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D100 Rival dungeon parties

Dungeon of signs did a post on evidence there is a party in your dungeon which fits in with what I did last time with things to happen to dungeons while your away

Using a few things off that list to foreshadow one of thee gangs in the dungeon would add extra exitement to those random generic murder holes we call dungeons.

If it does not specify they are good or evil consider giving party a curveball with alignment variations for these parties. Many greedy and willing to kill son good not so common. Misunderstandings occur also.

D100 rival dungeon parties
01 A band of local sheriffs, bailiffs, posse recruits out for revenge, rescue and a buck
02 A band of fearless vikings with some slave labour out to methodically kill everything
03 A band of barbarians and beast companions looking for heroic trophies and experience
04 A band of knights and squires looking for deeds of daring do to earn fame
05 A holy band or priests, holy knights and zealous warriors out to kill evil
06 A band of mercenary soldiers out for a buck, dirty, brutal and cruel
07 A squad of professional soldiers with auxiliaries on a mission from authorities
08 A band of yeomen killing everything they can methodically, preferably from a distance
09 A gang of bandits from roads or countryside looking for a lair or loot
10 A gang of thieves looking for anything to kill and rob, quiet and ambush rather than direct
11 A cult looking for relic or a new place of worship or for sacrifices
12 A party of templar warrior priests out to destroy evil in name of good or law
13 A party of templar warrior priests out to control dungeon in name of chaos or evil
14 A group of priest, guards and villagers hunting undead or cultists
15 A group of witches looking for relics or magical components with cult body guards
16 A group of holy hermits of city and wilderness on pilgrimage to perform miracles
17 A group of Druids seeking offense to the cosmic balance and the middle path with bets and guards
18 A gang of professional killers stalking down here for training or seeking a hideout
19 A gang of bounty hunter scum taking scalps and looking for wanted adventurers gone bad
20 A wizard and his students and some guardians on field trip looking for magic stuff
21 A wizard looking for relic or evil minions to recruit, wants to set up shop with gang here
22 An order of monks looking for relics and enemies to practice their technique on
23 An order of monks come here to establish a secret monastery and take over
24 A gang of martial artists are here to catch victims for gladiatorial cage matches, want to settle here
25 A gang of martial artists out to be best and baddest moving in to show how tough they are
26 A bunch of drunken masters pretending to be harmless hobos using selves as bait to to hunt
27 A dark druid sect of blood druids or black robe necromancers are settling in to be new lords
28 Druids here for combat trials and ordeals in gangs, often bare chested or even naked
29 A summoner and his gang of misfits creatures seeks a new head quaters or just loot
30 A elementalist and his students and bets is here to find new pets or treasure
31 A group of musical bards and heroes looking for adventure
32 A group of curious bards trying to survive dungeon with power of song (well mostly)
33 A mixed adventurer party led by a bard looking for ancient treasures of song and music
34 Bards seeking artistic inspiration and gloomy dungeon places to romanticize
35 Sorcerer and cultists looking for drugs or exotic luxuries or magical items
36 Sorcerers looking for evils stuff to build a power base with to ruin local area to please demons
37 Elder god cultists with mask or wearing hoods, thugs and magicians and murderers
38 Evil cult or mob from local area here to deal with monsters as per usual cannot have witnesses
39 Imperial sorcerers with guards seeking magic treasure for the empire
40 Sorcerer cult called here by voices from beyond, now await next orders
41 A band of Dwarves seeking glory, relics, lost tech, magic or other loot here to fight
42 Dwarf berserker psychopaths killing all intruders into their realm
43 Dwarf alchemists field trip for materials and weapon testing, bombs, guns, golems and guards
44 Dark Elves here to assert evil influence over dungeon with silver and magic fungus
45 Bright elves here to cleanse ancient evils they feel partly responsible for from the dawn time
46 Gnomish explorers seeking metal and gems, with pets and a spellcaster
47 Wicked redcap gnomes that may grow huge at will with bloody halberds
48 Hairless gnomes of the deep with white eyes looking for vital magic for their survival
49 Ugly grey gnomes with steam and magic automatons and gunpowder weapons
50 Black hat gnomes with poison daggers and blowpipes and spears riding giant bats
51 Halfling explorers, doughy tough little guys who are pretty smug they can kill foes with rocks
52 Halfling teens out having an adventure sneaking about in dark looking for trinkets or pocketmoney
53 Furious goatmen with witch and a chaos war champion declare this property of a demon lord
54 Degenerate mongrel men have had enough being cattle and are revolting against all pure bloods
55 Snakeman magician with reptile men troops seeking lost lore or hidden sleepers of their folk
56 Horrible albino cavemen have been lead here by tribal magician
57 Ape man and carnivorous ape family exploring for meat and possible home
58 Stag men hunting and killing enemies with wood folk and animals friends, possibly a druid
59 Insect men looking for nesting ground and prisoners for larvae
60 Evil changelings seeking hierarchies to infiltrate for takeover
61 Good changelings in human form adventuring, possible mixed band (1in6), some romantic (1in6)
62 Wily octopus folk from far off lands seeking, adventure, cash and good stories
63 Chaos cultist octopus folk from far off lands seeking location and sacrifice for depraved rituals
64 A mob of young giants and ogres and trolls looking for a home or food, constant in fighting
65 A cult of psionics lurk looking for lay lines or crystals to enhance powers
66 Escaped convict gang have fled in here to kill everybody who sees them till far from prison
67 Special forces with guns from other plane her to loot and vivisect and gather intelligence
68 Magician with golem or demon and other followers using heavy hitter to seize dungeon
69 Teenagers from local area looking to make a quick buck and leave this backward area
70 Dwarves greedy for gold kill any who hold out on what is rightfully theirs
71 Rangers exploring dungeon looking for future threats to area stability and monster population
72 Fishmen with shoggoth to fight and carry loot exploring for lost gold and elder god artifacts
73 Wizard with assorted hybrid animal monsters looking for breeding stock and training beasts
74 A band of ogres moved in to take over and just want sacks of loot and dinner
75 Slavers have moved in and recruiting monsters for guards and kidnappers
76 Swine men devil worshipers moved in and set selves up as lazy overlords over other creatures
77 Someone chopped up a troll and scattered all over dungeon, now roaming teen troll gangs
78 Ant men looking to build a royal hatchery and start a colony for their pregnant queen
79 Cockroach men scuttling about looking for horrible food, hate any who bring light into the dark
80 Hyena men war band looking for victims and food, will skirmish stronger foes or wait till weak
81 Rat men here to spread disease for the plague god with pet bear rats and common black rat swarms
82 Badger men here looking for loot and new territory, feel competitive with humans
83 Chaos war band of mutant demon worshipers are here looking for fights and sacrifices and food
84 Cave men with pet cave bears or lions moving in and seek hunting trophies to prove virility
85 Kobold commando squad with group of suicide bombers and a kobold magician of some kind
86 Kobold trappers fitting in deathtraps willing to skirmish and use their cunning and ordinance
87 Kobold construction crew and beasts of burden (carrion crawlers?) finishing new work
88 Goblin warband seek revenge against human for past deeds, sound the drums and let loose horde
89 Goblin wizards and guards looking for magical treats, demand spell books and magic
90 Goblin gardeners spreading dung, spores, baby monster grubs and eggs
91 Goblin beast rider clan, with giant bats, dire wolves or other creatures as mounts for skirmishers
92 Hobgoblins troops marching about looking for enemies of goblins to kill and rob
93 Hobgoblins led by a dark elf from underlands, seeks alliances with monsters and evil doers
94 Hobgoblin folk looking working for food and loot, easily offended by humans and enraged
95 Bugbear assassins lurk here looking for intruders to dungeon, solo or big ambushes used
96 Bugbear troops prowling in gangs looking for loot and food and hunting outsiders
97 Bugbear mercenaries hired by other monster to kill intruder adventurers, very professional
98 A rival adventurer party state they have claim, tell claim jumpers to piss of or be killed
99 A rival adventurer party hear someone been beating them to best stuff and want compensation
100 A rival party of old family enemies, escaped boss monsters and other party enemies or their kin

I might add to this yet or do a higher level one
Vampires and specific undead
Shape shifted magic critters

I had a party in runequest set up a kill zone in a dungeon once with traps, spells and ambush. Problem is dragon newts walked in. Parky killed most of them but some of greatest dragon magicians and heroes lasted a few rounds and injured party and damaged all their equipment. Dragon newts not actually evil and they self reincarnate and carry grudges. They kept hunting heroes who had made magic armour from their skins. Many years of revenge and awful killing followed.

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