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d100 Villain Escapes for Marvel

Going punisher is considered by a few players occasionally when villains escape constantly. Villains in Marvel can spend karma to escape stuff effectively (more so in yellow box than blue advanced ed). Mysterious ambiguous deaths would cost heroes karma so that's another reason to do it for the villain. Heck if decommissioning a old base i could capture a hero, tell them my dated plans already over then leave them in a lame death trap then let them escape/get rescued and destroy the base full of goons with unpaid wages to get extra karma. Win win situation. Could be a possible use for alternatives to killing players too in tpk situations. A villain might change a bit or learn a new skill or get a relic for their next plan. Lots of these things are a problem or adventure for the villain but could lead to lots of things. Might just be something they explain happened to them next you meet. A d100 Mysterious Deaths or d100 or Mysterious Resurrections might be a goer.

Typically a villain does one of these things to avoid capture1 Jump into a open air nuclear furnace or gateway in doomsday device

2 Caught in a explosion, fire or flash flood leaving no remains
3 Swallowed up by the earth during a quake or buried in rubble
4 Jump off cliff into a raging river, volcano or explosion
5 Crash in a vehicle or base explodes

d100 Villain Escapes for Marvel
01 Really was just a experimental clone all along
02 Really was swapped with android or robot duplicate 
03 Was a hologram or illusion
04 Was a human trained impersonator or agent
05 Sntched by tentacled horror through a gateway
06 Supernatural being carries away villain like a angel, spirit or demon
07 Sucked into a inhuman mouth through a gateway
08 Taken to another plane by dimensional being 
09 Shrunk down to microverse where civilization wants them
10 Alien warlord teleports them away to be a space gladiator

11 Sucked to a demonic pocket dimension or hell
12 Taken to the nightmare realm to be tormented by dreamlord

13 Taken to a hidden utopian civilization with a secret by portal
14 Taken to a secret society and tested to be a member
15 Helped by young superhumans who idolize them
16 Taken by other villain to serve in their scheme
17 Taken by shapeshifters who replaces them with a agent for a while
18 Replaced by alternate universe self with possibly some interesting differences
19 Turned out to be a superhuman or alien in disguise
20 Taken to alien or planar prison to be sentenced
21 Taken to the future by time travelling medlers
22 Brought back to distant past by magic or lost science
23 Taken by lord of underworld to torment them
24 Rulers of hidden under the sea kingdom takes them prisoner
25 Taken by mad scientist to experiment on
26 Taken by secret agency to question or imprison
27 Taken by demon worshiping ninja cult
28 Taken by monks to interdimensional temple
29 Taken back to prehistoric to battle cavemen and or dinosaurs
30 Taken to hidden but flawed utopia that needs your help
31 Taken by underground renegades who need villain for some reson
32 Taken by group of other villains or villain for a team up
33 Recruited into a supervillain cabal with big plans
34 Taken by aliens who offer power if assisted in conquest
35 Taken by the planet eater who wants you to try our against his herald
36 Taken to version of court of king arthur by Morgan La Fey
37 Secret cult seeks to brainwash them into being agent
38 Taken to tiny despotic kingdom where offered an alliance
39 Taken by a god into the other dimensional realm of their pantheon
40 Sucked into overspace into body of a elder god
41 Taken to base of a supervillain and army to be studied
42 Taken by corrupt secret government contracted metahuman prison
43 Taken to fantastic other world or planet by mysterious force
44 Devils or demons torment them in a pocket universe for various crimes
45 Relative of past victim taken them to be tortured and killed in horrible basement
46 Taken by subterranean ruler to be used to power a machine for some scheme
47 Something powerful brings them back from ash heap or death
48 Damned nazis have them trapped in a machine
49 Taken into a timeloop repeating same day relentlessly
50 Taken to parallel where forced to heroically save world
51 Taken to parallel to fight superior good version of self
52 Taken to parallel where they must fight more evil version of self 
53 Taken to parallel where where they meet themselves with no problems or hangups
54 Taken to parallel where enemies killed
55 Taken to parallel amazon universe where genders of characters swapped
56 Merged into another being need to cooperate to survive
57 Found injured and cared for by some common folk unaware of true identity
58 Taken to parallel to help fight alien invasion or villain team
59 Taken to parallel where all heroes dead and villains unite
60 Taken to parallel where governments persecute, hunt and imprison super humans 
61 Taken to parallel where technology far more advanced  
62 Taken to parallel with more supernatural events and magic forces 
63 Taken to parallel mashed up with other historical or genre era
64 Taken to secret training facility run by scientist, wizard or secret society
65 Taken to parallel with more UFOs and alien intervention 
66 Taken to parallel with no superhumans 
67 Taken to parallel where villains have wrecked the world 
68 Taken to parallel by last survivors of a zombie apocalypse
69 Taken to parallel where humans extinct 
70 Taken to parallel where aliens conquered the earth 
71 Taken to parallel where nuclear war destroyed earth, possible survivors in space
72 Taken to parallel limited apocalypse left world in mutant barbarian hell hole  
73 Taken to parallel where hostile machines have taken over 
74 Mind taked by dimensional being who needs a body for some errand
75 Taken to parallel to dimension over run by demons 
76 Taken to alternate past timeline and participate in historic event like ww2 
77 Taken to alternate past timeline golden age of superheroes fighting the axis
78 Taken to alternate past timeline silver age of optimistic superheroes  
79 Taken to alternate past timeline bronze age with social issues, monsters and martial arts
80 Taken to alternate past timeline iron age with cool hair, ninjas, covert assassins, cyborgs
81 Captured by rival villain who taunts and abuses them
82 Taken to be minion of powerful villain and forced into service
83 Taken by hidden alien civilization to study
84 Taken as trophy by unethical time travellers from the future
85 Taken by metahuman hunters from parallel time line 
86 Grey aliens study your abilities in saucer in hyperspace 
87 Recover as a living dead under power of a sorcerer or mad scientist or alien
88 Sent into other plane able to see but not interact with reality
89 Taken by scientists for guerrilla world for some reason
90 Taken to other planet to help fend off an enemy or disaster
91 Taken from timeline by a alternate future self trying to foil your schemes
92 Operatives in teleporter base monitor situation and pull them out
93 Teleported by a scientist but injured or fused with another being
94 Transported to another world but memory flawed
95 Taken to the dark dimension where the evil ruler requires assistance
96 Turned into a monster by scientist in weird lab
97 Captured by secret admirer and held prisoner
98 Fall in love on a parallel and spend time with true love until tragedy strikes
99 Rescued by future children with time machine
100 Shoved by alternate universe self into another dimension

You could mash up several of these

Monday, 24 July 2017

The Animus of Xor

Game cancelled so we sat about talking about game settings which inspired content for many blogs to come. Lots of inspirational ideas including Xor, Hell and my Superhero setting (we will have more plane travelling when we run it next so we can do weirder stuff and have TORG style shenanigans and use lots of different RPG settings). A goat adventure seed and some more weird village things too.

Hell thoughts included a patrons of hell who help you kind of escape from hell but might be cons. Also rumours in hell so players can be tempted to go on like all your lost treasure in bottom of hell, honest. Your patrons or rumours might inform you af alternate routes in hell through boiler room, sewers or dungeons instead of the faster gates that make you pass horrible tests. As boiler room is a area of hell between the layers which is used when you need to cheat to get to the next layer I will add a sewer hell as well for a alternate between hell. Possibly my sentient dungeon dimension might be in between layers of hell but would need to be set at higher threat level.

Im mostly done with a d100 evil substances for sale list for a request from a reader via G+. Apparently I am the d100 God now. I scoff at your d30 tables with only two possible outcomes. I like d12 cos it is under used, dam 2d6!

Considered some more racial mod ideas for Xor. Halflings option to reskin as a race of fatties who love comfort and food. Elves reskin option as skinnies - hard working, no fun, logical and efficient who fight the fatties. The fatties fill their trenches with treats and pillows and stoves and snacks so tend to loose. Fattypuffs and Thinifers book i read as a kid is awesome inspiration. More giant babies - colossal baby giants need to be a monster type and a race of baby men (reskin from dwarfs?) who are angry and demand respect (Dr Who Xygons are babymen with suction cups and bio tech fits in with Xor). A more child like reskin of hobbit might be a goer. Mutants and shamans should be character types. Possibly resist urge to redo whole rules set. Have done lots of drawings of buildings, doors, border designs even a prison made of eyestalk posts with barbed wire like growths connecting them like a fence. Have considered more biotech stuff for Xor to replace other tech and some might view Xor as a biological machine (possibly haywire) Dwarf might be good biotech masters who grow houses, weapons and living armour. Some other ideas too for starting native on Xor including using skin colour table and a table of basic mutations and body mods.

Animus is the life force all beings on Xor partake in. Xor itself has the strongest shadow over Xor and is mostly distant and deals with communication on simplest emotional or automatic response. Many spirits make up the remaining animus including spirits of the dead awaiting reincarnation, elementals and evil demon spirits and even the spirits of Xor subsystems which might be more communicative or even more god like. The animus keeps everything living, moving and breathing but also breeding, evolving and mutating.

Animus is one of the four elements of Xor among bone, meat, water and animus. Wizards schools specializing in it are common. Druids have domain over the animus and its use to fertilize and alter life, they recognise Xor for more than individuality or sentience. Priests talk of Xor as i sentient willful being who cares about things besides just growing and living. Evil priests and necromancers are opposite of working with the animus. They trick and misuse it for power and death, they use the ant animus, the negative anti-life force of death. Psionics is a branch of magic that deals directly with the animus and users can manipulate their own spirit to in turn control their own body or manipulate the minds of others. Many psionic spells use remnants of life energy and discarded thoughts and emotions.

Xor and the animus are parts of the same thing but they could manifest as separate. Each is in fact made of many smaller units of cells and spirits that manifest as separate. Xor is not just the world, all beings in Xor are Xor also. There are many strange philosophies on Xor. Monster worship or worship of local terrain features like giant mouths in the earth is common too. Nymphs and sewer monsters and pit beast might be worshipped. Invading elementals or demons or other planar invaders might declare they desire worship. Even warlords or kings or wizards or priests might declare they are gods or prophets who commune with Xor. Elementals on Xor often use local mass to form from with their spirits.

Water - sewerage, urine, milk, blood, sperm, oil, tears, sweat, stomach acid, serum, spit, wax
Earth - bone, desiccated dead skin, feces, scabs, teeth, keratin, smegma, Calloused dead skin
Air - air is available but could include methane, carbon dioxide, might contain strong odours
Fire - is rare on Xor but might include auroras, electrical neural energy or field of rapid oxidisation

This is a table you can add to hex descriptions to see how the Animus of Xor is behaving locally. Its a good thing to roll to have a overall hex event that life is dealing with or use to change a hex players civilise too much. Fighting biological processes can be a adventure or this stuff could just be part of background scenery.

d12 Phenomena could be stopped by...
1 Finding a organ in a subdermal tunnel complex guarded by monsters like trolls
2 Contact the spirit of Xor somehow at a special place of find a archpriest or prophet
3 All because of a comet (a hairy star) that could be traveled to or contacted
4 A lost temple in a underground abandoned citadel swarming with goblins who worship a demon
5 A beast or demon or wizard is to blame and must be killed their hiding place or lair
6 Someone has damaged or taken some organ they found wounding the world, it might be healed
7 Local spirit lord or part or animus spirit must be contacted in a strange magical wilderness area
8 Area has become sick weakening the land spirit and attracting evil and malignant beings
9 Demonic chaos has breached here with several low rank demons or something worse come through
10 Evil cult of necromancers or chaos or worse performing a ritual that must be stopped
11 A mighty wizard, lich lord or greater demon has made a stronghold where it works its evil scheme
12 A special nutrient fed into the right mouth might stimulate the animus to roll a new activity

Maybe the Animus is mad at adventurers?

d20 Animus Activity in this hex
1 Everything in area suffers low fertility and races pray to Xor for children and food
2 Everything in area suffers high fertility and races enjoy plenty of food and children
3 Quakes occur and land changes terrain making mapping difficult and revealing new things
4 New race arrives and sets up a colony with own strange livestock
5 Huge ecological shift and species waging war some even modifying terrain
6 Area being sealed of with barrier of growth, liquid, bone wall making it hard to enter or exit
7 New species appearing and becoming common challenging the local ecology and inhabitants
8 A new mutation appearing in several dominant species possibly warning of changes to come
9 Hex is changing to another terrain type slowly animal life is changing
10 Hex is changing to another terrain type slowly undoing past damage or catastrophe
11 Pocket of other terrain type is spreading and growing slowly or a older one has a few pockets left
12 Spirits of a particular type become more common and deal with local shaman and holy folk
13 Hostile other planar spirits are manifesting and seeking cults and waging war against other creeds
14 Species from earth has somehow migrated here might thrive or die off or adapt or mutate
15 Area has species evolving and adapting to terrain and locals find next generation diferent
16 Area has species devolving becoming bigger, dumber, more savage and children are throwbacks
17 Lower order of life increasing including fungus, slimes, oozes or cancer growths
18 Higher order of life increasing more life intelligent and symbiotic to local terrain on Xor
19 Xor developing more intense interest in area with increase in observation organs like eyes and ears
20 Xor running on autonomous systems reacting to life and problems and evocation with little effort
21 Everything here grossly obese and glutinous from the land of plenty, some creatures die if exerted
22 Everything wiry, scrawny, hungry and mean, might feint from hunger, most desperate to eat
23 Great migration of creatures, possibly with new adaptions come from underwater or underland
24 A major species relied on has migrated away leaving local life hard and desperate
25 Mana rain of mysterious foodstuff falls and when not eaten grows into luscious growths
26 Blight of fungus or cancer or illness strikes area disrupting local food chain
27 Area hotter with warmer ground temperature, a seasonal fever makes everything sweaty
28 Area chillier with ground temperature dropping and life becoming fatter, blubbery or hairier
29 Water level and humidity rising area sweaty with fungus growths and rashes across land
30 Air is dry and surface skin cracking and becoming tired and wrinkly, everything thirsty
31 Life and terrain becomes increasingly hostile and violently carnivorous and territorial
32 Life and terrain becomes sedate and passive, lazing around and becoming uncaringly blissful
33 Life becomes amorous and local monsters and life constantly aroused and some aggressive
34 Swarm of some usually small creature drowns landscape with rivers of migrating critters
35 Bioluminescence common in area often from several common growths or organs or species
36 Area is uncommonly dark and many creatures adapted to nocturnal life come out at night
37 Area is uncommonly bright and can harm eyes, natural reflecting surfaces and shade makers thrive
38 Flesh of Xor has become toxic making many species desperate for food and change diet
39 Hair growth sprout everywhere and on every living thing often moulting occurs seasonally
40 Everything shedding skin like snakes leaving huge loose piles of dried skin and flakes
41 Area is Ill and a unnatural hue comes over the land and infects many living things
42 Area spawning fully grown creatures and babies from pits and holes
43 Faces on landforms previously idiotic or unmoving become active and self aware for a season
44 High number of local creatures begin to use magic or psionic powers
45 High number of local life suffers mutations and some turn into horrible tentacled things
46 Area covered in sores might be lumpy pustules or open bleeding sores
47 Area crowing moles rapidly over land, spreading patches of brown velvet and odd hairy lumps
48 Pits and chasms to the under land opening and creatures from below coming up to look
49 Mountains of alien garbage and off worlders swallowed up from another plane dumped here
50 Prehistoric pods rise to surface releasing ancient long extinct life forms that cause trouble
51 New species or type of human migrated here and interbreeding occurring and potential change
52 Goblins begin sprouting in holes and caves working on some project like altering terrain type
53 Elves or some superior race appears to create a new stronghold in the area and flex their muscles
54 Dwarfs have come to develop a massive project like a biological citadel or bridge or dam
55 Fat dumpy halflings come out of hidden places and start trying to integrate into local populations
56 Goblins in area starting to breed and mutate into hobgoblins and bugbears
57 Locals who have become largest or greedy become ogres over night, mayhem ensues
58 Some one chops up a troll into tiny pieces that grow into a plague of the cancerous horrors
59 Gnomes are discovered thriving burrow villages hidden from men and sculpt Xor flesh kindly
60 Orcs begin to grow from areas with bogs of dead skin and rancid body fluids accumulate
61 Throwback ecology as dinosaurs and lizard men emerge from subdermal cyst looking for war
62 Throwback ecology of fishmen arise from tadpoles in primal ooze
63 Swaying fleshy tendrils emerging from ground for a season seems harmless but hypnotic
64 Narcotic bleeding flesh flowers emerge for a few days inducing hallucinations and pacifism
65 Gnomes grow from earth, hang around people judging them morally through song and dance
66 Elves or some other strange race are seducing humans with pheromone potions for breeding
67 Derro dwarves in underworld manipulate local animus and peoples moods with psionic weapon
68 Dark dwarves reveal a fortress that bursts from the ground, functional and full of angry dwarfs
69 Morlock dwarfs arive and build a hidden slave camp and kidnapping spree for slaves and food
70 Locals found a ancient eldren citadel, just a few dreamy immortals inside, villagers want loot
71 Strange new growth emerge releasing pheromones life amourous and hybridised
72 Strange new growth emerge releasing pheromones life fights and eat each other
73 Strange new growth emerge releasing pheromones life euphoric and empathic
74 Strange new growth emerge releasing pheromones life finds places to hibernate a season
75 Strange new growth emerge releasing pheromones life hide in sealed homes
76 Strange new growth emerge releasing pheromones life flees area in great swarms
77 Strange new growth emerge releasing pheromones life flatulent and ground vents flammable gas
78 Strange new growth emerge releasing pheromones life locates to a shelter or shrine or monument
79 Strange new growth emerge releasing pheromones life and terrain changes skin colours
80 Strange new growth emerge releasing pheromones trigger gender changing
81 Land and life become youthful and gleamingly optimistic restoring fertility to many older beings
82 Land and life become aged and wrinkly, slower and confused making most life infertile
83 Electrical activity from neural surges creates storms or auroras in the sky, headaches increase
84 Blindness for several days strikes all living adult creatures after they remark they see colour better
85 Collective mind of all life becomes attuned, performs some feat of terrain or astral engineering
86 Unimind of all life forms sends emanation to space then everything returns to normal
87 Psychic phenomena like poltergeists and petty spirits abound keeping shamen busy
88 All life becomes sentient and able to speak for a season, 5% permanently changed
89 Every living thing receives impression of a enemy being or creature the animus wants destroyed
90 Every living thing in hex informed of a corrupted with sickness location and avoids it unless evil
91 Everyone can see normally invisible spirits for a night swimming and swarming everywhere
92 Every living thing passes out for an hour and nobody has any idea what happened in that time
93 Undead semi absorbed corpses burst from the ground and roam about looking for moving meat
94 Giant or dragon or dinosaur emerges from long slumber and goes on a hungry rampage
95 Kobolds or gremlins or gnomes swarm dancing, pranking and drinking all the fermented drinks
96 Hex ecology begins to overflow and invade a adjacent hex which might not meet local approval
97 Animus has confined band or party of outsiders by letting them occupy a village to keep them still
98 Whole hex rises above neighboring lands and new mountains grow in a year log growth spurt
99 A infected cyst deep in the underworld bursts erupting diseased monsters and chaos to surface
100 A previously damaged or scarified or sick area heals over a season or faster with help

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Xor and Ideas for my next version of my home rules

Had last session of Xor with LOTFP rules in Sydney. Im off to Adelaide to welfare again and hopefully I can bet some games going there. No game shops in city but card ones and 4 comic shops one which has RPG nights. Am more interested in DnD5 and my eyesight has improved along with my diet and new meds and Ive lost over 7kg so that was good. A bit too much good shopping in Sydney and got some game stuff and toy cars I shouldn't have.

My next house rules draft will be streamlined and simplified. Also meaner. I'm a bit influenced by the starkness of LOTFP and lots of the one use per fight abilities in 5th ed. So I will tone down some of the cumulative bonuses and mods that made a few characters a menace in play. I also killed my first PC in years tonight. Im quite good at making everyone feel at risk and i like killing followers which upsets players quite a bit. Had players resurrect another character's dead wife after he got remarried - fun times.

This was over two sessions and had a player swap second one due to food poisoning save fail.

So the brothers were sent by the wizard of Skulltower to help the yellow men of the Scarlands so the adventurers flew by blood hawk to the entrance to the goblin flesh tunnels carrying the cowardly leader of the yellow men a lesser wizard. They arrived and climbed in the puckered sphincter gateway. Found several tunnels from a chamber with a drool pool. One smelled of salt. One had air moving in and out. One had scratch marks another had bloody goblin and human footprints and sled marks in the damp floor.

So one tunnel they found a stinking side passage into the depths. In a sewerage filled pit a eye gazed at them and tentacles reached for them. A voice called their minds inviting them in and the warrior was slapped by a feces covered diseased tentacle so the fled. He was diseased by knew he could fly to a priest so they went looking for goblin slavers with the old wizard. Raided the goblins and killed most and freed the slaves. Surviving goblins were tied up and made slaves. Awaited the rest of the goblins to come home and captured them. Spoke to the goblins about the dungeon and the sewer god they worshipped. Went to explore more and found a chamber of breasts the goblins and baby monsters used. A egg chamber where monsters were born. A starving rust monster they fled after the clerics iron studded mace was destroyed and eaten. Found a lung room with morlocks working on a starstone and as they cut through the membrane the rust monster smelled the forge and ran in chasing the morlocks iron. Morlocks were killed and the rust monster was left happily gorging itself on hammers and the meteorite.

The brothers returned to Skulltower to get healing and the priest was required to initiate new followers for a while. So the warrior turned amatuer wizard teamed up with a female Elf dandy from Sweden in metal armour with a piebald pony who had arrived on Xor.  Flew by hawk to the humans in the former goblin tunnels and set to work exploring. Followed the scratched tunnel and found one brach was a owlbear lair and another was the goblins meat mine. They looked about the mine and the Owlbear arrived screeching and naked. They shot at it then closed. The elf flintlocks were a surprise but the furious bear kept attacking. They managed to kill it, skin it and collected it's foreclaws.

Planned to get the humans to collect the body later. Went to the salt smelling tunnel and found a chasm with with a ruined spanish ship in a pool of drool. Ruined shacks and skeletons littered the shore. The adventurers got closer. The warrior wizard examined the skeletons which had been gnawed and the libs cut off. The elf on overwatch saw a chest in a shack and both looked inside and found a sextant, spanish maps and gold. They got into a conversation about the treasure when the warrior heard a snip sound near his ear and the elf felt something hack into his flesh. A giant lobster had come up behind and surprised them. They scattered and ran the warrior scattering some meat to slow it but it chased the elf and snipped his head off.

Ran back to the villagers and rested. Flew back to Skulltower and the wizard sent him back with a muscle bound violet skinned amazon. He was a bit sheepish about what happened to his short lived elf friend. The new duo went met the villagers and took the old man and two javelin wielding skirmishers along. They lured out the lobster with meat on a rope and killed it in a hail of javelins. They gathered to loot and found footlong lobsters in the flooded bowels of the ship. Gathered some iron nails too. Moved to next forbidden chamber  and found three gelatinous blobs rolling around a jally lump with a spaniard treasure chest inside. They shot the smallest and retreated shooting as the blobs were not too fast. The new warrior woman got into melee with her axes to test her muscles and the jellies were killed. The chest had thousands in spanish gold and silver and aztec masks and idols. Not too amazing to Xorians but still ok. One of the masks could detect magic, only magic things seemed clear and real to look on.

The last tunnel the goblin slaves had warned lived another god.
"How is it different to the sewer god"
"Oh it has more tentacles and lives in a slime pool not sewerage"

So they battled a roper and were horrified to feel their strength sapped away. Managed to break and burn some tentacles but two skirmishers were horribly pulled into it's mouth and horribly ground up as swallowed whole. Heroes managed to destroy it's tentacles and throw javelins. The monster unable to escape had no choice but to charge. The old yellow wizard ran off and returned with two more men and more javelins and the roper till it was killed.

Retired to the village and helped them take charge of the caves which would be a important trade stop and better than the old village with nothing but slime to eat and drink and whose main export as dried slime. They took some of the goblin slaves back to Skulltower and rested. Perhaps next they would kill the sewer god or go to the yellow city which was occupied by metal clad outlanders from Europa.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Quick Classes for Goat Quest

Would thou like to live herbivorously?

Past Episodes of Goat Quest

Nanny Binx the Arch Goat Messiah
BX Goat Class
Good Magic Goats
Chaos Goats, Goat Communities, Goat Monsters, The Anti Goat
Evil Chaos Magic Goats and Dung
Goat Quest Campaigns

d100 goat quests and d100 village secrets coming up, hope to be ready to play on G+
Any ideas like new skills i can revise here if required

Typical Goat HD 1+2 Att d3 butt Mv 15. Typical billy has +2 hit and damage (MM2)
Dehorned goat bump damage dice down one
Neutered goat loses 1 STR

Fighting GoatRequires STR 12
HD D8 +1 to hit per level/HD
+1 AC every 2nd level (2/4/6/8/10 etc)
+1 Attack every 5th level (5/10/etc)
d6 butt attack or 2d6 with 2" charge or two d4 kicks
at 5th level these dice are bumped up to next highest dice
-d8 butt/2d8 charge or two d6 kick attacks
On a natural 20 a opponent saves or is knocked over (19 at 6th, 18 at 12th etc)
Fighting goat can rally followers or goats within CHA+Lv" radius

Scout GoatRequires DEX 12
HD D6 +1 to hit every second level/HD
+1 AC every 3nd level (3/6/9/12 etc)
d4 butt attack or 2d4 with 2" charge or a d3 kick
at 5th level these dice are bumped up to next highest dice
-d6 butt/2d6 charge or a d4 kick attacks
A scout goat does double damage if attacking by surprise x3 at 6th x4 at 12th etc
A scout gets +4 to hit a foe from behind instead of +2
A scout goat can sneak or hide with a easy DEX check
A scout goat can climb any rough surface or balance on a easy DEX check
A scout can listen with a INT check to incoming threats or eavesdrop through doors
A scout goat can manipulate objects with his mouth on a easy DEX check
-can pick pocket, untie knot, open a gate or door, sneakily eat something
Jump 6 foot across or up double with runup +1 every Level after 1st
Fall 20 feet plus 2 per level and with a jump roll and can land with great accuracy
Move +1" per two levels (2/4/6/8/10)
A goat has one bonus luck point per level per day allowing any dice to be re-rolled
-this encourages scouts to take risks

Priest GoatRequires WIS 12
HD D6 +1 to hit every second level/HD
+1 AC every 3nd level (3/6/9/12 etc)
d4 butt attack or 2d4 with 2" charge or a d3 kick
at 5th level these dice are bumped up to next highest dice
Can cast spells as a druid or priest (pick one) of similar level

Wizard GoatRequires INT 12
HD D4 +1 to hit every fourth level/HD
+1 AC every 4th level (4/8/12 etc)
d3 butt attack or 2d3 with 2" charge
Can cast spells as a wizard

Goat Equipment
Leather Collar 1cp
Collar with brass bell 4sp
Straw Hat 1cp
Floral Wreath 1cp
Gators help protect feet 4sp
Leather Barding 13 base AC 12gp
Chain Barding 15 base AC 90gp
Goat bags - carry 30lb of goods without penalty, 31-60lb reduces speed/jump by half 1gp
Goat Saddle - suitable for children, halflings, gnomes or unarmoured dwarfs 12gp
Quality Goat Feed - 1cp per day includes lucerne hay, molasses, barley
Goat Wagon - 30gp carry a child or 40lb/per goat a two goat version and a four goat version exist

Goat Encumbrance
Most goats can carry up to STRx3 lb without penalty
Up to STRx5 lb move rate and jump ranged halved
Up to STRx10 just able to move and wont jump
Over STRx10 a goat wont move

Roll 3d6 per attribute, can swap any stat rolled with prerequisite attribute for a class
May raise class prerequisite to 12 if no attributes high enough to even with a swap
Any roll more than one below 9 is raised to 9 (only one stat can be below 9)
At 4th level a goat gets a extra attribute point to spend as they please, then another at 8th, 12th, etc

Mod Table
3 -3
4-4 -2
6-8 -1
9-12 No bonus
13-15 +1
16-17 +2
18 +3

Attribute Mod Effects
CHA - adds a number of followers (a pet, servant or companion who is loyal)

CON - adds to HP per level gained
DEX - adds to AC and chance to hit with missile weapon (probably at best spit)
INT - adds number of skills or languages and number of 1st level spells if a wizard
STR - adds to melee hit and damage
WIS - adds number a number of luck points (see scout) and number of 1st level spells if a priest

Attribute Saves and skill checks
CHA - charm somebody or recruit a follower

CON - resist poison or disease
DEX - avoid a explosion or trap
INT - solve a puzzle or spot a clue
STR - move a heavy object of butt down a door
WIS -  resist mind control, make a good guess

Stat Checks and basic goat abilities
Simple 2d6
Easy 3d6
Hard 4d6
Difficult 5d6
Impossible 6d6
Difficulty rolls step harder or worse for unskilled goats

Fighting, priest or wizard goats  may sneak, climb, manipulate with a hard roll
Most goats can jump 5 up or across, double with a runup and get +1 every second Lv (2/4/6/etc)
Most goats can fall 10 feet + 1 foot per level and land accurately with a jump roll

d12 Followers
1 Goat Kid
2 Dog
3 Cat
4 Sheep
5 Human Child
6 Hedgehog
7 Squirrel
8 Pigeon
9 Raven
10 Chicken
11 Duck
12 Rabbit

Goat Skills (One per level, can take up to three points in any skill)
Alertness +1 spot clues or threats with INT checks
Animal Language - pick one species, no limit on times you can select this skill
Bleat - can cry and be heard a mile away
Butt +1 hit and damage with horn attack
Break +1 STR to smash things like doors or gates with headbutt
Climb  +1 DEX climb skill roll +2 if a scout includes ability to balance
Dance +1 DEX can amuse and distract others with your antics
Dodge +1AC
Eat Anything +1 CON save vs poison or disease
Evade +1 DEX saves
Feint +1 CHA can feign death or unconsciousness
Find Water +1 WIS roll to find water
Foraging +1 WIS roll to find food
Gallop +1" Move
Healing +1 WIS heal 1hp per day with a lick
Jump  +1 DEX jump skill roll and foot range +2 if a scout
Kick +1 hit and damage with hooves

Knock +1 knockback chance or knock on a 20 if non fighting goat
Listen +1 INT listen skill roll +2 if scout
Luck +1 luck point
Magic Horns - Can hit creatures requiring silver, iron or +1 weapons (+2/+3)
Manipulate  +1 DEX manipulation skill roll +2 if a scout, can untie knots, pick pockets,etc
Midwife - +1WIS can aid mothers giving birth
Rally Bleat +1 Morale for your herd in battle
Resilience +1 HP per level
Scent - +1 INT can detect and identify animal scent trails, territory, gender and health
Sneak +1 DEX sneak skill roll +2 if a scout
Smell Chaos - +1WIS sniff taint of chaos trails
Track - +1INT can follow targets by scent and visual clues
Understand Human - but not speak, 2nd slot can read 3rd make crude human sounds

Gaining Levels
To go from 1st to second level you need to:
complete a quest, solve a mystery or overcome a crisis threatening a community
1st requires one quest
2nd requires two quests
3rd requires four quests
4th requires 8 quests
each extra level requires twice as many quests

Goat Spells
I recommend using Castles and Crusades or Osric lists or your prefered ruleset