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d100 Campsites on the road

Possibly inspired by my current backpacking interstate to get work. Getting a decent place to live in Sydney as hard as getting a dishwashing job in Adelaide. Sigh if only there was a happy medium.

So when travelling the roads and forests of the wilderness abandoned campsites are a common feature. Military scouts are trained to sniff these out for information about enemy so a track roll might do the same.

A typical campsite includes a fire, areas for sleeping with dug out depressions and rubbish. Feel free to adlib how old a site is. You could just present as is and let players work out or lett tracker know exactly what. First 50 typical, second 50 get weirder and more semi permanent. Possibly my inner archaeologist shining here

d10 Fire
1 Pile of charred sticks with ashes
2 Dug depression with warm charcoal in bottom covered in ash
3 Dug firepit lined with stones
4 Fire has been covered with dirt
5 Fire has been buried and concealed
6 Fire has been used as ground oven and now a open pit strewn with ash
7 Remains of makeshift spit for cooking over fire
8 Charred logs in heap from bonfire
9 Burned old tree stump or several small trees
10 Makeshift stove from stones or position where a field stove was

 Abandoned Campsites
01 Poacher camp signs of skinned deer and other forbidden game
02 Remains of a roast hare in a spit over cooling coals
03 Nasty orc camp with torn up animals and feces everywhere
04 Goblin camp with wolf or bat dung and shroom spores
05 Bandit camp with slit throated dead prisoner chucked in ditch
06 Waggon nomads camp with signs of wheel and horse tracks
07 Wood elf camp barley noticeable and concealed with dead leaves
08 Dark elf camp with spattered blood and traces of spider silk
09 Highwayman's camp with scattered baggage thoroughly looted
10 Beastmen camp with raw meat and skin scraps and feces heaps

11 Ogre camp with mashed and chewed remains of human corpses
12 Lizardman camp with shed skin and remains of cooked fish

13 Halfling camp well cleaned with buried garbage of huge feast
14 Ratmen camp with chewed bones, shed hairs and feces
15 Druid camp with signs of blood rituals and sacrifices
16 Cultists camp with demonic graffiti and several defiled corpses
17 Necromancers camp with chunks of zombie and human flesh with stench of death 
18 Gnome camp with fresh dug sleeping burrows and a lost red cap
19 Dwarf camp with sawdust, metal filings and empty food tins
20 Pilgrims camp with broken sandle, carved holy symbol and fresh grave
21 Flagellants camp with blood, broken bottles and ends of whips and flails
22 Fishman camp with sea shells, burned seaweed, fish bones and a wax tablet
23 Posse camp with remains of a wanted poster, and remains of trail biscuit wrappings
24 Army camp with dug trenches and neat tent stake holes and scraps of cooked food
25 Homeless camp with broken bottles, old blankets, clothes and stolen house hold goods
26 Farmers camp with spilled grain, remains of rabbit on spit, scraps of breadcrumbs
27 Tinkers camp with scraps of repaired goods and some broken tools
28 Murder hobo camp with copper coins, worn old pornographic prints, smashed bottles
29 Serial killer camp with faceless human skins, bloody knife, hatchet, human limbs
30 Cannibal clan camp with charred human skulls and a blood covered impromptu idol
31 Witch camp with eyeballs, pieces of candy, childrens bones and a toad
32 Loggers camp with tree stumps, wood chips, bacon fat scraps and ox sledge tracks
33 Common hunters camp with buried guts, scraps, campfire and broken arrows
34 Highborn hunters camp with headless skinned carcasses and impressions of noble tents
35 Knights camp with hoof prints, tent impressions, posh food scraps and broken lances 
36 Monks camp with broken ceramic or wood bowl, prayer beads, scrap of cloth
37 Swineherds camp with acorns, pig bones, food scraps and pig shit
38 Shepherds camp with spilled milk, crumbs of sheep cheese, scraps of wool and shit
39 Prospectors camp with donkey hoof prints, fragments of samples and mineral tests
40 Gnoll camp with broken and chewed bone fragments and urine stench
41 Mutant camp with scraps of rotten food, shed skin, mutant corpse and trails of slime 
42 Minstrel camp with several broken strings, broken wine bottles, used underwear
43 Masons camp with fragments of stone, metal tool chips, scraps or rope and cord
44 Fishermans camp with broken hooks, fish bones, scraps of line, shed of net
45 Spy camp, well concealed and clean to a fault, buried smokeless fire pit
46 Idiot camp with burned half cooked food, a sock, tinderbox and duck head on stick
47 Feral children camp with food scraps, broken stolen things, battered old ragdoll
48 Goat herder camp with chewed scraps of clothing, grazed vegetation and ringbarked tree
49 Rangers camp with well covered fire and few clues but secret signs left for other rangers
50 Adventurers camp with scattered old coins, fragments of map and armour scraps
51 Slavers camp with dozens of bare footprints, chain links, food scraps and a corpse
52 Messengers camp with discarded partly burned messages, hoof prints and ration crumbs
53 Travelling village drunk camp with half empty bottles and a sleeping drunk
54 Bandit camp with a steaming stew pot, pit trap, snares and bandits hiding near
55 Witch camp with cauldron bubbling on fire, invisible witches hiding in plain sight
56 Slavers camp with bound prisoner in open while slavers hiding with nets 
57 Cultist camp with cursed idols and bound captive awaiting later sacrifice
58 Bounty hunters camp with caged prisoner and several grizzled veteran hunters 
59 Elf camp with mushroom fairy rings and invisible mischievous thieving faeries
60 Druid camp where druids recruit and offer healings in secret from civilization
61 Wizards camp where bitter outcaste wizards drink and trade forbidden spells
62 Assassin camp where hired killers rest between local jobs and drink 
63 Rangers camp where people come to hire guides and scouts 
64 Filthy camp of outcast prostitutes secretly chaos cult with succubi/incubi leader 
65 Monk camp where humble monks with basic shelter pray and meditate in silence
66 Mutant camp where outcaste freaks wallow in misery, suspicious of normals
67 Templar camp where they investigate reports of chaos infiltrations in the region
68 Out of work labourer camp with men drinking and talking about uncertain futures
69 Bandit camp where drinking bandits celebrating with loot and hostage
70 Travelling carnies celebrating, don't mistake them for chaos cult and kill them all 
71 Witches or chaos cultist camp where they meet for cult orgies
72 Orc camp where band stages raids from, wanted by kingdom for atrocities  
73 Dark elf camp where they torture prisoners, surrounded by screaming fungus sentries
74 Ogre camp where poor ogres trapped into listening to halfling captives recipes
75 Paranoid murder hobo camp with no sense of humour in hiding to divide treasure
76 Flagellants having drunken party have lured local teens to join them in secret from kin 
77 Woodcutters either working, eating huge meals or drinking, with makeshift shacks
78 Skinners camp with hunters skinning animals, stretching onto frames and salting
79 Noble hunters gorging selves in fancy tents while servants toil for them
80 Monster hunt, expert hunters with villager beaters, resting and building traps  
81 Poachers camp where villains eating royal deer and other game, a death sentence
82 Military camp on scouting maneuvers will question suspicious strangers
83 Herders camp with goats or sheep or swine here for food or taking beasts to market
84 Homeless urchin camp with stolen goods, suspicious of adults and weapons 
85 Sylvan beings camp to drink and dance, use charms and addictive food on visitors
86 Lesser demons cavorting around bonfire eating human and tormenting prisoners
87 Devils camp where they rest while taking bound sinners to hellmouth to be punished
88 Apprentice wizards stopping to get drunk on way to city to attend school or guild tests 
89 Wizard with apprentices and guards on quest and looking for adventurers for a job 
90 Lynch Mob camping having caught victim, now they plan what to do with them
91 Sheriff with beadles, bailiffs and deputies looking for dangerous murder hobos in area
92 Criminal syndicate agents on mission hiding from law, camping here till they find a lead
93 Barbarians in hiding planning to raid, pillage and murder some soft villagers
94 Priests camp where seasonal holy fok come to maintain a obscure shrine 
95 Drug cartel brewing up and padding out drugs with glass, weeds and feces
96 Necromancers hacking up stolen corpses and using to create horrible construct
97 Cannibal clans having a cookout and celebration of siblings getting married
98 Herbalists gathering and preserving valuable medicine and party drugs
99 Artist colony, many naked, painting, sculpting, reading poetry, planing new world order
100 A petty god and some followers having a few drinks and sharing pseudo wisdom

note: will possibly break this up - was hard to think of abandoned ones - easy to do occupied ones. Would like to have had merchants, mercenaries wtc in second half.

Monday, 17 April 2017

d100 Magic Frogs for the Village Frog Shop

Yes you may need a non goat encounter in game. Believe me it can by done! A exotic frog might be seen near any body of water anywhere and possibly magic water attracts or creates magic frogs. Magic frogs might make a good potion ingredient or a quest. Frogs can be hard to catch and are harder to grab than whack as they have slimy skin. When you catch a frog they start screaming which sometimes startles a catcher (zero level save or drop) and scares other frogs away. Tadpoles might be about in right time of year. Toads are interchangeable and often less dependant on water if you have too many frog incidents. Lots of slate doorsteps might have a toad who lives under them. Most peasants think them lucky. Old nature cults adore them. Modern high church suspicious they serve evil and are evidence of witchcraft. But screw those guys. Frogs rule. Now you will need a frog dealer in every village.

d100 Magic Frogs
01 Glow in the dark - spooky by night often taste bad or toxic
02 Albino cave frog - signs of subterranean wet caves
03 Giant frog - a foot long frog eats whole rats or kittens or snakes
04 Night frog - jet black frogs very hard to see anywhere wet and dark has chilling scream
05 Bloodfang frog - brilliant red when angry or calling and can bite with bony teeth
06 Hairy frog- has hair like fur and each can make a quality glove
07 Bullet frog - has a hard nose and hurts when they panic and jump into people
08 Screaming frog - screaming like woman, predators attack fools who come to help
09 Barking frog - sometime cause children to climb down wells to save the puppy
10 Unifrog - has a small horn which it might stab any harming the water with pollution 

11 Chaos frog - swirling opalescent colours, explode like grenades for 2d4 on death
12 Batwing frog - frogs that annoyingly croak on your roof and attracted to lanterns

13 Jewel frog - have a semiprecious stone or sometimes cut gem in forehead
14 Acid frog - damages anything that eat them for d4 or you can squeeze out a few drops
15 Fog frog - when croaking release ufs of fog, hundreds will bathe area in mist
16 Slime frogs - fill ponds with slime that traps bugs and larger animals
17 Church frogs - marked with a holy symbol, stop croaking if undead nearby
18 Wolf frogs - travel in packs, have teeth and attack giant rats together 
19 Stone frog - looks like a sling bullet size rock but scream when you touch them
20 Mesmer frog - croaking is hypnotic making larger creatures dopy and slow witted
21 Web frog - spin webs and colonies cover water in web to catch food and defend babies 
22 Devil frog - spookily chant your name when close, orange warty and horned
23 Lemon frog - brilliant yellow can harmlessly squeeze out juice flavour to food 
24 Bearded frog - look very jolly and croak sounds like laughter
25 Spike frog - if grabbed spikes pop out skin and stab attacker for d3 
26 Vanila frog - tastes delicious and secretions can be used in cooking without harm
27 Purple frog - lick it and fail a save will have d4 hours of visions of the frog gods 
28 Horned frog - has tiny antlers that inflict a d3 damage, fight each other to rule a pond
29 Crown frog - has tiny gold crown and can talk, half tell horrible lies and are con artists
30 Lava frog - heat resistant and flammable, will ignite on own if angry, d4 dam to touch
31 Message frog - will repeat one sentence for a day if given a mouse to eat
32 Barn frog - will croak if intruders enter barn in return for a grub every day
33 Dairy frogs - like to swim in and steal milk but can be bribed to churn cream to butter
34 Doorstep frog - lives under doorstep and croaks if evil being steps before door
35 Grave frog - lives in graveyard and will hop immediately away if placed on undead grave
36 Sugar frog - taste sweet like candy if licked but can be addictive if over used
37 Master frog - will coerce other frogs to sing it's orchestral compositions nightly
38 Blue frog - will croak if there are any snakes about area and will try to flee
39 Cave frog - if you lick it will give you thermal vision for ten minutes, d6 licks per day
40 Galens frog - white with red cross, if you lick it will heal 1hp good for 2d4 licks a day
41 Bone frog - like to live in corpses and skulls which is creepy when the sing at night
42 Astral frog - makes peculiar sound if astral beings near, kept by shamen as pets
43 Witch frog - if killed the killer is cursed, has a pentacle on back, commoners avoid
44 Flint frog - has flint heals and can spark of a fire in dry conditions if hops in fear
45 Fruit frog - eat a fruit whole then disguises self as the same fruit that tastes gross
46 Wart frog - if warty skin is touched will be infected with warty charisma ruining growths
47 Blindmans frog - have blindness venom on skin infecting any who touch or lick
48 Hangmans frog - weaves skin into rope and leaves noose snares around ponds
49 Storm frog - carry a shocking grasp once a day d8+1 it uses to hunt with
50 Steam frog - iron frog can heat up cooking nearby critters, also kept in kettles
51 Blink frog - has very fast reactions and can teleport ten feet several times a day
52 Crystal frog - transparent and if held while casting ads +1 Lv once a day
53 Grog frog - taste like whiskey, once a day you can squeeze out one shot single malt
54 Skin frog - can be inflated as a air bladder or filled with gallon of water or wine 
55 Cleric frog - will clamp on a bleeding wound and stop a person dying
56 Guard frog - if placed by door and fed for 12 hours will croak if any come through door  
57 Wetstone frog - stony warts can be used to sharpen blades on but tends to ribbit a bit
58 Leaf Frog - large leaf looking growth on back seasonally changes colour and song
59 Magistrate frog - place on a persons head will croak if person tells deliberate lie
60 Thief frog - grey wiry fingered rough backed frog can be used as a set of thieves tools
61 Faerie frog - croaks wildly if any faerie circles or magic active in area at night
62 Goblin frog - only sit on non toxic mushrooms or toadstools and croaks on magic ones
63 Compass frog - likes to face direction of sunrise day or night, especially if well fed
64 Ice frog - immune to cold and radiates a chill that can keep food or a copse fresh
65 Arrow frog - can be used to poison a d6 arrow heads a day, save or 2d6 damage
66 Ogre frog - two foot long and ugly, AC+3 HDd4 bite d4 and chases dogs and children
67 Sulphur frog - if touches flame burns a d4 rounds then explodes for 2d4 over ten feet
68 Rust frog - rusts metal like a rust monster but avoids touching if possible
69 Plague frog - big fat and if squashed bursts spreading disease to all in ten feet
70 Clown frog - if licked causes victim to act like slapstick comedian for a hour if fail save
71 Xylophone frog - like to sit in rows according to notes in scale to sing
72 Kissing frog - used by teens to practice kissing, frogs don't mind much
73 Seer frog - can determine sex of unborn child by which way hops off ladies belly
74 Sacred frog - will avoid any unholy place, ground or objects, prey when singing
75 Salt frog - animals like to use as a salt lick, salt tolerant breed
76 Babel frog - if licked victim who fails save cant make comprehensible speech for a day
77 Beer frog - if placed in beer stien increases alcohol content by d4%, frogs like it  
78 Plough frog - turn over gardens looking for worms welcome at planting times
79 Bakers frog - if sits in yeast will grow faster and frog skims off it to feed self
80 Smith frog - leaks arsenic which is used in metal work or for poisoning or makeup
81 Talking frog - likes to point out peoples flaws, short comings and fears, not popular
82 Singing frogs - sing popular bard tunes they hear from passing singers
83 Gossip frog - know all the local village rumours but requires worms as payment
84 Slander frog - tells awful lies and makes vile claims about anyone if asked
85 Counting frog - will sort coins and stack neatly in lots of 20
86 Wizard frog - mumbles arcane sounding gobbledygook some claim helps spell research
87 Choir frog - will sing hymns, large group sing beautiful harmonies 
88 Limerick frog - recites often bawdy and filthy rimes popular in pubs
89 Lying frog - tells outrageous whoppers nobody would believe 
90 Foul mouthed frog - swear horribly with unwholesome stream of vile phrazes 
91 Lotus frog - sweats addictive lotus resin causing nightmarish hallucinations 
92 Warp frog - if eaten causes a petty mutation, frogs dont mind being eaten 
93 Treasure frog - kept in stash will croak if thieves touch loot or open storage container
94 Mariners frog - if licked allows you to breathe water for a turn, d4 doses per day
95 Sin eater frog - can eat a curse once a week 
96 Magi frog - can cast one first level spell a year
97 Displacer frog - never where it seems to and casts illusion of self elsewhere
98 Plutonian frog - lick it and if fail a save sends soul back to dawn times for a hour
99 Time frog - if you kill it time rewinds one minute, they stopped breeding aeons ago
100 Doom frog - kill it and will try to possess you and make you commit suicide

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Reflections on d100 list making, OSR and Blogging

Funnily enough Akkadian arts and sciences of every topic was taught using lists. The Melamu was a sort of wiki or dewey decimal system describing everything by file number. This Taxonomy system of the Akkadian tradition was the most influential system of education pre latin for thousands of years linking the Sumerian Babylonian Assyrian traditions. Kabbalism probably influenced by the occult of this tradition. Anyway lists and tables are hella cool. And a few ideas for topics to cover in a good fantasy setting. It occurred to me my method of table based world building has some comparisons to the Melamu and has over four years ate EMO Ive managed to cover lots of topics genres and trope. My favorite bloggers have filled in lots of holes for me too. Blogger has been a better resource for me than most published stuff. Possibly Im just cheap.

Im pretty comfy living cheap in adelaide but im back in syd now jacked into a shopping tower where ive found a quiet desk to work at. Im here for a month with just clothes, art supplies and a laptop so hopefully i will get some stuff done. The Xor manuscript over a hundred pages has gotten a bit awkward on a small laptop but I think I will get a fair bit done couch surfing. Im hoping to make enough cash then go back to Adelaide then get local qualifications to see if i can work. Looking at some gove work and some grants too. the best thing about my adelaide house is i can actually access every book, cd  and art toy I need cept the stuff mixed up with my flatmates stuff still. I still have 6 crates of spray paint to haul from canberra to adelaide somehow that moving truck wouldnt touch. Some good painting teachin gigs I need to go for. I need to do some big pictorial mural stuff even though it isnt really my thing. The money is good.

Hearing some OSR bitchfighting of late which mostly just makes me sad. The only people I have a problem with are ones who swear and are abusive to me in arguments which makes it hard for me to respect people who are so sure of themselves they can just be dicks without much provocation. Mostly people in various scenes have been very kind to me so I dislike it when a third party complains about people. I really only dislike one and a half people in the scene. One of those I read blog because I enoy seeing them wracked with doubt. Was hard to delete pages on blogger but it is easy now. But basicly I never got around to deleting them. The other half I love their work just not their sometimes abuse and sometimes kind words.

Anyway the Melamu project is an attempt to re-create this ancient book of lists and the topics on stuff like cosmology is pretty fascinating. You will note there is nothing about alien space commanders.

I spend a bit of time online criticising bogus history and archaeology and reading current essays on ancient near East. Im tempted to try and write for some sites on this topic so I don't have to waste my life fighting the wilfully deluded - I can just refer them to something I've written. Actually I get a bit of hate mail over this including from friends who tell me my 3 degrees and lifetime reading makes me ignorant. Funnily enough their lack of sensible sources and gut feelings make them better than me and prove I wasted my life. Cab drivers tell me this when I don't believe their hollow earth stories too. I feel history and the nature of reality are better subject to fight over than elf game fashions.

This has been post 850. Im finding myself repeating myself more often but have a big backlist of content to go still. I'm about 6 months away from a million hits still. Im still doing this mostly for fun and for myself. But I do enjoy feedback and it sometimes encourages me to do more stange things. Xor Book about 95% written. Murder highway about 80% so both could be done by Xmas.

Third Expedition to Xor with LOTFP

Had a nice LOTFP game With Dallas M as a halfling, two guys called Richard playing specialists sitting next to each other for convenience and a wizard who has been toying with zombies. Used my secrets cards which added to players role playing nicely. So the third expedition to Xor is underway.

Great to meet Dallas in meatspace after chatting on G+ for a while. LOTFP with emphasis on gore + contrast of 1642 England has worked well. Also I can travel with only one small book.

-met a guineapig man converted to church of england in a surgeon school
battled several demons called by secret chaos wizard saboteur on ship
-getting giant fleas in fields of hair
-recruiting native halflings over a orifice
-traded a pound of nails for a mutation potion
-visiting a citadel of traders where players realized financial opportunities of Xor
-met a previous expedition survivor, Greogory a trashed with vice mercenary with three wives and a guineapig man
-found some starving jesuits on way back and captured them which got them exited to torment and sell to Xor slavers for potions
-got back to ship got drunk and beat up jesuits
-specialist drank mutation poster and awoke with six legs in a centaur like configuration
-in morning they decided to test firing cannons at cliff faces which geysered blood from wounds. Decided to keep firing despite quakes and the floor of sea rose up under boat trapping it and pierced ship with giant bone spurs destroying ship - oops
-marched half surviving crew. Several players risked lives - one trying to get keg of iron nails and other failed to save the jesuits who were manacled in bottom of ship
-marched back to citadel and met a lovely sexy lady who tried to seduce several party members and charmed Gregory the merc they had met the day before. He said he would catch up later and specialists spied on them, lost them and found his soul drained body (succubus!). The body was easy to raise as a zombie without any residual spirit
-Back to citadel the wizard used zombie Gregory to meet the village chief and with audible glamour faked Gregory's voice. Got a request to kill a wizard for citizen rights. Killed some pig men and ghouls and captured evil wizard. Party wizard ended up with several zombies but original one pretty hacked up, plus Gregory and a pigman

Was big fun mostly talking and exploring and trading and learning local trivia like don't over eat any flesh, don't hoard metal and don't shoot Xor with cannons .

I ended up putting card in book to summarize gun mechanisms to help players. I might add some variety of gun sizes, blunderbusses and multi barrel guns - also I'm curious how much old guns weigh - a light multi barrelled pistol might be handy in a sleeve. Gun section in book a bit less user friendly.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Sour Hill - Sandbox Setting Ideas

Based on a pic of old Sarum a long lost town from olde england that inspire me to this new area of my campaign. Ive considered using the Empire as a setting instead of Exile Island and this is a mini setting in part of the Imperial continent. It also is easy to get to Exile Island when characters feel constrained by the order o the Empire. Sour Hill area makes a fine beginning and mid level area. There are knight territories and lands they could occupy at name level but the duties and obligations are more strict. Exile Island still is a place of social mobility and thick with dungeons.

A nice vid on the hittites a bronze age super power - not relevant but cool
Watching lotsa new bronze age research stuff

Region around Sourhill
A windswept hill coastal plane on the northwest coast of the Imperial continent. Area has been occupied by ancient kings and chieftains for thousands of years. The area has been under the sway of the empire for a thousand years but is a backwater considered inhospitable.

The Empire is divided into seven territories technically in a state of civil war which has everyone exhausted currently and has factions meeting in the old capitol. The two local kingdoms consider the area a barren wilderness. The old peoples held out here longer than the rest of the continent but were publicly stopped generations ago. The Empire follows the solar gods. The old earth gods used to dominate but there are plenty of remains from the earlier non human monster empire cults. Peoples from here travelled to Exile Island in the past and the convict ships are often used from the coast. Some of the coast has been sinking and dropping off every year. Fish folk are seen walking these semi abandoned shore line villages.

Inland is the area of Sour Hill on the Scar plains. Glacier mountains to the south are surrounded by humanoids and old ruins. A great meltwater lake is in the glacier and one day will pour down destroying everything in it's path. Between the Northland and the Westland kingdom since the civil war funds have been drying up. Both kingdoms are at peace and don't wish to trouble each other though technically the area is part of Northland. Nobody cares about the scar plains and the worst sorts are pouring in as civilization withdraws.

Sourhill is hilltop fortress complex in decline. Since the Temple was downgraded to a shrine workers come to collect stones to rebuild it elsewhere. Everything is in decline and murder hobos are starting to out populate normal people. Many locals traders are retired murder hobos and are still up for violence of grifting. Some say a quarter to a third of everyone is a cultist. The high church has decreed the area not worth saving. Many run down villages dot the area, many are abandoned.

Seven Kings and Kingdoms of the Empire
Emperor Stephanus "mad emperor"  despotically rules old capitol of Crownland and royal guard. When the young emperor proved insane everybody revolted leaving the Emperor in possession of the royal capitol.

Warlord Barnabas the old empire military district now the Warland. This area was dedicated to war fighting interior barbarians and humanoids that swarm from the mountains. Barnabas refused to kill the peasantry as ordered and revolted first but still hopes the Empire will be unified.

Matriarch Londra of the old empire Holyland, controls the crusader, templar and cleric orders. This is where the church administration is based. They support the empirial doctrine but are wary of the emperor and mostly ignore his orders.

Glorianna the Sea Queen controls the merchant fleets and navy of the Sealand city states. She supports the guilds who revolted against the emperors greedy taxes and seized the empire ships and ports. She supports other rebel nations revolting against the empire.

Prince Grendelheart warlord of the Northland ruler over backward and barbaric subjects. Since falling from the empire they have increasingly adopted the old ways and even have allied with the barbarians and humanoids of the mountains. Many back hills chiefs and lords refer to themselves as kings and Call the Price their High King.

Duke Harghar operates a semi collapsed area with feudalism in Knightland. The Duke established the feudalism and knight territories which cover the land. This system has been spreading elsewhere and is cheaper to operate than the imperial system. The Duke has a great council where knights tell of their deeds and have contests.

Barron Hargrave "The good Barron" controls petty kingdoms of Westland and has been adopting knightdoms and petty kingdoms. The barron is loved by peasants and claims loyalty to the Empire and just ignores the mad Emperor.

The Barrony and the Empire colony of Exile Island are sometimes considered two additional kingdoms. When the various states declare themselves kingdoms the empire will be over. There is talk that the states might unify militarily to keep the empires foreign colonies under control.

Useful Stuff for regionCrossroads
Mountains and Farmland Plains

Strange Trees
Strange Houses
Towers part 1

Towers part 2
Well Well Well 1 2

Ruins 1 2
Frontier Shacks
Evil Farms

Stone age Relics
Local Ruins

1 Crumbling cottage - stone or turf cottage
2 Prehuman mounds - strange artificial hills
3 Prehuman rubble - piles of once carved black stone
4 Prehuman catacombs - elder caves full of monsters
5 Cyclopean monuments - colossal carved stones
6 Cyclopean ruins - giant ruins from irregular carved rocks
7 Cyclopean caverns - huge caves often monster lairs
8 Ancient hillfort - artificial hill sculpted into fort town
9 Ancient barrow mound - great burial mound
10 Ancient highway - procesional roadway lined by stones
11 Ancient monoliths - menhirs and obelisks
12 Ancient graveyard - mounds and memorial stones
13 Ruined towers - crumbling towers
14 Ruined mausoleum - huge funeral building
15 Ruined manor - abandoned fortified noble houses
16 Ruined castles - crumbling or ruined forts
17 Haunted houses - abandoned houses
18 Ghost towns - abandoned settlements
19 Stonehenge - huge megalithic stone monuments
20 Elf mound - site of ancient elf activity

d20 Other Things

1 Tree circles - planted holy sanctuaries
2 Turf carvings - huge animals and gods cut into turf revealing chalk beneath
3 Old mine - open pits dot hills everywhere
4 Old grave - lone often unmarked grave
5 Old border stone - carved stone depicting gods and clans
6 Magic trees - elder trees worshiped by old cults
7 Forgotten wells - formerly sacrificial place
8 Old ponds - formerly sacrificial place
9 Flattened hilltops - former shrine locations
10 Strange idols - monuments to forgotten gods and demons
11 Carved wooden pole - depicting deities and beasts
12 Old quarry - where stones and chalk were mined
13 Sunken quarry - flooded with water and mud
14 Whicker figures - local tribal cult leave out figures of animals and people
15 Half carved monolith - partially chiseled from larger rock
16 Woodhenge - circle of carved wooden poles
17 Stone altar - used in ancient rituals
18 Skull shrine - stone with niche for skulls
19 Stone causeway - intersects a body of water with built up stone road
20 Old road - built connecting long gone towns and villages

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Secrets From Red Herring Castle

Old Sarum, town near Stonehenge on bronze and iron age hillfort. After fight between church and sheriff cathedral was moved and town ran down. Was gradually abandoned and people used stones for new buildings elsewhere. Nice little frontier town for a party. I will use it for inspiration for some setting stuff. Area surrounded by pagan and prehistoric religion. Attracts chaos cults and occultists. Murder hobos come for dirty dungeon deeds for cash. Area riddled in old ruins and pre human tunnels. Robber knights and pagan bandits nearby. 

Castle Red Herring is beyond McGuffin mountain along plothook ridge. The mystery kids often look there for secrets on their various cases. No problem cant be solved like a extended chase through

I've done some cultist stuff tables in the past and many object lists for dungeon decor before but this time I present more tables for dodgy stuff to find. This is a list of spooky crap you might find in a goofy gothic castle or crumbling crypt or murderous mansion. It should satisfy those tourist type gamers who wanna know history of everything about world then try and profit from it. Well you can now you can imply history or wicked plots and worldbuilding with some of stuff on second table.

d12 Some Gothic Containers
01 Wooden chest
02 Wooden coffin
03 Old barrel
04 Wooden crate
05 Covered in sheet
06 Funeral urn
07 Stuffed creature
08 Covered in cobwebs
09 Iron maiden or metal chest
10 Skull or body cavity

11 Large Glass jar with cork lid
12 Small idol or artwork

d100 Weird Things
01 Mummified brain
02 Dried heart stuffed with nails
03 Dried huge horned toad
04 Ball of dead rats with tangled tails
05 Mummified organs
06 Shrunken head
07 Mummy dust
08 Dried hedgehog
09 Wizened monkey paw
10 Baby skull

11 Fresh heart or brain
 Severed hand
13 A fresh eyeball
14 Bloody finger
15 Tatooed skin freshly torn off
16 Fresh scalp
17 Bloody bandages 
18 Severed ear
19 Tounge
20 Severed face
21 A crude fetish dolly made of sticks 
22 Statuette of aroused devil
23 Squat demonic idol
24 Tallow candle in hand shape
25 Medallions with demons faces and symbols
26 Jade idol with gem eyes of jealousy demon
27 Small black marble sphinx with missing face
28 Idol of serpent god
29 Squid faced demon from strange slimy stone
30 Sacred chaos holy symbol
31 Cloud of moths nesting
32 Living angry giant rat in nest
33 Rot grub in a hunk of meat
34 Huge jumping tarantula
35 Small colourful poison snake
36 Living startled huge bat hiding
37 Kyuss grub
38 Huge centipede
39 Angry cobra
40 Huge scorpion
41 Mandrake root
42 Dried hashish or poppies
43 Dried old mushrooms
44 Dried long dead flowers
45 Pipe and pipeweed
46 Dried turnip with carved face 
47 Monster plant seedpod
48 Alien fungal spores in tin
49 Black lotus resin in blocks and pipe
50 Piece of amber with tiny dead imp inside
51 Cameo necklace with eerie portrait
52 Tiny bird skull silver broach
53 Small silver holy symbol necklace
54 Copper arm band with designs
55 Large ornate brass key
56 Gaudy semiprecious stone and gold box
57 Pearl earing
58 Gold ring with inscription
59 Silver ring with seal
60 Broach with clan coat of arms
61 Quality red velvet cloak
62 Curly toed shoes with bells
63 Ornate skullcap
64 Fancy hat
65 Ornate leather belt
66 Finest kid gloves
67 Attractive satchel
68 Quality silk scarf or shawl
69 Fox stole with head and tail intact
70 Fine whale bone and painted silk fan
71 Shipping ledger
72 Holy book 
73 Merchant contract
74 Illuminated scroll in bone tube
75 Inn guest book
76 Pamphlet of moral concern
77 Building plans
78 Recipie book
79 Devilish prayer book
80 Illuminated book
81 Pair of spectacles
82 Pair of opera glasses
83 Domino or harlequin mask
84 Long silver hatpin d3
85 Tin of boiled lollies or toffee
86 Ball of wool and knitting needles
87 Bloody ornate dagger
88 Bottle of brandy
89 Ornate lace handkerchiefs
90 Ivory chess set
91 Imp or fairy in bottle
92 Tiny fire elemental in lamp
93 Bottle of tasteless poison
94 Healing potion in tiny crystal bobble
95 Tarot card
96 Ritual wand or sceptre
97 Spellbook with d4 spells
98 Demonologist manual describing 3d6 demons
99 Polymorph potion
100 Werewolf pelt - worn under full moon makes you a werewolf

d100 Odd clues
01 Ledgers with financial records
02 Births and deaths tax register
03 Account of ancient battle
04 List of criminal cases over decades
05 List of executions 
06 Mining claim certificates
07 Letter of credits from bankers guild
08 Soul contract with devil signed in blood
09 Bloody oath of criminal league with signatures
 Last will and testament scroll
11 Tragic love poem in scented envelope
 Letter with a death threat
13 Family tree on velum illuminated scroll
14 Deed for property, a crumbling old house
15 Deed for land which includes ruins
16 Cult ledger of evil deeds
17 Assassination contract
18 Apprenticeship ledger for region
19 Farm lease records for year
20 Wanted posters for local bandits
21 Missing persons list
22 Diary of a vampire stalking victim
23 Tales from the haunted moors book
24 Vivisection diagrams
25 Invitation to join dark cabal
26 Invitation to vampire ball
27 Methods to become a werewolf book
28 Letters from prisoner
29 Ransom demands
30 Diary of a virgin kept by cult
31 Journal of maiden imprisoned by wizard
32 Letter from woman held captive by evil knight
33 Letter requesting help to solve odd crime
34 Reports of local hauntings
35 Letter from sheriff investigating weird happenings
36 Spellbook bound in human skin with d4 nasty spells
37 Lock of hair and cameo with picture of maiden
38 Painting of evil overlord
39 Painting with hidden map under paint
40 Treasure map
41 Lair of monster map
42 Old abandoned mine map
43 Graveyard map with named plots
44 Map of mousoleum 
45 Incomplete recipe to create monster
46 Contract to be turned into a vampire
47 History book with hand footnotes from 
48 Plans of a queen trying to kill king
49 Book on last days of merchant house
50 Book describing a sinister haunting
51 Book describing witch sabbat
52 Book on introduction to witchcraft
53 Guide to selling souls to demons
54 Epic poem about trek to hell
55 Note describing secret doors and trapdoors
56 Potion recipe book
57 Unicorn skin book with blasphemous rites
58 Treasonous letters to foreign power
59 Letter to foreign drug lord syndicate
60 Blackmail letter from brother
61 Demonic pornography prints
62 Horrible torture prints
63 Letter begging for mercy
64 Letter from mayor offering to send payment
65 Testimonies from evil talking animals 
66 Confessions of torture victim
67 Angry letter from a witch demanding payment or else
68 Cult leader reporting on infiltration of community
69 Report on local virgin kidnappings
70 Missing children list
71 Crude letter from orc warlord
72 Arcane letter from dark elves 
73 Letter from wizard explaining why sex golem a bad idea
74 Demon contract demanding murder for long life unsigned
75 Letter recommending bringing roast human to village feast
76 Letter about having recruited clan of cannibal bandits to cause
77 Evil preist list of demands to restore hidden temple
78 Collection of human teeth
79 Letter offering soul for return of grandmother
80 Schedule for living humans to be driven from area
81 List of agents close to recent king
82 Rite to open gate to chaos plane
83 Letter demanding round up of local goats for sacrifice
84 Report claiming interference from those meddling kids
85 Plan requiring deceiving murder hobos to kill monsters
86 Siege equipment plans and material list to build ten 
87 Map of secret passage into royal castle 
88 Letter to clan of doppelgangers
89 List of monsters to be released in area
90 Roster of local monsters and guard duties
91 Letter of admiration unsent to famous evil wizard
92 Instructions from the lich lord
93 Letter of thanks from a lord of hell
94 Demonic prayer scroll
95 List of treasure giant king demands for hiring his army
96 List of local humanoid leaders
97 List of missing ships and cargoes
98 Map of secret evil trade routes
99 Description of scandalous affair that would bring down several clans
100 List of doppelgangers in key civil positions