Thursday, 3 October 2013

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Oddments today - work cancelled due to rain - was wind last week possibly cost me $500 bux. Published my first kids coloring in book. Hanging with my niece b4 she emigrates to Sweden as Australia so hostile (expensive) to immigration even from married partners of citizens. Still I will visit Estonia and Gothamburg in Sweden next year maybe.

Running 8 sessions of Planet Psychon over 3 days for SYDCON.

But today - cthulhu 1490 update, DnD exile island game vs the giants then some more ideas for blogs I had on bus yesterday.

Cthulhu 1490
Spent week preparing for high holy sabbat in Berlin where they knew Albrecht and the dark man would be. Arranged artillery over hill  with cavalry and men. Hunter infiltrated cultists in afternoon and was captured and taken to altar. Astrid came and distracted the cult with her cat while Harri escaped then she flew off in Hawk form. She is a full priestess of Freya and has been teaching spirit magic to the peasanty party members.

As cult and beasts arived Asrid saw them morphing and merging with goats into goat men. Over 400 cultists and pets in a scene straight out of Faust. A degenerate cult orgy with witche flying overhead. The party leader on his "invisible angel" (star vampire) flew overhead and waited till he saw Albreacht and the dark man (Nyarlathotep) and was about to drop fire potions on them when a naked old witch on a broom jumped him. He cut off her hands and dropped her and the potions into the sabbat. Cult leaders exploded into chunks, Nyarlathotep grew to full form scaring away most parties men and paralyzing half with madness. Blast signals bombards which shelled the area hitting the god a few times. Things looked ad but some potions and artillery drove off the god who transformed into a gargantuan gelatinous space moth and soared into space. Volley of party missiles helped. A second massive SAN blast.

Managed to rally some men and exterminated the goat men then animals, cultists and any SAN blasted troops who fled their duty in case they turned to cults in future. Found Al Aziv arabic copy of Necronomicon and several sacrificial daggers that send soul energy to Nyarlathotep. Survivors got big SAN gains and now full of themselves. I will tempt with convert 10 SAN to +1 POW rule and need to let out lotsa mythos skill to harm now. Learned of the Castle of the apocalypse in Ausberg. Spent 2000 Grossen on troops and artilery enough to live for 20 000 days.

DnD exile island game vs the giants
Half party away so players updated to 11th level and updated followers with 2 page character sheets. Then teleported to frost giants rift where i got maps mixed up and seemed to work ok. Got 1/4 through before they quit.

Zorg the sorcerer with girlfriend Clarissa and Garry the peasant thug now in full plate. Linden with his bear Bob, Bambi his mistress A thief and BarBar the Dwarvern bodyguard. Walked in and saw giants then backed out. Bambi snuck in and backstabbed one and while sorcrers firballed giants. Went down and Bambi hurt but one fled screming. Chased him and killed him to find winterwolves attacked and almost killed the bear.  Then giants came from behind. A bone wall slowed the giants and hurt them a bit while wolves made a mess from other end. Party winning and a giant fled back way party went. Caught him opening door and killed him. Searched giant sacks, found winterwolf pups and emptied a treasure room. Killed 4 more giants, looted dead adventurers then fled.

Next -
word and gifts from the emperor
modronic ancestors beg Zorg to join cosmic struggle
Emy breeding hippogriffs in her tower
Zorg and Linden have winter wolf pups
Linden's the bards women and pets squabble
Milknog visits court of under sea king and meet sea druids
Giant killing

More ideas for blogs
d100 Strange Trees
d100 strange grave monuments
d100 monoliths and elder age monsters
d100 strange headstones
d100 common headstones
d100 common tombs, crypt and mounds
d100 strange tombs
d100 graveyard generator
-holiness and sanctity
-strange encounters
d100 lesser undead
d100 undead bosses
d100 small horrible critters
d100 horrid things on the moors at night
d100 Gothic dungeon decorator
d100 alphabet key for Gothic zone
d100 strange artworks
d100 honest undead motivations
d100 saints
d100 relics

Some Fantasy ages and history in my campaign
-before time
-elemental age
-dream age
-dawn age
-magic age
-the apocalypse, death enters world, fall of demons
-elder age, strange gods fell from stars enslaved world and killed old gods
-age of war, age of primitives, barbarians and the great city states and new gods
-age of the empire, current age, twilight of the third version of great empire, end of age

My fantasy RQ3 gods converted to my DnD as official gods of that setting too

Thinking that name level 10 get 1hp+con per level but fighters, dwarves, monks and beastmen get 2hp+ CON instead - At level 20 characters kill gods and get apotheosis, world altering event
next campaign 1d6+2 generations later party play 1st level new incarnations or avatars or descendants

Priests Alternate to Turning Powers
Start with one usually depending on alignment
good/evil = turn/charm undead
law/chaos = turn/charm elemental
choose extra type based on cult/alignment at 5th
then 10th
then 15th
then 20th

lycanthrope N
golem (constructs) L or C
modron L
devil LE
demon CE
daemon E
elder beings E
slaad C
angel LG
animals B or M or N
deva G
archon LN

just some thoughts for now

The quivering many armed one needs U!!!

I'll take any suggestions in comment box as to which next
possibly someone might suggest other attempts to do same

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