Sunday, 23 October 2016

Happy Halloween To Me

So i had mars attacks game and extra set of walls (actually i got wall first then was so happy i got game). I got compilation rule book hard cover first. I had the lil yello book reprinting the cards and recent mars attacks art. Im a big stormin Norman Saunders art fan and have a hardback fat book on him.

So recently i got a incredibly unreasonably good deal on a bunch of accessories in a quiet bit of shop shelf space. I thought i had gotten parhaps 200 bux in value and was wrong. It was more like $600. So thank you kind benefactors.

So I have a huge stash of most of range (no cripples & lame humans or burning cow sets though which replace card ones in box. I should get. I possibly lost a pack with helmets but only single helmet packs for a bug director.

Ive been a 1/72 man mostly with 25/28mm being rarer in my stash. Mars game has me more seriously committed to 25mm. I some hero quest bard game minis. Star ship troopers arachnids. This game got me collecting expensive replica dinosaur figures which has progressed over the year so i could play Dinosaurs attack variant of this game. I has lotsa dinosaurs now. Doh.

I was gonna make a dog event in cards a figure part of the game somehow

Dinosaurs and animal and other monster  or even robot figures are are great. I can practice drawing them too. Many monsters are handy for both scales. I also have a few hundred heroclix nowadays soon so they are a good crossover. Maybe do marvel or DC vs Mars Attacks. It might be good to make alien figures that are to be human allies in game could be more exotic mercenaries serving the Invasion. Of course the early DC crossover in early 80s called Invasion was a Mars Attacks rip. I cant remember which company but I think mars attacks attacked some smaller comic line universe. I have a good heroclix scale batmobile too.

When playing marvel and building a city i am less fussy with scale because Marvel is like that. I use tiny train scale civilians and motorbikes and use hotwheels and matchbox toys. Works pretty well. Toy cars good for Roadwars games to as are lotsa giant aussie animals. There are several kits online to sex up toy cars with guns at my toy car standard size and close to 1/72. Have some DnD monsters once again chosen to work in different scales. Have some good terrain bits. Im gonna set up model making again.

Minis I hope to afford again one day include some brit plastic sets of post apoc men and women and zombies with variant parts that would work well with mars attacks.

Are some brit action tv retro minis like dr who, avengers, blakes seven, james bond.

Found a cthulhu mythos mini game which would expand my cthulhu wars and has 25mm investigators we use in our Cthulhu campaign.

I could do a huge game of mars attacks with these factions.

Mars military faction - saucers, grunts, marines
Mars science faction - robot walkers, stealth martians, bug handlers and science troops
Dinosaur faction - all dinosaurs and a ultimate saurian overmind figure
Zombie Faction - zombies nuff said
Bug faction - starship trooper bugs  or arachnids and other bug figurines
Space aliens - variety of more pro human types
Human Military
Human MIB science superspies
Human Civilians - lots of heroes and bait
Super Heroes
Super Villains
Robots - have a few minis worth getting any robot toys
Godzilla - haven't thought this through
DrWho - various dr who incarnation, assistants, unit
DrWho Enemies - master, dalek, sontarans, cybermen
Brit superspies
Orange boilersuit guys in villains lairs or hooded cultists
Federation - from blakes seven

Solo Mars attacks might be in order

Marvel rules might work well

Am gonna study and looking for new local job. As lack of qualification in my current work is hampering me im going to study a bit. Bosses pretty flattering butlotsa over qualified ppl applying unskilled version of my job. I have 3 degrees this job doesn't count. Hanging with my visiting niece from West Australia. Dads crook and giving me his exit plan as he is 80 and has 2 fatal illnesses now. He plans to refuse treatment. So I might have to go back to South Australia and sort out stuff and move there any time over next two years so im a bit loosey goosey about future but im pretty ok. My niece is great maybe i can platy martians with her and my flatmates. I have made her dress up as two separate unicorns since visiting and we have had some memorable adventures together in last week.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Terrible Campaign Ideas: Karth-Oom

Characters exiled by ship to colonial territories far away. In the land of Karth-oom, a ancient society of humanoids castes live in sprawling subterranean cities and holy citadels. The Humanoids have a ancient cast system.

Hobgoblins are the warrior caste and do the fighting, they train and hunt and execute criminals
Goblins are the fungus farmers, foresters and herd giant caterpillars
Kobolds perform butchery, funeral services, garbage removal and gongfarming
Bugbears are holy men and ritual assassins and may break any taboo they please including cannibalism

Goblin kin claim they reincarnate from kobold to goblin to hobgoblin to bugbear

Humans arrived twenty years ago and used superior sorcery to replace the king bugbear with a governor. Goblins now grow sugar and tobacco instead of traditional crops. Human hunters like to hunt the giant caterpillars which upsets the locals.

Players are expected to help the governor:

Look for the secret bugbear murder cult hidden among the bugbear caste
Find the hobgoblin bandits who are operating with support from native neighboring kingdoms
Kobolds are popular house slaves with humans which discuss goblinkind who try to murder kobold house slaves for transgressions like talking to masters and touching food of superiors
Orcs have been brought in by humans and need to be trained to patrol the kingdom - this outrages goblinoids who regard orcs as demons lower than kobolds.
Find missing ladies from a palace raided by "wild" goblins
Goblin gods demand a thousand sacrifices or the moon will eat the world, if Humans don't facilitate this a night of murder and mutiny erupts
Human troops killed several bugbears performing a sacrifice and now area is in rebellion
The priests were known to have hidden wealth when the occupying forces arrived, search their temples and holy caves and fungus groves for the treasure
Those graveyards some drunk men robbed are having some undead problems go clean up
A trouble making human priest is stirring up the goblinoids, capture this man
A human priest has been accused of kobold abuse and outraged local goblinoids, punish the non human savages
A bugbear priest has taken rebels and holed up in a citadel fortress, find their weakness
The governor appears in public riding a horse and locals outraged he will not ride or ritually mate with a Caterpillar
Bugbear priests make blood idols from blood and spongy fungus, human church declared this sacred crop be destroyed
Goblins are becoming opium and tobacco addicts, and sitting about being indolent, sales are good but work is down
Bugbear priests have been up to something in wilderness, some kind of huge ritual and building a new huge idol, find out where and kill them and burn whatever they were up to

The governor always gives terrible advice to win:

"Don't listen to natives just kill them until they are pacified"
"Burn down a few temples until they locals hand over the trouble makers"
"We need missionaries from home to administer the troubled districts"
"Torture them, they don't feel pain like us and the good gods will forgive you"
"If they hide in their caves execute their women and children till they surrender"
"Burn their crops and store houses then they will cooperate"
"Publicly flog their leaders till they cooperate"
"Take some wizards and fireball them on a high holy day to teach them respect"
"wade in blood and gore!"
"For the emperor we can do no wrong"
"Kill them all and bring in orc slaves"
"Tear down their filthy huts and build them proper human houses"
"Put the whole population in a camp, they are dying out anyway"

Sorry this sucks why are we here?
The empire uses colonies to get rid of most vile criminals, cruelest despots and most corrupt
Possibly party will realise that following orders will destroy the colony
They could take over or replace the governor with a letter to the emperor
Grab as much loot as possible and escape before the colony goes up in flames
Go native, help goblinoids repel humankind
Invite pirates and plunderers to take over and make everything worse
Invite necromancers because that always ends well
Let the bugbears summon a demon god to drive the humans back to the sea

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

d100 Reptilian Mutation

This will be a set with my other mutation tables so i can have a gamut of genetic freaks and tainted blood lines. Reptilians are the older race, they held great power but have lost it. Most lizard men are degenerate mutants and barely sentient but able to build stone tools and even some make underwater crossbows. Ancient ones were different, there were many breeds and factions and alignments.

The greatest master plan of survival was hybridizing with humans in the long run but this might have been their decline also as many variant breeds couldn't unite or agree.

These could be used for yaun-ti and other variants of reptilian peoples.

Even elves and dwarves and other races might have some reptilian taint. Elves once mated with dragons with the gods and some fairies children have reptilian traits but elves usually shun them. Reptilian taint elves live in seclusion but might mate with humans from desperation.

Possible mutant types upcoming  include plant, insect, mechanoid, elemental, mineral and more. might revise this one to fit new tables, sprouting compass dials, temperature gauges, etc

d12 Taint came from...
1 Been in family since slaves in ancient times
2 Family had secret serpent cult but mostly forgotten clues left
3 Reptilian cultists in family till recent times, possibly some families still worship
4 A wanderer settled in town and carried taint into your clan through marraige
5 An exotic bride was claimed by a clan leader and she brought the taint
6 An adopted child possibly a slave married into clan bringing the taint
7 Some ancestor battled creatures and rescued victim from them and married them
8 A family member married into the cult and for several generations intermingled
9 Woman was captured by reptilian degenerates, was freed and married by clan hero
10 Ancestor drank a strange potion given to them by stranger
11 A clan took in a fairy bride and several children had fangs, the bride escaped
12 A strange traveller in area had illicit affairs with many local women spreading the taint

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

Notes minor mutations
Many attacks are not extra just options for unarmed attacks
Major mutations add extra attacks

d100 Minor Cosmetic Reptilian Mutations
01 Snake eyes
02 Thin flat lizard lips
03 Thermal vision 6" range
04 Sealed ears flat ears
05 Eye membrane protects from water or dust
06 Flattened nose, sealable nostrils
07 Hairless
08 Eye ridges
09 Wattles on neck and face
10 Elongated face

11 Skin peels like reptile
12 Fine scaly skin

13 Thick reptile skin +1AC
14 Wattles and ridges all over
15 Skin darkens or lightens depending on light
16 Spiny needle like scales looks shaggy or leather like
17 Diamond pattern skin
18 Stripe patterns skin
19 Piebald skin colour
20 Huge scales all over like shinglesback lizard
21 Floppy spines on back
22 Sail like fin on back like dimetradon
23 Small rigid plates or spikes on back
24  Snake like flexible torso
25 Spikes on sides 
26 Spikes on spine
27 Spikes on chest
28 Poisoned spikes on body with painful mild poison -1 all rolls/24 hours
29 Can spit fire oil once a day d6 + burn d4 rounds if a critical hit
30 Can spit venom once per day d3 + on critical blinds for a turn if fail save
31 Small stubby tail 
32 Long flexible tail d3 whip
33 Knobby lump on tail d4 club
34 Snake like flexibility
35 Carapace shell
36 Reptilian genitalia, females lay eggs
37 Stomach stretches to over stuff with days worth of food
38 Musk gland for marking territory
39 Low waste, excrete a sloppy pellet infrequently
40 Can evacuate bowels rapidly when running away, +d4" MOV first round fleeing only
41 Clawed fingernails d3 help to cling or fight
42 Suction cup grip fingers for climbing
43 Webbed hands for swimming
44 Extra long fingers
45 Snake like flexible fingers
46 Snake like flexible arms
47 Missing thumb
48 Huge single fingernail claw d4
49 Ambidextrous
50 Double jointed arms
51 Clawed toenails  d3
52 Suction cup grip fingers for climbing
53 Webbed hands for swimming
54 Backward knees
55 Good Jumping +1" to any jump
56 Snake like flexible legs
57 Prehensile toes can grip things
58 Single huge toe claw d4
59 Enlarged feet
60 Long toes
61 Forked tongue to smell with
62 Pointed teeth d3 bite
63 Elongating jaw can eat things as big as your head while alive
64 Hideous croaking and hissing sound
65 Lisp when talking
66 Huge fangs with d4 necrotic venom bite
67 Beak d4 bite
68 Elongating sticky tongue
69 Jaw like a trap, once bite can hang on continually damaging victim
70 Expanding jaw can gobble fist size critters in a instant
71 Frilly ridge of armoured bone around head +1AC
72 Lumpy thick skull d3 headbutt and +1AC
73 Small horns on head
74 A horn in the middle of head d4
75 Two horns in top of head d6
76 Scaled feather or bone head dress or folding crest and frills
77 Elongated neck a yard long
78 Neck flexible like a snake
79 Can walk on all fours as fast as a lizard 12"
80 Can crawl on belly and swim like a snake without using limbs 6"
81 Resistant to off food and poisoned food stomach
82 Can survive without eating or drinking for a week
83 Can go into torpor in extreme cold hibernates
84 Resistant to disease and infection especially through food
85 Slowly will regrow lost fingers and small body parts
86 Can live off algae, cacti, fruit, leaves
87 Lives off large invertebrates, rodents, eggs, fish, snails and other stuff
88 Expanded lung capacity hold breath 1R/CON point
89 All offspring carry even greater reptile taint, a chosen one
90 Special bloodline, all fanatics of ancient reptile dynasty, inborn characteristic
91 Cold and unexcited
92 Finds all mammals and birds look and taste delicious
93 Urge to restore reptile dynasties over the world
94 Like to lie about on warm rock in the sun for hours in the morning
95 Easily startled and alarmed by noise or movement or sound
96 Territorial over living arrangements
97 Can remain perfectly still and even stop blinking for hours
98 You are convinced of natural superiority of all things reptilian
99 Dreams and visions of the old times when reptiles ruled
100 Reptilian sexual fetishes

d10 basic types

1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

Notes Major Mutations
Major mutations add extra attacks
Snake body parts are extra heads they can see and bite
Bite can be d3 for hair or fingers, d4 hands or d6 for larger
Mostly have mild poison inflicts 2d6 if victim fails save

d100 Major Reptilian Mutations
01 Independently moving bulging eyes
02 Track by scent
03 Sense by motion within 3" in darkness
04 Enhanced hearing, locate directions of noises
05 Sense invisible within 6"
06 Thermal vision 9"
07 Low light vision see in dark or minimal light
08 Face covered in snakes like a beard
09 Sick up a small poison snake once a day save or 2d6 poison damage
10 Two snake antenna grow from forehead

11 Chameleon skin improves hiding ability if naked
12 Toxic skin, anyone biting you when stressed save vs poison or go blind for a day

13 Disguise with 24 hours can alter appearance when shed skin, once per week
14 Can shed skin once per week to look more human or reptilian each time
15 Dinosaur hide +2AC
16 Armoured plates in skin +3
17 Slimy skin +1 AC or difficult to grip or wrestle +4AC
18 Bleeding wounds stop after one round, self stabilize in negative HP
19 All scars heal 
20 If inflicted only 1 HP causes no harm, Immune to insect swarm bites
21 Amphibian, can remain underwater for CONx5 rounds
22 Spit Fire 2d6 damage 1+CON bonus times per day critical burns extra d4 rounds
23 Spit acid 2d6 damage 1+CON bonus times per day critical burns extra d4 rounds
24 Spit blinding venom save or blinded 1+CON bonus times per day
25 Carapace shell +4 AC
26 Small wings fly 6" for CON in rounds per day if light encumbered
27 Large wings fly 12" or glide for CON in rounds per day if light encumbered
28 Reinforced Spine +1STR
29 Durability +d6 HP and one more per level
30 Can writhe out of any chains or ropes, can dislocate limbs to fit through small gaps
31 Snake tail venomous bite and has face
32 Snake tail constrictor can make entangling attack
33 Prehensile tail for swinging or holding stuff
34 Spike blade tail d6 extra attack
35 Swimming tail move full speed in water, very wide like oar
36 Able to cross breed with many species
37 Snake mouthed genitals most find threatening
38 Skirt of snakes grow around waist or pubic hair snakes
39 Fatty tail stores a months food
40 Snake heads grows from hip
41 Huge claws d6 not good for tools
42 Glider membrane
43 Arms are snakes
44 Fingers are snakes
45 Snakes grow from shoulders like to eat brains and offer evil advice
46 Extra set of functional arms
47 Additional attack for a claw
48 Arms are blades d8 attack
49 Envenomed tooth concealed in hand
50 Arms can extend three yards
51 Snakes for legs
52 Legs fused into snake body below waist
53 A reptilian quadruped from waist down with 4 legs
54 Can run on water if unencumbered for one round at a time
55 Run faster +6"MOV sprint up to CON in rounds
56 Double normal jump range
57 Extra set of legs +4"
58 Arms can extend 3 yards
59 Two arms grow from elbow
60 Can hold grip for rounds equal to STR if grappling or climbing
61 Prehensile tongue a foot long
62 Snake for a tongue
63 Venom bite
64 Extra attack for any bite attack 
65 Can swallow person or animal your own size but usually sleep it off for a week
66 Reptilian charm +1 CHA
67 Speak to all reptiles
68 Teeth constantly fall out and regrow, possibly useful for tool making or trade
69 Big teeth d6 damage extra attack
70 Teeth spread necrotic venom, Save or victim slowed with  fevered infection 1/2 MOV
71 Snake hair like medusa
72 Extra head fully functional with diferent personality
73 Extendable neck up to 3 yards long
74 Cobra like hood makes head seem flattened and huge when angry
75 Extra attack for horns or headbutt
76 Horns d6 extra attack
77 Frill neck make head seem huge and face turns red when angry, a bit scary
78 Detachable head if removed can be reattached with first aid
79 Elongated nose or beak for hiding underwater
80 Spiny beard can blow up to seem larger and impress others 
81 Venom resistant
82 Extreme long life
83 Improved vigor +1 CON
84 Drug and alcohol resistant
85 Regenerate one HP per round
86 Regenerate any missing limb or organ inside a week
87 Produces repugnant scent that makes taste awful if bitten
88 Enhanced agility +1 DEX with adrenal boost
89 Attract small reptiles, usually a few in your bed in morning
90 Hormones give you a +4 CHA only to reptilian beings
91 Reptilian intellect +1 INT
92 Dreams offer advice from reptilian consciousness from prehistoric times
93 Immune to sleep spells - resist any sleep inducing drugs or powers
94 Immune to charm spells - resistant to basic mind control
95 Minor mental power Command/day (issue a single word instruction)
96 Minor mental power ESP/day (read mind)
97 Minor mental power Charm Person/day (enthrall)
98 Minor mental power Hold Person/day (paralysis)
99 Minor mental power shape change self/day into a single type of reptilian form and back
100 Minor mental power Charm Reptile/day (enthrall)

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Hells Boiler Room Part 2

Boiler Room - the basement of torment that went on forever
This is another part of my hell travelogue which is set at a higher danger level than many of my tables here in accordance to my earlier episodes on hell. All praise the lords of hell.

Plague lands 1 and 2
Infernal lands 1 and 2
Underworld lands 1 and 2
Hellbog Lands 1 and 2
Boiler Room Lands 1 and 2

Have some good mutation tables coming up too - plant - devil - reptile

As I'm doing quick encounter tables for each hell im back dating the ones I should have done.

d12 Quick Plague Lands Encounters
1 Damned commoners marching and lost
2 Plague carriers, moaning and wailing for help
3 Damned Skeletons d4 1=dancing 2=working 3=marching 4=tormenting
4 Flagellating monks  prostrating themselves
5 Procesion of skeletons performing burrials
6 Zombies, damned brought to semi vegetal state for herding
7 Ghouls scavenging for food living the high life
8 Orcs on duty as militia troops
9 Demon bounty hunters with chains hunting someone missing
10 Imps will follow invibliy looking for fun
11 Devil squad on patrol with seniour leader
12 Devil leader being carried with entourage and troops

Damned are skeletal and about 1/3 zombie like mostly here
Goat, cockerel, rat, cat and toad most common beast men

d12 Plague Land Monster Decor
01 Carries bones and skeleton motif items
02 Body is emaciated and skeletal if already a skeleton gains a magical glow or fire
03 Covered is pox, boils, discoloration, sickly pallour 
04 Black slimy necrotic rotting flesh
05 Wears scratchy chainmail or hair shirts or carries flail to torment self
06 Musical instrument made from corpse parts
07 Out of style clothing of various epochs, tools of mortal trade or status
08 Burial shrouds and funerary jewelry
09  Funeral attendant and ritual clothing of various times and status
10 Semi faded into shadow, dreamlike quality

11 Armed and dressed in human military garb of status
12 Spectacularly rotted away with flesh hanging off exposed bones

d12 Quick Infernal Lands Encounter
 Damned commoners marching and lost fleeing a war
2 Damned mercenaries looking to bully someone
3 Hellhounds tracking victims

1 Local devil militia on patrol, lesser devils and a scout
2 Important duke of hell's lesser devils with a mid rank leader
3 Devils on some job with tools see opportunity (probably larvae farmers)
4 Devil slave drivers herding the damned to some place for fresh torment
5 Demon mercenaries or bounty hunters searching for someone
6 Damned human mercenaries doomed to die repeatably for hell's drama
7 Orcs on pilgrimage or recruits for some evil lord's campaign
8 Swarm of scouts like imps looking for something for the lords of hell
9 Evil adventurers recruited from the mortal world on a contract
10 Rogue devils acting on behalf of some boss who is a wanted criminal in hell

Damned often naked or dressed as past lives as commoners, some burnt looking
 most common beast men goat, dog, ape, pig, cat, rat

d12  Quick Infernal Lands Monster Decor
 Armed and dressed in human military garb of status
02 Hideous war wounds possibly artificial limbs
03 Out of style clothing of various recent eras, tools of mortal trade or status
04 Naked with no possessions
05 Dressed in opulent gold clothing with gold symbols of office like a rod
06 Dressed as commoner, shirt and hood and leggings and foot wrappings
07 Dressed as merchants and mercenaries with fancy clothes and shoes
08 Battered clothes and armour, covered in small wounds as if just battled
09 Burned clothing and equiptment, burn sores
10 Branding marks with devil sigils of ownership

11 Burning with phantom hell fire (1in6 can cause damage)
12 Jewelry especially of status or social rank

d12 Quick Underworld Lands Encounter
01 Zombie damned mindless or standing still till aproached
02 Damned soul begging for help or food or wine
03 Giant constrictor serpent 1in6 is a sorcerer
04 Orc soldiers on the march
05 Demon bounty hunters or mercenaries
06 Pack of ghouls looking for food
07 Harpies fly overhead
08 Skeleton warriors in bronze age military kit
09 Hungry shades desperate for food and interaction with living
10 Shadows stalking damned souls to drain

11 Devil military patrol, boss in chariot, coach or riding a monster
12 Night hag merchants looking to trade

Damned here mostly stand about moving little unless disturbed, many zombie like others are insubstantial smoke like shades
Goat, bat, jackal, snake, dog, owl, raven, hyena and bull most common beast men

d12  Quick Underworld Lands Monster Decor
 Semi faded into shadow, dreamlike quality
02 Bronze age tools and weapons and clothing
03 Pallid and corpse like
04 Naked with no possessions
05 Dressed in opulent gold clothing with gold symbols of office like a rod
06 Dressed as commoner, shirt and hood and leggings and foot wrappings
07 Dressed as merchants and mercenaries with fancy clothes and shoes
08 Wearing funeral shrouds
09 Mummified or skeletal
 Funeral attendant and ritual clothing of various times and status 
11 Spectacularly rotted away with flesh hanging off exposed bones
12 Jewelry especially of status or social rank, chains, bracelets, keys, medallions, rings

d12 Quick Hellbog Lands Encounter

01 Huge hungry fish gator or turtle or eels or snake
02 Beastmen hunters d4 1=frog 2=rat 3=lamprey 4=crab
03 Corrupt nature spirit folk d4 1=pond slime 2=reed 3=fungus 4=wetlands bird
04 Giant scorpion or spider or cave lobster
05 Orc troops on patrol, well adapted and self equipped
06 Kobold tribe hunting for food
07 Demon bounty hunters looking for escapee
08 Swamp hag desires interaction and favours for trade
09 Lizard men hunters possibly with snake men wizards
10 Damned souls living in swamp shacks as a clan of mad killers

11 Dinosaurs rampaging about looking for fights
12 Devil soldiers on patrol looking unhappy with local guides humanoids

Damned here are human but many ugly, inbred, degenerate, mutant hybrid monsters or rotting corpses
Snake, rat, cat, waterfowl, amphibian, reptile, fox, crab, lamprey  goat, boar and wolf most common beast men

12  Quick Hellbog Lands Monster Decor

01 Bloated gassy flesh, bursts when cut with gas
02 Slimy greasy oily flesh, always damp
03 Albino
04 Worm ridden flesh
05 Green skin, covered by vegetation and  growing all over like moss and leaves
06 Burst open body cavities crawling with critters and guts hanging out
07 Filthy rags and home made survival arms and armor
08 Pygmies version 2/3 normal height, with blowpipes and shrunken heads
09 Covered in thick stinking slime and mud
10 Scaly or chitinous skin

11 Reptilian faces and scales, 1in6 snake hair
12 Snakes or bugs crawling all over

The Boiler Room

d12 Quick Boiler Room Lands Encounter
1 Kobold work crew
2 Orc soldiers off to mission or patrol
3 Oge foremen of to slave pits
4 Damned soul escapee
5 Killer Madman
6 Evil Clown a type of madman but occasionaly find orc or devil clowns
7 Imps are everywhere some working some out being jerks in spare time
8 Hellhounds looking for food or victims
9 Demon bounty hunters lloking for escapee
10 Lesser devil work crews with tools of trade often whips
11 Lesser devil Squad on patrol with a higher ranked leader
12 Senior devil with retinue of lesser devils

Damned here mostly humans in smocks, some dress as madmen or clowns or work clothes
Goat, wolf, ass, dog, ape, scorpion most common beast men

d12 Boiler Room Monster Decor
1 Wearing chains from iron with padlocks, manacles and keys
2 Piercings, rings and studs and jewelry
3 Tattoos and brangs or scars of diabolic script
5 Flesh tunnels and streatched flesh, stitches, cut marks
6 Clown clothes or nurse outfit or nightshirt or overalls
7 Workmen helmets and boots with tools belts
8 Butchers costume with bloody aprons and blades on belt
9 Covered in blood all over
10 Shaved all over with creepy stubble coming back
11 Metal false teeth or artificial limb
12 Jewelry with too many gaudy gold rings and necklaces

The Boiler Room
While the boiler room is still very productive part of hell it is semi dormant nowadays with 90% in unworkable ruins. This leaves a lot of room for escaped damned souls and demon infestations. Devils hate this hell, it is an embarrassment to b kept here. Usually it is punishment for incompetent or criminal. Spies here are common with many factions reporting to other hells. Demons like it here and it is their favorite hell and the come ever more frequently. Migration is difficult for demons but worth it for work and what they think is awesome.  More illegals gated in by peers hide in the wastelands increasingly. Many rogue devils and exiles hide in the ruins also.

There is the theory that the great supreme devil actually wants boiler room broken and sabotaged. Others blame the legal ties to lawful good and the state of mostly peace with heaven.

Clowns are a popular subcult in this hell. By dressing as a clown you cut yourself off from other duties and lives and devote yourself to murder, mischief and mayhem. Some clowns are set free on earth to cause trouble. Most are damned souls already madmen and now wear the clown uniform. Clowns cooperate with other clowns while madmen kill anyone and are solitary mostly.

Madmen are spawned here often by selecting from millions or damned or tormenting human damned for aeons. Many are sent home to earth as crazed killers. Mostly solitary but some form a clan and find a secluded spot and eat folks.

Mad magicians among the damned have managed to live here also. They often do anything for money or spells or things their schemes need. This is why they are tolerated. Mad magicians also like to make monsters.

Sometimes there is a mass break out of madmen, clowns or damned into the hellbog.

Traps are a big part of this hell. The possibility that this hell is linked to many dungeons and has had kobolds digging cheap brick dungeons everywhere is troubling. Kobolds love traps and like to work hard and many work in this hell. Some mortal damned especially laborers might be turned into kobolds. Orcs rather love to fight and hell has legions orc soldiers and laborers. They can be made from humans damned easily and most prefer to be a orc in hell than a human.

Feel free to play with trap triggers awap them
Wire tripline
Tripline on door or container
Trigger on floor in doorway
Floor pressure plate
Kobold controlled from hiding

d100 Boiler Room Land Hazards
01 Spikes pop out of floor
02 Rotating knived pop out of floors
03 Caltrops with diseased fluids on floor
04 Spikes pop out of walls 
05 Spikes pop out of walls, then begin to close in 
06 Darts shoot out of walls
07 Spikes pop out of floor and ceiling and begin to close in
08 Iron bars drop down from ceiling
09 Cage drops from ceiling
10 Net drops from ceiling

11 Filthy diseased garbage and medical waster
12 Water on floor covered in rainbow film of flammable fuel

13 Flammable gas in room explodes if open flame
14 Diseased fluid from several buckets set fall with tripwire
15 Blood or sloppy gore from several buckets set fall with tripwire
16 Net full of skulls drops them if tripwire goes off
17 Slippery oil all over floor, 1in6 with razor blades set up too for extra d6
18 Acid vial poured on any who trigger wire
19 Explosive mine set among garbage with trip or remote wire pulled by kobold
20 Increadibly toxic liquid spilled over floor
21 Rotating sawblades pop out of walls
22 Giant chainsaw on automated arm drops from roof and cuts everyone in a line
23 Guillotine in door frame
24 Pendulum trap with giant swinging axe like trap
25 Swinging spiked beam swings from around corner
26 Sythblades set to hit arms or legs, can case crippling wounds
27 Doorknob shoots spike into hand
28 Doorknob with poison needle trap
29 Poison dart trap
30 Boiling water dumped from pipe above
31 Steam from pipe filling area 
32 Mechanical elevator
33 Mechanical bridge
34 Huge vault door
35 Huge locked iron door
36 Iron bars block area
37 Barbed wire used to seal off area
38 Razor wire placed to stop climbing or on top of fence
39 Choking smoke
40 Fire burning out of control in area
41 Floor section has flaming gas jet holes on plates
42 Electrified door or wall section or floor
43 Poisonous vapors in area, increases in toxicity
44 Stinking vomit inducing fumes in area
45 Diseased stinking miasma in area spreading a illness
46 Trap that imprisons victim with locks then kills with poison
47 Trap that imprisons victim with locks then kills with drills
48 Saw blade at neck height swings through room
49 Saw blade at ankle height swings through corridor
50 Damaged elevator shaft
51 Trapdoor with broken ladder
52 Fragile floors
53 Water flooding into section
54 Swarm of flesh eating flies
55 Axe rigged to swing at door or corridor
56 Crossbow trap
57 Sleeping ogre on tiny chair
58 Drunk kobolds laying about 
59 Bored imp looking for someone to harass
60 Swarm of rats
61 Swarm of maggots
62 Giant rats
63 Rat size of a cavebear
64 Giant leeches
65 Pit with sealed lid starts to fill with boiling water
66  Pit with sealed lid starts to fill with poison toads
67 Pit with sealed lid starts to fill with poison snakes
68 Pit with sealed lid starts to fill with swarm of d4 1=rats 2=flies 3=bugs 4=spiders
69 Pit with sealed lid spikes pop from walls and floor
70 Pit with sealed lid spikes pop from walls and floor, walls compress
71 Orcs camping here while on maneuvers
72 Devil exile seeks mortals to help with his scheme
73 Demons with captured damned soul just want to collect bounty
74 Ogre with mop and bucket, surly but just wants to mop up blood
75 Observed through air vents and holes
76 Imps following and observing
77 Hell cat offers help and directions
78 Sleeping pack of hell hounds or devil dogs
79 Ochre jellies attracted to buckets of blood
80 Gelatinous cube on clean up duty
81 Devils cataloging property damage
82 Kobold post office, custom house and tax office want to search you
83 Gigantic worm horror crawling about eats through walls effortlessly
84 Beastmen having a celebration of some devils birthday
85 Clowns hungrily eating someone, you could sneak past them
86 Flaming gas jets will passage with curtain of fire
87 Dead fall of garbage rigged to drop on intruder
88 Ceiling set to collapse if loose pole slips free from vibrations in floor
89 Ogre nurse station treating or eating a patient busily
90 Kobolds up  near ceiling with scaffolding with bows, caltrops, and flaming oil slasks
91 Poison spike in floor hidden by rubble and garbafe 
92 Chains with hooks drop from roof and are animated to spike and imprison visitors
93 Walls drop before and behind, chamber floods with water
94 Walls drop before and behind, chamber floods with boiling water
95 Walls drop before and behind, chamber floods with poison snakes or scorpions
96 Circular saw blades shoot out of the walls 
97 Cursed symbol of pain or madness on wall
98 Magic sigil if crossed summons a devil
99 Tons of garbage drops from above like a avalanche
100 Huge collapse of area into mass of rubble, pipes, beams and bricks

d100 Boiler Room Land Encounters
01 Damned souls in gowns beg for help to hide them
02 Mad damned idiot sitting on floor talks madness
03 Damned in work clothes and manacles herded to work by orcs
04 Damned led on chain by ogres
05 Damned in hiding being attacked by kobolds
06 Damned in hiding begs you not to say anything and move on
07 Damned post op surgery zombies in gowns hostile to living
08 Damned hauling sacks of garbage for kobold masters
09 Damned chained to walls and locked in cells attack if released
10 Lonesome clown wants to make friends, has made intestine balloon flowers

11 Gang of marauding clowns hostile to everyone
12 Serial killer stalks party

13 Insane flesh golem
14 Poltergeist
15 Animated weapons
16 Animated armour holding weapons
17 Animated chains
18 Spectral minion on doomed quest
19 Phantom spirit trapped in ruins
20 Shadows lurking in darkness hungry to drain living
21 Haunt spirit will attack any body it can get
22 Sheet phantoms covering old boxes and furnature
23 Sheet ghouls created and controlled by sheet phantom
24 Kobold horde wont back down
25 Kobold scouts track and spy on party 
26 Imp scouts track and spy on party
27 Imp assassin team try to make traps and encounters worse
28 Zombies in smocks on way somewhere but hungry
29 Vampire diplomat with devil escorts 
30 Spectre or other hostile evil spirit
31 Trolls have grown from flesh scraps here and adopted clothes and lairs of serial killers
32 Clan of degenerate mas murderers and cannibals out in area hunting 
33 Ogre walking along chewing on human limb
34 Ogre gang sneaking way about on mission for demon prince
35 Orc warriors out looking for bounties loose in area off duty
36 Lesser devil foreman and orcs think they can take intruders
37 Lesser rank noble devil on a mission to get promotion
38 Squad of lesser devils with polearms in plate armour have elite morale
39 Several rank devil with lesser devils on inspection tour
40 Shifty rogue devil exile has got a deal for you
41 Demon illegal immigrant and possibly a spy
42 Group of hidden damned have built shrine to good and are busy preying
43 Ogre clown gang in a highly chaotic mood
44 Jester tries to follow and tells annoying riddles in snide tone
45 A paladin and his follower adventurers are raiding hell, wary of non lawful good types
46 Heucuva pretend to be damned in polymorphed forms
47 Banshee spirit here to kill any genuine mortals it can
48 Apparition of former inmate here to terrorize living
49 Mimics dwell here often as chests wrapped in chains (half the time)
50 Carnivorous apes clan lives in rubble
51 Displacer beasts on prowl
52 Giant scorpions some in metallic sheens
53 Hyenas sometimes 1in6 led by kobolds
54 Were rat damned looking to rob and eat others
55 Werewolf damned 1in6 used as hunting dogs by some devils 
56 Wereboar damned hungers for mortal flesh
57 Wereravens hungry for meat titbits 
58 Pack of hellhounds have your scent
59 Manticores on patrol for a devil 1in6 pulling his or her chariot
60 Quasit spy and saboteur for chaos
61 Giant bloodworm pack
62 Giant ravens pecking corpses
63 Beastmen hunters on the loose, rat or wolf or pigeon
64 Kobold clown suicide bombers carrying lit cast iron grenades
65 Huge aggressive vultures
66 Wild pack of dogs stripping a corpse
67 Ogres hunting humans for some reason
68 Devilswine with damned followers and hellhounds
69 Evil dwarf workers come to repair something and nick any gold they can nab
70 Evil gnome technicians here to fix some specialist subsystem like unblocking a drain
71 Clown kobolds setting traps cant stop giiggling
72 Damned souls painting over unauthorized graffiti and wary of strange gangs
73 Kobold masked graffiti crew looking at you funny till you leave
74 Clown berserks fall through ceiling enraged
75 Orc deathsquad with crossbows and poison bolts
76 Deathwatch beetle eating spilled meat slurry
77 Giant beetles cleaning up garbage, exited to see prey
78 Minotaur with huge axe and bloody apron bellows in rage if he smells mortals
79 Minotaur soldiers on mission for hell
80 Clowns riding huge blood worm steeds charge angrily
81 Goatmen and clowns in battle will assume newcomers enemies
82 Ogre orderlies and nurses with madmen on chains 
83 Doppelgangers in form of old friends or followers
84 Automaton madman searching and destroying area
85 Mechanoid killing machine hungry for devouring corpses and scrap
86 Iron golem searching for creatures not allied to lawful evil
87 Club has camped where devils and ogres enjoy flagelation services
88 Zombie ogres wearing bloody smocks covered in stitches
89 Patchwork zombies built from scrap 
90 Fire giant boss with ogre workers keen for chance to kill strangers
91 Flesh golem and patchwork zombies led by a surgeon wizard or devil
92 Tallow golems led by damned wizard trying to steal human fat to rend
93 Skinless ghoul gang cult led by ghoul priest here for the food
94 Giant fly tending maggots and looking for more meat
95 Killer madmen gang who escaped together, screaming cannibal psychos
96 Bronze golem looking to things to feed to his internal furnace
97 Animated furniture especial work tools or weapons or chains
98 Spirit in evil object might posses any who handle it turning victim into a mad killer
99 Clown ghoul gang out for a murder spress
100 Gang of rebel devil gang, wearing chains, tats and piercings