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d100 Dungeon Decor Table - dress up dull dungeon

Dress up a dull dungeon with the "Dungeon Decor Table"
Something to slap on an existing level of a dungeon for local colour
Used those boring old geomorphs too many times? Then try this!

d100 Dungeon Decor Table

01 Scattered remains of adventurer party clothes, weapons, blood, chunks of scalp, teeth and fingers
02 Snakes crawl everywhere, crawling in cracks between brick and stone, frequently under foot
03 Spiders are crawling everywhere, leaving webbing and hiding dungeon secrets  even better
04 Scorpions everywhere crawling underfoot and biting anyone,occasionally crawl into things
05 Centipedes crawl from cracks some of them huge and even giant specimens
06 Common rats crawl everywhere, often ignoring strangers and running over feet
07 Plague rats, big black horrible rats carry disease and filth and fleas
08 Giant rats crawling from large holes and up walls, celings and in vents and drains
09 Stirge haunted dungeon with major breeding colony or horrible birds
10 Flies crawling everywhere, dungeon stinks, decaying meat filled with maggots common
11 Holes at regular intervals where eels, lizards or other critters nip at party
12 Wells, puddles and drains where tentacled things occasionally grasp passers by
13 Bones scattered everywhere, necromantic powers have plenty to animate and attracted here
14 Horrible vomits stench, patches of chunder about dungeon from smell effecting monsters
15 Mild poison gas, 1hp dam per 10min turn if fail save. Odorless, leaks from rocks
16 Sewerage everywhere, rank smells and flammable gas and diseased waste
17 Spyholes everywhere most know to residents but some extra secret for leaders
18 Oil, tar, flammable gas and other petrochemical geological substances leaking into dungeon
19 Monster children scuttling everywhere, spying on adventurers from curiosity
20 Eggs everywhere of some creature in potential plague numbers
21 Graffiti demonic, diabolic and cult symbols demonstrating territorial battle
22 Graffiti of dungeon factions competing for territory
23 Graffiti of past adventurers marking routes, competing, writing warnings
24 Scoured clean of mess and waste by gelatinous and oozing horrors
25 Partly flooded and damp hiding some hazards and ruining many objects with mould and water
26 Walls covered in blood, flailed skins nailed to walls and with occasional severed heads for decor
27 Fungus, slime, mildew and mushrooms growing everywhere
28 Luminous fungi and bling bugs and lizards crawling everywhere
29 Neat, clean with some cult signs and murals of secret religion
30 Covered in slugs, snails and slime, crunchy and squishy underfoot, some things hidden better
31 Crawling with cocroaches, some fly onto you, underfoot and get into all foodstuff
32 Severed human hands nailed to walls as lucky charms or warnings by monsters
33 Gremlins scuttling everywhere mostly harmless but might rob or attack lost wounded prey
34 Unearthly cold, all surfaces covered in slick ice, icicles and frost may hide some details
35 Fog shrouded by strange vapours reduces visibility and even sound
36 Many zones of magical darkness
37 Many zones magically illuminated
38 Dungeon is chokingly hot, fatigue faster, sweat constantly, walls warm to touch, like a sauna
39 Steam geyser leaks into dungeon filling with steam, boiling hot occasionally, calcium formations
40 Mud covered, may hide some details, slippery, filthy, all monsters dirty, some areas quicksand 
41 Burial nooks with mummified corpses probably human are everywhere
42 Manacles for chaining prisoners everywhere, some dead or living ones still in place
43 Broken rusty weapons and snapped arrows and chunks of armour everywhere
44 Ankle to knee deep in garbage from food, torn spell books, shredded cloth, may hide some stuff
45 Tiny goblin faces carved everywhere,some with glowing eyes keep everyone wary
46 Metal spikes stick from walls everywhere especially corridors and pits
47 Kobold trappers been through putting traps everywhere
48 Blood stained everywhere, some fresh and some old, some dribbling from cracks
49 Demon ichor dribbling everywhere stinking and dripping on everything
50 Rust copper coins, scraps of wire and metal filings everywhere
51 Cave art on walls, flint scraps, sooty smears, broken antler and tusk tools
52 Candles, thousands of them and melted wax dribbles everywhere
53 Moths everywhere some quite big, sometimes covering surfaces and swarming if disturbed
54 Horrible quivering slime and mucous and gelatinous messes cover everything
55 Strange haunted moans, chains and screams, echoes of past torture and depravity
56 Haunted whispers sometimes from long dead adventurers or even talking about your hidden past
57 Cryptlike stench with coffins resting on shelves in walls with mementos
58 Bones everywhere but often arranged in stacks like skull pyramids, tunnels blocked by bones piles
59 Strange sweet alluring smell like honey or cooked food draws creatures inwards
60 Builders marks and instructions everywhere, stacks of bricks and lumber unused, dead ends
61 Crystalline deposits forming, poison or toxic like arsenic, some fragile, overgrow hidden stuff
62 Sulpher fumes and deposits, bubbling pools and secretions of yellow crystals
63Walls crumbling and sagging from poor building site and damp, features warn and disintegrating
64 Relief art from past painted, carved or mosaic patterns everywhere, some with clues
65 Bat colony, ceiling covered in thousands of bats easily spooked into swarm, pools of bat guano
66 Toxic fumes and corrosive liquids are creeping in, damaging fittings and forming new chambers
67 Zombie labourerers working throughout dungeon only attack if harmed
68 Clerics invading in past left religious graffiti, holy symbols and vandalized devilish art and decor
69 Walls covered in metal sheets, riveted, rust and spattered blood, hooks, chains plumbing adorn
70 Green algae covers walls, floors, forming pools, conceal many details, some hostile algae
71 Spice incense smells pervade dungeon from cultists, sooty marks and incense holders everywhere
72 Irregular stone slabs with carved art and pictograms of pre human elder races
73 Walls filled with fossilized sea creatures like trilobites, fish, jellyfish and prehistoric horrors
74 Semiprecious stones and mineral deposits everywhere, many holes chiseled from walls
75 Glitters with fools gold or other pretty but not very valuable minerals
76 Local creatures all collect ears, some missing a single ear or ear necklaces found everywhere
77 Vibrant insect and mushroom garden ecology, crawling with life, well fed monsters
78 Vibrant ecology of bugs and shrooms and subterranean hens and swine running wild
79 Ecology of piercers, trappers, mimics and tunnel squid infest dungeon
80 Powdered rust heaps, scarce metal, flint and wood and bone tools in use, rust monster epidemic
81 Dungeon serial killer leaves mutilated corpses and enigmatic graffiti art
82 Mad sadist trapper leaves traps with sobbing victims as bait in multi stage death traps
83 Cannibalism rife with locals, adorned with human skin and bones, chewed remains everywhere
84 Tattooed dungeon factions each with own artist compete for best ink and mutilations
85 Empty and often busted bottles, drunk monsters, remains of barrels, alcoholism rife in dungeon
86 Thriving local economy with dungeon shops, monsters willing to trade or be paid off
87 Dungeon festival celebrating pubic event or holy day, monsters partying and in good mood
88 Monsters are gourmets and eat exotic foods and drink and have table manners
89 Dungeon rife with drug addiction, many found alone stoned and tripping
90 Dungeon rife with gambling, locals bet on anything, hooked on games of chance
91 Hyper evolving dungeon with inhabitants changing to ew species
92 Mutants everywhere,contaminants increasing mutant population all the time
93 Parasites infect most cratures that burst open with worms when killed and left, eggs everywhere
94 Local creatures depraved sex maniacs, very keen on slaves, porn, masturbation and flashing
95 Monsters overun with demonic chaos, most wear demon sigils and many chaos mutants
96 Monsters overun with diabolic law, many civilized, some with lawful features like cyborg parts
97 Many features enchanted with traps, golems and more making detect magic work everywhere
98 Many normal creatures are undead versions, necromancer or undead boss settled here
99 Lycantropes everywhere, many normal creatures turn into worse creatures if attacked
100 Other plane leaking in, at first find documents and clues before portals discovered

After this things would get more weird, walls of quivering demon flesh, everything made of living flame.....perhaps later


  1. Very cool. I love charts like this, always have.

  2. This is such a great resource for building ambiance in a dungeon. I have read it through twice and bookmarked it.

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