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Dungeon Spirits

Lesser Dungeon Spirit*

AC 13
HD d4
Mov 12"
Att dart or club or daggr
Dam d3*or d4
No Appearing d4
Save F4
Morale 9
Treasure small hoard
Intelligence 13
Alignment: Any but mostly Evil

These small ugly often humanoid figures are mistaken for goblinoids or gnomes or halflings. They might even be frog or rodent or bug like. They are mostly shy and attack loners or by ambush using stealth and magic. In some forms they might join a party. Local monsters leave offings and revere them. Several different spirits on a level might be friends or rivals or enemies and will be servants or allies or foes of thee grater level or dungeon spirit.

Most attack by tiny dart d3, save or lose a Mov point for a turn each fail
Also attack with clubs or daggers up close when a foe immobile
Require silver or magic weapon to harm, some require +1 or better magic to hit

Each Has a d3 powers and a d3 forms

d12 Power

1 Invisibility
2 Grow to human size

3 Shrink to hand size
4 Magic Missile

5 Spider Climb
6 Jump

7 Hold Portal
8 Light
9 Darknss
10 Silence 15' Radius
11 Charm Person
12 Cure Light Wounds (once a day per person)

d12 Forms
1 Spider
2 Snake

3 Goat
4 Dog

5 Lizard
6 Bat

7 Rat
8 Owl
9 Cat 
10 Rock or rubbish
11 Idol or ornament
12 Tool or jewelry

d12 Subtypes

1 Door Spirit - likes to confine and block people, will take form of a locked door
2 Stair spirit - likes traps, tripping victims and robbing them, can take form of extra step

3 Well Spirit - scare people with form of rotting body or small froggy or fishy person , breathes water
4 Pit Spirit - likes to trap and torment victims, makes pits more deadly, lives in secret pits

5 Ladder Spirit - likes to drop people, can take ladder or pole form, help or hinder travellers
6 Trap Spirit - maintains or even operates mechanism of trap from a secret compartment, 

7 Statue Spirit - squat idol or relief carving often watching area or a thing, 
8 Room Spirit - watch contnts of a room from a scret hidden hole
9 Corridor Spirit - watch corridor from a secret hole 
10 Secret Room Spirit - protect a secret door and contents often from a second hidden hole
11 Shrine Spirit - serves a shrine of greater dungeon spirit or demon or evil god from a secret hole
12 Vent Spirit - appears as a tentacle or just a eye floating in darkness, see all and whisper gossip

Greater Dungeon Spirit**

AC 16
HD 4-8
Mov 15"
Att claw claw bite
Dam d6 d6 d8
No Appearing 1
Save F8
Morale 10
Treasure Large hoard
Intelligence 15
Alignment Any but mostly Evil

These spirits are human sized often with traits of nature, elements, undead, demons or devils. They might even appear as a dungeon boss or a lost adventurer. Most have a human form a monstrous human hybrid form a animal form. All require +2 or better weapons to harm. All may turn invisible and insubstantial at will able to walk through walls partly in the ethereal plane. They may have relations with monsters and adventurers and breed with them.
Most are unique named for the dungeon or the level. Some appear as the most common monster in the dungeon or a hybrid. Some seek worship as a planar being of power. Their cultists can be granted up to 3rd lvl cleric spell.

Each Has a d4 powers and a d3 forms

d12 Power
1 Fly
2 Grow to human size or 
to bug size
3 Curse
4 Dimension door within level

5 Lightning bolt
6 Stinking cloud

7 Burning Hands
8 Identify
9 History
10 Protection from Good
11 Create food and water
 Cure serious wounds (once a day per person)

d12 Forms
1 Wind or vapour
2 Shadow
 or smoke
3 Artwork
4 Elemental

5 Doppelganger
6 Hybrid animal like w
inged snake or worm
7 Giant animal
8 Slimy eye spawn or Tentacled thing 
9 Fungus or plant monstrosity
10 Demon or devil or daemon
11 Archon or angel or deva
12 Beast man

Noble Dungeon Spirit***

AC 20
HD 16
Mov 24"
Att 3
Dam d8/d8/d8
No Appearing 1
Save F20
Morale 12
Treasure Great hoard
Intelligence 18
 Any but mostly Evil

These can appear giant sized or human and may attack with a weapon thy conjure at will. Most have a human form a monstrous human hybrid form a animal form. All require +3 or better weapons to harm. All may turn invisible and insubstantial at will able to walk through walls partly in the ethereal plane. They may have relations with monsters and adventurers and breed with them. They are on par with demon nobles or petty gods and able to grant 5th lvl spells. They often are the spirit of a mega dungeon or multi level complex. 

d12 Power
1 Polymorph self
2 Polymorph other

3 Regeneration
4 Fireball

5 Cone of cold
6 Phantasmal force

8 Gate in planar being allies
9 Teleport
10 Clairvoyance
11 Commune
12 Heal 
(once a day per person)

Sunday, 23 September 2018

d100 Worst Books in the World

d20 Book Form

01 Engraved leather bound book with painted vellum pages
02 Leather scrolls made from pterodactyl skin in bone tubes
03 Clay tablets packed in wooden chests
04 Collection of painted bark sheets in a trunk
05 Carved wooden slats in a wooden case
06 Brass engraved plates in various shapes stacked in boxes
07 Set of vellum scrolls in tubes in a wooden casket
08 Demon skin leather book with great puree iron nails on spine
09 Devil hide 
leather book with silver nails on spine
10 Dragon skin book with scaled leather sheets
11 Other monster skin cover with vellum sheets

12 Living flesh book of alien planar being
13 Birch bark sheet books with animal hide covers
14 Bound collection of rubbings from ancient cave with printed leather cover
15 Illuminated book with complex hand painted artworks
16 Bound book of human skin leather binding with vellum pages and tattooed text
17 Metal brass plate bound book with gems and fanciful calligraphy
18 Wood and leather covered book with block printed
19 Clay shards of ancient tablet with dense tiny text in a wooden case
20 Stamped gold foil sheets in reliquary box

d20 Book non magic features
01 Gems embed in cover worth several thousand
02 Gold leaf in artwork and text
03 Feature artwork by great artist
04 Hand print or claw mark from some monster damaging book
05 Bloodstains spattered on book or written in blood
06 Several complex locks d4+1
07 List of signatures of mighty wizards from over the ages who owned the book
08 Most copies are flawed translations or damages and incomplete
09 Inquisitors seize all known copies and execute any one with such a book
10 Book in poor condition, moving it or even reading it might damage or destroy it
11 Book survived severe damage and some content might be recoverable
12 Book is in several pieces and other fragments need to be assembled to fully use
13 Book covered in deadly spores causing mummy rot if read and a save failed
14 Powerful immortal wizard (or lich) craves the book
15 Book has footnotes and is a scholarly edition in ancient languages 
16 Poisonous ink save vs poison each use or wear gloves
17 Book is worshiped by a cult who want it to worship
18 Book full of commentary added by a later writer with extra content
19 Book advises to call specific demons and provides their secret names
20 Complex mechanical puzzle lock with deadly poison traps

d20 Book Magic Features

01 Living eye in book design can open and allow some alien being to see
02 Magical gems with a d4 petty magic abilities
03 Magically sealed and warded with glyphs and runes of magic 
04 Book opens and closes and can attack AC 16 HD4 Att d4 butt MOV4"
05 Book requires blood sacrifice to read the text for a a day at a time
06 Book contains an evil spirit that attracts evil creatures and taints where it is used
07 Thee book is cursed, reading it draws a evil alien entity to fall to earth from the stars
08 Book holds spirit of evil wizards ghost which tries to possess reader
09 Reading from it creates a dream link with a ancient elder evil being through dreams
10 A spirit takes a student form and offers to serve the owner as an apprentice or lover
11 Book is of interest to petty gods who come to visit the wielder monthly
12 Every full moon imps and gremlins and other petty evils are attracted
13 Every month planar beings come to judge wielder, will aid or torment them
14 Every night the book is left a poltergeist comes from inside, every month a wraith
15 Book has a picture that is a gateway to a pocket universe complex
16 Book has a picture that is a gateway to a far away land
17 Book has a picture that is a gateway to a another time
18 Book has a picture that is a gateway to an alien plane of existance
19 The book is cursed and may change the readers alignment if they fail to save each use
20 Reading it induces mutations if the reader fails saving throw

d20 Book Magical Defenses

01 The book teleport to safety if threatened by harm
02 If the book is harmed demons are summoned to save it
03 Face on the book is a bound planar being who guards thee book from unworthy
04 Book charms the wielder who fails a save, comes to love the book ahead of own life
05 Book has a bound elemental, demon, devil or deva or otheer planar defender bound to it
06 Book is wizard locked requiring a magic password to open
07 Book has sigils blast any person for thee first time 4d4+4 dam save halves*
08 Book can shoot a magic missile per round if shooting at any in range who threaten it
09 Book resistant to d4 1=fire 2=acid 3=lightning 4=cold, magic or natural or dragon breath 
10 Book releases ghost if attacked of long dead wizard
11 If threatened 20HD of undead are conjured to defend the book
12 If threatened a golem forms from the book cover to defend it
13 A swarm of insects pours from the book to attack any who threaten it
14 Anyone harming the book or stealing it gets a legendary curse lasting generations
15 The book may cast call lightning to defend itself and strike enemies in range
16 Book is intelligent like a magic sword, has an alignment and might dominate wielder
17 Book connects wielder in sleep to the magical nightmare land, a dimension of horrors
18 Protected by influence of d4 1=evil god 2=demon prince 3=duke of hell 4=elemental lord
19 Book contains a trapped petty god who's cult  try to free it or it tries to escape
20 Book turns into a dragon if damaged which attacks then escapes
*nope it can't be used as melee weapon while held by same wielder but perhaps you could throw it at people then risk picking it up again

d10 Quick Worst Book Subtypes
01 Elemental Lore - heretical sects and cults of the elemental planes
02 Necromancy - undead magical lore used by evil necromatic priests and wizards 
03 Demonology - manuals used by cults or cultist wizards to gain power from demons
04 Diabolism - manuals used by cults or cultist wizards to gain power from devils
05 Eldritch Lore - maddening cults of ancient elder evils of the outer darkness
06 Heretical Lore - breakaway sect of a religion branded heretics and mostly killed
07 Esoteric Lore - esoteric epistemology, cosmology, eschatology and planar theory 
08 Occult Theory - magical theory and practices
09 Blasphemous Lore - banned slander against the gods hated by the church
10 Forbidden Lore - secrets of the gods and dawn age kept hidden from humanity for aeons


d100 Worst Books in the World
01 Book of the Living Fire
Details of fire elemental magic and the evil elemental 
+1Lv to caster for any fire spells used while holding the book 

02 Book of the Outer Aether
Details of air elemental magic and the evil elemental nobility
+1Lv to caster for any air spells used while holding the book

03 Book of the Pristine Waters 
Details of water elemental magic and the evil elemental nobility
+1Lv to caster for any water spells used while holding the book

04 Book of the Cosmic mountain
Details of earth elemental magic and the evil elemental nobility
+1Lv to caster for any arth spells used while holding the book

05 Tome of Elemental Unitarianism
Ancient cult that tried to unite elementals to conquer the world
+1Lv to caster for any any elemental spells used while holding the book -1 Lv for other spells

06 Manual of Elemental Chaos
Demonic cult tried to dupe victims into elemental worship as a gateway to demon cults
+Lv to on one chosen element, if detecting or protecting from alignment

07 Book of Eternal Winter
Details of ice elemental magic and the evil elemental nobility
+1Lv to caster for any ice or cold spells used while holding the book

08 Book of Violent Storms
Details of lightning elemental magic and the evil elemental nobility
+1Lv to caster for any lightning or storm spells used while holding the book

09 Book of Endless Mists
Details of vapour elemental magic and the evil elemental nobility
+1Lv to caster for any gas or vapour spells used while holding the book

10 Book of Volcanic Destruction
Details of magma elemental magic and the evil elemental nobility
+1Lv to caster for heat or lava spells used while holding the book

11 Book of Eternal Undeath
The secrets of lichdom with several formula to gain immortality and power
Book acts as the soul hiding device to attain lichdom, save or evil wizard takes your body

12 Book of the Dead
A guide to the underworld and secrets of making mummies
Gain an etiquette skill, and underworld lore skill, can contact dead ancestor per week

13 Tome of Osimancy, the Book of Skulls
A guide to necromancy specializing in bones including skeletons and bone golem formula

+1Lv to caster for any bone spells used while holding the book
14 Tome of Carnomancy, the Book of Flesh
A guide to necromancy specializing in flesh including zombies and flesh golem formula
+1Lv to caster for any flesh spells used while holding the book
15 Tome of Sanguinmancy, the Book of Blood
A guide to necromancy specializing in blood including vampire creation formula

+1Lv to caster for any blood spells used while holding the book
16 Tome of Animancy, the Book of the Spirit
A guide to necromancy specializing in breath including invisible stalkers

+1Lv to caster for any animus or mental spells used while holding the book
17 Book of Dank Spirits
Formula for summoning non corporal beings and beings that might offer power or madness

+1Lv to caster for any spirit spells used while holding the book
18 Book of Underworld Wisdom
Guide to using spirits of the dead for 
information like divination and prophecy
+1Lv to caster for any divination spells used while holding the book
19 Book of Utter Darkness
Secrets of the planes of darkness, secrets of shadows 

+1Lv to caster for any darkness or negative energy spells used while holding the book
20 Demonomicon
Book used by great wizard to contact and dominate demon princes of the abyss

+1Lv to caster for any demon spells used while holding the book
21 The Book of Vile Slime
Secrets of demon nobility of slime, ooze, fungus, disease and chaos

+1Lv to caster for any slime or acid spells used while holding the book
22 The book of Eternal Night
Secrets of demons of darkness, undeath, nightmares and shadows

+1Lv to caster for any darkness or negative energy spells used while holding the book
23 The Book of the Balor
Names and lives of the greatest breed demons and the great chaos jester

Book can summon a Balor Demon up to six times then the user is taken to the abyss
24 The Festering Secrets of the Plague Lords
Becoming a carrier and names of plague demons and their abyssal spawn pits

+1Lv to caster for any disease or swarm spells used while holding the book
25 The Demonomicon, the book of lost names
Book of names of demons of lower ranks and mans to contact some nobility
Book acts as protection from chaotic evil to wielder

26 The Book of a Million Chittering Ones
Rambling self contradictory history of demonkind versus the hierarchies of haven and hell
Book can conjure a random lessr devil with a human sacrifice once per Lvl pr week

27 The Fall of the Evil One
The fall of the beast in it's last few incarnations and warning signs of it's next form
Book can detect anyone with evil alignment on sight and hides the wielders alignment

28 Journeys in the Screaming Abyss
Fragments of tales of planar exploration in the abyssal worlds, fragments left from creation

Can open unstable random chaos wormhole for a d4 rounds per level once per day
29 Strange Cults of the Old Country
Secret document church used to teach demon hunting also popular with cultists too
Detect evil spell at will while holding

30 Demon Haunted Places in the Kingdoms
Tells of old cults and monsters and ruins where demons were seen in the past
Detect magic while holding the book

31 Psychogeography of Hell
Guide to layers, gates and secret ways of hell
Find a hellgate once per week

32 The Diabolicon
Guide to summoning devils to do your bidding, grant wishes and selling souls

+1Lv to caster for any devil spells used while holding the book
33 The Book of Thralls
Guide to regulations of hell, punishments, transmigration's, promotions and demotions
Summon lesser demon or devil once per week serve hour pr Lv 

34 The Book of the Damned
Names of demons enthralled by devils of hell, used as mercenaries and bounty hunters
Summon lesser demon once per week serve hour pr Lv

35 Decent into the Underworld
Many books on adventure of h
ero or god entering and escaping the underworld
Find entry to underworld once pr month

36 Torments of the Damned
Lists of torments, punishments and horrors of hell
Sacrifice evil person and create a larvae

37 Armaments & Agents of Hell
Explains hellish conspiracy serving Hell including witches, damned pawns and devil cults
work bronze or brass metal into +1 weapons or armour or tools with on months work
38 The Great Rulers of hell
Details on the lords of each layers and other major dukes and nobles
Contact lords of Hell through their portraits to make deals with them, one use per person

39 The Devils Outcasts
Devils caught for corruption and banished to wastelands on the first layer of hell
+1Lv to caster for any spells used on an 
outcaste devil while holding the book
40 The Devil's Legions
Names of legions of hell, their offices and names of their military orders
+1Lv to caster for any spells used on a devil in the infernal army while holding the book

41 The Elder Book
Evil wizards in age of darkness documented how ancient elder gods were banished away
Conceal alignment while held, +1 Lv to all darkness magic

42 Elder Cults
Details over a dozen major cults and mentions many lesser sects of the elder gods
Conjure lesser deamon or demon per week

43 Book of the Old Ones
Spells and summonings used by elder cults, how to locate their their ancient stones
+1 Lv on any spells cast inside a stone circle or by a elder monolith

44 Dark Places in the Earth
Caves, wells and dark places where the forgotten dark gods or their minions dwell
Wielder can see in the dark but monthly saves or gets a petty subterranean mutation

45 Cults of the Sea Folk
Details of elder sea demons, their minions, cultists and dread secrets
+1Lv any spell vs evil water monster

46 Book of the Serpent
Serpent man cult manuals with places to seek serpent men hidden refuges
+1cs any reptilian spells

47 Calling Strange Spirits from the Stars
Cults and rituals of strange star spirits, shunned by normal people
Conjure alien star spirit per week

48 Savage Rites of Backward Peoples
Descriptions of cults of savages met by explores and travellers
Conjure Lsser Elder Damon per week

49 Unseemly Callings From Beyond
Summoning entities and strange abstract beings from beyond space and time
Call forth a invisible stalker per week
50 Servitors of the Outer Gods
Details various alien races and servants of the elder gods
Call forth a gate to an elder god per week, can bargain with alien beings

51 Book of thee Black Sun
Heretics who plot treason against the sun god from within his celestial bureaucracy
+1 Any darkness or negative plan spells

52 Books of the Bloodlords
Details cult of the blood druids who use evil murder magic and make monsters
Can turn sacrifice into a d4HP haling potion once per level per day

53 Hunger of the Woods
Detailing cruel elves, mischievous spirits, hags and woodland horrors of the wilds
+1Lv any plant magics

54 The High Witch Book
Teaches various sects of witchcraft cults, some serving demons or underworld gods
Lets you choose your familiar instead of roll, alerts you when cult recruits in area

55 Calling Strange Spirits
Entities that can be contacted for advice and their prices for knowledge
Wielder of thee book can see invisible spirits and attempt to speak with them

56 Secret Names of Things
Using the creation words for magic and how they were used to crate the cosmos 

Study astrology for a wek and gain +1 Lv vs a single foe by divining their true name
57 Worlds of Shells
Details the fragmented minute worlds left over from the material creation of the universe

Open a gate per week to a different micro world 
58 Secrets of the Book of Life
Using words of power stolen from the gods to create golems and animate matter with life

Can crate a golem HD per month once a lab has been built for each type then a cost in gold and time for each type
59 Secrets of Making Orcs
Spells to make orcs from corpses, elves, humans and even from great mud spawning pits 

Once a week can create an orc per lvl from any humanoid intact corps
60 Secrets of Beastmen
Ritual surgery and drugs used to makes beastmen as used by ancients to make slaves

In a week can make a animal and human into a resentful beast person hybrid in a lab
61 Celestial Cosmography since the Dawn Time
Evolution of the multiverse and structure of the planes
Once a week can create a gate to the dawn age and is hunted by cults
62 The Faerie Roads
Traveling through the world tree, cloud land, elfland, the underworld and the overworld
Find a gate to faerie land once per month
63 Rites of the Monster Kings
Rites to call demons or open gates and where the oldest banished evils hide away
May conjure a demon or open an abyssal gate per week
64 Dance of the Celestial Spheres
How to predict with astrology where gates will open during planar intersections
Call a time elemental once a month and bargain with it for service
65 The Eternal Balance
Details the forces of neutrality between law and chaos who try to protect people from extremes or imbalance
Detect All non Nuetral or balanced alignments (good, evil, lawful or chaotic) while held
66 The Roads of Chaos
Using primal chaos to travel in time, space or through planes through gates
Open a portal to primal chaos per month with a ritual and sacrifice
67 Entreaties with the Lords of Overspace
Dealing with archons and daemons of law and order who have difficulty manifesting
Protection from chaos while being held
68 Lives of the Great Dragons
Details their wars with giants and gods and thee great dragon ancestors and their return
+1Lv to caster for any spells used on any dragon blood being while holding the book
69 Lore of the Worm
Wisdom of the oldest life from the darkness and waters, how to become an immortal worm
+1Lv to caster for any spells related to worms while holding the book
70 Lore of the Insect
Once a great power now they, mostly food but their ancient gods and demons are still great
+1Lv to caster for any spells related to insects while holding the book
71 The Dragon Formula
Alchemy manual to build apparatus and brew up a dragon
Grow a dragon in a 10 000gp lab, 1000gp per Month pr HD to grow a resentful willful monster

72 The Dragon Kings Roads
Locations and secrets of activating gates across the world or to other planes using rituals
Once a month find a teleporter gate within d10 miles

73 Ways of thee Beast Lords
Details ancient spirit cults of barbarians and servant races of the great bast gods
May transform yourself into a beastman over a month in agony

74 The Jade Seal
Famous alchemy work claiming secrets of immortality and linked to a cult of lotus eaters
Can be used to identify a potion as a skilled expert with a INT roll

75 The Philosophers Stone
Secrets of alchemy and making a philosophers stone, with many recipes for potions
Shovel in gold into book to form a lump of alchemical matter able to replace missing ingredients

76 The Enchanters Secrets
Recipes for many magical items, potions and scrolls and cursed items in evil versions
Allows wielder to craft a common magic item per month

77 The Words of Power
Magical theory of creation
Allows wileder to create a scroll per month

78 The Lapis Tablet
Describes demon inspired undersea empire of evil at war with good sea faerie folk
+1 Lv of water magic

79 Exploring the Dreamlands
How to visit the dreamlands, avoid the nightmare powers and rule a demiplane
Conjure Monsters once per Lv per day

80 Astral Lore
Details of the spirit world and entities found and how to deal with spirits with good manners
Astral travel once per month
81 Debasement of the Gods
How gods of evil killed and defiled the good gods for power, how to sacrifice victims for power
Wielder cannot be detected or spied on with magic
82 Crown of the Wizard King
Blasphemous wizard king who destroyed religious cities and cults in his conquests
+1 Lv vs priests or divine magic
83 Secrets of the Lich Lord
Teaches methods of necromancy and allows the creator to contact the reader through dreams
Can call a skeleton chariot 1HD/Lv Mov24" 3d6 Trampl Att once a month for a day
84 Engines of the Dawn Age
Descriptions of great artifacts used by the dawn age peoples and their operation
Detects nearest machine then required components
85 Forgotten Gods
Killed, banished, petty and de powered gods and how to try to exploit their remnants
Meet a petty god per month, perused by cults
86 The Sunken Empire
details of a long lost great power that ruled the world but was flooded
Wielder has free action and breathe water while holding book
87 The Seven Celestial Kingdoms
Details the seven heavens and the surrounding Arcadian fields and wars fought there
Open a gate to Arcadian fields near gates of heaven
88 Hidden Kingdoms of the Underlands
Lore of the underland kingdoms
Open gate from surface to subterranean world or viv versa once pr month
89 Sagas of the Elder Age
Stories of barbarians killing evil wizards and monster kings used to find eldritch locations
Detect Magic if holding book
90 Book of the Eye
Secrets how a master sorcerer can awaken talent in a pupil with drugs, suffering and other ordeals
Contact other plane once per week
91 The Book of Xor
Book of living dripping flesh, part of Xor and able to open a gate to the kingdom of flesh
+1 per dice for any healing magic or summoned creature HD
92 The Monsternomicon
Details the old and final monster kings, their gods, servants and thrall races
+1 per HD of summoned creature HD
93 The Book of Portals
Open planar gateways especially into the dungeon and sewer dimensions where you can reach hell and other planes
Find a entry to the hell's sewers or th dungeon dimension once per month
94 Beyond the Crystal Sphere
Speculations about outsider alien entities from beyond the multiverse
Can find exit from the multiverse once per year
95 The Book of the World Machine
Book of law explaining machinery of the multiverse and how great cogs explain all history
Find a entry to the cosmic plant room once per month where archons work

96 The Book of the Great Tree
Using the cosmic world tree to plane travel via the worlds within the tree according to seasons
Find a entry to the world tree once per month

97 Secrets of Sky and Sea, secrets of the Navigators
Maps of seas, magical locations, means to predict weather and travel by sea or the fairy land sea realm or dreamlands
Always detect the north star and can see the stars, see in the dark under stars
98 Stories of the Damned
Tales of those who sold their souls to hell and what happened to them, a few escaped
Find a exit from hell once per month
99 Hail to the Dungeon Spirit
Makes the the dungeon connect to the great dungeon dimension, a self aware evil dimension
+1Lv to any speell cast in the dungeon
100 Deals with the alien magic and technology of another plane teaching you to use your native powers on Planet Psychon

Can find a gateway once per month from either your home plane or Psychon

Saturday, 22 September 2018

SF Gear Packs

Stuff im working on
sf exploration encounters
mutant wars

Talking about modular tech of late so thought i would focus on my games multi role and customization survival tech. It is so spacepersons carry more with less.

I guess I could us a price list but this usually used by government or corp agents
Different brands need tweaking to work together

Smart WearComputer assisted wearable hardware with

Smart Suit AC 13 or 6AP Caries limited amount of Apps depending on make 4-6-8 apps
-Heater Cooler pack
-Gill Pack and memory plastic flippers
-Recycler Pack traits wast to reclaim food and water
-Relfex Pack +3AC vs lasers or beam weapons
-Stealth Pack low IR and hardr to detect
-Space Pack emergency use suit 1hour life support with bubble helm
-EVA Pack goes over space pack, +2 AC 4 hours life support + need a helmet
-Mesh Defence Pack, +2AC, includes extra pockets

-Thermal Grid Pack, +3AC vs IR, thermal, plasma and fire weapons
-Intercptor Rocket Pack, stops approaching missile 4 uses
-Micro Rocket Pack, four shot gyrojet rockets often on arm, shoulder or helmet
-Holofield projects illusionary image over the host
-Chamleon Screen, +2AC blurs silhouette and blends into surroundings making hiding easy
-Albedo Screen +3 vs laser and beam weapons
-Inrtia Screen +2 vs any kinetic attacks and -2 damage, high EM profile
-Auto medic treats minor wounds and scans vitals
-Auto injector often triggered by auto medic ten doss of one drug or 6 different drugs
-Comline, radio and phone with network options, cameras and hotlinks for emergencies
-Alarm, various signals if apps detect things, can activate other apps
-Threat Detection, looks for danger or aggression or weapons and alerts
-Scan Pack, EM passive sensor suite
-Advanced Scan Pack, active EM and sonar senses including ground radar
-Map Box, maps area with sensors or drone inputs
-Drone Pack, includes controls and hanger for 4 tiny drones or one small drone
-BioScan Pack, sense for life, disease, radiation or life threats in environment
-Stuttershot Pack, stops weapon firing on tagged allies especially for burst weapons
-Weapon HUD, links gun to HUD with ammo capacity and target painting ability
-ABC Pack, atomic, biological, chemical resistant with air filters, recyclers and hour air supply
-Projector suite, can display large images, also has improved camera suite
-Fashion Pack, can change colours and has memory plastic extensions to change form
-Camouflage Pack, suit can change to various environment schemes and memory plastic extensions
-Weather Field, shields from rain, keeps field of pleasant air over user
-Lume Pack, glow, change colours and project theatrical light effects for shows
-Vox Pack, has loud speakers for public events, with a synth and media player and personal sound
-Stealth Field, silences wearer and surroundings within a few centimeters, +4AC vs sonic weapons
-Lowlight Pack, night vision and thermographic cameras for low light or no light missions

-Sound Pack, provides sonar, enhance low range sound for listing, reduce sonic damage, records and analyses sounds
Shock Resistance Pack, +4AC stunning electrical weapons and reduces damage
Empathic Analysis Pack, makes suggestions on dealing with others by reading micro expression and voice stress

Arm Console, keyboard and monitor for arm
Holocon, small bracelet projects keyboard and screen
Smart Glove, interact with consoles via HUD
Smart Gauntlet, interact with consoles via HUD plus armoured glove with xtra app
Smart Boots, magnetic all environment boots some like 
Jet boots  or other apps

Smart Helm with HUD +1AC with xtra app
Combat Smart Helm HUD +2AC with gasmask, megaphone, with 2 xtra apps

HUD Glasses, stylish spex
HUD Monocle, eyepiece often connected by cable
HUD Goggles, armourd eyewear
HUD Contacts, near invisible

Smart Belt, increased battery life and computer power extra 4 apps, extra data back up
Heavy Smart Belt, as smart belt but armored and extra 8apps, armoured data back up

Memory Plastic Smart ToolsChang form at touch of a button
Not as solid as steel and can wear over time
Military and industrial stronger
Some have secret features

Explorer Hand Tool

Underworld Hand Tool
-club and prybar
-brass knuckles
-kasuiri gama

Chef Hand Tool
-chef knife
-rolling pin
-bread knife
-cutting knife

Explorer Tool
-sldge hammer

Recreational Tool
-beach ball
-cricket bat
-baseball bat
-hockey stick
-cricket or baseball
-volleyball or basketball
-soccer ball or football
-beach umbrella
-air mattress

Trench Tool
-trench tool
-razor wire


Spinneret GunsCreate 1km pr cartridge of cable spin by gun
Comes in plastic cable or sticky cable or glue form
Pocket Webber, used for packing and wrapping and sealing with touch range
Hand Webber with a pistol grip, with 3m range, can be used as restraint weapon
Industrial Webber with carbine and pack with x7 cartridges, 10m range can fire nets

Industrial Match
Mono filament rod inserts into handle, can b used for spot lighting or to cut through steel plate
Rod lasts 10 minutes on full burn or years with just spot use
Will cut a cm of steel peer second or can inflict a d6 damage but th rods break if forced
Often packed with 2d6 rods and d3 fuel cells with equal chance of being spent or full
Pocket Match can only be used for smaller jobs and is disposable and cheap

Variable Laser-beam mode standard careful combat mode
-pulse fires bursts of lower energy beams
-ray fires continual lower power beam good for cutting
-stunner fires electrical arc that follows the laser which stuns most animals and machines

Variable Launcher & Gyrojet Rockets
4 Shot wrist rocket launcher
-shoulder pad and helmet versions
-some disposable, can be linked, fire solo or all
Ten shot pistol or rifle magazine
Military com in 20 clips, 40 clips or 100 cassettes
Military have larger anti vehichle versions and disposal on shots
6 shot variable clip voice or button to select specific round
Most advanced are AI controlled drone carriers
Some guns have 2 clips and can switch from standard to fancy ammo
Some lower tech versions have multiple barrels but heavy and slow to load
Aquatic versions available, cope well with water, most sub sonic

Assembler builds ammo from propellant and warheads in storage
Can assemble based on voice, console
Some weapons ID threats and build ammo customised for kill target
More advanced nanite models can fabricate more types from less materials and have AICan connect to industrial recyclers to make more components
-4kg belt pack carries 30 propellants and 150 warheads
-12kg back pack carries 100 propellants and 500 warheads
-will load a magazine, clip or cassette or drum or can be connected to gun

Varied Propellant Sections
-rocket rounds are dumb rounds
-jet rounds have simple IR or HARM or painted targets +2 hit if right for target
-smart rounds steer themselves and have no range mods and are more advanced
-drone rounds are most advanced and use gravitic thrusters and a basic AI

Warhead Canisters
-slug standard damage
-needle round caries narcotics, with discarding sabot, some hyper velocity
canister high explosive
-flashbang make smoke and scatter flares
-gas canister (vomit gas, nerve gas, poison gas, tar gas, knock out gas)
canister disease based rounds
-incendiary canister with burning chemicals
canister sticky netting to incapacitate
-shock canister electric stunning charge in battery
-plasma canister
-Ice canistr with super coolant
-laser ignites a nanolaser on impact
-emp effects. battlesuits, robots, vehicles, screens and tech
-thunderbolt, hyper accelerates kinetic kill slug with power of a cannon

Monday, 10 September 2018

Bad Books

Books. They are evil. Nobody ever learnificated nuffin good from books. Here are tables to generate bad books. Remove curse might help or just burn it. Finally a quick easy fun table again.

Activating your evil book
Each 20% read or for each spell learnedSpill blood on the book
Read under a full moon
Read in evil location
Cast a spell or use a ritual directly from the book

d10 Forbidden Lore Types
01 Spell book
02 Demon lore
03 Descriptions of hell
04 Blasphemous deeds
05 Cult manual
06 Witch lore
07 Elder secrets
08 Evil journals
09 Terrible strange rites
10 Heretical religion

d100 Bad Book Effects
01 Book has slow acting poison requiring a save
02 Book will animate nearby dead who go on a murder spree
03 Book tries to fly away to find a more innocent victim to corrupt
04 Book will contact a more suitable evil bearer to come and take the book
05 Book has a imp within who is released and will advise the wielder
06 The book will taint the wielders alignment if they fail a save
07 The wielder saves or develops a minor mutation
08 Wielder saves or hears evil voices of past wielders offering terrible advice
09 Wielder loses d6 HP from tears of blood pouring down face
10 Wielder save or develop unwholesome sexual interests that attract violent mobs
11 Wielder saves or sleep murders, at first it seems to be just a dream
12 Wielder has terrible nightmares, save or weakened from sleep loss then madness
13 Wielder save or develops urge to burn buildings especially with inhabitants
14 Wielder saves or begins to crave human flesh
15 Wielder saves or contracts lycanthropy
16 Wielder saves or contracts mummy rot
17 Summons a incubus or succubus who attempts to charm the wielder
18 Wielder saves or shrinks 10%
19 Wielder attracts local undead each night, more by night
20 Wielder saves or develops goat features, 3 fails become goat man, 4 fails and becomes a goat
21 Wielder saves or develops ghoul features, 3 fails and become a ghoul
22 Wielder attracts insect or spider swarms if fail save
23 A scorpion crawls from between pages to sting readers hand
24 Wielder saves or a level drained, becomes wight if die
25 Wielder saves or a d4 STR drained, becomes shadow STR becomes zero
26 A shadow comes out of the book to attack the wielder by night
27 A wraith comes out of the book to attack the wielder by night
28 A invisible stalker comes out of the book to attack the wielder when alone
29 A fire elemental appears from a fire to attack when approached
30 A earth elemental appears from the ground to attack when approached
31 A air elemental appears from sky to attack when approached
32 A water elemental appears from a water sources to attack when approached
33 Storm clouds appear and darken the sky alerting good forces evil is afoot
34 Green slime ink rehydrates and a colony attacks reader
35 Yellow mold spores erupt from the book
36 A slumbering evil god sends messages in your dreams
37 A devil appears and offers a wish for your soul
38 Wielder has dreams of wild cult orgies and rituals that grow longer each time
39 Imps in animal form approach to tempt wielder into committing evil deeds
40 Petty demon appears and warns you your friends are plotting against you
41 Petty demon appears and offers advice to get more power but with a catch
42 Wielder saves of becomes a water breather and can no longer breathe air
43 Wielder saves or craves intelligent beings brains as only food source to live
44 Wielder saves or finds self as astral body in underworld and needs to find an escape
45 Wielder saves or finds self as astral body in hell and needs to find an escape
46 Wielder saves or finds self as astral body in a demonic dimension and needs to find an escape
47 Wielder saves or finds self as astral body in elemental plane and needs to find an escape
48 Wielder saves or craves only dead rotting human corpses as food
49 Wielder saves or develops flaming aurora around their head which grows bigger each activation
50 Wielder saves or becomes obsessed by book and paranoid others plotting against them to steal the book
51 Wielder saves or is polymorphed into a ogre

52 Wielder saves or is polymorphed into a frog
53 Wielder hair and nails grows by 2d6 inches each activation
54 Wielder saves or is possessed by a ghost r spirit that seeks to commit evil deeds
55 Book releases a spectre by night
56 Ravens and crows follow the wielder speaking their name which unsettles most people
57 Wielder saves or loses a attribute point (CHA most common)
58 Wielder attracts venomous snakes daily
59 Wielder finds food and drink they carry spoils in 24 hours
60 Wielder saves or suffers parasites, d4 HP lost until disease cured
61 Evil monsters with 100 feet sense the evil book
62 Wielder saves of grows hair all over becoming more apelike each time, 2 fails becomes cave man like, 3 fails is an ape man, 4 fails becomes an ape
63 Wielder saves or begins to shun daylight, 2 fails lose 1hp/ten minute turn in sunlight
64 Wielder saves or ages d10 years
65 Normal animals shun wielder and refuse to go near them
66 Dogs howl when wielder nearby and bark as wielder gets closer
67 Tentacles come from the book and attempt to strangle the user
68 Book talks and offers evil advice, paranoid speculations and abuse to wielder
69 Book keeps on turning to especially evil pages suggesting more vile reading
70 Wielder learns new evil alignment language
71 Book makes strangers nearby have dreams of wielder performing vile deeds

72 Book seems to make prophecies about the reader failing or becoming more evil
73 Wielder become immune to healing spells from good spell casters
74 Wielder keeps finding evidence of local murders planted on them
75 Wielder saves or is teleported to far away evil location (possibly include companions)
76 Wielder saves or is gated to another dimension (possibly include companions)
77 Wielder saves or is gated back in time to when primordial evils ruled
78 Wielder saves or becomes a beserker and has difficulty being rational in combat
79 Wielder saves or produces vile odor that attracts evil beings with acute smell
80 Wielder saves or can only eat raw meat or blood
81 Wielder saves or needs to drink self into a stupor nightly to drown out nightmares
82 Wielder saves or becomes quixotically deluded, each fail becomes more unhinged
83 Wielder saves or hands rot away into diseased stumps
84 Wielder saves or turns into a dolmen
85 Wielder attracts rats who steal food and bite face in sleep
86 Candles and lamps in ten foot go out but torches and larger fires ok
87 Evil monsters have improved reactions to wielder and are often friendly
88 Wielder saves or develops frighting venereal disease, 2 fails is sterilised, 3 fails smells revolting and repulsive, 4 fails sexual characteristics rot and fall off
89 Attracts dark faerie folk and accidentally enter fairy land more easily but no easier to return
90 Wielders weapons deteriorate, and roll of natural one causes non magical weapon to break
91 Wielders weapons strike allies or self in none near by if roll natural one
92 Wielder always acts last like a zombie

93 Wielder saves or loses d4" movement points, at zero they become a tree
94 Wielder weapons inflict half damage vs evil creatures
95 Wielder saves or shuns holy symbols, 2 fails becomes vulnerable to damage from holy water

96 Wielder if fails save can no longer read any other writing except the book
97 Any children the wielder has are born incubus or succubi
98 Any children the wielder has are born d4 1=troll 2=ogre 3=orc 4=goblin
99 Wielder attracts mischievous gremlins, if evil they aid user but not obay or quite what you might desire,if not evil they harass with wielder with pranks and sabotage
100 If wielder dies reborn as demon if chaotic or devil if lawful or a shoggoth in niether

Thursday, 6 September 2018

d100 Dungeon Dimension Discoveries

So these are some extra weird dungeon locations when entering the dungeon dimension. Or just to make dungeons more horrible.

d100 Dungeon Dimension Discoveries
01 Goblinoid town influenced by when there was a gate to 1920s chicago. Bugbear bootleggers run the town and da boss even has a 1926 ford model-t. The town is built like a earth slum of the 20s and the goblins wear suitable fashion
02 A huge bakery complex where goblins bake magic pies following directions from wizards. Each pie enters a secret room where it gets the secret ingredient, then is given time to stop glowing after. Then the pies are delivered about the dungeon to be used as bait for traps
03 A crystaline cavern where adorable crystal furniture animals live guarded by psionic elves
04 Great maze of webs ruled by inteligent evil mage spiders and served by their goblin thralls
05 Great smoking volcanic cave where witches feast and hold orgies with devils
06 Tesseract chamber with MC Esher like stair cases, strange gravity and magic traps guarding a relic
07 Chamber of dust covered corpses from the surface world, spectral minions will arise and tell their story and may be convinced to fight in a battle
08 A goblin market with food, stalls, games, music, drinking and mushroom fueled drug orgies
09 A maze of magic mirrors with teleporter pads, dopelgangers, magic traps and cursed mirrors guarding a great treasure
10 A great cave with a slumbering bat eared frog god, cultists dance before it and it's monoliths
11 Great cavern of slime and ooze where the slime demon prince comes to visit and hear plaintiffs who seek his knowledge and power over slime
12 Great chamber with rows of basalt columns etched with ancient occult lore useful for spell research
13 Huge dark cistern supported by hundreds of columns. Various secret doors and stairways connect to other dungeon sections and dank aquatic creatures lurk
14 A great cavern lake with albino water monsters and islands with long forgotten ruins 
15 A huge mausoleum with hundreds of stone sarcophagi, burial niches and several ancient crypts
16 A huge magically lit camber with a manor house and a garden maze. Inside curses, ghosts and mad inbred magicians roam
17 A semi sunken ruined city swallowed up from somewhere long ago with prehuman relief carvings and degenerate fish men dwelling sparsely in the submerged buildings and pools
18 A great windy cavern with red rock painted cliff faces. Desiccated human remains ritually exposed on totemic poles and in.painted bark tubes buried in niches abound. Ancient angry spirits guard prehistoric relics made from wood, flint, quartz, hair, bones and teeth  20 A frigid chasm with prehistoric obsidian wizard towers buried in ice with undead mammoths and sabre cats and dire wolves. A clan of giants eat the shy hidden cave folk and white apes
21 Chasm of illusions, glorious heavenly chasm of light concealing demons monsters and torture victims crucified upside down
22 Great chasm of lava pits and flames where fire creatures frolic and cultists sacrifice victims to them by hurling them into flaming pits
23 Great water filled dark cavern with a whirlpool, water elemental creatures break out of the vortex occasionally and are welcomed by cultists by drowning sacrifices
24 Great cavern with a great sucking pit of darkness, drawing in air, occasionaly an air elemental being escapes. Cultist playing musical instruments and chanting greet them while strangling victims them pulling out their lungs
25 A great spasming loose earthen mound in a cave spews forth occasional earth elemental beings, cultists welcome them with libations of blood from screaming victims
26 A great complex full of zombies operating machines in an assembly line making new composite undead directed by a lich who brings the constructs to life
27 A goblin village with huge scale nurseries with bugbear nannies and hobgoblin guards
28 A goblin village where goblins live simple village lives growing fungus, raising cave lizards and giant bugs and frequent goblin markets  
29 A goblin mine complex where hard working goblins dig up gems and ore with a roller coaster like mining cars, miners shacks, blacksmith huts, waterfalls and rotting support beams
30 Orc spawning pits operated by cult of wizards, orcs are being made from pits of mud using spells then the orcs are equiped and trained
31 Orc fortress, a black square fortified wall, with towers and a gate house where orcs are trained and drill in preparation for war, serving a orc king or a evil wizard or priest 
32 A ruined temple dedicated evil god, with many statues that can animate, curses and mummy crypts
33 A wicker man crammed full of sacrifices with goatmen dancing about it ready to burn the victims
34 A huge demonic statue with cultists performing rituals before it with great flaming braziers  
35 Wizard apprentices operating an apocalyptic giant scale magical machine, fueling and operating it to create monsters, then driving them into teleporter pads to send them around dungeons 
36 Wizards apprentices on assembly line treating chicken eggs with alchemical potions then hatching lizard men, dinosaurs and giant lizards
37 Witches with spawning pools of frogs making giant amphibians and frogmen with alchemical brews from cauldrons
38 Wizards apprentices carving statues of monsters for masters to change into living flesh, then caging and shipping off around the dungeon
39 Priests preying to statue and summoning monsters from their god to populate the dungeon
40 Wizard complex where wizards surgically operate on humans and animals to create beastmen they keep in cages 
41 A huge raised ballroom in a cavern, lower areas full of mist and graves. Frequently vampire nobles meet here to have a ball. Human victims are hung upside down with spigots in their neck to feed vampire guests. Several ghoul servants clean and serve and guard
42 A chasm where a chained evil titan sleeps, wizards are tapping its blood to create monsters that are stored in cages to be shipped around dungeon
43 Chaos cultist temple with chaos portal where victims are thrown in and chaos monsters and mutants come out
44 Evil dwarf brewery complex making and testing various beers bottled in ceramic bottles. They are too busy to tak or fight but offer beer if you go away. Sometimes the beer is in fact beserker potions
45 Kobold factory complex making traps, secret doors, chests and other dungeon fixtures. Some are packaged in boxed kits. The kobolds are not hostile and flee screaming if combat breaks out into secret tiny doors 
46 Large machine operated by zombies where corpses fed in and zombies come out
47 Sprawling open chamber with giant tavern where monsters come to drink and unwind with horrible entertainment and food for various races
48 Huge gobling mushroom tannerey, making shroom leather armour and clothing for monsters. Various visiting creatures visit to buy goods and are willing to trade with humans
49 Complex where wizards enlarge normal animals into giant dungeon dwelling ones. Animals shipped in and out in cages with orc servants
50 Wizard sculpture shop where apprentices making golems and statue constructs of various types on assembly lines
51 Lake of evil protoplasm with strange eerie changing colours, will influence those near by to evil alignment and deeds. If you touch it, drink it save or become servant of the dungeon genius loci spirit. If you fall in you are transformed into a dungeon monster. Cultists come to worship and sacrificing victims to it, 1in6 times the cult build a floating evil town on top

52 A great hall with statues of evil gods in a row, where evil pilgrim cultists and monsters come to prey
53 Huge sprawling torture chamber where monsters torture prisoners, returning them into mutants and beastmen, directed by a devil
54 A cultist temple where a demon dwells
55 A evil town ruled by were swine, where evil traders visit for a tax to enter. All kinds of monsters, cultists end evil enemy agents are here
56 A great shrine of the goatmen, where they dance, feast, sacrifice victims and worship the evil dungeon spirit
57 A depository and foundry for cursed items where wizards make evil and dangerous to use items to be left around the dungeon
58 A monastary where evil monks make potions, evil figurines and shrine idols
59 A ruined monastary where gargoyles breed, with all sizes of gargoyles
60 A huge stinking harpy nest with a savage pecking order, sprawling feces filled nests, rotting corpses and treasures
61 A island in a huge cavern lake where sirens lure in victims to eat with illusionary lotus groves, luxuries and attractive women
62 Magical lit cave with sprawling ruins overgrown with trees. Various faerie and sylvan beings are trapped here and are very protective. Suspicious but might help
63 A large camp of awol soldiers working as mercenaries for the dungeon and partially assimilated. Some are mutated
64 A cavern with a ruined camp and a massacred adventurer party, several crucified and left near dead
65 Ruined temple occupied by baboons and carnivorous apes who guards a treasure. Vines grow everywhere
66 A chamber with plaza full of gates and teleporter pads, 1in6 encounter per turn
67 A ruined castle with animated armour guarding it's treasure ruled by a spectre wizard
68 A monster circus with mutant clowns, caged monsters and visiting creatures. With stalls and side show games. Monsters are mostly peaceful while here, some bring their kids
69 A ruined castle ruled by a noble vampire with undead servants
70 A great sewerage treatment works where certain monsters are bread in filth or feed off it attended by rat men and rat faced goblins
71 Sprawling wizard boarding school where apprentices learn from masters and the headmaster is a 
72 A mock village where monsters study imprisoned humans who cannot leave, directed by wizards and priests who aim to extract information from prisoners who are tested with illusions, mind control and doppelganger infiltrators
73 A mass of wrecked ships semi submerged with aquatic monsters and a shanty town of pirates, criminals and scum who believe they are in hell
74 A ziggurat of the vampire bat goddess
75 Ruined complex of the serpent men
76 Lake filled cavern with floating town of lizard men
77 Dark elf village in a fungus forest
78 Huge sprawling fungus cave where family of cyclops live off giant lizards and goblins
79 Gigantic web with a spider diviner elder sitting as it has for an aeon, a spider cult and giant mage spider wizards seve her and the great web
80 Cavern contains a single gigantic mushroom, with many inhabitants living in tunnels and spaces with in it. Worm men and caterpillar and grub men battle for dominance, frog folk come to worship it, goblins sacrifice to it
81 Huge parade ground, stone attacks and obstacle course where hundreds of orcs being trained by hobgoblins and commanded by dark elves, goblin blacksmiths and bugbear military police
82 Starving adventurers desperate and jumpy will initiate attack but could be talked too. They have partly eaten dead comrades and treasures
83 Magical spring surrounded by wondrous glowing calcium formations
84 Pit of darkness descends to the world of the darkness dimension, cults come to call forth ebon hued things
85 A great earthen barrow of some prehistoric wizard king, now a lich
86 Huge chamber with giant calcium columns stalagmites and stalactites. Connected by ropes and ladders and cables, a gnomish civilization exists within, using airships, steam automatons, black powder and strange magic crystals
87 A huge iron mechanical computer plotting dungeon activity and running calculations on monsters, breeding rates and growth rates to calculate replacement monsters in the dungeon. Operated by wizards is a magical artifact of the go
88 A titanic furnace imprisoning fire monsters,
89 Colossal alchemist apparatus distilling materials into living monsters operated by alchemists
90 Volcano in process of destroying monster citadel, citizens fleeing lava and fire monsters, leaving treasures behind
91 Huge chamber with kobold workers building and covering up a new dungeon level filling in between the corridors with rubble and garbage
92 Huge prison operated by were swine using their powers to charm inmates into compliance, full of soldiers and adventurers and commoners

93 A huge lit cavern jungle with dinosaurs and huge over grown ruins
94 A lost civilization citadel attacked by monsters constantly
95 An entire underground kingdom of a lost civilization, with fungus crops tended by molemen slaves

96 A huge dark acidic cavern, actually the stomach of the dungeon with ruins, wrecked ships, fungal forests, slimes and other creatures inside
97 A bunker like sub ground fortress where evil faction warlords and meet over great maps and move their toy soldiers preparing for their attacks against the surface world
98 A great library of dungeon secrets, forbidden books, cursed scrolls and ancient tablets used by wizards, removing a book attracts a fiery angel executioner
99 Gigantic titan brain encased in metal, a wizard dungeon cult are camped to plunder it's secrets, but the brain is teaching them demonology so they eventually destroy themselves
100 Gigantic titan heat chained down to keep it flopping about. Tended by worshipers who  claim it is the dungeons heart  
summon demons