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More Class Style: Ideas in progress

Won glorious battle with cockroaches tonight - killed 1 2 3 pregnant queens trying to flee house.

A bunch of class musings again....I do think i am am making some progress. A bunch of ideas really. Upcoming projects for this blog at end.

Class Struggle progress...

WAR =Warrior
WIZ =Wizard







Basic classes

Could run game with just these four

Warrior - most WP skills, all arms and armour, extra damage, extra attacks vs 1HD
Priest - divine magic, holy power such as turning, medium weapons and armour
Rogue - best NWP ability, ambush attacks, kill prone per level per round
Wizard - book learned arcane spells, of of NWP

Specialist Classes
More exotic but also popular alternate classes

Monk - good all proficiencies, enhanced weapon specialization, no amour
Druid - nature magic, shape shifting, and animal languages
Sorcerer - arcane spells cast intuitive, slightly better at fighting and hp than wizard
Bard - various magic, influence song, many NWP and languages

Barbarian - tough, light armored savage survivalist
Shamen - mind magic, communes with spirit world to prepare spells
Psion - intuitive mind magic, disciplined master of the mind
Assassin - killers by ambush and surprise and magic

Paladin - warrior champion with divine magic
Witch - any magic list of spells intuitively
Alchemist - arcane potions, guns, golems, and enchanted stuff
Ranger - wilderness explorer, hunter and marksmen

Dont need to go here yet
Cavalier - noble elite leaders of aristocratic fighting class

Mystic - intuitive casting holy man with meditative powers
Duelist? Scout?
Some dumb reason i like sets of four

Demihuman Classes
Standard nonhuman races

Dwarf - fighting craft folk
Gnome - wee nature folk
Elf - faerie magic warrior folk
Halfling - charming little people

Strange races

Giant - fighting folk that grow huge
Beastfolk - fighting monster men
Tako - octopus faerie folk
Changeling - shape shifter folk

Goblinoids as classes

Kobold - crafty miners and guerrilla fighters
Goblin -  crazy magical mischief makers
Hobgoblin - angry, martial, warriors
Bugbears - silent killing brutes

Orc as a bonus one

Futuristic Races
For my spacefleet sf opera game

Spaceman - space crew
Engineer - tech experts
Scientist - science experts
Explorer - scout and stealth specialists
Mutant - dna scrambled mutants
Robot - mechanical men who serve
Cyborg - synthetic fusions, join us
Android - replicant human workers

Revising spell lists. New cleric is handy play test too. Some volunteers and tests.

Mentalist magic: Psionic Spell List. Will do Psionics PDF with classes and spell lists. Am trying to use in play. Will detail some psionic sects and shaman specialties.

Look at some alchemist spell lists basically potions with required recipies and material componant cost for magic. Summoning pells are creating life in bottles from premixed ingrediant. Seem lots of art with this. Fuse with lover spell to create 2headed 4armed 4legged hermaphrodite. Alchemist and witch in one of old Glaantri gazetteer had alchemist subclass and Dragon will draw ideas from. Had interesting illusionist with dream monsters and own magic kingdom.

Possibly witch could do some stuff with candles and fetishes or could be magical NWP or their version of alchemy spells. Thinking make witch as weak as wizard, fairly learned and able to pick spells from any list but as per a sorcerer - gain 1 spell per level, can spend spell level energy on known spells. Not as good at fighting or for HP of sorcerer but more diverse in choices.

Mentalist spells for psions and shamen. Shamen more like wizards but gain use of spirit plane travel powers. They make treaties with spirits and prepare them with rituals before action. Psions more like sorcerers but fight better and less into abstract knowledge. They learn and cast mentalist spells more like sorcerers do with arcane magic.

Sorcerers may use wand or staff with zero or more charges to provide them with knowledge of a spell that they can cast with their power through the focus as if it was a spell they know and can cast. So a fireball wand with 0 charges still good with sorcerer who can put energy of a 3rd level spell through the wand to cast fireball.

A wizard could try using spell knowledge in item but must hold wand while learning the spell in the wand or casting it. If they memorize spell and lose wand and do not know the spell without the wand then the spell slot is locked till the spell released by using that item or a similar one or they learn spell properly and cast it them self. A wizard can use item based spells knowledge to work items for spell research and can possibly transcribe them into their book.


Travel book (Save 10 or less)
1gp/lv/page + 10pg, 1/10th of lb per lv+1lb

Heavy bound and locked book
(Save 13 or less)
10gp/lv/page + 100pg, 2/10th lb per lv+3lb

Metal bound and fireproofed and waterproofed
(Save 16 or less)
100gp/lv/page + 1000pg 3/10 lb per lv+1lb 

x2 Best quality (+1 all saves)
x2 B&W Spot Ilutrations
x4 Colour Spot Illustrations
x6 Illuminated title pages x one and a half mass
x10 Full colour Illuminated, double mass
x5 Compact (1/2 weight)

1d12 Alternate Books
1 Tatoos 1d10gp/lv
2 Bag of bones with carved runes
quarter lb per lv+1lb
3 Jewelery 100gp per lv, 1/10th of lb per lv
4 Tubes of scrolls (scrolls set and case weight same as books)

5 Wooden book .3lb/lv half lb per lv+2lb
6 Clay tablets 1lb/lv
7 Sewn into robes

8 On bodies of animal or familiar
9 Bag or runestones half lb per lv+1lb
10 Bag of rune sticks quarter lb per lv+1lb
11 Pack of cards 1d100+50 gp per card

12 Books made from skin, bark or leaves

Streamline my blowout of skills +
Will sit with some editors and cull some stuff
Playing 3.5 and 4th ed made me sick of lots of plusses

Instead of lots of racial + numbers on NWP I might just give more classes especially race ones extra NWP. I may group better into types or groups or put in groups not learn able till a certain level or that cascade from more basic skills so must have other basic skill. Sailing could cascade from boating Possibly some monster kits for WP and NWP templates for martial artist monsters.

Possible Use these for race based classes Classes

All dwarves get WP at Expert+1 in any one axe and one missile from any type of crossbow or gun. A Dwarf may specialist in one of these weapons and any number of master WP. Choose two NWP from Construction, any type of smith or craft, Trap Lore, Lock lore, Earth lore, Black Powder, Alchemy. Can learn enchant item or weapon or potion at 6th

All gnomes get a WP in any axe, pick, hammer, club, dagger, club, dart, any crossbow, any gun, spear. javelin or any polearm. A Gnome may specialize in one of these weapons. Choose two NWP from any type of smith or craft, Lock Lore, Trap Lore, Earth lore, Animal Lore, Navigation, or Animal Handling, Animal Training, Animal Mimic, Animal Husbandry, Listen - may add something else still.

All halflings get WP in brawling, club, sling, rock, dagger. A halfling may specialize in one of these weapons and be expert in as many others as desired. They inflict 1d4 with brawling or rocks and get no range penalties for thrown rocks. Choose two NWP from Cooking, Sneak, Hide, Climb, Pick Pockets, Listen, Farming, Butcher, Baker, Brewer, Animal Handling, Herbalist, First Aid, Drive Cart, Boating

All elves get+1 in one type of sword and one type of bow. A Elf may specialize in both of these weapons. Choose two NWP from Sneak, Hide, Ignore Terrain, Listen, Spot, Beast Lore, Plant Lore, Earth Lore, Riding, Animal Training, Animal Mimic, Animal Husbandry, Dance, Sing


All giants get +1 with club and rock. A giant may specialize in both of these weapons. Giants also know one of these NWP: Foraging, Smell, Track, Climb. Listen, Survival, Earth Lore, Swim or Intimidate. Giants get +1d12 inches per level and +1 STR every second Lv. As of 10th level this is 12 inches growth and no longer random d12 inches per level. Extra damage and attack at higher level

All beastmen get WP with brawling and any four from club, spear, javelin, any one axe, any one sword, staff, flail, dagger, short bow and rock. A beastman may specialize in one of weapon and any number of master WP. Choose two NWP from Sneak, Hide, Climb, Jump, Leap, Run Faster, Smell, Spot, Listen, Track,  Dance, Survival, Animal Training, Animal Mimic, Animal Husbandry, Earth Lore, Beast Lore
5th minor beast power: extra unarmed damage (1d6), jump, run, swim, +2 AC, extra NWP
10th major beast power: extra attack, fly, breathe water, +4 AC, poison attack
call horde at 15th and 20th
Extra attack and damage

some rules to make intelligent animals as beastmen would be good too, extra attacks no hands

All chanelings get WP in brawling and dagger. Can become Expert in any weapon. Choose two NWP from Sneak, Hide, Infiltrate, Shadow, track, lip read, forage, hunting, survival, disguise, taunt, jump, leap, acrobatics, climb. Change into various forms once per day, last till change back.

Lycanthrope types turn to frenzied beast or semi beast or half beast form.
Beastlord type turn to natural beast
or semi beast forms
Nature, plant or land spirits turn into a natural feature like a tee or a rock
Elemental turn to elemental animal or elemental humanoid or elemental form
Shifters adopt different human forms or genders to disguise selves, have true secret form
Planar come from outer planes and have a supernatural or divine form they keep hidden

Tako get WP with brawl, and one of trident, net, dagger, any sword, spear, javelin, shuriken. Can become Expert in any weapon. All Tako have Swim and choose two NWP from Sneak, Hide, Climb, Jump, Leap, Spot, Dance, Sea Lore, Beast Lore, Fishing, Boating, Sailing, First Aid, Pick Pockets, sleight of hand

Revised how tako can use arms - mod gives hit mod and how many arms can be used in battle with weapons, shields, could hold two 2-handed weapons and a bow and two shields. Stackable with ambidexterity and extra weapon WP. Two tentacles usable for weapons could be used for spell casting action combos, eg 2 tentacles for casting 1 a pistol and 1 a shield. Ink squirt uses brawling WP.

Tako Arm Uses
Level          Arms:      1      2     3     4     5     6     7     8   add class spells here too etc
1st                             -2    -4     x     x      -      -      -     -
2nd                            -1    -2    -4    x      -      -      -     -
3rd                              0    -1    -2    x      x      -       -    -
4th                              0    -1     -2    -4    x      -       -    -
5th                              0     -1    -2    -3    -4     x      -    -
6th                              0      0    -1    -2     -3    -4     x    -  
7th                              0      0    0     -1     -2    -3    -4    x 
8th                              0      0    0     0      -1    -2    -3    -4 
9th                              0      0    0     0      0      -1    -2    -3   
10th                            0      0    0     0      0       0    -1    -2
11th                            0      0    0     0      0       0     0    -1
12th                            0      0    0     0      0       0    -1    -2
13th                            0      0    0     0      0       0    0     -1
14th                            0      0     0    0      0       0     0     0

X = hand usable with shield or as second hand on a two handed weapon. - so a tako get only two attacks at first with penalties but they could be two different 2-handed ones or use 2 weapons and two sheilds or any other combo with basic four hands.

Enhancing your WP
Another revision

0 slot = class zero WP mod -2, -3 or -4
1 slot = WP
2 slot = expert +1 hit and damage

3 slot = master +2 hit and damage4 slot = specialist +3 hit and damage

Warrior - any number of specialist, master or expert WP
Priest - one cult preferred specialist WP
Rogue - two choice of master WP
Wizard - one choice of master WP

Monk - one class based specialist and any number of master
Druid - any number of expert WP as wanted
Sorcerer - one preferred weapon master
Bard - two choice of master WP

Barbarian - one specialist and as many master WP as wanted
Shamen - one preferred weapon master
Psion - one preferred weapon master
Assassin - any number of master WP as wanted

Paladin - one specialist and as many master WP as wanted
Witch - one preferred weapon master
Alchemist - one preferred weapon master
Ranger - two specializations as many expert WP as wanted

Dwarf - one specialist and as many master WP as wanted
Gnome - one preferred specialist WP
Elf -  two preferred specialist WP in a bow and sword
Halfling - one specialist WP in brawling, club, sling, rock, dagger as many expert WP as want

Giant - two preferred specialist WP in a club and rock
Beastfolk - one specialist and as many master WP as wanted
Tako - any number of expert WP as wanted
Changeling - any number of expert WP as wanted

To Do List Update
Mutations a big project taken me a year - close to d1000 in effort
mutations come in levels like spells - most always on or usable
Start from cosmetic zero cantrips
Working to godlike power at 7th
Chance of devolving into shoggoth

Monster Manual Rewrite:
Making some tough choices here
Do i document official ones or just make my own versions?

d100 Street vendors in Shadelport
d100 Dungeon Decor Table - dress up dull dungeon

d100 Tragedy table - haunting covered some ideas for this too
d100 religious items - religious dressings, probably lootable
d100 Random Strange Crypt Table
d100 Non Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Doomed Immortals Encounters
d100 Necromancer Relics
d100 Wandering holy folk, hermits and hunters of unholy
d100 Strange Graveyards - Found notes on "holiness factor" for grave areas
d100 megalith sites - remains of the old ways
d100 undead boss monsters - might do sub-bosses also  
d100 things on the lonely moors at night
d100 catacomb and Gothic decor
d100 alluring strange headstones
d100 Madness table for failed WIS checks vs horror, tragedy or shock
d100 Books of the Gothic City
d100 Secret Societies
d100 honest undead motivations
Castle Geomorphs - keep and wall and tower section
Manor Geomorphs - a few mansions for haunting and tragic nobility
Crypt and tomb - lots of small funeral structures
Ruin Geomorphs
Catacomb Geomorphs - create a maze of tunnels
Mausoleum Geomorphs - this will be basic one
Cathedral Geomorphs

Upcomming Psychon Stuff
Elder Gods and pre human horror
Mutant characters class
Robots and synthetic characters class
Spaceman characters class?
Organizations and other creeds of psychon...

Book Projects
Pychon intro module (awaiting art)
Redbrick Dungeon Zone book of tables (more editing)
Psychon 2.5
with a few extras and some editing

EMO DnD v3 Draft

Hope to run some different stuff this new year
Cthulhu Vikings
TSR Marvel
Long Stairs DnD
Finish my 13th lv party game off by april
A new DnD game or possibly RQ
Something Space Opera

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