Thursday, 26 December 2013

d100 Wierd Science Fantasy Sidekicks of Psychon

Regular followers are usually lower level adventurers but mounts and pets are possible too. These are mostly small pets which have various uses making them like useful magic items or tech. Could also be alternate familiars. I would let them improve also. Meant to be for starting characters to roll on for a starting follower or two instead of a zero level flunky. Like most flunkies still require good treatment or will not function or leave.

D100 Sidekicks of Psychon
1 Sentient singing crystal knows exotic lore
2 Huge slug with breasts lactates narcotic chocolate flavored milk
3 Tiny mushroom man releases choking spores
4 Talking hamburger gives birth to baby edible burgers
5 Magic pudding edible and regrows if whole thing not eaten
6 Zombie cat an able scout with undead resistances
7 Vampire bat winged weasel, able scout and thief
8 Talking bottle of booze, refills daily, listens to people’s problems
9 Bearded wizard snake can casts some spells
10 Small pet boulder rolls after owner, sneaky and can trip foes
11 Winged fish can scout air or water
12 Small flute playing gremlin, excellent cook
13 Knife loving goblin is awesome at sharpening and throwing edged weapons
14 Luminous flying jellyfish provides light
15 Sleazy talking rat gets info from local rats gangs
16 Communal intelligent insect hive or wasps or bees can sting foes
17 Granny spider spins webs and can knit into nets, rope and fishing line
18 Talking goat makes tasty milk and can talk to other goats
19 Crafty land octopus good at repairs, weapon and armour maintenance
20 Sentient winged hour glass keeps track of times and dates
21 Winged pyramid with eye, excellent scout and observer, very lawful
22 Creepy ventriloquist dummy, sneaky back stabber
23 Miniature triffid aggressively protective of owner
25 Talking goose knows ancient legends and fairy tales
26 Smoking winged monkey an able scout and thief
27 Clockwork soldier has a tiny gun with bayonet
28 Cat size sphinx expert on riddles and puzzles
29 Shifty kobold trap master and miner
30 Tiny fire elemental lives in a lamp, good stove and light
31 Tiny earth elemental carry goods, scout through walls and makes bricks
32 Tiny water elemental provide drinks, cleans and aquatic scout
33 Tiny air elemental provides air, makes breezes and invisible flying scout
35 Drug addict smoking monkey can identify potions by smell
36 Winged talking snake with excellent senses
37 Horrible aggressive green sneaky midget with blowpipe
38 Small flying cherub with first aid skills
39 Spherical drone able to communicate with many devices
40 Short drone able mechanic with welder/cutting torch
41 Winged purple homunculus able scout and messenger
42 Hovering ball size target drone with tiny laser (mostly for target designation)
43 Medical drone an able medic
44 Clockwork swordsman
45 Clockwork flying bird can carry person short distance
46 Riding flightless bird, nervous but will defend self if cannot flee
47 Giant caterpillar with hookah, reads obscure magical languages
48 Sneaky thieving gremlin likes jokes and taunts
49 Well endowed cherub likes foul smutty jokes has a tiny pistol and cigars
50 Sentient crystal can detects invisible and hidden foes
51 Sentient crystal can detect charms or psionic coercion
52 Sentient crystal detects deliberate lies
53 Sentient crystal detects hostile thoughts
54 Symbiotic crystal implanted in head acts as night vision eye and offers moral advice
55 Symbiotic worm prevents host from bleeding to death or getting parasites
56 Lizard can discharge acid, cause small wounds or dissolve locks or bars
57 Sentient jelly can ooze through cracks silently and has acidic touch
58 Sentient smartsuit, self repairs and change colour and texture
59 Bird of prey an able scout and rabbit catcher
60 Clever pony comes when called, can count with hoof taps, painfully adorable
61 Invisible formless thing a scout or porter
62 Spirit can scout and see non corporeal or invisible otherworld beings
63 Ghost can scout and invisible, may have some knowledge
64 Invisible snake of any colour
65 Talking dog, excellent tracker and alert guardian
66 Exploding frog, reforms and can re-explode a few times a day
67 Grasshopper likes to smoke, can fly, leap and excellent scout
68 Poltergeist spirit, throws tantrums and objects if friend harmed
69 Hypnotic frog can put a victim in a trance
70 Gnome with toolkit able with locks and traps
71 Fairy can invisibly scout, steal coins and keys, sprinkle glitter
72 Sexy dancing lady minor imp, excellent distraction
73 Teleporting cat with big grin, able scout and distraction
74 Robot sex toy pleasures anyone for a coin
75 Giant airborne plankton provides healthy chlorophyll food
76 Sentient winged chair able to carry person for short flights several times a day
77 Crab mechanic, slightly grumpy and silent
78 Helmet provides tactical advice and historical examples
79 Sword leaps into hand, glows, boasts about wielder
80 Horn can blow self and will call out if owner incapacitated
81 Toymaking elf makes salable toys from scraps
82 Goose lays a 1gp gilded egg every day, offers moral advice and stories
84 Magical pony shrinks from pocket to full size riding beast
85 Flying carpet for one, an knock over foes, getting old and only limited uses per day
86 Camera brownie can paint any scene directed to, likes to live in tiny box
87 Harp can play self and knows songs of heroes, monsters and dungeons
88 Guitar can play self and shoot flares, fireworks and pyrotechnics
89 Toon being, difficult to harm but vulnerable to fire, acid and energy
90 Ice daemonling keeps cold, stab with icicle
91 Fire Imp starts fires, heats dinner, stabs with teeny trident
92 Walking suitcase follows hero with baggage
93 Sentient book full of facts, turns to relevant pages when needed and documents owners life
94 Baby salamander adorably pyromaniac shoots fire and blows smoke rings
95 Talking winged piglet advocates being vegetarian and being everybodies friend
96 Sentient ring evaluates treasure and may know some history
97 Magical scroll translates other documents, sometimes prejudiced
98 Data tablet interfaces with other devices, downloads images of vice
99 Backpack hands stuff to owner when needed at will, offers combat vet advice
100 Gun, talks, likes to shoot people, unjam self and accept different calibre ammo


  1. I've really got to put a chocolate milk slug into my campaign.

  2. they cling to your back and cushion your neck - millions of uses - thief and bard use to venom thier blades - main players only do d4 damage

  3. my players to blame for this one


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