Wednesday, 23 October 2013

d100 spooky and possibly deadly artworks

Every good gothic mansion or church has some nifty soul soaring artwork but did you know some are evil, magical or worse? This one features religious and monuments to wealth and power but will do some other weird ones when i start on my magic mansion zone later. This table could be used to create a museum or gallery or a roll could be taken to mean several sets of similar works like a room of mirrors, paintings or statues.

Spooky and possibly deadly Artwork
1 Gargoyles actually living monster guards
2 Miniature gargoyle features come to life and harass trespasers
3 Columns with relief carved figures guarding passage or door animate and attack
4 Statue of woman or hero is a stone golem guardian
5 Statue of archer (possibly a cherub) is actually a trap that shoots
6 Statues of hounds, lions or others really stone golem guardians
7 Statue of holy person curses intruders
8 Statue of holy person cure the sick or wounded a limited amount per day
9 Statue of wizard or monster casts offensive spell on intruders
10 Statue can talk limited amount, offers directions or warnings
11 Doorknocker with face, abuses visitors threatens with non existent magic powers
12 Doorknocker with face screams if unwelcome visitors touch door
13 Mirror is a gate to pocket dimensions with imprisoned beings inside
14 Mirror is communication device to outer planes being
15 Mirror is acts as crystal ball showing visions of distant lands
16 Mirror is gateway to other plane, might release a monster if intruders look in
17 Mirror flatters viewer telling them how wondrous they are
18 Mirror distorts features into evil versions from alternate reality
19 Mirror gates in evil versions of intruders from alternate reality20 Mosaic of historic scene which moves to tell epic story takes hours to complete
21 Mosaic of maze if traced with finger pens secret door, releases minotaur if wrong
22 Fresco of erotic scenes animates if admired, hours of viewing pleasure
23 Mural of battlefield animates if admired with gory detail
24 Mural of battlefield animates if admired, warriors leap out and attack intruders
25 Relief face carved in stone sings when visitors enter
26 Relief face carved in stone has a breath weapon vs intruders
27 Relief face carved in stone allows one to converse to spirit of building
28 Relief face carved in stone spits into trough acts as limited healing
29 Scale model of building, including miniatures of party in this room
30 Scale models of monsters on display table, start to grow to full living size if touched
31 Painting of party being killed by each other or monsters
32 Painting eyes watch party walk around room, linked to other plane or ghost
33 Painting eyes are spy holes with secret chamber behind wall
34 Painting of demons and devils frolicking, party recognize selves amongst victims
35 Painting of paradise emitting light and sounds of music
36 Painting of naval battle hear seagulls, waves, smell of sea
37 Painting of cruel evil man, anyone looking at him save or cursed with change alignment
38 Painting is a prison for evil wizard, if damaged he is released
39 Painting of hunters and beast, gazed on for too long beast comes from art and attacks
40 Painting of undead cavorting in graveyard, music first then undead start coming from it
41 Painting of evil man, poltergeist in artwork slams doors and attacks party
42 Painting scene of village life is a gateway to pocket universe
43 Painting scene of battle is a gateway to pocket universe
44 Painting scene of family in castle is a gateway to pocket universe
45 Painting scene of hero fighting monsters is a gateway to pocket universe
46 Painting scene of treasure horde is a gateway to pocket universe
47 Painting is a scene of a feast, food can be taken from it and eaten
48 Painting of beautiful slaves who will come from art and dance and pleasure visitors
49 Painting scene of ruined castle is a gateway to pocket universe 
50 Painting of bluebeard like villain, comes from painting to kidnap attractive women
51 Painting of hero fighting small draconic creature, both crawl out to attack strangers 
52 Painting of portrait home to a ghost, spirit, phantom or shadow
53 Painting of Satyrs, centaurs and beastmen in celebration, music tempts to enter frame
54 Painting of witches who exit frame to curse, charm and kill party
55 Painting of saint in torment acts to sanctify room as holy place of protection from evil
56 Painting of goblinoids cavorting in wilds, gremlins then lager start to crawl out
57 Painting of scientific illustration of anatomy, herbalism or alchemy explaining new ideas
58 Painting of maiden, her lonely spirit appears as human to meet men
59 Painting of saint being tortured, sounds of sobbing, whips, moans heard
Room covered in paintings with random sounds ans animated sequences
61 Tapestry of life of holy person viewers save or alignment shifted towards good for 24hrs 
62 Tapestry of blood thirsty battle viewers get +1 hit and damage next fight and +2 morale
63 Tapestry of hunting scene with mythic creature which comes to life and attacks intruders
64 Tapestry of creation myth, creatures drop out and look puzzled some attack
65 Tapestry of maps of the kingdom will teleport a group to map location if touched
66 Stained glass of saints, unbreakable and curses any who try
67 Stained glass of saints, a glass golem warrior step out to attack intruders
68 Stained glass of outer planar beings, one is summoned if intruders enter room
69 Stained glass of crops, fields and farms creates a meal for the hungry once a day 
70 Gilded throne for important holy officials curses non authorized sitters
71 Fountain with holy folk statues blessed water 1 dose per person per day
72 Fountain with magical healing creatures or planar being carvings d8 healing per day
73 Fountain with animated water elemental being, hostile to intruders
74 Huge decorative cauldron
75 Collection of whips and flails animate and punish sinners and thieves
76 Ever burning incence block in silver box with ventilation holes to spread sweet odour
77 Ever burning magical brazier

78 Silver mace or rod, a magical intelligent weapon tries to make holder into holy champion
79 Golden crozier on rack can heal daily with touch but cursed if removed by unworthy
80 Gilded important holy robe and hat on mannequin, cured if worn by unworthy
81 Cabinet display of saints life with minor holy trinkets some with petty magic effects
82 Cabinet display of samples of creatures parts in jars or mummified some valuable
83 Cabinet display of holy symbols of various ages and styles
84 Cabinet display of ancient scrolls some magical
85 Cabinet display of weapons and armour some magical but magic alarm if broken
86 Cabinet display of miniature paintings and sculptures but magic alarm if broken
87 Cabinet display of ancient pots, tablets and other fragments, cursed if glass broken
88 Cabinet display of mummified bejeweled holy corpse awakes as mummy if glass broken
89 Room gilded roll 1d100 for % or room covered in gold sheet, thieves are cursed
90 Room lined with semiprecious stones or pearls or amber in mosaic, thieves are cursed
91 Huge marble fire place with carved with gargoyles - two come to life if disturbed
92 Huge marble fire place with carved with flames summons a salamander if disturbed
93 Huge marble fire place with carvedwith patriotic regalia, softly plays anthem when lit
94 Huge marble fire place with carved treefolk, satyrs and unicorns, brownie or pixie inside
95 Huge marble fire place with carved devils and a mouth for opening, imps may come out
96 A magic weapon trapped in stone or other object, only worthy or chosen can remove
97 Suits of armoured knights with weapons animate and attack
98 Weapons on display rack animate to attack intruders that touch them
99 Collection of holy persons severed heads will converse and give personal advice
100 Huge carved statue or iron, amber, crystal, bronze really a golem

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