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Grime & Glory Edition of my homebrew in the works

this art by my robo-art-robber-app will be my next game character

my current game is Lv14 so prepping for the next overhaul of the system

1 gain +1 attribute point per level
It is more fun, and makes every level cooler
i have managed to have people have low stats fine - this means when you're beating up the kobold god in a portal at 20th level you have at least one demigod-like attribute

also changing the stat bonus table so all in blocks of 3 which makes high stats slightly worse off but is less arbitrary number ranges 9-12 + 0 13-15 +1 16-18 +2 etc. Makes high stats from monsters and demigods more manageable and maths easier and more consistent and offsets slightly the stat per level thing. I like the BX era ranges but the later version i disliked for some dumb old man reason.

2 Halfling Revision
I'd like to change up halflings to represent any small sneaky species without spells. If you want a more magical small person use a gnome. Will be a kit to make goblins, house trolls, or any animal folk with -ling as a suffix. Like ratling, calling, dogling, frogling, newtling, also shroomlings and bushings. Reconceptualise them anyway. 

So to compete in the woke arms race what if I renamed Halfling? what sounds possible? a few thoughts before i start my next gamebook draft

Also, I want it to be re-skinnable into a variety of small sneaky tough people like small animal people or goblins or barn trolls

Gamin is one option - origin implies thieving and is used to refer to street urchins, mischievous, thieving, small person or child, sneaky (has a male bias, unfortunately, but word origin not so much)

Hauflin is just a Scottish term for a tween rural youth which I like

Wee folk or small seems a bit twee and like they are urinal sprites or something

I like a squat but maybe that has issues and maybe 40k drama and a bit mean
Runt i like but as a word mongrel in gaming is probably a bit too mean also.
Something not used to be a slur or in a schoolyard by jerks is probably preferable

Mannequin comes from the French word mannequin, which had acquired the meaning "an artist's jointed model", which in turn came from the Flemish word manneken, meaning "little man, figurine" (too gendered? too mean?)
Manneken sort of interesting (Mannakin? Mannaken?)

Gamin and Mannakin kinda my favorite

Reskins/subclasses could include stuff like
Barn and stove trolls or goblins or small orcs

plus any short furries you can conceive
modelling or moleskin
ratling or catkin
frogling or frogkin
duckling or duckkin

I think many of these species would think human terms for them were a bit mean or patronising. So naming your own species is ok and there can be dozens of types of catkin people if you want (make adorable followers). These people probably don't want to be hugged by giant people or held like babies or patronised (or do they? Do they hold up their arms and want to be picked up to steal your earrings). Maybe such people are underdogs facing human oppression and abuse so they are tough and sneaky by necessity. Maybe there could be more halfling berserkers. Or I just accept it as one of those traditions so parts of the game are FRPG standard and I'm overthinking the problem ideas of a short-person class.

In my system, you can change classes even species-based ones. A halfling could become a druid and later a thief if they don't want to max out in halfling stuff or even change their species if they really want to in their heart become an orc so they can marry their sweetheart. 

FRPG species Height
Gnome* 2 foot - magic tough sneaky
Halfling* 3 foot - tough sneaky 
Dwarf* 4 foot - broad muscular tough
Elf* 4-7 foot - scrawny sneaky magic
Humans* 5-6 foot - vary
Abhuman 7-8 foot - muscular tough
Giant 7-27 foot - muscular tough

3 Alignment, Oaths & Religion
All be merged into one system. Added possibility of oaths to gain income. Eventually, a sheet for main alignments, elementals, religions, dragonology and major gods will exist. Maybe a book of oaths and boons of major gods. I have done a few of these and ones for AI gods in my post-apoc setting. Its probably the biggest weirdest element of my basic rules and it might be able to be bolted on other old-school games. I could see a page per alignment or cult happening. A bit more streamlined than dcc or mcc. Income in gold is possible for oaths as well 

4 Tiers of power
Used to measure broad benefits of levels. You might pull above your entitlement which can happen but expect to butt heads with people who don't think you're good enough. I'd like to mechanically use this also but uncertain now. Will use it to class monsters like say dragons and adventures. At the 20th level, you are in danger of apotheosis which can be fatal if it doesn't go right or raise you to divinity. Some adventurers will do things to avoid this like changing class. I've considered some skills available at higher tiers. Magic item tables too set to this. Maybe even in spell descriptions, like spell affects lower tier. 

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d100 Famous city wonders in the age of bronze

 So most cities have a famous attraction and wonder to impress other civilisations and shame lesser cities lacking in wonders. Building one puts your city on the map attracting pilgrims and trade. Just hope tourists don't take over and stay.

Consider a wonder will be something the city is famous for and may be part of its title like Melkathor the dreaming city of the gilded ziggurat. 

I did this to help generate some cities faster for sat game.

d10 Famous city wonders in the age of bronze
1 Defence
2 Temple 
3 Tomb
4 Knowledge 
5 Resources
6 Leisure
7 Reputation
8 Curses
9 Perils
10 Cosmic

d100 Famous city wonders in the age of bronze
01 Vast walls surround the city with massive gates, each with a name and spectacular relief art. Chariots can drive side by side or even race
02 Walls around town but also enclose large areas around the city enclosing fields and strategic choke points vs invaders
03 Famous unbreachable gate dedicated to city gods with spectacular art and shrines built-in, includes a famous professional road for parades and festivals
04 Spectacular tall towers around the city for defence each with a name 
05 City built on an ancient mound raising it above the plane, possibly built on an ancient earthwork fort or just thousands of years of urbanisation 
06 A huge fortified citadel complex inside the walls incorporating various important buildings
07 City located in a secure location like a mountain valley, canyon or in a river bend  
08 Great moat, artificial lakes or ditch surrounds the city limiting access to walls
09 Walls built on vast mounds with a 40-degree slope making it difficult for enemies to reach walls and increasing the height 
10 A colossal statue in a prominent location like a harbour or gates of a patron god, monster or heroic age semi-divine ruler. Some say these constructions can come to life to defend the city but nobody living has seen this. Includes a dedicated temple
11 Mighty Ziggurat complex towering over the city dedicated to the city patron god, a mountainous temple built in an earlier age when wages were lower. Used for important festivals, coronations and other events. Some say the gods visit the temple chamber on the top. The best rulers can now do is repair and maintain this wonder 
12 Complex of several ziggurats often of related gods with the city patron god
13 Huge sacred temple precinct with thousands of clergy, a city within a city
14 Has hundreds of temples and thousands of shrines in the city famous for recognising many gods and eager to build more if they discover a new one
15 District for divination with many specific shrines specialising in varieties of divination including a cave of crack where fumes from the underworld can induce visions or even death. Famous as a place for pilgrims even foreign rulers visit and make donations
16 Huge temples with vast vows of huge pillars and a gigantic statue of divinity, some have various wonderous features like treasures, magical effects 
17 A popular beast cult or beast form of a divinity or pet of a god is popular here and there are temples, shrines and idols everywhere. Examples of the creatures are common in art and sacred ones live in certain temples. If possible locals love these animals and many live in the city area a vast graveyard for these animals has people from many lands sending their dead animals here to be buried 
18 Temple dedicated to a wonderous relic linked to a deity of hero, pilgrims visit and hope to touch or kiss the relic but access is strictly controlled. The relic is used for city ceremonies and has rarely leaves the temple
19 Temple dedicated to the place where a famous mythic event happened or deity or servants made contact with mortals
20 Spectacular temple carved from a single vast rock covered with religious relief art of mythical scenes, a popular place for pilgrims and to take children to teach about the faith. May even be a vast statue with a temple inside
21 Vast necropolis of tombs for all classes, guarded and often haunted by night near city with tunnels and secret passages 
22 A temple of the underworld gods claims to have a gate to the underworld and attracts burials from many lands believing this location makes the journey of the dead less 
23 Enormous mausoleum dedicated to a powerful personality of city history 
24 Pyramid tomb or other vast stone tomb close to city that is so vast it will outlast the city
25 Vast burial catacombs used for thousands of years, some areas have entrances to temples and shrines 
26 Tombs of dozens of ancient rulers, surface ones often looted but many more underground. Often guarded and has active funerary temples. Many visible surface tombs have a shrine chamber for visitor offerings 
27 Huge underground chasm with hundreds of tombs carved into the rock with limited access from a temple and limited access for commoners
28 Hills riddled with cave tombs used for centuries, often sealed with boulders
29 Vast marble tomb of famous beauty with gardens and water features and a temple of caretakers. Interiors are sealed and filled with deadly traps maintained by magic and priesthood
30 Underground maze tomb complex with deadly guardians that devour thieves or criminals cast into it, a great treasure crypt in the centre of famous ancient hero, wizard or king
31 Famous library with scribes, scholars and vart archives
32 Museum of ancient artefacts and objects of previous civilisations and legendary rulers reigns
33 School or academy, a famous place of learning for scribes and spreading literacy
34 Great courthouse of ancient legal records, many court chambers and copies of the old laws handed down by the gods. A great statue of a king or god of law will be a feature
35 Great school of healing arts with famous teachers helping city health
36 School of magic teaching spell casters the art and science of magical theory and lore
37 Seminary for priests and missionaries to spread civilisation and city influence
38 Alchemical school and a factory making potions and magical constructs and magic items 
39 Managerie or zoo for exotic animals and monsters for study and to ogle 
40 Great garden complex with many courtyards, statues, water features and a building for herbalists and plant experts and priests even druids
41 Famous underground cisterns and wells provide the city with water even in a siege
42 Vast granaries for food storage for famine or resisting sieges for years, some may be part of tomb or temple complexes and only accessed in the worst of times
43 Fortified harbour for sea or river trade or linked by canal to river. May have vast chains or gates to keep out enemy marines and boats. Many large docks possibly with buildings for boats to dock inside
44 Lighthouse or beacon tower visible from a vast distance to guide travellers
45 Famous orchards sacred to cults with walls and a temple providing sacred fruit trees and vines
46 Vast famous market with goods from far away lands
47 Aquaduct or canal delivers water and goods to the city and within it
48 Great forge where hundreds of craftsmen work and experiment with new alloys and making the finest arms and armour and attracting famous smiths
49 Famous breweries or wineries with vast warehouses and vats and influence over regional farms
50 Great clay pits for famous pottery and bricks or a quarry of famous stone for sculptures and important buildings
51 Great arena where spectacles of sport or bloody battle and other games are waged with humans and beasts
52 Race track for contests of riding beasts and chariots, often various teams divide the city and losers or even winners sometimes riot
53 Great amphitheatre for performances where famous playrights and actors work
54 Hundreds of impressive stone and bronze statues and industry of artists
55 Famous redlight district of vice where even the temples participate in providing beer and   famous crime guilds have influence over the region
56 A great bathhouse complex with vast luxurious pools for all classes and people with shrines and religious areas for initiations and purification
57 Splendid park with beautiful gardens, water features and courtyards with tame animals, areas for free citizens and nobles only to enjoy
58 Gymnasium complex where locals train and compete in athletics. The locals enjoy physical culture and enjoy exercise more than other cities, with many artworks celebrating athletes
59 Vast feasting halls for regular great celebrations and events, the locals are famous hosts 
60 Perfumed gardens a famous redlight district with temples of love and carefully tended narcotic flowers. From the gardens come famous scented oils and unguents 
61 Warrior spirit of the city full of art depicting war and full of barracks. Civilians are well-trained and support city millitary adventures
62 Famed for first post-diluvian human kings and used as a model of ideas of kingship and justice
63 Famous kings or hero came from here and their image appears in art and rulers evoke this mighty hero often. Kings often visit here as part of their coronation rituals and empire builders crave the city for legitimacy
64 Famed for diplomacy and peace and often hosts peace treaty meetings and negotiates the end of wars. City has defences but other cities will defend this vital neutral meeting place
65 CIty holy and many religions come here as a pilgrimage and cities even send statues of their gods here to meet other gods
66 Famous for welcoming barbarians and settling them in their outlying areas and civilising them Have many barbarian shrines and artworks and vast herds of livestock and a fearsome reputation in war. Often the ruling dynasty changes every 3 generations 
67 Famous for its famous family of gods who are portrayed as a family and attracts many pilgrims of those gods and industries favoured by these gods. Often a leader god and their consort and children
68 Famous for favouring a single god above all others and the things that god prefers. Maybe shrines to other gods and the lead god's servants and family. Followers of that god consider it holy but other religions feel re[pressed and the mono cult to have gone too far  
69 Blessed by earth goddesses and the people, animals and fields are fecund. The city trades excess food and has helped repopulate devastating cities
70 Famous dynasty is descended from a mighty hero or deity and the population include some mighty heroes with a fragment of this ancestors power
71 Bloodthirsty and cruel traditions like mass sacrifices, cruel executions, abused prisoners of war and the gods of this city are portrayed more blood thirsty and hideously fearsome aspects
72 City under the influence of ancient undead wizards from the age of forbidden magic and human rulers live in fear. Conquerors have left this city alone for aeons
73  Remnants of active prehuman religion, either side by side with other modern gods or many hidden cults of the dark gods and demons thrive here
74 Prone to famine and disease every few generations, a punishment of the gods for some act in the past
75 City worships the worst aspects of the gods of death and the underworld and is infamously gloomy and dispairing. The death templars control the population with terror and wage war against the gods of light and life
76 City is conquered every generation and rulers are slaughtered due to angering the gods, peoples poverty increases each generation
77 CIty is slowly sinking into boggy soil or sand and seems to be doomed due to angering the gods, degenerate cults thrive and accelerate this  
78 When the city was built a prehuman city nearby was destroyed and its people were killed. This angered the god of these people who seeks to get revenge. Inhuman ghosts dwell in the ruins and around the city by night making travelling evenings dangerous
79 City is attacked each generation by a titanic behemoth monster that causes great damage and kills thousands of people each time, otherwise, it is hidden and asleep
80 Citizens revolt every generation, butchering their nobles and anyone else they want to dispose of. The crown employs brutal executions and secret police but these don't seem to calm the people down. Many attributes this to a curse of a mighty priest
81 Dungeon complex full of perils and danger where contestants enter to compete for fame and honours. Great treasures are placed within and survivors are showered in gifts
82 Labyrinthe where sacrifices are hurled in to appease the beast within, if they can't find volunteers they use criminals or prisoners of war or 
83 Great caverns beneath the city where creatures occasionally come from. Secret shrines and temples of known gods and strange cults are built here and occasionally vast hordes of cannibalistic humanoids of the deep boil up from here
84 A gate to the underworld here shrouded in poisonous fog and protected by temples, priests exposing themselves to limited fumes have esoteric visions. An ancient hero once passed the fumes and the gate and returned
85 A ruined mound remains of a much older civilisation with various entrances but haunted. May even have some other great structure built on top
86 Catacombs beneath crawling with the dead only used by cults and criminals to move around
87 CIty has temples and shrines and art dedicated to dreams and divination. Some say the city dreams sometimes enter the waking world and vice versa
88 City is full of prehuman idols, shrines and buildings from some non-human species that have remained incorporated into the modern city. Many long sealed chambers, tunnels and relics from this past. Fish folk, reptilians or frog folk common
89 City is close to a vast ancient ruin with a thriving industry that plunders the old city. Gold, idols, artworks, treasure and even bricks and stones can be seen all over the modern city. Many adventurers and grave robbers dwell here
90 CIty full of crime, cults and warren-like streets of gang wars. Non-human shapeshifters have infiltrated the nobility to exploit the people and plunder the city's wealth
91 The city is visited often by many petty gods and immortals and many have shrines
92 A deity has been known to manifest here several times and there are locations pilgrims visit to see the remaining presence of the gods, there are footprints and other miraculous sites 
93 Once the city was mostly destroyed by a fireball from the sky from an angry god
94 city has a significant non-human population and their strange gods or versions of gods are commonplace. One species or several
95 City is dominated by a near human or non human species, humans might be an pressed minority or the ruling clan are nonhuman 
96 The ruler literally meets an avatar of the god yearly in the high temple yearly in a secret chamber for several days as part of a huge famous new year festival
97 CIty has a guargantual monster imprisones, asleep or just remains of in the city that people build on and around or is possibly worshipped or exploited
98 City crawling with wizards, summoned planar entities, buildings and walls of bronze and other evidence of spells in use are commonplace. Some buildings might even levitate or some other wonder
99 Remnants of the prehuman age are imprisoned under the city and exploited by rulers, don't pity them as they once pressed the whole world and blotted out the sun
100 CIty famous for spirits and has thousands of shrines, local shaman, medeums and spiritualists and excorcits are commonplace

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Fragments of Lost Colonies for Space Horror

For my own campaign but could be used for Mothership, Eclipse Phaze, Eldritch Skies or Call of Cthulhu in Space. So the setting in my cobbled together Space themed book is designed for several eras in the hope if one era becomes boring or played out we can have time jumps. So we can start in the system, no FTL with the first generation colony ships using found tech to enter a prehuman gate network and leave Sol. 

The second era is based on a new gen of FTL travel and coms where the new ships from Sol visited colonies with gunboats and scouts to establish a new commonwealth to colonies independent for 200 years. Some of these colonies in isolation had gone a bit odd. So in this campaign, the players would be visiting these colonies with the great news Earth would be back in their lives and was far more advanced. Some colonists were unimpressed and unwilling. Some had modified themselves or become weird cults from isolation. Some had odd influences that were unaccountable and disturbing.

These are brief fragments i sorta lucidly dreamed up while sleeping at night as an alternative to exploring post-apoc zombie ruins. If I was more using Call of Cthulhu system id probably have cultists mess with visiting starships by calling on gods to mess with FTL, sending cultists with space mead riding byakees to assault ships in space and other shenanigans using magic but I would probably save this for much later. Id recommend Men in the Jungle by Norman Spinrad. In this political troublemaker on the run think they can take over a backwards lost planet. In the Call of Cthulhu universe cultists could already be all over the galaxy and those isolated humans you find actually were brought by Mi-Go or star gates on the run from persecution centuries ago without technology.

Fragment 1
This happens over time. I supposed the first contact team left bewildered and some of the crew visited again over decades to see changes over decades. 

Initially, a commonwealth gunship following old gate routes came across an undocumented colony that seemed absent of technology. The crew decided to land and contact the settlement. It was a harsh planet and the humans had worked out how to process local food to be edible and build up resistance to local biology which would make visitors very ill. They had strange architecture with odd trapezoid buildings surrounding a central temple. They observed from orbit and with some drones first until the locals observed them and began wrecking drones. Two entered the temple and stopped signals with no data gained.

Eventually, it was deemed they would try and meet them face to face. The robed settlers growing their alien crops seemed unimpressed and the high priest asked in his strange dialect the visitors to leave and never come back. The ship captain explained not only was that not going to happen but more ships would come to assess the planet for more colonists. It was pretty clear colonists did not want technology, edible food and other benefits. It was observed the cult practised ritual cannibalism as a funeral rite to not waste protein that was difficult to extract from the alien native life. The colonists eventually became hostile and the scout left. 

Decades later a new colony ship arrived. It was deemed the old colony would be left on its own continent and not interfered with so colonists would develop on another land mass. The new colonists were not allowed to contact the old colony exclusion zone. People still puzzle about how the colony got here and speculated they were stranded here deliberately without tech. 

Specialists were sent to contact the old colony which was mostly hostile but eventually allowed an embassy and limited visitors to study them. Curious attempts to analyse the temple complex were unfruitful to technology and a mysterious enigma. Visitors were tolerated in limited numbers for short periods. Unauthorised visitors never came back. Unauthorised drones often disappeared.

Eventually, a visiting anthropologist was accepted and initiated and the colonists seemed interested in expanding their genepool and accepting some modern technology. There was hope the anthropologist would forge a new understanding but once she entered the temple she firmly was now native and uncooperative. Planetary governors kept the old colony isolated and some of the original scout team even visited decades later. More people were accepted into the old colony and continued to keep their secrets. Planetary security was intrigued and some considered breaking up the old colony by force and considered them a risk and their secrets to be a threat. But others hoped the expanded contact was a better way. Ethics AI advisors override the paranoid security factions.

Decades later and the old colonists began making more contact now their population had grown and became more willing to mix. They also actively proselytised and more colonists freely joined them as initiates only to go full cult once inside the temple. In the new colony shrines for the cult and initiates became more common and some even left the planet to visit others.

The original scout survey captain visiting 70 years later said he regretted not pushing harder to probe the cult secrets and found the cult influence disturbing. Having seen the cult on other worlds had made him regret not pushing for more direct action to solve the mysteries of the cult.

Fragment 2
A scoutship arrived to examine a lost colony that seemed to have a major settlement around the wreck of a colony module and a secondary settlement near a cluster of huge artificial earthwork hills. The main colony reported they had some tech but their original autofacs were damaged and they had struggled with greatly reduced tech but they survived and were welcoming. They commented the smaller outpost was an archaeological station set up by an early scientist who wanted to explore the mounds. The outpost seemed to perform and found signs of a past civilisation and even signs other intelligent life had visited. But at some point the outpost had gone silent and hostile and quarantined.

The scoutship commander helped the colonists as best he could and managed to salvage damaged colony module systems before deciding to explore the outpost and mounds.

The scoutship landed a few kilometres away and drones spotted colonists in the battered outpost dome and saw them entering the mound. There was something off how they walked and moved. The scout landed closer to make contact and several robed colonists lumbered towards the scout. The crew hoped for peaceful contact but were disturbed by the stumbling lurching figures. As they approached they saw the almost soapy wet looking flesh of the lumbering walkers. They tried to announce peaceful intentions and the colonists began battering on the door. Initially, they were unconcerned and suspected some kind of mind-altering disease. When a colonist vomited liquid onto the door the crew were shocked and when the AI informed them a molecular acid was burning the hatch and more began vomiting the crew panicked. 

The captain quickly grabbed a weapon from the locker and the crew suited up. She increased the pressure inside the airlock so that when the hatch was breached it exploded scattering the colonists. She opened the door and saw the lumpy creatures stand and move closer ignoring her warnings. She tried the electro stunner setting first to limited effect, just some spasming but they kept coming. Turning up the setting to lethal she tried some warning shots before firing a harmful level of energy at the legs of the closed walker. The crack from exploding steam in the flesh wasn't normal. A chink of white bloodless flesh blasted off without blood. Horrified she turned it to full power and blasted several more into revolting chunks of twitching flesh. She saw up close their mucous-covered facial features didn't seem functional any more. She blasted the walkers near the ship and saw more coming. She watched the quivering gelatinous corpses twitching and went back in the ship and ordered immediate takeoff.

After quarantining themselves and removing traces of biologicals from the ship they returned to the friendly colony which didn't have any explanations. The captain authorised repaired auto factories to make armaments and equipped them with mass-produced firearms, mostly old fashioned careless chem propellant auto rifles, shotguns, grenades and more. There was even a proposal to turn the corrupted flesh of the outpost dwellers into napalm to burn out the rest.

With help, they repaired acid damage to the ship and with some colonists tried to Observe the outpost. They tested the new weapons and found bullets didn't do much but shotguns and burst weapons had more effect than any single round. Samples collected of outpost dwellers flesh revealed some alien life form had completely rebuilt their bodies into these shambling horrors. Feeling the colony was in better shape and a 6 crew scout was not qualified to deal with this they sent a subspace call for maines and science corp backup. One crewman volunteered to stay and the scout continued its exploration route.  

What Next
No easy answers to this stuff and you can do as you please with them. Players might suggest nuking these anomalies from orbit but ship AI will recommend against this and prefer to solve the scientific mysteries. They cite science and ethics but also consider a larger security threat to all humankind requires investigation. More and more weird lost colonies paint a picture of a grim universe of hostile secrets and the AI would rather quarantine and study these locations to paint a larger picture of the horrors of space that threaten to snuff out humanity.

Currently still writing T2 gen smartsuits and a d100 bronze age city wonders

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d100 Magic Guild Demands

So wizards also carve out domains, many like them in wilds and far from anyone to live with just a few servants and squads of orcs. Others like the city around the university and magi guilds. Some live like knights and incorporate an estate with a village & land and resources but include the obligations of warrior nobility. If you roll a task not quite suited to your wizard feel free to reroll entries or a whole type of demands. Your followers and students can often help.

As part of polite legal wizardry, you are usually a member of a guild. As you will have followers and students the guild operates schools and universities and participates in academic life. This includes conferences, being made to teach (a great honour and fame enhancing) or sharing research and experiments for peer review. There may be rival guilds of every element with their own history and founding masters. Still, often these will form an alliance and start a shared library or institution to form a mega guild - a force to be reckoned with that may even own cities or town councils. 

Many outsider wizards even if independent will act like a guild structure for students and followers and share spells. They may still trade with a guild and abide by some of its mandates to avoid conflict and to be left alone. Guild students might even be sent to these wizards if they can't pay reasonable tuition fees or to get rid of them.

I may need to do a table like this to cover dungeon bosses and wild warlords, This would be better for all sorts of adventurers beyond the frontier and not part of their class roles in polite society. Like for powerful rich murder hobos.

d10 Magi guild demand types
1 Money
2 Students
3 Research
4 Property
5 Crown 
6 Academia
7 Guild
 The mob
10 Planar

d100 Magi Guild Demands
01 Guild demands your support in gathering material components of spells
02 Guild requests you shake down a frontier wizard for guild fees
03 Guild asks for help locating a regular supply of a spell component
04 Guild offered to place a statue of you in the university for 10000gp
05 Guild offer to make your student book a standard text for only 10000gp 
06 A school of wizards akin to your school require cash to thrive vs rival schools
07 Guild offer you some expensive magic items they think you are worthy and rich enough to wield
08 Wizards guild seeds gems urgently, generous backers will receive a new spell 
09 Offered a job as an advisor for the crown or a noble, a few thousand should help your application
10 Offer to sit on a certain committee for the guild or school 10000gp 
 A dozen zero-level students are sent to you to train in your ways
 A guild sage is sent to copy some of your records and library for the university
 Library requests a donation of cash or books, you also get to attend a VIP dinner
14 Your students are having a fued and might form factions without intervention
15 One of your students is dabbling in some other magic in secret
16 One of your students sold some proprietary spells in an unauthorised spell-sharing deal
17 One of your students has been teaching commoners for money on the side outside guild control
18 Sent a posh student for a year related to nobility, they expect superior treatment and one on one teaching time from you
19 Some of your students have become drunken rakes, getting into fights, flaunting their otherworldly cantrip powers and having wild parties. Other wizards mutter about your students being undisciplined jerks
20 One of your students has a former vindictive master who bares a grudge against you and demands the student or compensation (perhaps some spells)
21 A wagon load of ancient texts has been sent for you to translate for researching your next spells
22 The scrawls on an ancient haunted cavern are required to decipher a puzzle in a research project for your next spell
23 Have a lead on a d4 alchemical 
formula for potions you need to spend a d4 week to gain
24 Have 
a lead on a d4 alchemical formula for a magic item you need to spend a d4 week to gain
25 Need to visit a distant library and recover a text long lost in local sources
26 Need to raid the library of a cult to find important information for your next spell
27 Need to spend d4 weeks in an observatory studying the stars for your next new spells
Need to spend d4 weeks in an alchemical laboratory for your next new spells 
29 Obtain student books of your rivals to get new cantrips for your school
30 Ancient script on the walls of a ruined temple are required for your next spell research project
31 Your building requires some repairs and maintenance
32 Gawkers and unwanted visitors and animals require a wall and possibly a gatehouse
33 Magical research is altering the landscape and causing minor mutations in small critters, if not cleaned up eventually may contaminate local water and expand to bigger animals and people
34 Your building attracts unusual weather d4 1=mist 2=lightning 3=rain 4=cold
35 You find a work of art or object is actually a transpacial portal to a pocket reality from magical field activity
36 One of your buildings seems haunted by d4 1=spirit 2=imp offering cheaper tuition at the black university of hell 3=fairy creature in animal form 4=diminuitive common house troll
37 Giant rats trying to infest your property ate magically contaminated food
38 Some neighbour makes a complaint in court about d4 d4 1=black rites of evil 2=mutagenic pollutants in runoff water 4=some mutant creature based on your land you keep secret
39 Neighbors complain about funny lights and noises scoring their children and livestock
40 Students and followers demand better living conditions
41 Local lord demand you pay them tax when you already have an arrangement thanks
 Local lord considers you to be on land they want and tries to cause legal problems and slander
43 Local lord requests you make than a magic item and will be enraged if you will not
44 Local lord consults you for advice at least monthly, time wasting but also an opportunity for influence
45 Local lord offers you a d4 talented bastards to be students in your school as a favour
46 A knight accuses you of a crime and wants to fight you or one of your followers, if you don't kill them the family might be grateful
47 Knight on a quest seeks your advice from you and your library for a month
48 Local nobles request you put on a magic show at an important feast please on a certain date
49 A noble wants you to identify a bunch of magic items as a favour 
50 A noble needs your help solving the puzzle of a magical treasure map
51 Asked to speak at a wizard conference
52 Asked to host a committee of wizards in your estate for a week
53 Asked to submit papers to a scholarly journal publication
54 A librarian wants to swap information and suggests each send the other a scribe to copy the other library
A new chancellor will be appointed with good pay and you are a contender, bribery, threats and duels with rivals help your position. You might need to stop some jerk from getting power even if you don't want it
56 You have been requested to teach a graduate course for a semester at a school or university and you get an office
57 Have a d4 guest lectures to give undergraduates over the semester
A wizard has refuted one of your papers but you can duel them rather than bother writing a new paper
59 Students of a rival wizard want to defect to you as their master is a vindictive psychopath. The 2d4 students have injuries and d2 have mutations
60 Tenureship teaching position at the university comes up and wizards are battling in an arena for the top job
61 A student damages a few thousand gold value of your laboratory equipment oops
62 A guild wizard offers you highly paid work making magic items for the crown
63 A guild wizard tells you a formula of a certain portion if you make them some
Young wizards are up to no good pranks with the old guild masters and the guild thinks you can solve the shenanigans at a school and punish the guilty 
65 A wizard you know has been kicked out of the guild for their bad behaviour and they visit you to complain and possibly get your support. They just need more evidence from some god-awful location like the sewers of hell
66 Students pelted a guest guild lecturer with rocks for their poor rhyming verse in a mathematics lecture, you have a lecture with the same crowd coming soon
67 You have to test a number of 4th-level wizards to see if they are qualified guild journeyman status and then advance to having their own students. Bad wizards hurt the school so don't just accept their bribes
68 Mark exam papers for a school, far away so you are supposed to be objective
69 Called to guild for a panel of experts to assess a relic, book or strange corpse
70 Called on to help revise the filing system for part of the guild library, very tedious but might find some spell fragments
71 Require a new craftsman specialist for a domain, hire one or get a follower to learn
72 Famous smith requires help making a fine object magic
73 Require expert craftsman assistance and need to find one
74 Guild requests you help make some minor magic items for the crown
75 Require a rare ingredient or creature to complete a project
76 Require a rare magical metal for a project
77 Follower discovered part of a legendary artefact that could be found and rebuilt or somebody will want the part
78 Several everyday objects in the wizard's tower come to life and will take some training to behave 
79 An apprentice error discovers a new potion formula requiring documentation
80 Non-humans wish to swap a spell or some formula
81 Angry mob of locals believe wizard has somehow cursed their crops or livestock
82 Mob blame wizard for local mutants and want it to stop
83 Faction of local zealots call the Inquisition to investigate the wizard for demonology
84 Cult is spreading slander and leaving also clues of your involvement in their crimes
85 Rival wizard sent bards to slander the wizard and mock their administration skills and safety
86 Mob believe there is a Hellgate or a portal to the black library of hell in your property
87 Mob believe your wizardry is upsetting faerie folk of the wilderness and increasing their pranks and tricks
88 Mob blame the appearance of a monster or band of mutants on the wizards
89 Mob believe wizard create an army of orcs or abhumans to make commoners obsolete 
90 A enemy nation has sent agents to slander you and your domain to commoners and the court
91 Take some students on a brief trip to an elemental plane
92 Open a portal and plunder a transpacial tomb hidden in a painting
93 Help locate an escaped planar being summoned by a cult that the mob will blame on the guild if not caught
94 Negotiate with beings on another plane for a guild to make a series of new summoning spells
95 Negotiate with non-human species in the underland realms for lost magic
96 Bring some elemental beings to inhabit our world to study
97 Open and explore an ancient gate discovered by the guild 
98 A dangerous cult has been opening a portal and releasing monsters in your area
99 An elemental node has been discovered with elemental creatures guarding it and the guild wants to control it
100 A wizards tomb on another plane has been discovered and the guild wants an expert to investigate

coming soon
d100 famous city wonders in the age of bronze

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d100 Demands of the Temple


High-level priests don't just get to run a nice big church or monumental structure they get a territory like a knight or a crime boss. They have obligations, problems and things to deal with in their religious domain. Does their domain accord with landed noble's maps or have their own system. Do you have one or lots of nobles to deal with? Churches may have their own courts, schools, prisons, hospitals, libraries, orphanages, etc. Many obscure branches of the big churches and pantheons may exist and be as weird as smaller secret cults. 

Also at higher levels followers are less handy meatshields but now trouble solvers you could point to these problems leaving you free to adventure. Followers that do a good job with some risk or challenge might go up levels without being on an adventure. You can try and solve problems in ways not intended if you don't really want to be a jerk.

d10 Command Types
1 Prostletising
2 Pilgrimage
3 Mission
4 Construction
6 Scholarly pursuits
7 Heretics
Holy war
9 Epic Quests
10 Miraculous Deeds

d100 Demands of the Temple 
01 Send preachers to distant unexplored lands to spread the faith
02 Help spread the faith to commoners and the poor
03 Help convert nobility to the righteous faith
04 Help merchant families and clans to spread the faith on trade routes
05 Help convert soldiers, militia and serving millitary 
06 Perform holy miracles to recruit them to the faithful
07 Convert crafters or a specific occupation to  
08 Help keep public preachers
09 Help prison inmates and criminals to reform and convert them
10 Convert non-humans 
11 Send pilgrims to fetch holy documents (perhaps copy them)
12 Document sites of saintly miracles
13 Travel to a distant church with relics
14 Make safe stops for pilgrims on the pilgrim trail to increase the use
15 Restore a forgotten pilgrim trail
16 A pilgrim route needs a bridge or a tunnel to make safer
17 A bandit gang are preying on local pilgrims
18 Pilgrims are requiring escorts as a monster seen 
19 A group of pilgrims has vanished on the way to a shrine
20 Upgrade an old shrine to bring in new pilgrims
21 A plague-ridden area needs a healer's mission
22 A hospital or healer shrine is required by the poor to cement their loyalty
23 Build a mission school for the illiterate peoples of your domain to civilised them
24 Build a frontier shrine with a smithy and traders beyond the frontier to reach the wilds
25 Establish a shrine to attract missionary workers to area
26 Establish a mission to aid spread new dogma d4 1=warning against cults 2=correct popular heretical alignment idea 3=help public health education 4=teach the new easier to learn catechisms
27 Start a mission to aid commoner settlements with home improvements and houses for homeless
28 Establish a mission for an orphanage or a workhouse for the poor to provide food, clothes and shelter
29 Establish a mission to aid the elderly possibly of a trade special to the religion, often requiring help or housing or protection
30 Build a mission to help settlers and encourage them to favour the church and build a shrine or temple eventually 
31 A new shrine or a replacement shrine are required
32 A church needs repairs d4 1=roof 2=wall 3=graveyard 4=priests dwelling
33 Support of labour, food, materials and money are required for a new cathedral or monument in a city which will become famous 
34 Build a new statue or monument in a prominent place to inspire the faithful
35 Help templars build a religious fortress in the region 
36 Help a monastery expand its walls and increase in size or industry
37 Build an improved road to a religious site, which might require a toll to maintain
38 Build an office for church special agents d4 1=inquisitor 2=excorcist 3=church tithe collector 4=shrine of monk church agents
39 Help build a school and library possibly a scriptorium for scribes to copy more books
40 Improve defences of a church property possibly on the borderlands or bandits
41 Diplomatic mission to an allied religion to cut some territorial deals
42 Visit a ruler or noble and convince them to adopt yours as the official religion
43 Send diplomats to a foreign land to meet new people for possible other missions
44 Send a diplomat to court and keep an eye out for enemy religion or cult influences
45 Contact a wild people beyond the frontier and convince them of the benefits of our faith
46 Act as a delegate to a council of religions and give a presentation to make church look superior
47 Compete with other churches as delegates to a ruler for special favours
48 Cooperate with a previous unfriendly faith vs a worse deplorable foe and perhaps build future peace 
49 Send a diplomat to visit a distant mythical sage on the edge of the world
50 Make a deal with a rival religion to both expand into a frontier region cooperatively 
51 Translate an ancient holy text and have it copied in the modern dialect
52 Help support work of monks and scholars copying holy books
53 Argue with a rival scholar on interpreting holy books in the modern era in front of a church council
54 Fight a rival priest for who is right in a debate over ethics
55 Recover fragments of a work scattered in several libraries
56 Obtain holy texts from an unreasonable collector who can't appreciate them like the faithful
57 Judge various local bardic works and record them, look for signs of heresy or anything that should be forbidden as some might be cultists or heretics
58 A scholar priest has developed a new heresy and has fled into the wilderness with followers, this schism and its ideas must be silenced for the sake of unity
59 A preacher has been recruiting people to heresy using outmoded forbidden scripture translations and must be stopped
60 Appoint scholars to examine local new priest transcripts for church orthodoxies
61 Villagers in isolated area had a heretic priest and require a new priest and up to date doctrine
62 Town is rife with deluded heretics who have formed a new cult that must be crushed
63 A secret faction of the church has been indulging in heretical doctrines and banned scriptures and need to be brought into line with the church body
64 The church requires you to visit an old mentor and evaluate them for heretical ideas
65 Required to help a priest who is convinced secret cults are engaged in conflict in their settlement
66 Heretics escaped into the wilderness and need to be tracked down and corrected
67 A heretic priest has been placed in your care for you to reform
68 A village has had a priest murdered by cultists and requires urgent replacements
69 A heretical book has been reported in your area and cannot be located by divination possibly in the hands of a cult 
70 A monastery reports a sect of a cult have infiltrated them and need help
71 A distal holy place is in the hands of enemies and nations are sending troops and support to save it 
72 A frontier people have attacked our holy places and preachers and must be stopped
73 A heretical templar fort needs to be crushed 
74 A foreign land with enemy gods has been discovered and must be saved from itself
75 A foreign land has been discovered with your faith but pressed by enemies and needs help
76 A heretical army has risen to tear followers from the church by conquest
77 The Inquisition are sure that a small local harmless religion needs to be wiped out and your intervention might save them
78 Church leaders blame a frontier humanoid race for the destruction of pilgrims and priests requiring their destruction
79 Another religion has offended you and both sides have agreed to a battle to show the common folk which is the one true faith
80 An independent frontier settlement has had another religion push in and kill your priests and took your church, a force is required to correct this
81 An important priest who went into the frontier has not returned
82 A holy weapon is rumoured to be in a great tomb complex on the frontier
83 A prophecy uncovered needs investigation in a long-lost holy place
84 A fragment of a holy relic is said to be in a dread place sunned by lesser priests
85 A vast monster mentioned in a holy text has been discovered in a faraway land
86 An ancient temple has found a secret deeper level and requires help exploring
87 A fallen hero in the wasteland had several magic items the church want back and the corpse if possible
88 The location of a long-lost ancient temple has been located on the map and the church requires relics and lost texts
89 A star has fallen from heaven and your god requires it be brought to a safe place
90 A Hellgate has been opened by a cult in the area and needs to be shut
91 A traveller has been performing miracles and many of your faithful seem impressed, the church requires someone to examine this possible heretic
92 A petty god mentioned in holy books has been seen in a distant place and it would be important to record their eyewitness account from mythology
93 The church has opened a portal for you to fetch something from the overworld
94 Your deity has sent you a sign to visit a shrine at the end of the world
95 The church requires you to slay the heretic leader of a cult that has grown into a dangerous warband on the frontier hoping to start the apocalypse
96 Locate a dying or dead hero, restore them with holy magic then make them swear to perform a deed for the church
97 Save a noble and secure their allegiance and inheritance for the church, their family might want to kill you or get the noble to change. Even the crown might object to your church gaining more tax-free land
98 Consult on interpreting holy text  with a supernatural servant of your deity in a difficult to reach location
99 Holy fresco paintings found in a cathedral depict a future date with you fighting a demon in a location that sends you
100 Your deity needs your body for a while to enter your world to do something and the church is awfully impressed

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d100 Demands of the Crime Guild

So as high-level fighters become nobles and get to meet kings and stuff thieves gangs increasingly grow. A gang might start with a few followers in a city block and grow to include whole towns or even cities. As you scale up you become in competition with new bigger gangs. Bigger gangs might include multiple settlements and will have vassal gangs who pay them to exist. There should be kingdom-wide gangs or alliances and even international ones. Quite possibly a guild might become a legal authority or a spy agency or even secret police. These tables are nasty crimes not fun crimes so you might need to find creative ways of resolving these if your a fun swashbuckling criminal. Maybe with some help from a wizard. Its ok to kill off a cult for wanting to buy sacrificial victims. Its ok to defy orders and deal with the situation or who tried to make you do nasty stuff.

These are odd jobs some higher-up or ally needs from your high-level gang leader or guild leader. They might also be presented to the boss by their main advisors and followers. If your adventurer crime lord is a good guy they might have to come up with nicer solutions to the mission and that is fine. Powerful gangs have to balance the fact they must prey on their own kind so they learn to live with it but not so much everyone unites to destroy crime.

As a thief rises in levels it also improves their street cred from a single block or street gang all the way to the inner circle of a crime family. Lawful gangs are more hierarchical often with families, chaotic are more fluid and change more. Lawful gangs like the state and want to use its apparatus preferring the status quo. Chaotics are like when the system fails and breaks under pressure and change. Evil gangs are more malicious, neutral gangs are more interested in survival and self-interest, and good gangs usually are trying to help and are less concerned with violence and profit

d12 Typical Crime Organisation Types by Alignment
1 Chaotic Evil bullies favour armed robbery, banditry and vice. Such gangs often burn out with street violence or uniting everyone to finish them off. Leave no witnesses and spread terror
2 Evil malicious, sadistic thugs favour assassination, kidnapping, slavery and extortion. Hated and feared by everyone but occasionally employed for those skills
3 Lawful Evil favours secret influence, bribes, corruption, blackmail, ransom, gambling and moneylending. Like to have influence over trade, business and nobility. Prefers debtors to slavery and operates black markets
4 Chaotic Good revolutionaries redistribute wealth from rich to poor and reject the crown, crimes that harm the elites often banditry or luxury goods, or returning stolen produce of the poor. Destabilising the state to replace it is a long-term goal to establish a new system or ruler but these details are a bit fuzzy
5 Good operates as a secret aid organisation helping the downtrodden and persecuted perhaps even aiding non-humans or outlawed cults, they steal and commit crimes to aid their desperate cause and avoid being noticed or harmed, preferring to rob those responsible for harming their cause. See themselves as above other criminal motives
6 Lawful Good are cult-like and rejects the current system, imposing its own more severe code, necessity sometimes dictates secrecy, law-breaking or violence for the cause
7 Chaos are high-risk ungovernable favouring illegal gambling, fraud, coin clipping, numbers rackets, and rigging sports results. Destabilising the state helps their methodology. Tolerate mutants and many outcastes
8 Balance seeks to moderate strong influences of excessive law or chaos. By methodically performing their crimes to sustainably profit and many operate as crooked merchants who skim wealth but not enough to notice. Will engineer markets and shortages one day and the next will report rival guild secrets to the state 
9 Law is a rigid cult-like secret society whose purpose is to root out corruption, incompetent officials and threats to the state that the current rulers don't see. Criminal actions are always dedicated to harming their enemies or chaotic influences they don't approve of. They obey a more perfect order than grubby flawed humans can impose so will commit crimes of necessity more than greed. They may seek power and influence but as a means to an end not its own sake or pleasure or self-interest. The money taken from enemies is for the cause, not the self
10 Neutral really just wants money to avoid getting caught or noticed and prefers smuggling, burglary and pickpockets. Many base members are beggars and street urchins who can act as informants. In some ways, they are one of the most common types but cashed-up members tend to move to another type 
11 Mix two different results from above roll a d10 
12 Mix three different results from above roll a d10

11 and 12 may represent different major factions and if factions to different they need a reason to cooperate

d20 Other 
Crime Organisation Features
1 Reputation with the people d2 1=feared and shunned 2=reveared and helped
Some members are influenced by a dangerous cult
3 Have links to an institution d4 1=merchant clan 2=noble family 3=temple 4=school
4 Have a secret smuggling route for gang secret projects
5 Owns and influences many legitimate businesses 
6 Have international trade connections and allies 
7 Have a vast network of spies and informants among commoners and servants
8 Employ secretive feared assassins with a famous calling card
9 Employs network of bards for influence and information
10 Employ alchemists for guns, drugs, booze, bombs, potions and poison
11 Many are members of a recognised religion that helps thwart enemy divine divination by meeting and plotting in shrines and making crimes the business of their god 
12 Works with outlaw wizards and magicians
13 Gang members have oaths of obedience to some 
supernatural entity and have unusual boons including abilities and items
14 A spirit aids the gang d4 1=protects stash of loot 2=haunts house entry to hideout 3=poltergiests protect hideouts 4=spectral guardian of secret doors
15 A petty godling has an interest in the gang and keeps tabs on them
16 Some gang members are not really human d4 1=doppelgangers 2=changelings 3=outer planar being 4=undead (ghoul graverobbers?)
17 Friendly with some species of animal or monster useful as a guard or pet
18 Friendly with some humanoid species d4 1=goblinoids 2=abhuman beast folk 3=orcs 4=demihuman (d4 1=elf 2=gnome 3=dwarf 4=
19 Has agents and allies in the Underland and know secret passages to the deep
20 Has allies in a secretive aquatic species who help you move goods across water unseen

d10 Commands Types
1 Expand operation
2 Black markets
3 Extortion
4 Law & order
5 Gang Factions 
6 Cult conflicts 
7 Diplomacy
8 Gang war
Comunity values
10 Incredible heist

d100 Commands of the Crime Guild
01 Absorb a weaker crime gang d4 1=beggers 2=burglars 3=bandits 4=thugs
02 Train a bunch of orphans to be future gang members and give them jobs
03 Kill or recruit a youth gang of street thugs or rural bandits
04 Eliminate a rival gang leader then seize their operation
05 Expand a gang chapter into a new settlement
06 Develop a new way of fleecing the rich or take over some amateur racket doing that
07 Take over local markets for d4 1=assasins 2=
08 Infiltrate or pay of civic officials of d4 1=town hall 2=prison 3=millitary 4=judge
09 Keep out a foreign crime organisation attempting to move in
10 Increase extortion revenue or threaten a new industry
11 Establish a new black marketplace and supply the muscle
12 Establish a criminal craft shop d4 1=forger 2=jewler 3=painter 4=locksmith
13 Develop a smuggling route for tax-free criminal goods 
14 Establish a front for stolen goods d4 1=pawn shop 2=scrap dealer 3=general store 4=used livestock dealership 
15 Recruit slavers for kidnapping hostages and selling people who owe you
16 Establish an exotic alchemical expert on one of these fields d4 1=gunpoweder 2=potions 3=poison 5=incendiaries
17 Bribe a civic official to work with a development scheme of the settlement
18 Get more drug pushers on the street to compete with foreign black lotus gangs 
19 Hold a fabulous feast to get the commoners on the side
20 Create a fabulous event for elites like a party or ball to get access to upper society 
21 Kidnap a person and blackmail their loved ones for money or influence
22 Kidnap a bard who keeps blabbing, a few years should silence them
23 Kill a number of gang rivals as a threat to organisations questioning you
24 Shakedown new merchants for money for protection
25 Try and entrap officials with vice then blackmail them
26 Use your gang sign graffiti all over your territory to spread terror 
27 Torture and kill someone who wronged your organisation and leave them in public
28 Blackmail a wizard into aiding the gang with magic items
29 Launch an attack on a non-affiliated gang and demand they join you
30 Capture the family of a retired gangster to make them join you
31 Kill a nosey watchman who refuses bribes
32 Kill the leader of the taxman's guards
33 Try to blackmail or influence a troublesome bailiff serving a judge
34 Place agents in the militia so that eventually they belong to you
35 Deliver beatings to various nightwatchmen off duty to show they could kill them
36 Stop a church orphanage from recruiting from our child gangs
37 Kill a priest who is to act as a witness in a court case using forensic divination
38 Kill an outspoken merchant complaining about local crime publicly to officials
39 Try to influence nobility or their bastard offspring with debt or vice
40 Eliminate a sheriff and their deputies for being too efficient and dedicated, try and help incompetent or corrupt replace them
41 A faction of your gang plot against you
42 Factions within your gang are feuding which might be a problem or useful
43 Several key followers have had a feud and are developing rival factions that need to be stopped
44 Some rival gangs have been giving stuff to some of your followers
45 One of your followers has been kidnapped by a rival faction
46 Some of your followers still loyal are also members of a cult
47 Some non-humans are interested in joining your gang as a new separate faction
48 You have reason to believe a secret policeman has joined your gang at some point and are feeding information to the crown
49 A faction of your gang has become rich and living like flashy jerks in public and lording it over working criminal classes
50 A faction of your gang complaining about loyalty and efficiency of another faction
51 A cult wants to help to steal corpses and to sell grave goods so cut a deal
52 Cultists will pay regularly for sacrificial victims for their VIP rituals
53 Cultists murdering people and some who belong to you
54 Cult becoming popular in criminal classes - eliminate or support it?
55 A murder cult offer to kill for your organisation
56 A rat cult-based gang are spreading influence and vermin and plague
57 A ghoul-based cult are scaring off grave robbers and criminals from using graveyards by night
58 A cult are stealing corpses for an undead sweatshop and even murdered a few extra people to get more bodies
59 A hidden vice club has become under the influence of a demon sex cult
60 Uncover a cult of well-off townsfolk you could blackmail or report for reward
61 Arrange a gang meeting and try to cut a prosperous new deal and truce
62 Cut a good drug deal with the mysterious black lotus nation from over the sea
63 Someone killed a member of your gang and performed speak with dead on the corpse, a necromancy cult is cutting in on your operation
64 Unite with another gang so both can destroy a gang or cult a threat to both
65 Meet with a pirate leader to spread your gang to the waterways
66 Foreign agents wish to pay you for services and want to meet you urgently 
67 Foreign gang wish to cooperate with you for a profit
68 Secret meeting with agent of the crown who will offer concessions or release prisoners if you perform a favour 
69 Meet an agent of the underland kingdoms of the deep for trade
70 Humanoid species are sneaking into urban areas to steal what rightfully is the guild and stirring up the watch. Meet them and discuss business and territory or eliminate them. They might come from the Underland
71 A rival gang burns down a building under your protection
72 A rival gang has started killing your gun members
73 A youth gang have been trying to extort shopkeepers who pay you protection
74 Rivals have a pet town councilman to  
75 Rival gang use corrupt officials to trouble your organisation
76 Rival gang want to redefine borders
77 Rival gang want a peace treaty
78 Rival gangs want to meet to talk about dealing with the law, possibly a grab for power
79 Rural bandits have been visiting the city and doing crime in your turf then fleeing
80 You catch a faction of a neutral or friendly crime guild trying to fake evidence to start a war with another guild or the law in some plot
81 Give lots of money and food to the poor to buy commoner favour vs the law
82 Put on a spectacle feast or festival or games event
83 Cooperate with local gangs to aid the population dealing with some community drama d4 1=monsters 2=plague 3=inquisitors 4=foreign gang
84 Make a donation to the church and make a big show to the mob
85 Open a soup kitchen for the poor and use it as a fence organisation and place to recruit from
86 Pay off or bribe or silence some witnesses who are about to give a legal testament
87 A judge in pay of a rival cartel needs to be eliminated but you can't get the blame or you'll get the wrong fame from the public
88 Give hams to all the local widows for popular support or some similar scheme
89 Help war veterans and recruit the best as goons for gang uses
90 Help fund an orphanage so you can find future gang members and people grateful to your mob and stop orphanages from snatching your youngest members
91 Noble has a fancy new jewel and various criminals all desire it
92 A shipload of drugs belonging to the black lotus guild has been identified, would be a shame if something happened to it
93 A growing new cult has a fabled jewel in their shrine guarded by a monster
94 A powerful wizard has made a magic item and claims it cannot be stolen from his tower
95 In the crown clan family castle there is a vault with the previous set of royal regalia and a crown in the old style but still worth a fortune
96 A evil miser died and has took all their wealth with them to the grave while commoners starve, perhaps this injustice could be corrected
97 A mountaintop dragon lair has been attributed as the location of a lost relic the church would pay a huge ransom for
98 A petty god got drunk and blabbed about a magic item they buried under the city in a trap-filled death maze
99 The church have contacted crime guild heads and wants someone to recover an item through a portal to another plane and offer a huge amount of church credit in spells 
100 A powerful wizard needs a gang of master thieves to aid him in stealing another wizards spell book because he wont share