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Grave Robbing 2 Headstones and crypts

When looking for graves to rob, an adventurer need only to look to the nearest headstone. Of course one outside common accepted holy ground the most legal. 

d20 Grave markers of barbarians and prehistoric peoples

1 Mound of earth
2 Mound of stones
3 Large rock
4 Boulder possibly painted or carved
5 Totem pole or ornate carved pole
6 Mini stone henge structure or megalith
7 Stone obelisk or menhir
8 Tusks, horns or beast skulls on pole
9 Mummified body supported standing or mounted warrior
10 Stones arranged in boat shape
11 Inside or under a tree
12 Ash heap, partially buried from pyre
13 Stone pillar, possibly with nooks for skulls and sacrifices
14 Painted or carved rock feature like cliff
15 Carving in turf
16 Cave or cliff hole blocked with boulder
17 Sheets of slate forming a rectangular sarcophagi
18 Carved stone head
19 Carved creature or figure from rock
20 Wooden fence with spikes on top surrounding mound

d20 Headstones of commoners
1 Mound of dirt
2 Mound of rubble
3 Mound of stones
4 Wooden post
5 Wooden board with simple writing or image
6 Carved or painted wooden board
7 Wooden holy symbol
8 Pillow size stone some writing
9 Intricate wood carved headstone
10 Cave or cliff hole blocked with boulder
11 Ash heap, partially buried from funeral pyre
12 Stone pillow headstone with text
13 Mud brick slab
14 Glazed fired brick slab
15 Stone slab
16 Stone holy symbol
17 Thin stone headstone with minimal text
18 Thick stone headstone with minimal text
19 Winged hourglass and scythe or trade tools carved in thick headstone
20 Skeletons or skulls carved in headstone
d20 Memorials of the rich
1 Mound of dirt
2 Stone urn
3 Small marble slab
4 Large engraved headstone
5 Huge stone tablet with large text
6 Stone bench
7 Skeletons or skulls carved in headstone
8 Winged hourglass and scythe or trade tools carved in headstone
9 Stone carving of tools of trade
10 Stone pedestal
11 Sphinx, gargoyle or other creature in stone
12 Stone sarcophagi
13 Small stone pyramid marker
14 Plinth with relief art or or engravings
15 Engraved Stone Brazier or basin
16 Elegant engraved obelisk
17 Headstone and locked iron cage (to prevent robbery?)
18 Small shrine to dead or faith
19 Monument with bust
10 Monument with statue of deceased

d12 Crypts, Tombs and Mausoleums Type
1-2 Sealed cave
3-5 Mound with stone and or wood structure within
6-7 Carved into stone landscape
8 Subterranean, built or carved
9-10 Brick structure
11-12 Stone structure

d20 Crypts, Tombs and Mausoleums Size

A building or structure dedicated to preserving dead. Smaller ones often private, larger ones connected to church, noble house, guild or monastery. Often one with best sarcophagi inside for a leader (and partner) or house founder and rest for guards or servants or concubines. For ease i tend to say crypts are small, tombs medium and mausoleums large. Monumental versions are even bigger

1-10 one person d2 10ft squares or less +0 goods
11-14 small family or group 2d4, d4 10ft squares +1 goods

15-17 large family or group 6d4, 2d4 10ft squares +d2 goods
18-19 huge family or group 6d20, 2d4 10ft squares +d4 goods
20 gigantic monumental mausoleum or necropolis, multilevel dungeon complex xd100 goods (actually this should be generated as a Gothic zone dungeon)

d20 Crypts, Tombs and Mausoleum Goods
What else besides sarcophagi?

1 Basic tools
2 Livestock remains like horses or sacrificial bull
3 Servant remains
4 Grain, flowers, wine, honey or other food supplies
5 Boat or funeral barge
6 Chariot with weapon
7 Waggon with household goods
8 Library of books, scrolls or tablets
9 Guards long dead or some may be living or magic
10 Collection of weapons
11 Living area with typical fittings
12 Statues of dead or religious or guards

13 Paintings of dead or religious stuff r property or guards
14 Relief Carvings
15 Shrine to deity or the dead
16 Models of tomb or landscape or of subjects or animals
17 Maps of land
18 Traps

19 Concubines, harem or wives with jewellery 
20 Treasure horde, bigger the tomb more wealth

d50 Some Varied Burial Grounds 
Rolled for individual site or for style of burial area. Could be rolled several times depending on size 1d3 and age 1d4-1 or both together. Each religion or era could have own style. These more for on the road or exploring. Urban and literate cultures more consistent.

1 Rock or clay sealed hole of ancient wild men with stone tools
2 Rock or clay sealed hole of common with basic personal items
3 Rock or clay sealed hole of priest or noble with d3 goods
4 Mound covering wooden chamber with sarcophagi d4 goods
5 Mound covering stone chamber with sarcophagi d6 goods
6 Crude megalithic tomb structure 1d3 goods
7 Tunnel under a tree into a chamber among roots 1d2 goods
8 Natural cave complex converted to burial area 1d4 goods
9 Catacombs under structure or settlement
10 Catacombs under ruined structure or settlement 

11 Catacombs under long vanished structure or settlement
12 Crematorium and house of urns
13 Open area with dessicated corpses exposed to elements
14 Area where type of animals are fed ritually butchered corpses
15 Cremation area where dead ashes thrown in holy well or river
16 Area where type of animals are fed exposed dead
17 Built into other structure like bridge or wall or house floor
18 Structure where corpses dissolved in acid
19 Ritual area with feast facilities for cannibals
20 Great pit where bodies chucked unceremoniously
21 Great pit where bodies chucked with rituals
22 Area with body of water where intact bodies tossed
23 Area with body of water where bodies placed in boats or rafts
24 Area with body of water where bodies placed in burning boats or rafts
25 Open graveyard
26 Fenced off graveyard
27 Fenced off graveyard with shrine or chapel and clergy
28 Fenced off graveyard with guardians or caretaker
29 Built stone crypt
30 Carved from stone crypt
31 Marble mausoleum with multiple levels
32 Necropolis built right up against settlement
33 Necropolis built within settlement
34 Ancient private brick burial vault
35 Buried in boat or boat shaped stone cairn
36 Stone built underground tomb
37 Megalith tomb with stone chamber for many persons
38 Stone sarcophagi arranged in field, often fenced
39 Public mausoleum for masses
40 Monumental Mausoleum of great ones
41Tree hollows used, possibly wrapped in bark tubes
42 Chariot burials with horse and driver
43 Horse burial (r other sacrificial beast)
44 Unmarked graves
45 Niches carved into cliff or huge rock
46 Volcanic vent with fire shrine
47 Tar Pit or bog where bodies are cast
48 Trapped Catacombs with guardians
49 Small built monument surrounded by a graveyard
50 Monumental tomb built into wonder

will do d100 grave guardians soon and graveyard generators

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