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Street Seller Stalls of Shadel Port

Not as nasty a table as i would of liked but adds some local colour. Losing my edge.

Street Stalls of Shadelport
01 Medical advice and potions
02 Singing birds for sale in tiny cages seller dressed classy with wig
03 Dungeon and treasure maps for sale from disfigured old adventurer
04 Street gambler playing cards or shell games
05 Pamphlet sales man with pushcart
06 Orphan child selling matches
07 Man selling wooden toys, dolls and puppets
08 Obscene postcard, pamphlets and posters from seedy man with big coat
09 Pie salesman with tray on head or pushcart
10 Apple saleswoman
11 Pear or orange or lemons
12 Cabbage seller
13 Hot rat on a stick man
14 Chestnuts with tiny wheeled stove
15 Eels and herrings salesman
16 Jellied hooves with vinegar
17 Sausage man selling strings of tasty meat
18 Hot gruel vendor selling tasty slop
19 Strawberries or blackberries or cherries
20 Mushroom seller
21 Sweeper offers to sweep your part of street free of shit and garbage
22 Bone man gives money for dead animals and scraps of meat or bone
23 Rag man buying and selling scraps and old clothes
24 Onion seller
25 Fresh fish seller
26 Muffin man with steamy tasty treats
27 Bread man selling loaves from a sack
28 Milk maid with can of milk and ladel
29 Hog Jowls steaming hot of the hog
30 Pickled egg seller
31 Hanky seller, selling pretty hankies and ribbon
32 Flower seller selling posies
33 Poem seller with bundle of scrolls for all occasions
34 Street scribe reads and writes on the go
35 Holy trinkets and souvenirs
36 Coalman selling by bucket load
37 Water carrier with clean water jar and ladel
38 Pickle man with tiny barrel and tongs
39 Cat seller with pockets full of mewing feral kittens
40 Frog seller, live and cooked in his pockets
41 Shadel Port mussels and cockles from the harbour
42 Lizard peddlar with cooked on a stick or tied to string and live
43 Snake charmer selling snakes, remedies and performing
44 Fighting spider seller with hundreds of tiny cages
45 Crawfish and seabug seller, only most desperate eat this
46 Turtle seller selling live and cooked, pot of turtle soup
47 Perfume vendor with dozens of tiny scent bottles
48 Bandage seller with sacks of dressing
49 Clothes, barley used, guaranteed second hand, not stolen
50 Herbalist selling herbs and potions and amulets
51 Wine seller with barrel under arm, sell by cupful
52 Beer seller with barrel rolling down street, sell by mugful
53 Puppy seller promises they are exotic breeds
54 Rabbit seller, live in cage or dead and hanging from a stick
55 Smoked, salted and cured meat seller
56 Coin changer with guard or mobster protector
57 Second hand pots, pans, plates in tiny cart
58 Knife seller "you always need one!" with wide range and sharpener
59 Hat seller sell swap or buy
60 Mask seller for carnivals, parties or other uses
61 Merkin and wig seller
62 Pipe weed seller, many varieties and cured types and pipes
63 Drug dealer selling narcotics like shrooms, black lotus or wizard dust
64 Smelts and other oiled, pickled, dried or smoked fish
65 Ripe green, dried beans or hot beans in gravy pot
66 Brooms and brushes
67 Old suits, cloaks and swords for gentlemen
68 Old scrap metal dealer with sack or cart
69 Patriotic poster, medallions, postcards and statuettes  seller
70 Seller of idols and holy symbols and scrolls
71 Street barber with stool, bucket and razor
72 Candle stubs for sale from box with old cripple
73 Radish and lettuce woman
74 Garlic snails sold from bucket by child
75 Second hand boots, shoes, sandals and other footwear
76 Hot Oaten Barron Cakes, children's favorite
77 Toasting fork and spice graters
78 Wool seller with sack and hand spindle
79 Pens and ink and paper
80 Turnip man with pushcart and sacks
81 Lamp oil from a jar, BYO own container
82 Bags of salt
83 Fresh mad sheep gut condoms by the tin
84 Spices and herbs
85 Fire wood bundles
86 Cheese and cream and curds and butter
87 Ice being sold from man back
88 Walnuts or almonds or pine-nuts
89 Mouse Traps
90 Woven mats and rugs
91 Charcoal seller with sack
92 Street tailor repairs on the spot
93 Locksmith on the street
94 Pins and needles
95 Anti witchcraft charms
96 Love potions and charms
97 Tinker selling old pans, kettles and trays as well as repairing goods
98 Bags of prunes
99 Shoe polisher and street cobbler
100 Tentacles seller with bucket of still squirming severed tentacles

 Just to credit my best source and a fascinating read about retro urban life:

OK im feeling bile now.....more and worse

d100 Slightly more horrible street vendors
01 Man selling crying baby goblins in bundles
02 Woman selling sweet baby kobolds for slaves or eating
03 Woman selling stolen children
04 Man selling stolen home furnishings and trinkets
05 Man selling stolen jewelery
06 Man selling magic potions
07 Man selling poison potions
08 Man selling a cursed item
09 Woman offers her bandaged neck to drink blood from
10 Children's clothes, freshly stolen by "skinners"
11 Baby fighting bear for sale
12 Baby wolf for sale
13 Fighting dog for sale, very angry and scary
14 Horse meat cheap for quick sale, crowd swarms sellers
15 Man selling magic hallucinatory dream mushrooms
16 Man selling baby monster in a box
17 Man selling lizard he claims is a monster baby
18 Woman selling monster egg
19 Executed mans body parts, many magical uses
20 Street tatoo artist
21 Fighting cat for sale in sack, very angry
22 Monkeys in tiny suit for sale
23 Parrots for sale, every one owned by a pirate captain
24 Sacrificial doves for sale, gods love em'
25 Saint fingernail or toenail clippings or hair for sale
26 Woman selling newborn baby
27 Parents selling children in hopes of a better life
28 Farmer trying to sell his mutant son
29 Men selling a giant baby
30 Messenger bird for sale, carrier pigeon and mimic bird hybrid
31 Man selling monster meat, claims has magical power
32 Old drunk miner trying to sell a nugget or a uncut gem
33 Drunk old adventurer trying to sell his cursed item will teleport back to him
34 Ancient depraved illustrated manuscript of the elder races on sale cheap
35 Man selling gunpowder, shot and grenades at standard prices and limited stock
36 Coffle of slave kobolds, trained miners and craftsmen with various specialties
37 Slave goblins of former dead wizard, each can cast cantrips and possibly a basic spell
38 Slave hobgoblins, hard working but easily offended and enraged, some have calming lobotomies
39 Slave orcs, able and willing warriors who respect a strong master, fresh from a evil wizards lab
40 Live killer rippy fish sold in buckets, do not flush down toilet by barons orders
41 Idiot savant for sale by a strange man, some calculators, some decoders, some crafters
42 Dancing girls (and/or/nor boys) for sale varied condition and average
43 Pimp is selling off his girls, bargain prices he needs to split town
44 Eldritch tome fragments or arcane scroll scraps being sold as toilet paper or kindling
45 Undead body parts, good for magical treatments and potions
46 Iced confectioner in fancy suit with fanciful pushcart
47 Puppies spit roasted before your eyes grill stall
48 Undead eyeballs for sale, novelty value twitching resentful eyes in boxes
49 Imp in a bottle anyone want a novelty pet!
50 Wizard corpse parts good for spells and medicine
51 Clergy body parts good for quack folk healing
52 Baby shrieking fungus sold in pots
53 Baby giant spider or scorpion in a box
54 Baby changeling or elf for sale
55 Bugbear child for sale, scared hairy little fatty
56 Illegal unicorn products, death sentence possession horn or dung or blood powder, probably fake
57 Man selling manacled screaming madman for research or pit fighting
58 Priest offering holy water or wine or oil in the street for standard rate, all claim theirs is best
59 Man selling incendiary hand grenades named after the gremlin wizard Molotov
60 Sailor offers strange wax tablet with elder script that calls a Deep one once a month
61 Sailor offers exotic (non black) lotus resin from east you have never heard of
62 Feral child for sale in cage, caught in trap in the woods, possible pit fighter
63 Gnome or halfling in a cage offered for pit fighting or slave
64 Man selling baby Tako octopuses folk from buckets
65 Sailors having an impromptu mermaid auction
66 Bat winged monkey in cage for sale
67 Wind up automaton for sale children's toy
68 Man selling silver bullets and daggers and wolvesbane
69 Man selling charms to keep elves at bay
70 Man selling sulky resentful gremlin in a jar
71 Lady selling sexy dancing gremlin in a lantern
72 Person selling gremlin babies and permits from pushcart
73 Man selling babies with single enlarged eye and fang
74 Man selling electrum crossbow bolts, swears efficacious against mutants
75 Evil amulets, demon and bad god symbols and names and faces
76 Man claims he can give you temporary vampire powers for cash
77 Baby Ice Tadpole, perfect as food coolers in insulated chest
78 Man with giant spider mutant on chain, "psychotic evil brute going cheap!"
79 Woman selling demonic baby in cage-crib
80 Creepy (cannibal) offers cheap quality smoked and cured meat
81 Sausages made from monster, most exotic gourmet treat
82 Pornographic religious figurines on display inside creepy mans coat
83 Thieving children selling fresh lemonade (urine)
84 Selling umbrellas to keep out the upstairs chamberpots worst showers
85 Man selling a animal claims is dead wizard familiar
86 Man selling diseased harpy dung in hygienic paper throwable packages
87 Old woman offers witch's secret brews for the brave
88 Strange man offers cursed gem, turns owner into a cruel miser (LE)
89 Strange man offers wishes granted this way just sign here....
90 Gang member offering visitors a wild night on the town for any who can afford them
91 A man offers to fight anyone for a bet, his mate runs side bets for even more money
92 A man distracts crowd with promise of cheap fake magic item, his urchins pick crowd pockets
93 A man selling catfish flesh from the ancient demon worshiping catfish men of the elder age 
94 Grinning man selling soup, horrible ganglion parasite infect person, makes slaves to evil cult
95 Child offers to take party to black lotus den
96 Man selling superior quality arrows
97 Butcher selling orc, goblin and kobold flesh cheap and fast
98 Lethal rotgut grog in bottles from a man, save or die 2d4 hours later
99 Fox man in human form selling stolen chickens, ducks and geese
100 Mushroom man in disguise selling secret formula spore cakes


  1. Cool. The first list would work well for an ordinary city market and the second could be the underworld or goblin market.


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