Wednesday 9 October 2013

Relics of the Saints and Holy Ones

Saints are heroes of faith, those who performed deeds of renown in the name of their god. Saints have magical powers above and beyond normal and may grant magical aid beyond death.

Many saint objects look common but accessories, carrying cases or scabbards will be valuable artworks often covered in gems and gold worth hundreds of gold. Some encrust common objects in gold and precious stones.

d20 Saintly deeds

1 Great act of charity and kindness
2 Resisted great temptations, always did right
3 Was killed horribly resisting enemy of faith
4 Founded a sect or order
5 Killed mortal enemy of faith
6 Killed supernatural enemy of religion
7 Great deed of self sacrifice for believers
8 Great ancestor and famous parent
9 Converted many with difficult pilgrimages
10 Overcame a terrible custom frowned on today
11 Killed resisting a horrible spiritual enemy
12 Pioneering founder of faith
13 Great writer who produced a holy text
14 Great healer who saved many and brought new convert
15 Great pilgrim who brought creed to new places
16 Great teacher who brought new changes to faith in past
17 Saint responsible for prophecies and communing with god
18 Saint was a great ruler in name of religion
19 Built a great wonder or monument
20 Purged heretics and would be reformists in church organisation

d100 Relics of the Saints

1 Finger +4 Climb NWP if carried
2 Finger +3 First Aid or Healing NWP if carried
3 Finger shoots a single magic missile per day
4 Finger cast bless once per day
5 Finger casts flame strike once per week
6 Toe +1 move while carried
7 Tooth removes poison from one meal and drink per day
8 Tooth detects poison if touched
9 Tooth create food and water once per day
10 Tooth cast cure light woulds once per day
11 Hair +5 HP if carried
12 Hair makes carriers hair grow long, glisten and move gently of own accord
13 Beard +1 follower if carried
14 Fingernail +1 damage edged weapons if carried
15 Ear cast silence once per day
16 Ear +2 listen if carried
17 Hand +2 lock and trap lore if carried
18 Hand +1 to hit if carried
19 Hand +2 to craft NWP if carried
20 Hand +3 play any musical instrument
if carried
21 Nose cast identify once per day if carried
22 Knee cast protection from evil once per day if carried
23 Foreleg can double speed for one turn per day if carried
24 Forearm can throw missiles with no range penalties if carried
25 Foot +30% Jump distance
26 Skull +1AC if carried
27 Skull cast raise dead once per month
28 Skull cast speak with dead once per month
29 Skull cast communion once per month
30 Skull cast cure light wounds 3 times per day
31 Jaw dont need to eat while carried
32 Scalp cure baldness 3 times a day
33 Blood cures poison, blindness or disease 1d10 doses in crystal bottle
34 Heart +2 save vs curses if carried
35 Heart +10 HP while carried
36 Heart remove curse once per month
37 Brain +2 all lore NWP knowledge checks while carrying
38 Hip cast hold person spell
39 Knuckle bone +2 unarmed damage while carrying
40 Knuckle bone +1hp all curative spells cast or potions drunk while carrying
41 Vertebrae immune to ill effects of torture if carried
42 Vertebrae weight carries 10% lighter if carried
43 Vertebrae explodes for 5d6 in 4 radius if hits undead or demon
44 Vertebrae halves falling damage while carried
45 Vertebrae +2 on strength rolls to lift or break things while carried
46 Genitalia restores fertility if carried
47 Genitalia restores virginity 3/times a day
48 Breast produces milk that feeds for a day or heals 20% damage once per day
49 Breast +2 Fear saves if carried
50 Mummified Head +1 WIS if carried

51 Liver +2 save vs poison if carried
52 Kidney +1 CON if carried
53 Tears of true sight 1d10 uses as eye drops comes in bottle
54 Rib procides two buffer levels vs energy drains per day if carried
55 Skin can be used once to reattach severed body part
56 Dagger acts as +5 to hit magic but no extra damage
57 Sword +2 undead struck must make save or flee 1d10 rounds
58 Mace +2, +1d4 damage from holy water vs undead or demons
59 Spear +2 +1d4 from sunlight if strikes beings vulnerable like undead
60 Bow +1 every second arrow is magically created
61 Hammer +2 increases STR +1d4 for one turn per day
62 Axe +2 +1d4 damage on anything made from wood or elves
63 Staff +2 creates spring of water once per week in any stone that lasts a week
64 Crook any animal up to medium size caught becomes passive on a failed save
65 Rod anyone struck cannot speak for 1 turn if fail save
66 Scales can detect alignment three times per day
67 Stylus can only write the truth
68 Shroud heals all who touch it 1d4 up to once per week
69 Chest prevents evil persons detecting contents
70 Casket burns as holy water if touched by undead
71 Crown +1 CHA if carried
72 Ring +1 INT if carried
73 Ring informs if betrayed by any who kissed ring swearing aliegence to wielder
74 Ring immune to ghoul touch while worn
75 Ring immune to being turned to stone while worn
76 Jewel resist dragon fear while carried
77 Jewel resist demon or devil fear while worn

78 Jewel immune to lycanthropy while worn
79 Bracelet regenerate 1hp per hour while worn
80 Bracelet immune to aging effects from undead or spells
81 Helmet immune to being blinded, deafened while worn
82 Shield +2 and +2 save vs demon or dragon fire or fire from any undead
83 Compass points to nearest holy ground
84 Robes +2 AC vs evil persons, always looks magnificent
85 Hat +2 AC vs undead or demons
86 Gloves +1 DEX if carried
87 Undergarments - never go to toilet or flatulent if worn
88 Cloak always warm and dry if worn, looks shabby
89 Girdle +1 STR if worn
90 Flask makes 3 batches of fluid as holy water per day
91 Lantern casts Light 3 times a day and permanent light once per week
92 Bar of soap cures disease once per day
93 Cup turns water to wine three times a day
94 Chalice turns water into flammable oil 3 times per day
95 Bell sound upsets undead +2 levels to turn undead powers of priest
96 Holy Symbol  causes fear in undead in 20 radius once per day for d10 rounds
97 Holy Symbol causes fear in demons in 20 radius once per day for d10 rounds
98 Holy Symbol +3 resist demon or undead illusions
99 Holy Symbol immune to undead charms if worn
100 Complete skeleton encrusted in jewelery makes room or area sanctified while present if already sanctified priest spells act as one level higher, weighs 100 pounds


  1. Cool stuff. I'm tempted to add variants of a few dozen of these to my Mog loot table.

    1. so mog is slang for cats in some parts of the world?
      MOG is just my current d&d house-ruled campaign.
      It's word a corruption of Gogmagog; biblical characters reinterpreted as celtic giants reskinned as the spirit of a science-fantasy D&D campaign seemed appropriate enough.

    2. mog or moggie = cat a slothmog is a sleepy cat

    3. sounds awesome - i remember reading about sf nephalim christian sf myth stuff now

  2. ah i just saw your post - the osr zietgiest calls!

  3. "Genitalia restores virginity 3/times a day" - Creepy but awesome :D

  4. saints in india offer girls sex on promise to restore virginity with holy powers

  5. Blessed Saints, thank you for your healing of my son's genogram, parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents, cleansing, deliverance protection (my nieces, nephews, godchild's family as well), Erich needs a powerful intercessor for bondages breaking and attacks of the devil.


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