Tuesday, 24 December 2013

d200 Random Crap found outdoors on Psychon

Uncanny  xmas to all - a quickie today in between courses of nosh. These are just some quixotic things to find in dungeons or the wilderness of planet psychon.  Really just strange decor you might find if you just landed in a desert after falling into the Bermuda triangle. Make good landmarks for maps or phenomena near dimensional rifts.

D200 Strange things found on Planet Psychon

1 Vending machine with food, drinks or cigarettes
2 Petrol Bowser with limited AI
3 ATM machine with limited AI
4 Double decker bus
5 Crashed WW2 Hellcat fighter
6 Sentient crystal monolith
7 Sentient bomb wants help to detonate
8 Treasure chest, actually a mimic
9 Possibly functioning Cryopod
10 Unconscious huge creature with brain eating parasite throbbing on head
11 Meth Lab in a tent with dead bodies
12 Teleporter booth
13 Live brain in a life support pod
14 Steam engine with fire elemental inside
15 Huge bottle with water elemental
16 Air raid siren on tower
17 Well with madness inducing water
18 One armed bandit with limited AI
19 Half a bridge
20 Dimensional portal
21 Mountain of plush toys
22 House made of candy or gingerbread
23 Taxi cab (London or New York)
24 Neon motel sign (no vacancy)
25 Jukebox from specific era
26 Love tester machine
27 Hatstand with 1d6 hats
28 Dead dragon, best bits taken
29 Bronze statue from town square
30 Bathtub with pink rings
31 Kitchen sink full of dishes
32 Slave sale post with manacles
33 Picnic table with food
34 Fireplace and stack of logs
35 Stage from shopping mall
37 Hotdog caravan or shack
38 Icecream truck
39 Geyser erupts foodstuff
40 Baseball diamond
41 Tenpin bowling set
42 Air hockey table
43 Space invader or pacman machine
44 Model T-ford possessed by female spirit
45 Burning crashed flying Saucer
46 Huge nest of eggs
47 Dinosaur Skeleton
48 Shop mannequins
49 Coffin
50 Huge diamond, weighs over a ton
51 Giant size skull
52 Upside down tree
53 Flaming pit of burning gas
54 Wheelchair
55 Obscene cactus
56 Crucified crying clown
58 Crashed satellite
59 Crashed mecha with dead pilot
60 Forklift
61 Dodgem car
62 Sailing boat
63 Grey alien trapped in giant block of amber
64 Huge mound of mostly burned holy or magic books
65 Broken golem still twitching
66 Pile of illusionary fairy gold
67 Display case with butterfly collection
68 Parrot on a perch, talks of pirate booty
69 Broken robot horse
70 Maypole
71 Altar covered in blood
72 Sea mine covered in seaweed
74 Minefield
75 Barrels of toxic waste
76 Gargantuan foot prints
77 Huge demon head with open mouth
78 Television set with random pictures
79 Radio tower
80 Windmill
81 Stuffed polar bear
82 Roulette wheel table
83 Keg of beer with tap and liquor table
84 Mechanical bull
85 Shooting target
86 Broken howitzer
87 Trebuchet
88 Table tennis table
89 Easter Island stone head
90 Stone monolith with carvings of ancient civilization
91 Talking magic mirror
92 Half buried computer work station
94 Stripper pole and podium
95 Dungeon torture equipment (wrack, iron maiden)
96 Gibbet with spacesuit wearing skeleton
97 Pyramid stack of rotting skulls
98 Stone jars with alien embryos
99 Bronze statue from ancient town centre
100 Huge mound of ancient garbage
101 Sizzling bbq
102 Fibreglass t-rex slippery dip
103 Waterslide
104 Cargo container full of dead fish
105 Huge solar panel
106 Fruit stall
107 Wrecked and burned out tanks
108 Giant jack o lantern patch
109 Pylon with crystalline weather control panel inside
110 Small fishing  boat
111 Giant concrete pineapple with observation area on top
112 Stone megalithic circle
113 Flaming pit full of salamanders
114 Dead whale
115 Dead Kaiju
116 Ruined titanic robot
117 Stunt ramp for vehicle jumps
118 Giant smashed pumpkin harnessed to dead giant rats
119 Remains of massive witch burning
120 Huge statue of beastman philosopher
121 Alien monolith
122 Huge mass of gelatinous honeycomb slime from dead skybeast
123 Hundreds of huge jellyfish
124 Pile of wrecked cars
125 Burning car
126 Mound of burning tyres
127 Huge pit full of corpses
128 Huge patch of giant magic mushrooms
129 Huge rotting sauropod dinosaur corpse riddled with giant worms or goblins
130 Giant magical or alien diagrams drawn in ground
131 Crashed bomber with live bomb inside
132 Frozen swordfish
133 Thousands of dead birds
134 Burning micropile reactor
135 Four story wickerman filled with animals for sacrificial burning
136 Crystal pyramid 30 foot tall
137 Rusted old crane
138 Dozens of impaled humans
139 Gallows with dead body
140 Executioners chopping block
141 Huge block of ice with frozen troll
142 Princess sleeping in crystal coffin
143 Platform with huge gong
144 Navigation buoy with flashing light
145 Burned out giant mechanical spider
146 Wizard trapped in stasis field
147 Outdoor abattoir with hanging rotten carcasses
148 Freshly burned out huts
149 Several hundred concrete garden gnomes
150 Huge clockwork ornithopter shaped as a bird with dead sorceress inside
151 Dead giant corpse
152 Sleeping behemoth in magical slumber
153 30 foot long coffin with giant skeleton
154 Gigantic jack in the box
155 Several tons of glitter in a heap
156 Humanoid statues of crystal with looks of terror
157 Dead nazi gorilla holding saw, blocks of ice with corpses inside, some cut in slices
158 Tar pit filled with thousands of ancient corpses
159 Wrecked chariots and beheaded corpses and headless beasts in harnesses
160 Wrecked train
161 Payphone may contact a deity briefly
162 Horrible monolith dedicated to elder gods causes nightmares sleep after seeing
163 Ash silhouettes of many vaporised people
164 Drum Kit
165 Levitating boulder with anti gravity properties
166 Meteorite in smoking crater of pure quality steel
167 Glowing meteorite in old crater with dead plants around it
168 Chained triffids with stings cut off
169 Melting snow men and igloo
170 Boxing ring
171 Huge locked cage full of skeletons
172 Crashed cargo plane full of crates
173 Barrels with crying imprisoned goblin children
174 Huge coiled sleeping snake next to a wizards hat
175 Gigantic cacoon size of a bus
176 Broadcast electrical and com tower
177 Greenhouse filled with magical narcotics
178 Water tank with weeping mermaid inside
179 Tent with weird distorting carnival mirrors
180 Pram with crying baby of the ancients
181 Shopping trolley full of ancient packaged groceries
182 Huge alchemical apparatus with chromatic hydra growing inside
183 Blocks of ice with frozen cave man or alien inside
184 Garden shed with potted baby carnivorous plants inside
185 Small lighthouse
186 Burning pile of spell books
187 Tattered page scraps from blasphemous cult book of the old ones
188 Shack full of corpses of suicide cult
189 Cauldron of soup on fire
190 Graveyard with all graves empty as if inhabitants burst free and escaped
191 Tiny shack with huge blazing stove and caged children in basement
192 Fountain with running water
194 Lamp post
195 Wardrobe with entry to pocket dimension
196 Instant Photo booth
197 Bee hives with genetically modified bees that make magic honey
198 Giant sunflowers with human faces that sing
199 Idiotic babbling golems made from flower pots
200 Smoking monkey with fez chained to functional toilet

Laptop charger left in Sydney so this from a tablet. My editing and layout projects on hold dam.

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