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D100 rich corpse table

Mentioned to players while playing Cthulhu Britannia i would just do modules, 1920s is vanilla to me and i put in more effort if doing genre i really want to play with. I had been waiting to do 1490 darklands for 7 years and plenty of online sandbox stuff and player created troubles. Arkham county sandbox was fun and will do some day again but I killed most of last party. Will do vikings and will research it and plan it with RQ vikings and monographs as base. Will buy BRP Iceland book. My players said they like my sandbox stuff best which I found flattering. Arkham county is very contained setting and i should buy extra maps and the licensed adventure book to expand. UK is bigger and harder to get my head around.

I like old 4 page adventures in 80s cthulhu - not too complex, not too many different monsters, simple plots you can juggle in your head. I think a book of 20 4 page adventures would be great.

Anyway back to gothtober table frenzy - as a follow up to rich mans pockets here is rich mans corpses found in burial sites. These a bit more gender nuetral or interchangeable than last one.

Roll for who is in crypt, sarcophogi or coffin in classy burial or im sure you will find other uses.

D100 rich corpse table

1 A guilds man with fancy clothes, ledger and 3d100gp jewelery
2 A guilds man with ritual apron and symbolic tools 3d100gp jewelery and secret guild books
3 City councilman with robe, wig and gold badge of office 4d10pg
4 Town clerk with robes, spectacle and ledger
5 Town selectman with robes and 4d10 gold chains
6 Student with night robe and favorite book and stylus
7 Judge with robes, wig, mace or hammer, a scales
8 Banker with abacus, ledger, robes, purse of 1d100 silver for tips in next life
9 Merchant with fancy clothes, ledger, scales and 1d100gp jewelery
10 Shopkeeper with common suit, and some samples goods of trade
11 Crime or ganglord, fancy suit, pipe, bottle, dagger, 3d10 gold chains
12 Bailiff with leather armour, truncheon, manacles
13 Sherrif with chain shirt, sword, helmet, and gold star 1d10gp
14 Ship captain with uniform, sea chest of trade and survival goods
15 Officer of military, chain, sword, shield
16 Cavalryman with, chain, sword, mace, shield, dead horse and saddle
17 Knight, plate, lance, sword, flail, mace, helm, dead horse and saddle
18 Wizard with robes, 1d3 potions, 1d100 gold, spell book
19 Sorcerer with robes, drugs and 1d3 dead lovers,1d10o jewelery
20 Monk or nun with robes, staff, bowl, holy symbol and book
21 Common priest with robes and holy symbol and staff
22 Temple priest with fancy robes, holy symbol, staff
23 Warrior priest in chain, helm, mace, holy symbol
24 Holy Knight, plate, lance, sword, helm, holy symbol, holy water, dead horse and saddle
25 Innkeeper with apron, truncheon, knife, small keg of grog and tankard
26 Druidic priest with staff, sickle, robe, missletoe, dead pet, and large stone
27 Rakes coffin with suit, dagger, rapier, grog bottle, sheep gut condoms, pipe and drugs
28 Harlot with fancy clothes, fans, 1d100 jewelry, diary
29 Scholar with robes, 1d4 books, unfinished manuscript, stylus, ink, paper, spectacles
30 Scribe with robe, staff, 1d6 non magic scrolls, writing set, paper
31 Witch with robe, staff, 1d3 potions, cursed fetish, dead familiar
32 Child in rich clothing with expensive chest of toys
33 Lady in wedding dress with dowry goods in chest
34 Noblewoman with dress, d100 jewelry and instrument or craft tool and handicrafts
35 Wealthy doctor with doctors bag, a potion, fine suit, dead leeches in jar
36 Alchemist with 1d3 potions and fragment of philosophers stone, suit, note book
37 Land owner with nice suit, hamper with food and cow hide
38 Mortician in funeral robes with bag of makeup and tools
39 Cultist with robes, 3d10 gold mask, 2d10 gold ring, dagger
40 Monster hunter with chain, axe, spear and 2d10 severed humanoid heads
41 Duelist with flashy suit, two swords or pistols, nice hat
42 Elderly matriach with tapestry, nightshirt, 1d100 silver coin and dead pet
43 Elderly patriarch with nightshirt, bottle of grog and walking stick
44 Flash bard with fancy suit, instrument, scrolls of poem, diary, 1d100 locks of lovers hair
45 Butler or maid for high class servant with suit, trey, hat, list of chores
46 Spy, suit, face down, head cut off, star chamber death notice
47 Occultist with suit, star charts, book, useless talisman, crystal ball
48 Plague Doctor with beakmask, black robes, spectacles, bunch of flowers
49 Possible vampire, head cut off, stuffed with garlic, chained
50 Philanthropist, nightshirt, certificates of thanks from charities
51 Adventuress with suit, coat, hat, rapier, tiny flintlock pistol
52 Popular Mistress with nightshirt, d100 love letters, 1d100gp jewelery, diary
53 Dandy with suit, d100 terrible poems, large sunflower, cane, bottle of absinthe
54 Glutton with dirty fat suit, box of candy, jar of pickles, a ham, knife, fork, plate
55 Pig dressed up in rich suit
56 Bound in bandages with bottle of medicine
57 Sewn into suit, concealing body mutations, holy symbol
58 Alcoholic in soiled suit with, wine bottles, small brandy keg, tankard
59 Black lotus addict sewn into sack with singed resin coated pipe
60 Moralist with sensible suit, 1d10 pamphlets from causes, holy symbol
61 Assassin with black suit and cape, dagger, garrote and pot of poison
62 Gambler with cards, dice, good suit and 1d100 silver coins
63 Mine owner with suit, pick and ore samples
64 Coach owner with whip, model wagon and 1d10 lost parcels
65 Restauranteur with good suit, sliver cutlery, spice set in 2d6 jars
66 Abattoir owner with cheap suit, bloody apron, cleaver, knife and pig head
67 Greenhouse herbalist with cheap suit, apron, watering can, pipe and hash
68 Navigator with suit, sextant, compass and 1d10 charts
69 Necromancer with black robes, scythe or sickle, often undead
70 Slave trader with cheap suit, manacles and 1d4 dead slaves (possibly just ashes)
71 Interior decorator in fancy suit and great shoes, brush, paint tin, 1d10gp gilt plaque 
72 Artist with suit, tools of art form like paint set or chisels, one small artwork
73 Writer with cheap suit and 1d6 books and a pile of manuscripts
74 Socialite with fancy suit, 4d10gp in jewelery, collection of old invitations
75 Slum lord with shabby suit, purse with 1d100 copper coins, club or whip
76 Executioner or torturer with uniform, hood, whip, manacles, thumbscrews
77 Corrupt merchant with multiple stab wounds, good suit, ledger of dodgy deals

78 Lawyer with good suit, wig, book of laws
79 Actor or actress in flashy but cheap suit, 1d10 theatre programs, tiny dead dog
80 Hunt master with traveling suit, cloak, bow, horn, 1d6 dead rabbits
81 Sportsman with riding suit, riding crop, fancy hat, favorite dead dog
82 Whaler/sealer product dealer, dirty suit, apron, axe, club, jar of oil, hunk of blubber 
83 Horrible miser, cheap suit, monocle, ear horn, 1d100 silver in trapped purse
84 Explorer with wilderness suit, cloak, bow, dagger, hatchet, 1d10 maps
85 Wood merchant with worksuit, wood axe, samples of different wood
86 Builder with work suit, hammer, chisel, small stone gargoyle, set square
87 Con artist with cheap flashy suit, 1d10 fake deeds, forged ID papers
88 Fashion victim with fabulous suit, makeup kit, brush, mirror 1d100 gold jewelry
89 Sweatshop owner with cheap suit, trunk of inferior goods and child size manacles
90 Circus owner with fancy suit, whip, bag of nuts, mummified monkey, jack in a box
91 Witch-hunter with plain suit, whip, manacles, lantern, holy water
92 Prospector made good with tacky suit, gilded pick, gilded hammer, nugget worth 1d100
93 Jeweler with fancy suit, monocle, tool set, 1d100 gems, jewels, silver and gold wire
94 Military leader with fancy suit, 2d10 medals, autobiography detailing campaigns
95 Confectioner with colourful suit, cane, funny shoes, piles of chocolate and candy
96 Falconer in hunting suit, gauntlet, mummified falcon, 1d6 dead rabbits
97 Armourer with good suit, hammer, trunk of armour odments and spare parts
98 Weapon smith with good suit, and trunk of 3d6 swords and blades and other weapons
99 Pet lover with fur covered suit, pet food, 2d10 dead puppies, kitties, bunnies or birds
100 Secret police with studded leather armour, whip, dagger, manacles, garrotte

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  1. Thought of a few more:

    Old Deviant with common suit, 1d4 fancy costumes, trunk of whips or manacles or sex toys


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