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d100 Books of Shadel Port

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d100 Books of Shadel Port

01 A Popular Life of the Barron by Mervin Prinn, 366 pages, B&W Art, 100gp
02 Lives of the Empererors by Timitas Volorias, 540 pages, B&W Art, 300gp
03 Goblinoids, a comprehensive study by Gnarlus Bodican, 212 pages, some B&W Art, 80gp
04 Horrors in the Sewers by Ignatius Glump, 120 pages, 45gp details sewer monsters and hazards
05 Complete guide to Vice and cruelty in the City of Skulls, Carninas Vulg 360 pages, 120p
06 Gentleman's Guide to Outre Pleasures by Morian Zorg, 240 pages, gold leaf cover, 360gp
07 Nanny Ogdens Herbal remedies, 420 pages, B&W Art, 200gp, mostly acurate
08 Vampires and Undead of the old City by Clovian Hartogg, 220pages, 60gp
09 Jungles & Treasures of Monster Island by Kertzian Bastog. B&W Art, 180 pages, 65gp
10 Dungeons of Cymbal Mountains by Imperious Maximus, 260pages, 88gp
11 The Nobles Book by Calaxian Godruuna, 464 pages, 140gp describes cities nobility, bit dated
12 Sacrifice and Suffering: Keeping Your God Happy by Solidas Margam, 384 pages, 180gp
13 A guide to pleasures and terrors of the outer planes by Holdar Garum, 432 pages, 200gp
14 Cannibals among us: 100 accounts in the old city by Vulpurgis Stang, 220 pages, 65gp
15 Unicorn Hunting and Butchery by Volastus Cakagrum, 340 pages, B&W Art, 300gp
16 Observations from torturing a troll by Calidas Voxrum, 140 pages, 45gp rather nasty
17 Haunted Ruins of the old city by Cellaro Fortuno, B&W Art, 260 pages, 110gp
18 Biographies of Great Adventurers by Chizaro Monulak, 240 pages, 85gp
19 Strange Crimes and Punishments of Shadel Port Donald Beadleman, B&W Art, 260 pages, 90gp
20 My Darling, My Vampire by Viram Tsochaj, B&W front plate, 230 pages, 75gp
21 Famous Heads of great criminals by Tojar Famcord, B&W Art, 110 pages, 35gp
22 Dangers of the city Graveyards by Dominus Grell, B&W Art, 360 pages, 145gp
23 Beast Men of the undercity by Calordin the Mystic, B&W Art, 246 pages, 130gp
24 Great Caves of the countryside by Eldan Molekar, B&W Art, 320 pages, 210gp
25 Cooking for kings: over 500 recipes by Chef Epican, B&W Art, 420 pages, 325gp
26 Brief lives of the Barron's Enemies by Barbicus Celledon, 180 pages, 35gp
27 Diseases and remedies of the old city by Semplar Stigman, B&W Art, 240 pages, 165gp
28 Elder races of the dawn age by Colidan Styrm, B&W Art, 120 pages, 45gp
29 Elves friend or foe? A common Guide by Rudolpho Castiglion, 210 pages, 75gp
30 Alchemy for wealth and immortality by Maser Clavelhorn B&W Art, 460 pages, 500gp
31 Sea Monsters a mariners guide by Captain Orlaff, B&W Art, 210 pages, 100gp
32 Cults of the old city by Clementine Tolderghast, B&W Art, 180 pages, 65gp
33 Etiquette and Manners by Madame Palisford, B&W Art, 120 pages, 35gp
34 Teeching Reeding, Spellin & learnification by Master Tallitus, 80 pages, illustrated, 40gp
35 My life as a filthy Pauper by Morton Callay 264 pages, 65gp, lived as a pauper for a month
36 Wretched lives of the Slums by Morton Callay, B&W Art, 240 pages, 165gp
37 History of the Dragons by Dorian Gilderman, Colour plates, B&W Art, 320 pages, 800gp
38 Devils, Demons and Debauchery by Gehard Merlot, B&W Art, 370 pages, 335gp
39 Mysteries of the Old ones by Norrin Spiegalcraftman, B&W Art, 440 pages, 465gp
40 Age of the Necromancer Kings by Norrin Spiegalcraftman, B&W Art, 360 pages, 325gp
41 The Great Forests & their secrets by Septimus Calizor, B&W Art, 380 pages, 365gp
42 Dwarf secrets or metallurgy by Marnmann Saldigor, B&W Art, 230 pages, 300gp
43 Gunnery a basic guide by Mattius Grunwald B&W Art, 220 pages, 125gp
44 Lives of the great pirates & their plunder by Captain Doom Squid, B&W Art, 240 pages, 185gp
45 My life as a Nymphs Slave with fold out colour painted pages B&W Art, 240 pages, 185gp
46 Monasteries and their great orders by Horace Staplefort 380 pages, 200gp
47 Swordsman of olden times and their ways by Cordan Marden B&W Art, 140 pages, 150gp
48 My life in a dungeon by Godvinia Winters B&W Art, 240 pages, 300gp
49 Tormented by Invisible Imps by Lady Tramier B&W Art, 160 pages, 65gp
50 Toborius's guide to mining and caverns by Mariuz Kanklefort B&W Art, 340 pages, 315gp
51 Erotic delights of the Redlight District by Charles Santimort B&W Art, 180 pages, 90gp
52 One hundred salty seamen stories by Captain Cruehardt B&W Art, 310 pages, 165gp
53 Farmers Almanac and Animal care guide by Marsden Drecklemart B&W Art, 460 pages, 200gp
54 Prophecies of the Dread Lord by Kumstav Maimtz B&W Art, 140 pages, 90gp
55 Histories of the Empire by Nobilis Augustus B&W Art, 510 pages, 300gp
56 Lost Treasures of Exile Island by Captain Switherspoon B&W Art, 190 pages, 115gp
57 Tortures of the Afterlife and the fate of sinners by Brother Klegg B&W Art, 240 pages, 185gp
58 Expedition to the north lands by Master Ailthwaite B&W Art, 260 pages, 240gp
59 Explorations of deep caverns into the earth by Amelia Krung B&W Art, 32 pages, 260gp
60 Why do the gods hate us by Sister Palantium B&W Art, 110 pages, 65gp
61 Tiamat hungers, dreams of the dread dragon goddess by Draconis Valum 488 pages, 500gp
62 Mysteries of the far East by Mingus Monorius B&W Art, 320 pages, 400gp
63 Squatters Guide to the City by Childas Blodd B&W Art, 110 pages, 60gp
64 Astrology and stargazers guide by Madam Zorazar B&W Art, 340 pages, 350gp
65 My life inside a Whale by Dr Festius Worm B&W Art, 130 pages, 120gp
66 Romance of the moon men by Pemblezarg Mong B&W Art, 110 pages, 160gp fanciful romance
67 Fishmen among us by Philip Fliechman B&W Art, 160 pages, 85gp
68 Are you a sorcerer? by Amazo the Magnificent B&W title plate, 90 pages, 40gp
69 Wizard Students Primer by Master Oriphan B&W Art, 360 pages, 500gp
70 Arms and Armour of the ancients by Derek Clantheng B&W Art, 370 pages, 400gp
71 Lycanthrope Hunters Guide by Wolfram Hearte B&W Art, 240 pages, 160gp
72 Witch Hunting for Common Lawman by George Wimphole B&W Art, 120 pages, 65gp
73 Bawdy stories of the depraved nobility by Victoria Tammelzran B&W Art, 310 pages, 300gp
74 Temptations of Monk by Brother Bedlam B&W Art, 410 pages, 350gp
75 10 years trapped on the Kings Bridge by Calin Tarkhiem B&W Art, 240 pages, 160gp
76 Your abacus and you, a simpletons guide by the Merchants guild B&W Art, 110 pages, 50gp
77 Mutants, freaks and misfits a medical guide by Dr Amanda Cogrock B&W Art, 320 pages, 200gp
78 The hidden third sex, what you need to know by Leslie Twoford B&W Art, 140 pages, 80gp
79 Guide for married life by Mother Wieshiem B&W Art, 440 pages, 200gp
80 A Womens almanac by Sister Ophelia Morgenstern B&W Art, 340 pages, 300gp
81 Common Law of Shadelport by City Bailiffs Office, 340 pages, 110gp
82 Street atlas to shadelport by Orlando Bellend B&W Art, 240 pages, 185gp
83 My life among the lizard people by Karl Scaleman B&W Art, 310 pages, 350gp
84 Lives of the shipwrecked mariners by Captain Kennedy B&W Art, 420 pages, 250gp
85 Wonders of the future explained by Madam Colozine B&W Art, 166 pages, 110gp
86 Black Book of Diabolic Lore by Maligor Hellfrost B&W Art, 480 pages, 380gp
87 Common Book of Beasts by Brother Masticore B&W Art, 310 pages, 240gp
88 Shipwrecks of the island coasts by Captain Viragas B&W Art, 240 pages, 160gp
89 Marvels of the hidden world by Lady Carolingas B&W Art, 140 pages, 135gp
90 Gourmets Guide to monsters by Barnabus Shankington B&W Art, 540 pages, 480gp
91 Ravaged by dungeon beasts by Lady Emily Pilkington B&W Art, 360pages, 400gp
92 My life as a Frog by Gustav Pringle B&W Art, 120 pages, 80gp
93 Interviews with devils and demons by Master Dominus B&W Art, 380 pages, 270gp
94 Fatal mistakes with fireballs by Wizard Drimas B&W Art, 120 pages, 115gp
95 Love Making Techniques of the Elder Races by Septimus Thrustman B&W Art, 360 pages, 450gp
96 The Seven Blessed Gods by Brother Toomas B&W Art, 260 pages, 120gp
97 Sacred marks of the chosen ones by Brother Toomas B&W Art, 180 pages, 260gp
98 Depravity, Debauchery and evil of the old gods by Horatio Pickleman, 410 pages, 350gp
99 Famous Good Women of Shadel Port by Christine Montefort B&W Art, 340 pages, 160gp
100 The Demonomicon by Alister Nachtcraft B&W Art, 640 pages, 500gp

These are proper books often at least a foot square, printed with best presses and paper. The above list are the most commonly printed. Cheaper knock off versions often with no art, smaller, cheap paper and binding, and many mistakes available for half price. Respectable dealers avoid them and bookbinders guild will fine anyone printing or possessing them. Sometimes they get thugs to beat you up instead. Mastercraft editions with better art, semiprecious stones and hand written are far more valuable starting from a 1000gp.

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