Saturday, 14 January 2017

A Xor Game Set Up

I'm going to have a go at running Xor shortly using Lamentations of the Flame Princess hopefully. I'm possibly using for con game in future. I will start putting all Xor stuff into a document shortly.

So I will allow a character to have any European or Insular Isles European origin. Non-humans will be pretend to be human mostly. Monsters are rare mostly products of wizards. I will start at 4th level and let them burn some money and time on research before game.

The party will be in northern England in the Employ of a wizard in late 1600s. Players get to battle a summoned being to get to know abilities while under employ of a wizard. Witch hunters will be about also. They will impress nobility and be sent to investigate a demonic invasion caused by dimensional breach. They will find Xor and be taken into it's otherworldly vastness meeting peoples and dealing with resources.

Another possibility is will be a ship crew who find strange Spanish ship damaged and repaired with bone and skin with mad mutated crew and hints of fabulous treasure and knowledge. Will lead to finding Xor as an island.

A crazy idea is having party in 1700 test a balloon and blow off course.

I think a historical setting will make Xor stranger.

Also the 1600 are bloody horrible which suits my grimy Rabelaisian aesthetics.

Xor appearing in Psychon or as a local reality in a Psychon hex but would just be another gonzo region. Xor on Carcosa might be nice fit too. Or Greyhawk perhaps. Of course it might be fun to destroy Forgettable Realms or Dragonlance settings. I could bait in players with classic DnD canned setting then flip it into the horrible stuff i normally do. I'm hoping when I am not homeless on finally buckling and getting 5th ed, mostly as that is most popular game at club and very few interested in anything home made or old even if they have never tried it. Though Ive had some requests for my version of BX. I have been trying to use Lamentations to use a name brand and to jerk around ppl not into adult dnd but still too obscure for my club. Still have problems with my old players unable to mix anymore so i need new ones.

Will see how this goes - Im head hunting players for early next month when my school holiday work and murals all done.

My ad for players at club had problems again - i tried to scare away potential problems by promising sex, gore, hammer horror and visual aesthetics of heavy metal yet ppl i know wont like this expressed interest because they didn't understand references and did not research or ask what this meant. Sigh.

Friday, 13 January 2017

d100 Sacrifices to Appease Gods

So Im extra homeless at moment unlike the legally homeless living in a warehouse Ive had for years. Im working extra to afford bond/shipping and thinking of which state i will move to. So my posting here become lame. Not gaming much either but hope to resume when i have a place and gaming again.

These are sacrifices of desperation to avoid punishment from the gods. The wrath of the gods is often in the form of a monster (bitter venom of the gods in Babylon). Some societies practice horrible sacrifices of people to maintain power and fear over subjects rather than divine will. Some sacrifices of treasure are made to remove wealth from circulation and keeps people producing more wealth.

Sacrifices in these cases could mean human or treasure or animals on a case by case basis or all.

They might explain the existence of a treasure horde or provide a story hook.

You might roll a few times to account for living and material sacrifices destruction.

d10 Common Living Sacrifices
1 Animals typically common farm animals
2 Animals of prestige such as horse, ox or lion
3 Slaves
4 Criminals
5 Heretics or witches
6 Commoner selected by lottery
7 prisoners of war
8 Children
10 Nobility or royal blood

d10 Common Valuable Sacrifices
1 Piles of mixed coins in pots, sacks or cauldrons
2 Collection of weapons
3 Brass and copper decorated urns, plates and arm rings 
4 Works of art
5 Idols of gods, beasts or nobility
6 Tapestries and rugs 
7 Carved ivory, tusk, horn and teeth
8 Gold neck and arm rings
9 Coffers of silver
10 Chest of gold coins

d10 Sacrificial Ritual

1 Gathering of robed clergy or cult by night
2 Folk festival with dancing, singing and feasting
3 Nobility and priesthood lead solemn procession of commoners
4 Priesthood with choir, musicians and initiates chanting
5 Actors performing mythological drama with sacrifice for finale
6 Crazed drunken mob in a naked frenzy, dangerous to outsiders
7 Warriors in battle dress drunkenly cheering and clashing weapons 
8 Leaders and clergy directing mob to build or move a monumental object
9 Parade with nobles, clergy, guilds, floats, palanquins and idols
10 Wailing mourners with incense burners in a funeral like procession

Sacrifices to Appease Gods
01 Huge Wicker man or animal stuffed with sacrificial beasts and people
02 A giant brazen bull with a furnace and sacrifice burned within 
03 Chain victims and loot in a wild place as sacrifice
04 Sacrifices locked in boat and cast into sea currents at mercy of nature
05 Sacrifices hurled into a flaming pit of burning logs
06 Sacrifices impaled and arranged into a forest of wailing screaming victims
07 Sacrifices bled into a great cauldron as part of a ceremony
08 Sacrifices whipped to death by wild goat men then eaten
09 Hurled into seaside sinkhole to be eaten by the pit kraken
10 Sacrifices burned in a great pit with animals and goods

11 Sacrifices buried in tomb alive with some important person in a huge funeral
12 Sacrifices drowned and corpses hurled into a body of water

13 Dropped into a fearsome dungeon hidden beneath the earth
14 Sacrifices hurled of a cliff and dashed to pieces
15 Sacrifices hurled into arena with savage carnivorous creatures
16 A huge treasure and sacrifices poured down a sinkhole and sealed
17 Sacrifices buried under huge earthworks inside wooden building
18 Sacrifices ritually beheaded and innards read by by soothsayers
19 A ancient gate is activated by ritual, sacrifices hurled in never seen again
20 Mummified sacrifices alive and seal in coffins then stone sarcophagi in a tomb
21 Sacrifices cooked and ritually eaten by community 
22 Sacrifices flayed and turned into craft items and artworks for shrine
23 Sacrifices hunted and torn apart by hysterical mob
24 Sacrifices chased by devout warriors and hunters over hunting ground
25 Sacrifices hunted by creatures across wilderness or ruins
26 Open cave has sacrifice victims sealed inside monsters stone labyrinth
27 A huge monument is built and many loyal workers accidently killed
28 A huge monument is built and many slaves are worked to death
29 A huge monument is built and sacrifices are required during construction
30 Ox wagons with goods are sent into the wilderness
31 Left in wooden cages on old pagan grounds just beyond civilized roads
32 Left on cliffs at low tide, high tide will cover sacrifices
33 Victims crushed by stone slabs
34 Victims crushed by statues of divinities
35 Statue with articulated arms holding weapons dismember sacrifices
36 Statue with axe or sword beheads victims
37 Statue with animated mouth chomps victims and blood runs down stairs
38 Victims cooked with huge lense that lights burning pit
39 Collection of human hearts left for creature
40 Victims with weighed legs hurled into flooded pit
41 Bloody skulls in heaps piled up as sacrifice
42 Acid dripped on sacrifice till dissolved
43 Victims and treasure hurled into acid pit
44 Victims and treasure hurled into volcano
45 Tied to wild beasts and sent into to forbidden land
46 Dropped down pit with giant snake or worm
47 Victims hurled to undead or lycanthropes to create more
48 Victims hurled into huge stone mill turned by chanting workers
49 Sacrifices frozen in blocks of ice then sawed up and/or set adrift in sea
50 Sacrificed weighted and hurled into sea or lake or well or rapid flowing river
51 Victims strangled and fed to animals
52 Virgins staked out with treasure for dragon
53 Attractive youths sealed in labyrinth with minotaur
54 Hurled from mountain top
55 Staked out for giant birds to carry away
56 Staked out for giant ape or kaiju to carry away
57 Sealed in vault with tentacled forgotten elder god
58 Hurled from boat into waiting arms of fish men
59 Demons called to carry sacrifice to nether realms
60 Sunk int a swamp, living sacrifices possibly strangled first
61 Sunk into septic pit of sewerage
62 Buried under foundations of temple
63 Fired into ravine or wall by trebuchet
64 Thrown into huge kiln or forge
65 Burned in huge wicker man figure in ritual
66 Thrown through entry to the underworld
67 Left in sacks by faerie circles or elf mound under full moon
68 Hurling sacrifice into lair of monster with petrifying or death gaze
69 Hurled into pit of hungry lions or bears or other monster
70 Local high wizard and apprentices destroy with fireballs or other spells
71 Hurled int spike filled pit
72 Hurled into pit of snakes or scorpions
73 Hurled into pit of giant spider webs
74 Slaughtered by soldiers on sacred field
75 Driven through gauntlet of holy men with flails
76 Forced to battle each other or gladiators in arena 
77 Staked then fired at by archers or slingers or javelins or darts
78 Staked or buried up to neck then mob hurl stones at
79 Staked to iron pole or tree in lightning storm
80 Hurled into bottomless crack in the earth 
81 Covered in honey and left out for bears or insects to eat
82 Hurled downs steep staircase and torn apart by mob at bottom
83 Servant of the gods in chariot comes from heavens to collect sacrifice
84 Destroyed by wizards summoning elementals
85 Lowered into cauldron of boiling metal
86 Sealed in trap filled complex
87 Hurled into green slime pit
88 Hurled into pit of rot grubs
89 Hauled int pit overcrowded with plague carriers
90 Hurled into septic pit with neo-otyugh
91 Hurled into subterranean ruined elder city roaming with shoggoths
92 Tied and hurled into carrion crawler pit and Implanted with eggs
93 Chained to rock exposed to sun to slowly die and desicated
94 Hurled into magical hole nobody knows where it goes
95 Sealed in cave with living lake of protoplasm spawning monsters
96 Hurled in a pit, actually digestive tract of titanic slumbering beast
97 Sealed in ancient tomb full of mummies or a lich
98 Hurled though a hellgate to the nine hells
99 Hurled through gate to elemental plane (or quasi or demi or para plane)
100 Lashed together in cage filled with hundreds of stirges

Im out of practice

Monday, 2 January 2017

d100 Mystery Virgins

When you rescue a maid from a dungeon or bandits cage or a cult sacrifice yo might need this table. Feel free to turn it into a d100 feisty lads table if cultists in your setting more progressive. Not all girls you meet in a dungeon really need saving, but many appreciate help.

Such girls have been handed from faction to faction to end up in current captivity. Many girls manage to keep their virtue and this keeps their price high. The gods must help them or something. Monster bosses usually let their wives keep such prisoners as maids and keep them working. Only when a girl has no offer so ransom or no slave value will monsters abuse them. Selling women to murder cult is more profitable. Boss monsters usually use death threats to keep their smarmy minions hands off such women.

Rescued ladies might be willing to remain followers, join the party, marry a rich hero or more. In a early 90s wargame I played women were a standard treasure from sacking a kingdom and they were used to marry to your generals or allies to cement deals. Certainly they can open more adventure possibilities and quests.

d10 Quick Mystery Virgin Types
01 Local peasant
02 Local town folk
03 Local noble
04 Murder Hobo
05 Gang member
06 Slave labourer
07 Church devotee
08 Non humans
09 Shape shifters
10 Planar travellers

d100 Virgins
01 Local village elders pious child, taken from her room by kidnappers
02 Peasant girl snatched on road visiting grandma by beastmen
03 Girl tempted into woods by beastman of some kind
04 Shepherds girl kidnapped by vile humanoids to trade
05 Girl snatched by orc raiders who laid waste to her village
06 Girl snatched near a haunted forest by dark fey folk 
07 Milk maid captured by wolf riders and has been labouring for goblins in a cave 
08 Girl kidnapped by cult to feed monster but it hasn't been hungry since hibernating
09 Girl has grown feral in woods and lives with d4 1=wolves 2=panthers 3= elk 4=goats
10 Maiden was a cult witch but was captured by another enemy cult who planned to kill her 

11 Girl whose merchant father was charmed by a devil swine into selling her to orcs
12 Lost street girl kidnapped by criminal gang and sold into slavery 

13 Girl kidnapped from home for girls by cult ended up selling her on
14 Maid was a cultist but on mission out of town was captured by some other faction
15 Girl is from a urchin street gang in town was whisked off the streets by enemies
16 Girl on way to convent school kidnapped by bandits
17 Virgin bride sent to be part of business deal, actually she is a rugged barbarian
18 Maiden daughter of government official used to blackmail parents
19 Maiden daughter of pawn shop used to blackmail all kinds of goods
20 Maiden of aggressive merchant house used to provoke them into clan bloodfued
21 Knights daughter who's father searches for her across the wastes
22 Caged girl spinning a loom has incredible weaving skills makes a masterpiece a year
23 Knight's daughter skilled at healing arts and potions
24 Harem girl, formerly noble of doomed race
25 Royal concubine whose virginity saved for nobility only fallen into slavery
26 Young bride sent as part of diplomatic baggage stolen
27 Long lost princess kidnapped from far away land by wizard or witch
28 Long lost princess magically trapped for centuries clueless of modern era  
29 Maiden of a non human race ignorant of the human world
30 Maiden from another plane banished by rulers
31 Horse archer and thief from barbarian amazon tribe 
32 Young warrior priestess captured from group of pilgrims
33 Shield maiden found on beach from some northern berserk clan
34 Apprentice wizard of noble birth now a savage dungeon destroying spell caster
35 Sister of a knight who ran away with her brothers weapons living as a male knight
36 Monster hunter temporarily injured now ready to escape and kill everything in reach
37 Assassin spying on dungeon for faction and treasure info
38 Paladin maiden recovered from battlefield by monster healers
39 Warrior nun on a quest of violent retribution waiting chance to escape
40 Mad serial killer maiden with extra gags and restraints
41 Dungeon clan thief traded by family to other faction 
42 Bandit woman was held for ransom in a treaty
43 City gang member sold to monsters
44 Leader of local bandits, pretends to be innocent and in need of protection
45 Cult spy sent to infiltrate another faction for information, sabotage and theft
46 Professional courtesan and spy, pretends to be innocent merchant girl 
47 Muscle bound handsome thief in disguised as maiden while his comrades eaten 
48 Pit fighter woman purchased and traded between faction, angry and violent 
49 Murder hobo who's party killed, has spied on monsters, plans to escape for fresh troops 
50 Infamous bandit leader traded to monsters by traitor plans to escape and kill enemies
51 Common servant girl goblins stole as slave, scared and ashamed
52 Ladies maid who tricked kidnappers into taking her to save mistress
53 Flower seller girl randomly plucked form city streets, lived in squalled poverty whole life
54 Girl taken as cook by bandit gang was later traded through many dungeon factions
55 Wood cutters daughter kidnapped by witch, has been working as monster house servant 
56 Lady with education acting as translator scribe for illiterate dungeon monsters
57 School mam has been used to teach monsters reedin and rioting and good spilling 
58 Skilled seamstress keeping factions outfits best looking in region
59 Apprentice healer, midwife and apothecary with impressive healing streak 
60 Slave assassin sent undercover to murder another faction leader and promised reward
61 A young nun having ordeal and temptations aplenty, faction use her as medic and scribe
62 Cleric warrior from military order managed to end up with criminal slave stalls
63 Priestess kidnapped to perform rituals for faction shrine
64 Cleric warrior on quest to find relic has found herself a prisoner
65 Blessed warrior maid spoken to by god, faction unsure if to believe her holy status
66 Holy healer maid has been subverting alignments of captors with her divine aurora
67 Priestess of rival evil religion will trick rescuers to return her to her own evil temple
68 Flagellant maid has been letting faction torture her as personal test, horribly wounded
69 Plucky acolyte investigating cult was caught, other meddling youths all sacrificed to evil
70 Nun in disguise from warrior order infiltrating dungeon searching for a relic
71 A elven maiden kept as hostage to keep elves away, great reward for rescuers
72 Gnome woman is a prisoner making jeweller she longs to return to village
73 Fish person hybrid girl kidnapped from the underland depths, breathes water
74 Dwarf woman had been working as a blacksmith and her legs are frequently crippled
75 Elven warrior maid defeated by squid men who sold her for cash, she is deadly
76 Large tall strong maiden actually a juvenile giant 6 foot tall
77 Hobbit woman the captors thing is a human virgin child
78 A savage orc barbarian maiden keen to kill captors and loyal to rescuing
79 Dark fey elf maid looks sweet but dedicated to demons and chaos
80 Faun beastman maid, naked and feral, if tamed will be loyal and become a bard
81 Hungry doppelganger woman keen for chance to steal or eat someone 
82 Changeling maid in human form hoping to escape at first opportunity
83 Maiden is a selkie and desperate to get to open water and escape
84 Maiden is a swan may who obeys because faction hold her magic swan cloak
85 Maiden is a lycanthrope d4 1=werewolf 2=wererat 3=seawolf 4=werepanther
86 Maiden is a devil swine and was in process of taking over captors with charm magic
87 Maiden is actually some type of undead or spirit in human form
88 Maiden is possessed by spirit that has a desperate mission and protective powers
89 Maiden is a rare type of mimic that shapeshifts into attractive girls and brought into lairs
90 Changeling animal spirit has not revealed animal form which she is saving to escape
91 Maiden from a diabolic or demonic bloodline and dedicated to evil
92 Maiden is a Illusionist sorcerer spying on dungeon on quest for relic
93 Maiden from a elemental bloodline and unfamiliar with human language and customs
94 Maiden is a being from the demiplane of shadow and seeks victims to feed off
95 Maiden is a vampire on a mission from her creator acting as their eyes
96 Maiden is a succubi or other type of demon in disguise on a mission
97 Maiden is angel seeking a relic and will reward virtuous but keep her divinity a secret
98 Woman is a witch coven leader and her cult are searching for her
99 Woman is a flesh shredding shoggoth in disguise as crazed hungry maiden
100 Woman is a avatar of a deity on a mission

Monday, 26 December 2016

d100 Tainted Elfborn

Elves who live under the will of their version of the elf queen and king are safe and able to breed true elves. By entering sacred marriage ceremony their love is dedicated to their clan ancestral monarchs . For elves outside elf land and exiled from the loving grace of royal masters they return to the magical breeders of life that populated the world in the late dawn age. Some clans relish the curse and tribe may have one version only curse for whole tribe. This will change the nature of elf clans quite a bit. Some devout human elf cultists might mate with elves deliberately for strange elf blessing.

Goblins are related to shrubs, vines, fungus, lichen, algae, ferns, succulents like cacti and any smallish plants. Bigger goblinoids evolve from goblins. Elves often employ them but they often run wild. Elves will plant goblin and even orcs between their lands and human kingdoms. Bright sylvan or dark fungal versions of goblinoids are quite different to the typical wild goblins who mutate and create sub breeds in a few generations in a environment. Bright ones tend to be ivory fair or green vegetal skin. Dark ones are black, grey or violet skin. Wild goblins often brightly coloured even piebald.

Back in the Dawn Age elves were made to help the gods and spirits that operated nature. They in turn made many other breeds that are common today. Immortal elves find pregnancy a ordeal but often perform it out of social duty. The cursed elves reproduce lots of strange children to create a viable elf which they consider mothers heroic. Many elves are lascivious and quite carnal. The males happily mating with humans for a lark then run away. Only a desperate Elf maid would mate deliberately to reproduce with a human but many may tease or experiment on humans.

Elves are the first humanoid race to reign on behalf of the gods. They created most animals and many monsters. They created goblinoids to do their dirty work and orcs were made by dark gods to destroy elves from elves own dead. Humans appeared at the fall of the Dawn age and the start of the monster age when tyrant beast men entered a unholy covenant to rule. More men were created from beast men and lived still as beasts, the barbarians and wild men. When man revolted many monsters and other races were  destroyed in revenge. Many creatures and races hid themselves or sealed themselves into dungeons.

This table is to be rolled when only one parent is elf or parents are both elfish cursed outlanders.  Elves fallen to chaos more likley to use it too. It could be used for sylvan transformations.

d6 Basic Birth Type
1-2 One Child d4 1=elf 2=half elf 3=changeling 4=random d100 Tainted Elfborn
3-4 Identical Twins d4 1=elf 2=half elf 3=changeling 4=random d100 Tainted Elfborn
5 Different race twins 1=elf 2=human 3=goblin 4=random d100 Tainted Elfborn6 Goblin Litter d6+1

d100 Tainted Elfborn
01 Elf, but different breed
02 Elf, unique type of elf
03 Elf, extinct type of elf
04 Elf, from celestial court 
05 Goblin litter d6
06 Kobold litter  2d4
07 Hobgoblin
08 Bugbear
09 Changeling, animal or plant type nature spirit
 Elf, half elf who can pass as human
11 Human
12 Gnome

13 Dwarf
14 Halfling
15 Centaur
16 Faun
17 Beastman abhuman
18 Mineral or elemental abhuman
19 Plantman or fungi abhuman
20 Orc
21 Sprite 
22 Leprechaun
23 Faerie
24 Dryad
25 Brownie
26 Litter of gremlins 3d4
27 Nymph
28 Nixie or pixie
29 Undine or Sylph
30 Doppelganger
31 Bear cub
32 Badger
33 Litter of 3d4 rabbits or hares
34 Litter of 2d4 kittens from wild cat
35 Litter of d6 puppies or wolf cubs
36 Beaver twins
37 Twin deer
38 Twin goats
39 Fox kits d4
40 Litter of 2d4 weasels, stoats, pine martins, otters etc
41 Doves or bats born adults fly away to the wild
42 Swan Eggs 3d4 or ducks or geese
43 Pheasant Eggs 3d4 or other wood or grass or wet land birds
44 Salmon or eel or pike or other fish huge egg clutch
45 Snake egg clutch or tortoise or crocodile
46 Mass of frog spawn or newt or salamander or toad
47 Cattle or pony
48 Lion or tiger or panther or leopard
49 Pleistocene megafauna d4 1=sabretooth 2=mammoth 3=rhino 4=glyptodon
50 Dinosaur egg
51 Ogre
52 Hill giant
53 Formarian
54 Harpy
55 Griffon
56 Unicorn
57 Chimera
58 Hydra
59 Sphynx
60 Dragon
61 Lamia
62 Naga
63 Banshee
64 Manticore
65 Minotaur
66 Hag
67 Nightmare
68 Hellhound
69 Dire wolf pup
70 Ogre Magi
71 Satyr
72 Purple worm egg
73 Giant spider
74 Giant scorpion
75 Myconoids
76 Needleman
77 Shambling mound
78 Sylph
79 Troglodyte
80 Troll
81 Insect swarm
82 Carrion crawler grub
83 Giant octopus
84 Willow the whisp
85 Yeti or white ape
86 Giant snake
87 Giant cave squid
88 Owlbear
89 Hook horror
90 Grell
91 Treant seed
92 Mermaid
93 Diabolic changeling
94 Demonic changeling
95 Elemental changeling
96 Talking animal
97 Lesser devil
98 Lesser demon
99 Small elemental
100 Minor nature spirit

This is increasingly sounding like a Japanese comic but it is only for elves

Saturday, 24 December 2016

d100 Elf Gifts

These are handy things from grateful elves or other sylvan or faerie or even animal folk.

d100 Elf Gifts
01 Leaf wrapped vegetarian Long Life Rations 2d6 days, no weight
02 Cloak of Elven kind helps wearer hide in forest or mountains or against unworked rock
03 Boots of Elven Kind helps wearer move silently when trying to sneak
04 Musical Instrument worth d6x100gp and +1 to any musical skills
05 Silver Dagger glows if goblinoids or orcs within 6" 
06 Spear that changes length from dagger to spear to long spar or lance
07 Set of single edged silver shortswords with fine scabbards
08 Goodberries 2d4 in a bag heal a HP each or supplies a days food
09 Jaunty Elfish Hunting Cap +1 to spotting things rolls
10 Elfin silver sabre sword d8 damage

11 Pot of d10x100 gold pieces that melts outside elfland within 24 hours
12 Acorn if left in larder fills with 30 days of food by dawn

13 Bottle of addictive elf wetnurse milk incredibly delicious and equals a day of food
14 Lump of Coal that burns for a month 
15 Glowing marsh melon makes light as a candle for month or 3"radius if burst for a hour 
16 Jack O'Lantern if lit and placed near door will arise as scarecrow if strangers enter house
17 Honey Comb drizzles a spoon of honey a day or can use up by summoning a bear
18 Teabag that lasts a year with tasty refreshing herbal tea
19 Ground Roast Spiced Chicory Powder makes tasty warm drink, enough for 20 doses
20 Bottle of White Desert Wine excellent vintage worth 60gp
21 Magic Beans, if planted becomes a plant sprite overnight d4 in bag
22 Wolf Weed Seed, if planted grows into a loyal pet vegetal wolf beast
23 Acorns that grow a tree overnight as if 30 years had passed d6 in a bag
24 Acorns of healing cure d4 with d6 in bag 
25 Flower Seeds each covers 1" square in thick pretty flowers in pack of d6 
26 Goblin Seeds each grows a warrior goblin in 24 hours, pack of d6
27 Vine Belt can grow lengths of strong climbing and swinging vine, d6" per day 
28 Hair Seeds make flowers grow in your air for a d6 months, d6 doses in pack
29 Fire Pinecone inflicts d4 in a 1" square
30 Berryseeds, a handful of seeds grow a 1" patch of fruiting berry bushes by dawn
31 Arrow that always points home
32 Quiver of 12 long range arrows that get no rage penalties
33 Quiver of 12 silver +1 arrows 
34 Lycanthropy Arrow, most frequently inflicts victim with werewolf disease if they fail save
35 Charming Arrow hit as a charm person spell and causes no damage
36 Plague arrow, causes disease if target fails to save
37 Quiver of 20 silver arrows
38 Arrow of Healing cures 2d8+4 HP on struck target (causes no damage)
39 Iron Arrow is +5 and does 2d8 damage vs supernatural and magical creatures and races
40 Leafhead Arrows in quiver of 20 bump up bow damage to d8
41 Elf Cat loyal 20lb cat, expert at hiding and climbing HD 1+1 AC16 Dd6 MOVE 16"
42 Elf Hunting Hound with nice hair HD 1+1 AC14 Dd6 MOVE 24" Sprint
43 Elf Hunting Falcon, will catch rabbits and birds skillfully and warns of hazards ahead 
44 Elf Magic Goat can translate many animal, human and Elf conversations and has milk 
45 Elf Finch can carry whispered messages from person to person 
46 Elf Work a small pocket size stinging snake that protects purses 
47 Attractive but grumpy fairy in bottle who dances in hopes of being released or fed
48 Faerie trapped in amber looks shocked, if carefully removed is very grateful to rescuer
49 Elfin Peacock, decorative alarm, hates snakes and screams if strangers approach home
50 Pet Squirrel, gather and sort scattered items very quickly if commanded, adorable
51 Boar Tusk Comb, makes existing hair grow 20% faster if used daily to brush
52 Stag Helm, gives a antler headbutt attack extra for a d6 damage once a turn (10 min)
53 Owls Crown allows a human to see in the night like a owl, needs some light to see
54 Bull's Torc gives the wearer +1 CON if standing on unworked earth or stone or wood
55 Beavers Teeth, if implanted in holes left by teeth, gain ability to eat wood like a beaver
56 Weasel Claws are gloves that improve climbing abilities while worn, d3 unarmed attack
57 Badgers Claws are gloves for digging, move a foot of earth per round, d4 unarmed attack
58 Otters Gloves are for swimming add +4 to your MOV in water, very warm and dry
59 Bats Ears fuse with your ears providing sonar vision and perfect dark vision
60 Toad leather vest makes you toxic to eat while wearing, bite attacks save or avoid
61 Moss Potion covers d4 1" squares with rich thick soft moss, lichen and ferns
62 Moon Tree Potion grants permanent second sight near full moon for 3 days
63 Celestial Tear Potion allows drinker to levitate to the moon and back in a single night
64 Golden Orb Potion if used drinker glows 3" radius that undead find repulsive -2 to hit
65 Star Potion if drunk gives visions of dreamland suggesting a quest and travel there
66 Brazen Noon Potion makes the drinker immune to natural fire till next dawn
67 Blue Mushroom Potion makes drinker sense the nearest d3 gates within 12 hours march
68 Heavenly Lotus Potion makes drinker gain +1 Level for a d6 hours
69 Dragon Ambergris Potion, can vomit fire bolt 4" 3d8 damage once
70 Unicorn Horn Potion cures poisoned person or nuetralizes a poison in liguid
71 Name of fairy knight who will negotiate to fight once in return for a promise or pact
72 Name of a fairy lady who will attack a supernatural enemy for you once if called
73 Name of the Blue Lady who if called brings a letter from your fairy godmother once
74 Name of the faerie knight who will carry you and your servants as per teleport once
75 Name of a faerie princess who will conjure a mile long fog bank that lasts for a hour once
76 Names the king and queen of bright elves and dark elves, befriend faction of elves once
77 Names of the Harlequinade, calls a creepy elven carnival to a location for a single day  
78 Name of the Tree Ancestor, if called will sprout a plant with d6 goblins in pods, once 
79 Name of the Horned One , if called by night will send a servitor gargoyle for night, once
80 Name of the Wild Hunt can be called to set upon a villain or fugitive, once
81 Lesser demon bound in rock freed if broken might fight if freed as favour but don't trust it
82 Faerie Swarm Bottle acts as a insect swarm spell, an choose to take coins instead of HP 
83 Pipes of the Satyr are able to play a single lascivious tune by anyone who plays it 
84 Horn of the Banshee  if used by night all within mile afraid to go out side, one use
85 A Hand Mirror with a pocket universe complete with cursed undying eccentric occupants
86 Ancestral bundle of human bones from the dawn age returned to your race after aeons
87 A grumpy argumentative faerie in a jar but a good scout and spotter glad for release 
88 Moss of the Tree Men allows user to speak to plants for a hour d4 doses a bag
89 Wrist sundial, a time piece and navigational aid in a attractive bronze bracelet
90 Wolf Biscuits, if fed to a wolf it becomes friendly towards feeder, d6 per box 
91 Holly Leaf Crown +1CON when worn on head 
92 Silver Moon Bow makes every arrow fired act as if silver
93 Living Branch Bow grows d6 arrows from it each day as long as watered 
94 Silver Torc gives wearer +1 DEX in night or darkness
95 Copper Ringlet allows you to speak to one common animal
96 Silken slippers make you immune to spider or magic webs and improve your dancing
97 Sprite Idol can be awoken as a sprite to serve for on hour once
98 Silver Ring can call for help from sylvan beings once for a rescue
99 Ivory Ring wearer can turn into wild boar under a full moon (three days per month)
100 Thorn Crown can cast Entangle three times a week

Thursday, 22 December 2016

d100 Goblin Gifts

d100 Goblin Gifts
01 Dandy lion wine
02 Gourd of honey
03 River stone beads on strings
04 Pointy mushroom like cap
05 Acorn bread loaf wrapped in oakleaves
06 Small pointy toed boots
07 Bushel of field mushrooms
08 Bushel or wild berries
09 Hag Spittle
10 Spiderweb shawl

11 Scream in a bottle
12 Small bottle holds d6 gallons of fresh rat milk

13 Sick with minor spirit bound inside
14 Gremlin in a bottle
15 Wand with 2d10 charges of a cantrip
16 Fetish idol with green eyes - all chaoic beings save or crave it
17 Turnip with carved face summons a scare crow
18 Purse with d600 copper coins but weighs as 10cp (holds copper only)
19 Outlandish coloured troll wig +1 CHA when worn
20 Terrorbird Egg
21 Arousing mushrooms d6 doses
22 Screaming baby mushroom in pot
23 Addictive spore dust 2d6 doses d6 hour high
24 Explosive toadstool d6 damage over 1 " square
25 Glowing mushroom as candle but lasts for years
26 Prophetic dream mushroom d6 hour trip one Y/N crisis
27 Magic mushroom allows user to commune with spirits d6 hours
28 Tiny adorable mushroom person fits in pocket
29 Sovereign mushrooms, 3d6 days food with no weight
30 Chaos Mushroom, eater gets a lesser mostly cosmetic mutation
31 Ball of lizard tails +d6 HP when carried
32 Lucky ogre tooth - +1 saving throws
33 Gold nose ring 
34 Nose Bone - +2 poison save
35 Necklace of teeth 2d6 each summons a kobold who obeys for a turn
36 Dungeon Magic Pie
37 Healing Potion d6
38 Basket with live snake
39 Best quality licking toad or newt
40 Bag with pipe and quality swamp goblin tobacco
41 Obedient zombie rat in a box
42 Dire Wolf Pup
43 Large bejeweled beetle worth d6x10gp gems
44 Stirge in a box
45 Colourful magic fish in bucket with magical effect if eaten
46 Baby goblin wrapped in leaves or huge pea pod
47 Hand size rat eating spider
48 Baby vampire cave squid
49 Baby goblin riding bat
50 Footlong baby purple grub or carrion crawler
51 Dried Beans - cast Entangle d4 times
52 Wasp Hive - casts swarm once
53 Whistle - summons a wandering monster d6 times
54 Dried Beans - cause d6 months of flatulence if eaten, serve d3
55 Spider Web in bag allows one to cast web spell once 
56 Bark Ointment casts bark skin d4 times 
57 Bear Paw can cast strength spell d3 times 
58 Set of goat or ram horns may attach to head, increases headbutt to d6
59 Goat Hoof Shoes fuse to feet permanently if worn +d6 MOV
60 Kelpie Membrane, stretch over face to cast water breathing d4 times
61 Tree Seed, acorn or pine cone grows adult tree over night d6 per set
62 Goblin Chewing Stick a potent drug, +d3 MOV +1 DEX lasts 1 hour, d6 doses
63 Wizard Hood, dried skin bag from newborn baby wizard face, +1 INT if carried  
64 Goblin Shaman Chunder if eaten grants ability to cast a random cantrip daily
65 Goblin Priest Chunder if eaten will turn into a zombie on death
66 Goblin Goat Bagpipes can be used to attract goats, even better for bard
67 Bat riders Crop, +2 to ride bat ability and +2 to bat morale and understand bats
68 Wolfmasters Bow, compact composite shortbow with base damage of d8 per arrow
69 Goblin Arrows, warped willow shafts twist in the air ignore cover and range penalties
70 Goblin Lord Dagger, spider venom on first stab every day
71 Goblin Spider Fetish, atracts bugs and spideres that spread cobwebs everywhere 
72 Goblin Worm Fetish, dig under it if left overnight find 1d6 meals worth of grubs
73 Goblin Fertility Fetish, any births in house get a goblin baby extra in any birth
74 Goblin Mushroom Fetish, attracts fungus to grow in 1" square area double speed
75 Goblin Goat Fetish makes goats produce a extra kid each birth if kept in stall
76 Goblin Love Fetish increases holders CHA +1 if held in both hands visible to all
77 Goblin Bug Fetish increases growth rate of arthropod and or shelled invertebrates
78 Goblin Plant Fetish makes garden in 1" square grows twice as fast
79 Goblin Demon Fetish allows demons to observe area through idols eyes
80 Goblin Ancestor Fetish allows user to cast speak with dead once per week
81 Cauldron cooks battlefield meat into spicy stew, can cast animate dead once a month
82 Sickle of silver if used to cut mushrooms preserves them fresh twice as long 
83 Sword of Goblin Metal, shortsword, any wounds save or -1STR 1Turn, non cumulative  
84 Goblin Javelin, bursts in air into a d4 separate javelins and roll each to hit, only once 
85 Goblin Pot, can be used as a d6 club, a +1AC helmet and makes food taste better
86 Goblin Bong, ceramic water pipe, pack of goblin weed, +1 HP, -d3" MOV for an hour
87 Goblin Trap Tools includes quick snare trap, dose of poison, d3 rabbit rabbit traps
88 Goblin Inflatable Goat Boat, folds from a one man coracle to a 10lb pack
89 Goblin Scroll with a random wizard or priest spell with d3 Level power on leather
90 Goblin Tinderbox with a bottle of flammable oil, handful of gunpowder, d3 signal rockets
91 Goblin Potion makes drinker turn into a goblin
92 Smoked Goblin Ham +1 STR permanent if you can eat and keep down in one sitting
93 Holy Loaf has spores on wheat that causes eater of loaf to be able to see invisible spirits
94 Goblin Skin Ointment gives user rubbery flesh of a goblin +1AC permanently
95 Chaos Crystal if cracked raw ether inflicts a major mutation on whoever broke it
96 Goblin Scepter holder translates common into goblin speech and vice versa
97 Trained Wolf, can guard or track or attack, very loyal to good 
98 Trained Giant Riding bat can carry a small humanoid or child
99 Four trained giant tracking rats, loyal to who feeds and cares for them
100 A highly trained Goblin Dancing Girl (also concubine, spy and assassin)

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

d100 Philosophers part 1

Philosophers in fantasy rpg's?
Not something that springs to mind in most settings. Focus on modes of thought and finding the truth through argument and logic. Study theory of knowledge and ethics. Might offer important knowledge, solve riddles, ethical advice, teaching, expertise. Philosophers ideas sometimes become popular influencing law makers, conquerors, commoners, educators magicians and more.

Student of philosophy d3 levels
Philosopher typically d4+2 levels
Teacher of philosophy d6+4 levels

d8 Class of Philosopher 
01 Wizards who ask metaphysical and material questions to further magical studies
02 Sorcerers who contemplate their powers and will and their place in the universe
03 Bards who tell entertaining lessons and specialize in rhetoric and sophistry
04 Clerics who follow abstract philosophical concepts, cosmology, eschatology and metaphysics
05 Monks are athletic philosophers given over to contemplation and self knowledge
06 Warriors who pragmatically kill people and offer simple brutal wisdom
07 Rogues who are concerned with linguistic trickery, plunder, power and politics
08 Several classes

d40 Disciplines
01 Anatomy
02 Physics
03 Alchemy
04 Cosmology
05 Ethics
06 Epistemology
07  Logic
08 Theology
09 Language
10 Mechanics
11 Botany
12 Zoology
12 Hydrology
13 Geology
14 Meteorology
15 Thanatology
16 Astronomy
17 Eschatology
18 Dungeonology
19 Mythology
20 Aesthetics
21 Self Knowledge
22 Geometry
23 Athletics
24 Education
25 Politics
26 Mathamatics
27 Music
28 Warfare
28 Rulership
29 Justice
30 Medicine
31 History
32 Geography
33 Phrenology
34 Numerology
35 Divination
36 Occultism
37 Science
38 Magnetism
39 Spiritualism
40 Immortality

d20 Methodology
01 Deep Meditation for months
02 Intense Contemplation of subject
03 Seclusion in a cave or hermit shack or in nature
04 Starvation, exposure and self abuse
05 Debating other philosophers
06 Getting drunk in a grove and writing
07 Thinking in comfortable chair with cats
08 Breaking taboos on sex, food, hygene or vice
09 Living homeless with almost nothing
10 Debating with students
11 Public speaking in common places
12 Getting drunk or drug abuse
13 Dancing and athletic feats
14 Speaking in courts advising nobility
15 Communing with nature and wild beasts
16 Research in library studying past experts
17 Wallowing in misery
18 Testing hypothesis with experiments and tests
19 Socializing at dinner parties with thinkers
20 Communing with otherworldly entities (tricky)

Styles of Work
1 Dialogue
2 Epic
3 Rhetoric
4 Poems
5 Oratory
6 Play
7 Odes
8 Prophecy
9 Monologue
10 Treatise
11 Testament
12 Maxims
13 Codex
14 Letters
15 Hymn
16 Commentaries
17 Inquiries
18 Fables
19 Riddles
20 Aphorisms

d20 What happened to that famous philosopher?
01 Burned for heresy by church
02 Executed by state for trouble making
03 Made it rich and lived well
04 Involved in despotic take over that eventually failed
05 Offended rich or powerful person
06 Died alone in poverty
07 Died happily married with lots of children
08 Advised a tyrant and died shortly after patron
09 Struck by lightening or other "natural" event
10 Killed by angry mob
11 Eaten by monster (sphynxes common)
12 Died of exposure and hunger
13 War hero who received state funeral and monument
14 Ideas wildly popular during lifetime and a while after death
15 Killed in a fight in pub or marketplace
16 Died after going mad from syphilis and espousing rubbish
17 Died very popular but students split into squabbling factions
18 Works were banned by state or church who burned books after death
19 Killed trying to prove idea or with apparatus failure
20 Taken away by divine beings

d10 Schools of Philosophy
1 Elemental Materialism - everything derived by one or more elements
2 Cosmic Structuralists - planes structured in opposite cosmic forces
3 Ethical Taxonomy - the nature of good and evil
4 Natural History - the natural world and living things
5 Pragmatic Realism - practical functionalist thought for every day life
6 Logical Realism - use of logic to dictate the nature of reality, mostly by thought experiments
7 Mystical Realism - true knowledge of inner self leads to understanding cosmos
8 Arcane Realism - the theory of magical arts and sciences
9 Juristic Legalism - law makers and judges theorise best codes, best life, kings and citizens
10 Theological Metaphysics - explain things through the will of the gods

d100 Schools of Philosophy
01 Fire is the prime element above all others and is the source of everything
02 Air is the prime element above all others and is the source of everything
03 Water is the prime element above all others and is the source of everything
04 Earth is the prime element above all others and is the source of everything
05 All the elements in harmony explain all phenomena
06 All the elements in violent struggle explain all phenomena
07 Earth Air and Water are the true elements, fire is not a thing
08 The elements include a fifth element a spirit filled void that binds all the worlds
09 Para elementalists use combination elements lightning, ice, mist and crystal
10 Quasi elementalists use 
combination elements radiance, metal, shadow, wood

11 Chaos is the true prime element, law is eternal stasis, inaction and death
12 Law is the prime element, chaos is a entropic breakdown of reality and destruction

13 The balance seeks to keep law and chaos restrained and in harmony to benefit the world
14 Lawful Good teaches to obey laws state of holy law and to be kind others
15 Lawful Evil teaches to use the laws of powerful to benefit yourself at cost to weak
16 Chaotic Good preaches altruistic hedonism, goodness only works with freedom 
17 Chaotoic Evil preaches no restraint in killing, cruelty, only recognize brute force or desire
18 Primal Chaos teaches chaos must resist seduction of intellect, thinking and sentience
19 Khaos is a corrupt philosophy where devils used demons to control mindless chaos
20 Good preaches you should help others, be kind and do the most good for everyone
21 Evil preaches selfishness and cruelty, rob the weak and punish them 
22 Neutral use good and evil to benefit the self and their own kind as required
23 Elemental Evil claims by uniting evil elementals they will control the universe
24 Demonic Evil study demonic sigils, names, titles to gain power over the world
25 Diabolic Evil study the political machinations of devils and the hierarchy of hell
26 Elder Evil study prehumanoid gods of darkness, their servant races and their history
27 Necromancy studies the power of death, the void, spirits, the underworld and undead
28 Elemental purist select one element, hate all others and oppose one as a enemy
29 Somnambulists study dreams and the dreamlands, illusions a phantasms
30 Celestialists study the angels, archons, devas, cherabim and nature of paradise
31 Beast Mastery study the ways of animal kind, man is just a beast
32 Plant Mastery study the living power of the world tree, herbs and plant spirits
33 Fungi Mastery study the living power of the world shroom, drugs and fungi spirits
34 Healers dedicate themselves to healing others and caring for the sick and teaching
35 Weather Mastery studies seasonal climate shifts and predictions
36 Alchemists study the chemical and occult properties of materials and life
37 Natural Philosophers study all the systems of nature and it's correct balance
38 Materialists claim everything is made of tiny modrons following complex but strict rules
39 Astrologers see the stars for predictions, analysis of problems and movements of gods
40 Anatomists perform dissections to study how bodies work but (but dislike being burned as necromancers or heretics)
41 Stoics are pragmatic and famous for enduring suffering and piety to the divine
42 Cynics say everything will be worse than you think and are pessimistic
43 Realists demand proof and observable examples over word games and pure logic 
44 Materialists seek physical explanations and workings of reality
45 Utilitarians try to inflict the most pleasure and good on the most people possible
46 Hedonists say pleasure is the most good but long term pleasure better than quick ones
47 Mechanistic Socialists inspired by dwarves to work collectively on communal machines
48 Morbidism revel in gloom, doom and the pointlessness of life, life is suffering
49 Village Communalism believe everyone should live like peasants and kill the rich
50 Positivists have can do spirit and are always optimistic, it is pragmatic to act happy
51 Fluxians debate the movement of energy and changing states of matter
52 Statics debate the inherent illusion of change, life is eternally recursive again and again
53 Legalists seek to reform everything and are keen to destroy the old order and history
54 Formulists like everything explained with numbers, diagrams and formulas
55 Phantom Realists preach life is a dreamy illusion, if the dreamer wakes everything ends
56 Demonic Mechanists preach all nature animated by invisible demons there is no free will
57 Dualists preach two all powerful beings battle to control or destroy the universe
58 Monists all is part of a single great mindless being, those who understand this know most
59 Aeonists believe world is mashed up from remains of previous universe by a lazy god
60 Devolutionists believe we are reincarnated from monsters and killing them is purification
61 Mediumism believe you can channel spirits of dead or yet to be born to learn of future
62 Exactism practice physical disciplines and the master beats students who fall short
63 Devaism practice meditation and non harm of living for the serious practitioners
64 Bruteism only by torturing and making others suffer can you truly feel alive
65 Tanism practice sex rites and drug abuse to gain enlightenment, critics claim it is bullshit
66 Roulettism believe you only feel pleasure when risking everything for the moment
67 Apeists believe everything is a imperfect copy and free will is just copying others
68 Mono Cosmicism meditate to commune with the world spirit in hopes of release
69 Self Cosmicism meditate to commune with true self and control body and desires
70 Monadism teaches life is related through the first being and we should all love each other
71 Arkanism teaches wizardry is the sun source of science and knowledge and the universe
72 Planarism teaches world is shallow sideshow to the ultimate reality of multiverse
73 Arkane Reptilianism believe the reptile overmind shall return the age of reptiles rule
74 Spherical Recursion teaches world is a hollow sphere within a sphere eternally
75 Cosmic Arborealism shows the cosmos is interconnected by a wood between worlds
76 Octomantic Correlationism pits 8 schools of wizardy in confict as the cosmic trigger
77 Insantism believe universe created recently complete with false memories and history
78  Autamonism teaches everything is clockwork mechanism running down with no free will
79 Atomic Realism claims all things made of tiny cosmic motes with individual soul particles
80 Metamodronism says there is one modron and all are minute parts of it
81 Divine Regalists teach rulers are bound to their lands fortune and fate to the cosmos
82 Universal Judicialists teach justice principles must be applied to all equally forever 
83 Hedonstic Realists seek to appoint a ruler to apply pleasure or pain to all subjects
84 Codifiers collect and debate laws for the best justice but feud among peers lots
85 Hegamonists seek to establish a lawful utopia, criminals are to be killed by automatons 
86 Consciencialists teach a actual demon and archon watch our every moral choice
87 Egalitarian Selfism preach all are equal and obligated by love to serve society
88 Cooperative Pacifism say all beliefs can be accommodated in name of peace and love
89 Combatists study strategy and warfare and place soldiers above the weak
90 Peasant Realism preaches farming life is best and all other work is a folly
91 Law vs Chaos is all that matters, more extreme the manifestations or conflict the better 
92 Good vs Evil is all that matters, more extreme the manifestations or conflict the better 
93 Light vs Darkness in cosmic battle are all that matters but a bit more difficult to pin down
94 Light and Darkness are in harmony and the wise person balances these forces
95 Life vs Death are cosmic forces locked in struggle to maintain fragile existence
96 Conspiracist Empiricism believe secret societies and cults control history
97 Temptationists believe godhead makes all events a test to see if souls worthy of progress
98 Indiferentists believe divine made everything but doesnt care and nothing matters
99 Spiritual Evolutionists teach spirits migrate from body to body, evolving towards godhood
100 Glorious Stasis school shows the universe is a great broken machine now in linear time

Next texts and and actual philosophers
I might do a xmas crowd sourced extra weird philosophies too, like today's but more gonzo or a planet psychon alliances table. Have starts of a goblin gifts and elf gifts tables. Reading LMFP again too as my travelling book. I had to vacate a house again and was out in 24 hours. My stuff in storage and im now in adelaide.