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In The Pockets of a Rich Man

This begs the question: What about the guys in the middle? Of course the answer is use this and the common mans table. I'd usually give 1d3 things per corpse/person or one thing per pick pocket success. If I rolled three for a shopkeeper or scholar they would probably have the third item as a conspicuous status symbol from here and would flash it about more. Some tables changed more than others. Some items upgraded to posh versions. Spotted typos on original common man table but it is here

D100 In The Pockets of a Rich Man table
1-20 Loose small change 1d10 silver, 1d10 gold
21-50 Purse 1d50 silver, 1d20 gold d3 platinum or better
61-70 Trinket
71-75 Tool
76-80 Snack
81-95 Document
96-100 Something weird

D100 Trinkets

01-05 Lucky charm 30gp
06-08 Flowers
09-13 Hair of a loved one, possibly missing or deceased
14-20 Silver holy symbol 30gp
21-25 Medal depicting saint or holy person 30gp
26-28 Love charm 30gp
29-31 Idol of kin 30gp
31-33 Idol of ancestor 30gp
34-40 Idol of god 30gp
41 Blessed bracelet of ribbon
42 Tin of fertility medicine
43 Tiny (under palm size) erotic artwork
44-45 Holy water
56-50 Potion, possibly healing
51-53 Fertility charm
54 Medicine bottle
55-57 Bracelet 30gp
58 Cult Medallion 30gp
59-60 Fancy Ribbon
61 Tin of pills with apothecary stamp
62 Ointment
63-65 Silk cord
66-67 Ornate tiny bottle
68-70 Ornate painted wooden empty box
71 Ornate gold empty box d100 gold
72-73 Ornate carved ivory empty box 30gp 
74-75 Sheepgut condoms in tin
76-80 Ivory Dice
81 Hand painted playing or divination cards
82-85 Half a locket (someone has piece that connects)
86 Game piece like a chess set carved from ivory or stone
87 Gem worth d100
88-90 Plush monster toy such as a manticore
91-92 Ornate keys for house or strongbox often worn as status symbol
93 Jewelled cloak pin or buckle d100
95 Ring worth d100 gold
96 Carved ivory pendant 30gp
97 Tiny wooden box with secret trick to open
98 Miniature painting of loved one
99 Miniature painting of holy place
00 Miniature painting of holy person or god

D100 Tools
01-10 Silver knife 1d10 gold 
11-20 silver spoon 1d10 gold
21 Gold needle
22 Silk thread
23 Tin of fake eyelashes
34 Gold Hair or hat pin
35 Gold stylus
36 Stamp and ink
37 Gold letter opener 10gp
38 Makeup tin of rouge for lips or cheeks
39 Makeup tin of face powder
40 Makeup tin of kohl or eye blacker
41 Pipe with common smokeless herbs
42 Pipe with uncommon smoking mushrooms or resin
43 Pipe with illegal addictive resin
44 Ivory comb
45 Snuffbox
46 Tobacco tin
47 Hoof cleaning tool
48 Flea powder
49 Tiny bottle of expensive scent
50 Tiny bottle of body oil
51 Tiny bottle of
52 Harp string
53 Finest silk handkerchief
54 Embroidered face cloth
55 Small leather bag
56 Tiny key for secret stash
57 Small flask of quality booze
58 Tiny bottle of medicinal herbal wine
59 Gloves or mittens
60 Magnifying glass
61 Monocle on thread
62 Spectacles
63 Feathered fan
64 Lace fan
65 Tiny parasol
66 Sealing Wax
67 First aid bundle with silk bandages and alcohol bottle
68 Laxatives
69 Fancy privy keepers kit
70 Silver spinning top
71 Signet ring
72 Sealing wax
73 Quill and ink bottle
74 Hand mirror of polished metal
75 Hand mirror of glass
76 Bottle of rubbing lineament
77 Pocket gold lamp with oil
78 Mouse trap
79 Bar of quality soap
80 Tiny flintlock pistol
81 Length of silver chain 30gp
82 Length of gold chain 100gp
83 Silver and sable brush 30gp
84 Small hour glass
85 Ornate cared ivory Cup
86 Knuckleduster
87 Fake holy book with grog bottle inside
88 Small silver bowl
89 Pair of fine stockings
90 Gold thimble
91 Flute
92 Razor or Penknife
93 Tiny silver grooming scissors
94 Ornate small tinderbox
95 Pair of silk underwear
96 Fake beauty spot in a tin
97 Wig
98 Riding crop or small whip
99 Compass or wrist/pocket sundial
100 Box of watercolours and paintbrush

D100 Snacks
01-10 Slice of cake
11-13 Fancy pastry
14-15 Posh Biscuit
16-20 Piece of expensive white bread
21 Sweet bun or cake
22 Expensive gourmet smoked fish
23 Expensive smelly cheese
24 Expensive gourmet smoked sausage
25 Expensive smelly cheese
26-30 Ball of cheese in wax
31-33 Posh sandwiches wrapped in linen
34-35 Bottle of spicy sauce
36-37 Bottle or posh sauce
38 Pot of honey
39-40 Apple
41 Garlic
42-44 Herbs
45-46 Pepper
47 Pear
48-50 Salt
51-55 Chunk of fancy meat wrapped in fine linen serviette
56-59 Tiny candied birds
60-63 Tin of nuts
64-65 Dried fruit and berries in bag
66 Drinkable possibly medicinal herbs
67-70 Cooked fish
71 Orange
72 Lemon
73-75 Small bottle of wine
76 Potted Doormouse
77 Jar of posh jam
78-80 Boiled lollies
81-85 Liquorish
86-87 Tin of refreshing spices to freshen breath
89 Jellied lamprey in jar
90 Small bottle of spirits
91 Figs
92 Plums
93-94 Boiled eggs
95-98 Bag of sherbet
100 Jam tart

1d10 Food condition
1-2 best fresh possible, still warm
3-5 edible, 50% possibly partly consumed
6-9 past prime still edible, 50% possibly partly consumed
10 questionable quality CON save or feel ill, possible wormy or rat eaten

1d10 Documents 
1 Pamphlet advocating menace of the poor
2 Pamphlet advocating moral change
3 Pamphlet advocating banning something
4 Pamphlet advocating eating the poor
5 Pamphlet advocating abolition of slavery
6 Print of local ruler in patriotic pose
7 Erotic prints
8 A speech for guild, church or court
9 Love letter
10 Letter detailing scandalous affair or lineage
11 Deed of ownership for one dozen serfs
12 Letter reporting criminal activity of person and demands for death penalty
13 Print depicting torture
14 Tickets to music hall
15 Tickets for stage coach
16 Recipe for food
17 Recipe for potion (false) love potion most common
18 Recipe for potion (real)
19 Recipe for poison
20 List of payments for humanoid heads or scalps
21 Shopping list
22 Prayer for a god to aid some common problem
23 Note with part of conspirators plot
24 Note from enemy spies
25 Note with blackmail note
26 Ransom note for goods or person
27 Instructions from a superior noble
28 Price list of goods
29 Blueprints for some kind of mechanical device
30 Plan for a house
31 Note with location of secret door
32 Cache map of noble
32 Fake fanciful treasure map
32 Treasure map leads to killer dungeon issued by monsters
33 Treasure map
34 Old dungeon map
35 Letter from distant colony praising or warning of place
36 Tiny tablet with religious devotions
37 Clay seal
38 Receipt for goods or services
39 Invoice for goods or services
40 Tax paid notice
41 Bank note for 1d6x10 gold
42 Land lease deed for farm and house, currant tenants never heard of it
43 Warrant to search estate or manour
44 Warrant for arrest of some person
45 Magical stone turns into animal if dropped, horse common
46 Mine deed
47 Rental agreement for townhouse
48 Wedding contract
49 Ownership for a waggon load of bales of cloth
50 Deed of horse ownership in stable
51 Deed for 1d6 horses but owe for stable fee
52 Title for space in a bank deposit box
53 Deed for a burial plot in crypt or mausoleum with key
54 Love poem
54 Funeral poem
55 Fragment of heroic poem
56 Student practice exercises
57 Original and translation of ancient poem
58 Lists of animals, minerals or plants
59 Drawing or dissected monster
60 Blank sheet
61 Blank sheet but actually written in invisible ink
62 Strange unreadable code
63 Mathematical calculations
64 Record of religious tithes
65 Soul contract with demon signatures
66 Written in ancient archaic script
67 Lineage and family tree
68 Map of local town village or city block
69 Map of rural area with 
70 Map of estate
71 Order for recruiting hired labourers
72 Purchase order for jewellery
73 Letter of thanks for charitable donation
74 Letter praise to or from a noble
75 Slave owner bill of purchase
76 Offencive caricature of important person
77 Nagging note from wife to husband
78 Letter informing that a relative has died
79 Death or birth certificate
80 Note of secret meeting place and time
81 Astrology charts
82 Description of magic item
83 Drawing portrait of person
84 Drawing or print of landscape
85 Artistic nude drawing or print
86 Small painting or study by famous artist
87 Drawing or print of fine horse or livestock or hunting beast
88 Adoption papers
89 Old assassin contract in code
90 Slave deeds of ownership
91 Bank statement of persons holdings for credit application
92 Letter identifying person as city watch informant
93 Secret police identity papers
94 Blueprints for architectural construction
95 Drawing or print of a monster
96 Drawing or print of awesome hero killing monster
97 Pension guaranteeing person as recipient of 50gp a year
98 Print of tormented soul in hell
99 Letter from priest talking of fate of long ago adopted child
100 Letter from priest requesting money for ancestors in afterlife

D100 Weird things table

1 1d10 does of makeup +1 CHA for a day in gol box
2 Zombie mouse or bug
3 Ring with poison injector for handshaking
4 Suicide pill hidden in ring
5 Aggressive zombie hand
6 Frog or toad
7 Carrier Pigeon with note
8 Jade or glass or silver phallus
9 Bottle of fresh blood
10 Teabags for exotic hallucinogenic drink
11 Stimulating bean powder with instructions to make drink
12 Chocolate beans
13 Shrunk person in pocket cage
14 Lycanthropy control medicine in syringe
15 Magic lantern hand painted scene glass cell
16 False gold teeth
17 Pocket golem puppet
18 Tickets or charter for a sea voyage 
19 Dancing imp in jar 
20 Parrot, colorful and talks about treasure
21 Kitten
24 Puppy
25 Kobold baby
25 Gremlin
26 Holy symbol with knife or flintlock concealed within
27 Piece of ice
28 Jewel carved with strange symbol worth 100 gold
29 Fragment of a golem (3d100 total parts)
30 Wolves bane
31 Pixie or brownie in animal form
32 Wooden stake and hammer
33 Silver knuckle duster
34 Key for secret back entry to elite brothel
35 Tiny baby monster that looks adorable at this phase in life cycle
36 Wand with cantrip spell and d100 charges
37 Carrion crawler grub
38 Dragon bone
39 Chaos goat jerky
40 Disguise kit face prosthesis
41 Puppet or marionette 
42  Pocket ivory and ebony chess set
43 Poisoned needle, knife or dart
44 Strange "power cell" that fell from stars
45 Magic scroll
46 Cult ritual mask
47 Imp in form of small animal
48 Ring with magic light gem with shutters as good as lamp
48 A magic candle or oil lamp that lights on off at command
49 Demonic parasite
49 Pocket hookah with tobacco
50 Carries a bottle with a trapped spirit inside
51 Pipe with 1d10 doses of magical vision resin (1in6 nightmares)
52 Pipe with one dose of magic resin, smoke to learn one use 1st level spell in memory or with 1d10 doses of see invisible resin or with 1d50 doses of herb that you can control colour and shape of smoke lasts 10 minutes
53 Dwarf hash in wax block and tiny gold bong
54 Elf opium in jar with long clay pipe
55 Cured candied yummy human flesh
55 Block of black lotus resin, illegal and addictive dream drug
56 Mutation inducing dried mushroom
57 Spirit travel dried mushroom
58 See magic dried mushroom
59 Tiny pocket toadstool man
60 Roll of embroidered silk toilet paper
61 Fake eye ball carved from crystal
62 Sleep powder in packet, eat or blow in face
63 Dead faerie
64 Dragon or monster scale
65 Alchemy test kit 
66 Witch testing manual
67 Sword cane
68 Gold pendulum
69 Crystal sphere lights on command
70 Teeny monkey
71 Powdered tarrasque or demon horn
72 Charm gives +2 CON save vs poison
73 Unicorn horn cup, explodes if poison put in 
74 Toy metal soldiers
75 Royal jelly
76 Dried monster genitals
77 Note with magic mouth that tells bad joke
78 Pretty monster egg
79 Exotic bottle of royal grog
80 Elven fine wine (non alcoholic)
81 Dwarf extra heavy brandy bottle
82 Fancy crystal glass
83 Awarded medal for heroism
84 Jar with dead pickled monster baby
85 Human organ in a jar or bag
86 Golden syringe, empty bottle
87 Unicorn dung heals 1d4 to touch
88 Doll copy of owner
89 Sealed orders from spy's, a gang, a cult or other trouble makers 
90 Cursed magic item
91 Red stone that makes all who see it fight for it if fail WIS save
92 Tablet used to summon monster
93 Cult sacrificial knife
94 Pod people or triffid plant seed
95 Invitation to elite ball or dinner
96 Fancy Key and map
97 VD medicinal ointment and note with instructions
98 Enema kit in box
99 Hot water bottles
100 Healing herbs add +1 to first aid or healing 1d10 doses

thanks to Mike West for spotting lotsa mistakes


  1. "Trinkets" 88-90 is blank. While we can take that as "GM's choice", did something get left off from your original list?

    1. thank you will amend - a few repeats or similar ones i need to fix too - multi d100 are tricky like that so i appreciate editorial support

  2. Wow, how long did that take you to make? Very cool.

  3. thanks to Mike West for spotting lotsa mistakes


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