking family. Most are one room but some have two to five. Most have a fireplace and stove and some have a cellar for storing food or even a attic. Some have a outhouse or shed and most have a cottage garden.  Many have a dog, goat or pig or cat around the house.
2 A tiny poor wood shack with large young family living in overcrowded family
3 Tiny workers stone cottage with just enough room for a family in a single room
4 Family farm cottage, thatch roof quaintly decorated with folk art and well maintained
5 large slightly weathered farmhouse with four generations under one roof
5 Nice pioneer log cabin with one room and young family

6 Wattle and daub cottage painted  residence of older residents
7 Stone house with turf roof with old couple with cats
8 Stone cottage with slate roof and a extended family
9 Ancient brick house with tile roof in the old empire style with a courtyard
10 Shambling old house with extensions in different styles and materials

T Rental House
These are good condition houses rented out to mostly outsiders by the headman rather than letting empty houses go to ruin. Most are harmless tenants seeking a break from towns or cities but some troublesome tenants come to the countryside to hide. Occasionally a suspicious tennant alarms the village and demands the head person evict them. Worst cases a mob forms.
1 Fugitive from city hiding from enemies tries to keep to self
2 Killer from city on the run from law trying to resist murdering again

3 Criminal guild spy or bandit agent watching for opportunities
4 Dandy brats on holidays want to taste local food and grog and fun
5 Magician friends taking a holiday far from prying guild eyes
6 Towns woman and teenage pregnant woman in hiding till baby born
7 Townsman on holiday with mistress
8 Bard here for genuine rustic village life experience with several lovers
9 Knight taking a boozy holiday possibly a adventure 
10 Merchant liked the area came for a stay to observe trade

U Haunted House
These old houses were abandoned and people fear them too much to re occupy them. Many have strange manifestations and locals have many tales telling of the cursed place. Sometimes criminals or cultists take advantage of such places. 

1 Burned out sagging old witch house feared by children
2 Old rental house site of a tragic murder love story and strange lights by night
3 Ruined cultist meeting hall where voices are heard at night
4 Crumbling old wood house with sounds of huge rats in walls
5 Prospector house where things from below took him screaming while village watched
6 Haunted house with cells in the basement and lab and restraint benches

7 Tattered remains of books from old professor's house where his bloodless corpse found
8 Retired carny folk settled here then disappeared, locals know nothing
9 Old merchant townsperson retired here then died was actually a necromancer they say
10 A hero of the goblin wars lived here and one night when he was old goblins came and took him

V Villains House
A local evil doer  dwells here plotting evil schemes. Some prey on the locals others use them as cover and plots concern other places. Villains don't like nosy strangers or meddling kids and might plot to remove them.
1 Cannibal cult family live in secret worshiping ghouls and demons 

2 Enemy spy and assassin disguised as poet or artist on retreat, reports with pigeon post
3 Demonologist and his mutant asistant have come to quiet place to conjure dark powers
4 Lady bard professional spy, mistress and assassin has come here to watch village 
5 Cult leader has moved here to corrupt the village with chaos demon magic
6 Criminal agent selling vice to merchant teamsters and labourers
7 Grave robber and corpse thief pretending to be a resting murder hoba recovering from wounds
8 Sorcerer with stash of drugs plans on starting a new cult here after being chased away from town
9 Pretends to be a woodsman but cavorting with beast men and goblinoids and helping them
10 Smuggler agent warns friends and stores duty and toll free goods, scares off medling kids

W Water Feature
Most villages require a body of water for drinking, livestock, irrigation or livelihood. Some waters are good for trade or fishing also. Villages fear water being contaminated or poisoned  and toxic industries are kept to down stream or well away from clean water. Water might attract ducks also and most keep pigs and sewerage away from drinking water.
1 Dirty bubbling pool in a hole surrounded by grass
2 Spring pouring into small creek

3 A large pond fed by underwater streams
3 A narrow stream with wooden bridge
4 A narrow stream with stone bridge

5 A Slone lined well with bucket and rope
6 Covered well with winch and bucket
7 Fountain fed with spring with stone trough

8 A stream with small waterfall flows through village
9 Small lake with fishermans boat house
10 Tributary of river pases by with a ferryman and boat

X Ruins
Many villages have some local ruins pre dating the local houses from previous ages. Most are avoided and parents warn their children of fairies or goblins or worse lurking on the ruin grounds.
1 Crumbling old haunted tower covered in vines
2 Walls from long burned down manor hall
3 Prehistoric dry stone wall and rings of stone house foundations

4 Stone walls and archway from ancient fortress
5 Long emptied lone tomb floor covered in garbage
6 Old ruined millhouse overgrown with vines
7 Remains of old temple walls with mosaic floor

8 Crumbling statue badly damaged from ancient or prehuman age
9 A great artificial mound with sealed stone entrance
10 A prehistoric stone altar worn smooth with ages

Y Unusual Buildings
These buildings are not normally what you would find in a rural village
1 Country orphanage where children from town are brought to become country labourers

2 Vice house run with casino, prostitutes, bar, stage, drug dealers and shifty folk for hire
3 Magic shoppe often run by old minor wizard or a apprentice selling petty items to travellers
4 Small stage where local plays, puppet shows and other acts are attracted to mostly for festivals
5 Hunters Hall where huntsmen of region meet sometimes hired to noble hunting parties
6 Freak show and curiosity museum in shed charging traveller coin for a tour run by old person
7 Schoolhouse where teacher has set up to educate locals literacy and other disciplines
8 Temple or church of unusual size and quality for village with d4 permanent staff
9 Monster pen where a troll or ogre or other beast is often put to work turning a wheel10 Locked shed covering entrance to underground caves possible some goods stored inside

Farming Shed
Farm sheds are used for various goods and livestock. Farmers maintain them well as animals might escape or be injured. Where thieves and predators abound such pens will have locks and barred windows. Higher fences and spiked wall in worst cases. Often communal or belong to the richest farmers or administered by the head man for the local lord. Villagers are suspicious of any strangers meddling with livestock or food supplies.
1 Woolshed where sheep are sheared and wool is processed for shipping
2 A granary built from brick or clay in rows of cylinders or beehive shapes
3 A barn where livestock are secured from weather and predators or robbers or worse
4 A milking shed where cows and goats line up patiently dawn and dusk for milking
5 A large pig sty where pigs are kept possibly with yard and pit of mud foe wallowing
6 Poultry Shed with at least a hundred birds kept for eggs and meat, ducks like a small pond
7 Dove or pigeon houses kept for meat live odd stray grain and possibly for sending messages
8 Shed with old goods and space for seasonal workers to sleep and cook meals
9 Stable with stall for horses with waggon  and riding equipment
10 Ox Shed where the hard working beasts shelter, used for ploughing and hauling freight

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

d100 Dungeon Wonders & Spectacles

Wonders are not meant to be attacked or destroyed just amaze from afar and not get too close. but you might. I will be doing some cave and Xor geomorphs soon and will design some big chasms as spaces for stuff like this. I have done wonder tables for my hells and other places

d100 Dungeon Wonders
1 Dragon hatchery with at least one elder dragon and many smaller ones with eggs
2 Manacled demon lord or godling or titan chained up, often being tormented by something cruel
3 Ziggurat covered in bloody skulls while tribe of chaos humanoid worship and sacrifice
4 A gigantic statue or monument with own complex and temple inside
5 A gargantuan pit of filth and garbage with formarians wallowing like a pool on a summers day
6 Dozens of beholders swarming around a pit to the netherworld
7 A glowing fleshy lake forming eyes and mouths and spawning dungeon monsters
8 A great pit swarming with ghosts, spirits and other undead horrors
9 A mighty battle between dungeon humanoids with hundreds being slaughtered
10 Two huge golem like walking temples of different faiths slamming against each other
11 A huge pit is swarming with purple worms, a island with a pyramid is on island in the middle
12 A slumbering Kaiju curled in a ball hibernating for a aeon
13 Titanic slumbering monsters from the end of the dawn age awaiting the apocalypse
14 A great throne where Orcus sits with his wand being surrounded by a thousand zombies
15 Mountain of shattered statues accumulated over thousands of years by spirits
16 Drunken sleeping giants, napping after game of boulders and megaliths
17 Huge monolith engraved with fantastically complex battle scene of law and chaos
18 Huge glowing stone egg awaiting the end times to hatch into a kaiju
19 Headless titan bleeding out into a pool for millennia
20 A great mushroom keep populated by d4 1=goblins 2=giant bugs 3=dark elves 4=trolls
21 A giant devil mouth guarded by greater devils used as a gate by the lords of hell
22 Gigantic stone skull used by cult for great ceremonies and sacrifices
23 A chaos witch gathering where hundreds cavort naked with goat men and demons
24 Gurgling great lake with misty phantoms struggling to fly free of moaning in pain
25 Titanic clockwork automatons dancing eternally in concentric circles
26 A transparent ice titan lays fallen with a village of goblins visible in digestive tract
28 Titanic tentacled ice ape elemental lord of chaos searching snowflakes for sets of two
29 Enormous godlike burning phoenix sitting on mountainous nest made of metal
30 Mega kraken writhing in pool of slime writhing tentacles around a incredible jade monolith
31 A small castle built from glittering rock, a planar intrusion from psionic humanoids
32 Huge semi ruined statue of evil lord of fire actually remains of a past manifestation in world
33 Millions of rats swarming into a mound supporting gigantic greater rat demon lord
34 A giant stone head vomits into a foul pool where vile imps of plague gods bathe
35 A thousand mummified crucified corpses on poles on a mound of skeletons
36 A faceless hermaphrodite titan with saggy skin pleasuring itself sitting on huge stone cube
37 Landshark breeding pit makes the cave shake as dozens of beasts grind away relentlessly
38 A cave with dozens of great frozen hideous beasts of the deep posed in battle
39 A necromancy cult assembling a titanic flesh colossus with scaffolding and tonnes of corpses
40 A wondrous fungus garden where mushroom men ans sprites dance amid the psychoactive spoor
41 A great ancient mighty mousoleum full of cursed relics and undead kept by the underworld lord
42 A great earth god on a throne surrounded by cavorting mountain nymphs and beast men
43 A huge illusion of tempting nymphs offer gold and sex covering a bottomless pit
44 A stone sphinx enigmatically staring into space, hidden tomb or reliquary inside
45 A titanic ice sculpture with hundreds of taunting ice apes living within guarding a ice temple
46 Colossal tentacled one eyed idiot god flails about uselessly in his pit with no mouth to scream
47 Two mimic demi gods having mind blasting shape shifting contest that has lasted aeons
48 Gibbering demon lord of filth wallowing in mush playing with huge slime beasts
49 Fragment of prehuman ruin of mighty monster god temple, to gaze on it is mind troubling
50 Giant spiral crystal steps leading from depths into ceiling, many steps are trapped
51 Titanic bronze astrolabe indicating alignments of world and the seven lords of hell
52 A great lake of fire where salamanders and dragons and fire snakes cavort playfully
53 A great lake of boiling blood where goblins push crying spirits under surface with magic poles
54 Eternally burning castle in a time loop, if you get inside you must escape before loop traps you
55 A gasping mineral encrusted pit releasing a huge cloud of diseased miasma with glowing eyes
56 A gorilla kaiju manacled with chains to huge stone sacrificial altar full of unconscious maidens
57 A fort of bronze full of cyclops orcs and ogres led by a wicked efreeti guarding huge metal eggs
58 A rotating glowing polygon crystal constantly changing numbers of facets and arcing electricity
59 A swarm of fluttering modrons experimenting to assemble a lost god of law by merging
60 A colossal heap of quivering flesh with patches of tentacle tumours and oozing orifices
61 A star fairy or demon trapped in a sigil flooding area in searing light begging for release
62 A bound god bound and tormented by dripping venom claims he tried to help humans
63 A patch of growing crystals and pools with crystal megaliths engraved in magic runes
64 A enormous lamprey trapped in a pit where cultists throw victims into it's mouth
65 A rude fungus covered amphitheater where hundreds of goblins watch giant beetles fight
66 A ramshackle goblin market with a hundred or so tents and tiny wagons for goblins stalls
67 Filthy mountain of organic garbage where shambling mounds battle for the best scraps
68 A giant bronze bull with fire pit underneath and hundreds of burned bodies inside
69 A crumbling citadel from the monster age crawling in creatures, curses and ancient loot
70 A demon lord raging trapped in giant chunk of amber by a sun god long ago
71 A grove of petrified giant trees around a tar pit are now homes for twisted creatures
72 Remains of giant size ancient ruins with fragments of murals and several hidden man size doors
73 Illusionary echo of ancient scene of the gods repeating in a endless loop
74 Titanic apparatus holding huge glowing crystal doom seed built by a mad god aeons ago
75 A wicker man woven from spider silk filled with moaning sacrifices being prepared by cult
76 A chasm filled with giant webs roaming with giant spiders and a minor spider god shedding skin
77 A black basalt citadel of the snake men with dinosaur and reptilian mercenaries and monsters
78 A titanic stirge sucking blood through beak stuck in ceiling, its body a foul swollen sack
79 A human shaped titanic golem operated from inside by dark gnomes building a fortress
80 A titanic toad god squats here hibernating and eating the odd purple worm on mound of ruins
81 A god head floats and drips incredibly slowly into a bowl of rubies guarded by a dragon
82 A titanic statue of a forgotten weird god with cultists throwing selves from it into a pit
83 A sprawling monster feast where dungeon bosses and retinues feast on neutral ground
84 A huge mound of candy with gingerbread golems and honey cake witch house in the middle
85 A huge stone maze covered in vulture like gargoyles that kill cheaters and guard secret treasure
86 A lake of green slime with creaming titans chained within as torment for forgotten sins
87 A whole village populated by statues arranged by medusa sisters like collectable toys
88 A giant mermaid goddess corpse being eaten by giant crabs picking her clean of meat slowly
89 A huge pile of grave goods with a lesser deity in dragon form asleep on top having a nice dream
90 A bubbling lake of raw chaos in form of bubbling energy with imps dancing among the flames
91 A great ceremonial ground where vampires of all ages and clans meet every hundred years
92 A dead kaiju being eaten by giant maggots with screaming human baby faces
93 A titan size weapon suspended in brackets guarded by cyclops giants from grubby mortals
94 A golden great tree on a mound of luscious earth with beasts and humanoids living in branches
95 A graveyard of monster bones including titanic sea beasts and kaiju somehow gathered here
96 A huge burning crater fuelled by natural gas or the elemental plane of fire
97 A walled citadel occupied by race of sentient magician goats with charmed human servants
98 A inverted citadel hanging from ceiling of cat-bat people who worship the dukes of hell
99 A giant vampire demon godling hangs from the ceiling cultist pilgrims come to feed him
100 A great ruined silver pyramid citadel populated by mutant wizards and silver automatons

added a few as pointed out i skipped lots of numbers

Terrible campaign Ideas: All Bard Adventures

Some versions of DnD have quite a few options to create variation and specialisations. In my game bards are kinda like 2nd ed or 3rd ed bards with lots of skill choices. I also let my bards have alt spell lists and use cleric or druid or wizard or psionics list. Any way this campaign would work better if bards have choices to be different.

So the all bard campaign needs a borderland with villages and a few towns and a city on each side and a few castles. The characters are all beards. the act as spies, information gatherers, propagandists, saboteurs, assassins. Players work for one kingdom but could also serve a rebellion that must avoid letting rival kingdom invades. The rival kingdom possibly supports and infiltrates the rebels for extra trouble.

There will be lots of forest bandit gangs and robberknights many who could serve rebellion or foreign power.

So the bards wander around the kingdoms and have a chance to damage one kingdom or aid a region wide rebellion.  They could be mercenaries serving three or more sides. There would also be secret societies, faction spies, rival bards and supernatural meddlers. You could throw in mercantile guilds and banks to complicate matters more. Every settlement will have multiple quests. Players might need to visit a dungeon to recover something or for quick cash too.

Bardic performances feature heavily. Battles with rival bards and troupes. Invitation to higher status taverns then to more important clients. Rival bards always smack talk each other publicly. Spreading gossip and songs are useful propaganda tools. Hunting and humiliating rival bard groups or propagandists would be common. Climax or campaign might be infiltrating the royal palace on invitation from the king.

Travel, local knowledge and contacts and npcs would feature more than looting. More trickery and making friends than killing. Villages would be starting point. As bardic fame increases they will get appointments

Places to find missions, npc's and performing opportunities

Start with local detective mission then later send them around important villages

In Forest
Bandit gang

Village 40-100 pop
Headman's House

Town 1000 pop
Mayor Hall
Guild Halls
Town Hall
Wizard Tower
Militia Office

City 5-10 thousand pop
Knightly Orders
Thieves Guild
Beggars Guild
Army Barracks

Monday, 20 March 2017

Terrible Campaign Ideas: Dungeon Prisoners

Imprisonment, Execution and Brain Washing
Good Times

The slave lords series was a oldschool module designed for con games and does something most DMs don't do but pretty much all players hate. The characters are killed by a kick arse party of villains in their lair which is pretty hardcore railroad. Then the villains resurrect the party to interogate them and throw them in dungeon naked. For a party heading to name level this is a big comedown especially wizards who need spell books. This could be done as a good role playing challenge but I find most players will not surrender.

Though I managed in TSR Marvel to exaggerate the karma point reward system to encourage heroes being kidnapped. Then the original rules gave villains karma for capturing heroes alive, telling them their plans and leaving them in hands of deathtraps and incompetent minions. Heroes had to gain more karma for heroic escapes even though they lost some karma for being defeated and captured. This is a game mechanic carrot to behave more in-genre which is why I like the original Marvel RPG.  So occasionally some or a player was willing to be captured to gain entry to a villains base. The TV show Venture Brothers has cultural rules for hero villain capture etiquette.

But mostly players not really into being kidnapped, Mutant Epoch goes into detailed information on fates worse than a quick death when captured. The Intro Adventure in Blood and Bronze RPG has a great escape the prison dungeon adventure. Im sure there are many more

The Prisoner is a 1960s UKTV Spy Fy action absurdist drama. Today Im talking about merging elements of the Prisoner with Gygaxian realism. So here is this.

Prisoners of the Dungeon Dimension
Players awake in cells inside the eternal sentient dungeon dimension. They had been dreaming of dungeons while toiling the soil ay youths and their dreams have come true. The find hints of a surface to lead them by the nose but the Dungeon just fabricates false clues then eventually disappoints them. When they break out of the prison they will explore the wilderness dungeon implying there is a surface realm.

As they get suspicious there is no surface and they might be here a while their resourcism and safety will be tested. They will meet and try to talk to local non human races (and some humans like berserkers or savage cannibals who don't talk much).

Monsters will laugh at surface talk as fairy tales that good people tell. To them you die and see the true face of the dungeon and go to the underworld to be recycled as a new creature.

As a dungeon crawl turns more into a resource managing exploration sandbox it becomes more like a wilderness and even colonisation game. My redbrick dungeon or long stairs stuff would probably work to generate content and use geomorphs to randomly generate content on the fly. Players will learn what is good to eat and loot. They will develop relationships with different races and monsters.

Recurring boss monsters and occasional friendly traders are important regular NPCs. Party could be replaced by monsters as they die.

Escape should be main goal of the players rather than wealth, glory and normal stuff.

They might even join monster society. Get access to the service tunnels and hidden monster bars and real barracks. By appeasing the dungeon and joining it you get benefits. Monsters might even show you their cursed resurrection temples or zombie making shrines. Monsters might teach magic or the worship of the dungeon god or a humanoid hero cult.

Revelations about the characters predicament, the dungeon realm, humanoid customs and dungeon trade should be regular features as well as red herrings. Maps and diaries are common fake clues

The fact the dungeon is alive and out to get you should take longer to uncover and be hinted at by monsters talk of the dungeon spirits and the dungeon god. Several levels should be cleaned out before players suspicious and many more before the dungeon god communicates by mouth pieces.

The dungeon will have at least one encounter table result or sub-boss or level boss hunting them. When you kill one another comes. Party is hunted relentlessly and finding somewhere to rest is tough. Attempts to confound trackers with leaving traps or using dungeon obstacles.

When the dungeon has crushed you by revealing the surface lie it will tempt them with gateways or custom made personal desires used as bait. It is as if the dungeon can read your mind and create a doppelganger of your mom, or a lost childhood dog or you childhood doll (hint it can read your mind). The dungeon will bait traps with things appealing tp adventurers interests. At least one thing should threaten party or a party member per session.

The dungeon wants heroes to suffer not die. Dead characters might return as a different species, possibly hostile. More cursed and inteligent items than normal dungeons. Dungeon may taunt you with moral dilemmas especially ones that test alignments. Each character should get a personal red herring from the dungeon each session. I recommend passing notes and whispering stuff.

The Dungeon doesn't want to kill you it wants to break you with hardship, struggle, cruel psychological tricks, incomprehensible horror and sometimes kill you. When you die in the dungeon it recycles your soul in a new body usually a monster with no memory. Memories might return if they dungeon thinks you are worth more torment. Driving party to alignment change with moral tests is most satisfying. Breaking a paladin is more fun than breaking a thief.

Occasional in big chambers the dungeon will display a huge spectacle of danger to scare characters. Something impossible and to make high level heroes hesitate. At least once a session. Have started a table.

Map up top is three of my redbrick geomorphs stuck inside a blob with extra caves and some ancient tomb and tunnels. I should get off my arse and get into a set of gothic and castle ones. Main comments of my maps was no gids - partly because of I use those acetate hex or grid sheets over maps like you got in mid=late TSR box sets. Frank Mentzer once told me they were very expensive and a bad economic decision. Some caverns might be good. Back to work on finishing off Xor which is at the it feels like work while writing my d100 lists is like Kerouac "typing onto his toilet rolls".

Terrible Campaign Ideas: She Popes of the 23rd Century

In the 23rd century the world is mostly divided between the territory of three papal states. Each ruled by a separate she pope.  Smaller independant states are used for proxy wars between papal states. Espionage agents and nethackers wage secret conflicts. Players mostly play nuns serving a papal state (with double agents pretty common) involved in espionage actions, car chases, shoot outs and hunting traitors. Nuns can use psionics, bionics and occult powers.

Some nuns have bees usurped by evil and there are vampire and demonic and mutant orders hiding in secret. It should always be foggy if the players own faction is less tainted than rival sects. As they climb ladder of papal power and switch factions will see increasing corruption towards the top players will get to vie for who becomes next pope and rule the new world order.

Torg Cyberpapacy would be handy sourcebook for ideas as would Tharkold and Orosh books.

Friday, 17 March 2017

d100 Magic Contact Trouble

So i realised while magic could be done with scientist table this would be worth it. Possibly a criminal table  might work and one for boring regular folks or those dependant contacts that you keep around for the karma rather than talents or resources. I might knock a streamlined version of my rules into a booklet - a few other amendments i noted i need to create.

d10  Magic Contact Trouble
01 Mundane world
02 Study
03 Experiment
04 Investigate
05 Cultists
06 Sorcerers
07 Spirits
08 Secret society
09 Monsters
10 Dimensional

d100 Magic Contact Trouble
01 Housing troubles
02 Relationship woes
03 Resources in danger
04 Legal problem
05 Friend in trouble
06 Criminal problems
07 Slandered reputation
08 Mundane accident
09 Medical problem
10 Strange family legacy discovered

11 Visitors ask to be your student
12 Creepy loner asks to be your student

13 Reading a crumbling old magic book
14 Reading a dread elder tome and left disturbed
15 Seeking advice from a master
16 Seeking markings on ancient ruins
17 Visit library in far away place
18 Seek book in strange private collection
19 Study exotic dead language
20 Search for lost relic
21 Accidently freed a ancient spirit
22 Accidently summoned a demon
23 Accidently summoned a elemental
24 Accidently opened a planar rift
25 Accidentally contacted a lost spirit
26 Accidently made a magical curse
27 Accidently communicate with a demonic lord
28 Accidently communicate with someone stranded on other plane
29 Accidently released a entity from overspace
30 Accidently called a planar conqueror
31 Explore a haunted house
32 Archaeological dig of ancient ruins
33 Trade relics and books at a occult auction
34 Investigate strange disappearance
35 Investigate supernatural death
36 Investigate occult related crime
37 Seek a mysterious and hard to find adviser
38 Find out why a nightmare thing is scaring people from a place
39 Explore a ancient cave system
40 Explore  spooky graveyard
41 Investigating a cult
42 Rescuing victim from a cult
43 On the run from assassin cult
44 Ruining ritual of a cult
45 Wiping out a whole cult organisation
46 In a race to beat cult to a relic
47 In a race to stop cult with kill list
48 Confronting a cult leader in battle of wits
49 Sneak into cult HQ during a ceremonial trance
50 Steal favorite of the obsessive cult leader
51 A sorcerer wants to trade research or books
52 A sorcerer challenges you
53 A former magical peer has turned to a enemy
54 A planar being sends it's champion sorcerer to duel
55 A old mentor sends a SOS message
56 A alien sorcerer comes to duel for the Earth 
57 A evil wizard tries a robbery or relics or books
58 Mad wizard on public rampage
59 Wizard deceived into calling a terrible elder power
60 Wizard of elder magic seeks to waken old ones
61 Haunting reported in media 
62 Magic creature sighting gossiped about on internet
63 Missing children in area, survivors tell of supernatural being
64 Some one contacting the dead causing problems
65 Haunted street shunned by locals
66 A spirit tries to contact through non direct means
67 Spirit of a dead friend makes contact in a dream 
68 Phantom drink driver hits and runs
69 Spirits disturbed by meddler using a relic
70 Primordial spirits of pleistocene arise angrily
71 Fraternal brotherhood seek new members
72 Brotherhood or wizards demand join us or die
73 Secret society after artifact to grant them power
74 Secret society obfuscating a important discovery
75 Secret society have a hidden citadel of secrets
76 Confrontation with inner circle of a secret society
77 Stalked by secret society kill team
78 Found paper trail of ancient secret society
79 Being watched by secret society
80 Protecting a potential love interest from secret society 
81 A liogor in hideous draconic form is entering the world and forming a cult
82 A elder beast is awoken by destruction of it's magical prison 
83 Tribal wizard calls one of the great elder beasts to avenge his people
84 A druidic wizard calls great elemental god to punish civilization
85 Alien wizards release a monster of their nightmare world
86 A monster is murdering  people every night
87 A shapeshifting dire wraith warlock or witch calls it's kin from the stars
88 A aquatic sea behemoth is awoken by fish cultists
89 A mutant creature has been dabbling in sorcery
90 Magical construct on rampage set off by wizard
91 Studying a ancient gateway
92 A manual gives secrets of contacting a being from beyond
93 Hospitalised by pressure increase caused by planar interlopers
94 Exploring another dimension
95 Laws of reality breaking down
96 Nightmare realm breaking through from the other side
97 Exploring dreamlands as self therapy
98 Interdimensional raiders from the other side
99 Dream visions sent by otherworldly lover
100 Something from beyond is slipping through into our world

d100 Science Contact Trouble

So third of several of these I've done for TSR's MSH. Could be used when your CHA or POP roll fails to impress a contact. Could just be a problem your contact has or demands help with. Intended for sciences but wouldn't take much to mod to use for archaeology or history or occult (more magic ancient stuff) or arts which probably gets more existential aesthetic problems than sciences. magic contact table next. I will try third d100 love gone wrong table too as i can reference my mighty comic collection in my new pad.

d10 Quick Science Contact Trouble Types
01 Work
02 Red Tape
03 Reseach
04 Reputation
05 Lab
06 Academy
07 Experiment
08 Espionage
09 Superhuman
10 Strange

d100 Science Contact Trouble
01 Drowned in difficult office work right now
02 Involved in office romance 
03 Bullied by co workers
04 Love struck by co worker but too shy
05 Moving office right now
06 On mandatory paid leave
07 Conference interstate or overseas
08 Sent on expedition or field trip
09 Responsible for interns or student training
10 Everyone squabbling for promotion

11 Important research deadline
12 Trying to get access to special equipment

13 Trying to get access to special materials
14 Ethics enquiry committee presentation
15 Applying for extra funding
16 Feud with rival for resources and attention
17 Busy preparing budget and funding applications
18 Arguing with peers in journals 
19 Sitting on consultative committees
20 Sitting on departmental procurement meetings
21 Studying under pile of books and journals
22 Working on important paper
23 Drawing on chalk boards
24 Entering data into computer
25 Devising experiment
26 Drafting plans of project
27 Researching simila work by peers
28 Proof reading new book or paper
29 Researching pre modern methodology
30 Thinking in armchair important new project
31 Rival calls you and a quack
32 Terrible reviews of recent work
33 University offers honorary degree
34 Accused of unnecessary cruelty
35 Accused of sexism or sexual harassment
36 Accused of racism or biological ableism
37 Blackmailed by co worker or boss
38 Work slammed as dangerous by meddling peer
39 Meet a attractive flirtatious brilliant student
40 Work publicly acclaimed as among world best
41 Lab reconstruction needs supervision
42 Lab destroyed in accident like fire or explosion
43 Lab work at crucial stage requiring supervision
44 Lab being shared with angry rival
45 Lab specimen opens exiting research
46 Lab test subject escaped
47 Lab accident hints at new project
48 Lab experiment yields amazing results that need study
49 Lab assistant destroys research project
50 Lab tech requires urgent overhaul
51 Invited guest lecturer at prestigious school
52 Invited to speak at conference
53 Invited to chair academic panel
54 Invited to teaching position with tenure
55 Invited join evil science brotherhood 
56 Invited to join a super villains research team
57 Invited to join think tank
58 Invited to edit important journal 
59 Won a famous prize for work with endowment
60 Invited to present or appear on television program
61 Experiment results in new hypothesis or prototype
62 Experiment attracts attention of government agents
63 Experiment attracts interest of greedy investors
64 Experiment kills someone by accident
65 Experiment creates a rampaging monster
66 Experiment attracts interest from science villain
67 Experiment attracts jealousy and sabotage from peers
68 Experiment accidently creates something wrong but interesting
69 Experiment attracts interest of aliens or things from beyond 
70 Experiment gone wrong provides origin for superhuman
71 Enemy agents try to steal research or invention
72 Secret society try to steal research or invention
73 Rival scientists or corporation tries sabotage
74 Activist protesters attempt sabotage or leak secrets
75 Science villain or secret societies kidnapping project staff
76 Spies infiltrate experiment from many agencies
77 Security scare has lab on lockdown and staff debriefings
78 Secrets or prototype stolen and for sale on black science market
79 Hacker spying on computer network
80 Agent caused accident during theft, triggering origin event for superhuman or monster
81 Supervillain rampage damages work
82 Supervillain demanded research using blackmails
83 Superhuman fight seen on project site but no answers
84 Villain's goons try enter project but stopped
85 Superhuman crackpot demands research cease
86 Superhuman claims research wronged them and tries sabotage
87 Superhuman murdering project staff
88 Superhuman offers to assist the project
89 Superhero battles a mysterious secret society near project
90 Superhumans battling on project site
91 Superhuman from alternate timeline visits
92 Time travellers meddling in project
93 Some strange phenomena is scaring staff
94 Meddling kids try and stop experiment
95 Corporation, syndicate, gov agency or rivals try hosltile takeover of project 
96 Mysterious death near lab
97 A strange gateway opening or closing in area
98 Beings from alternate universe visit project
99 Beings from deep space visit project 
100 Elder entities slowly leaking into our continuum from experiment