Monday, 21 October 2013

d100 Strange Graves of Planet Psychon

I'm always up for a challenge and this was a request - more weird science than gothic but AOK for today's newjack oldschool DMs. Good for an gonzo setting.

 d100 Strange Graves of Planet Psychon
1 An acre of lemon yellow sand filled with glass skeletons
2 A metal pod welded shut with remains of a rocket man with jetpack and pistol and helmet
3 A 30 foot long coffin semi exposed, giant cyclops or possibly badly assembled elephant
4 Fossilised dinosaurs some with uniforms
5 Broken cryopod with horrifying self mutilated mummified corpse within
6 Glass pyramid of the cyborg cat men
7 Three metallic 100stilts supporting metal pod containing mummified aliens
8 Ancient bunker converted to crypt of a cyborg wizard
9 Giant immobile quivering mass of jelly, deep within is crypt of elder thing wizard
10 Ancient forgotten warlord crypt boasting he will never be forgotten, looted and vandalised
11 Ruined complex built of linked buried school buses, occupied by child ghouls
12 Mostly buried plane converted to crypt of red men, if tampered with angry horde signalled
13 Step pyramid of the lizard men guarded by mummies with crystal tipped wands
14 Sprawling ancient necropolis exposed by erosion, jackal sacred men feeding grounds
15 Yellow men warriors mummified on poles if molested imps burst from their chests
16 Hole in ground to ancient sub road tube, zombies awaken and crawl from cars if see light
17 Cyan men sacred shrine where bodied dissolved in acid, over run with goblins currently
18 Wrecked tugboat on tiny island now a pirate tomb, filled with skeleton pirate guards
19 Huge chunk of Ice with carved sealed door way, tomb of ice wizard kings
20 Ancient motel buried under junkmail, being studied by ape men archaeologists
21 Small volcano with basalt doorway guarded by salamanders 
22 Mutant king tomb glowing with strange fields and auroras
23 Concrete ancient crypt of unexploded bomb with AI needy for philosophical debate
24 Tomb of ancient clown king with cannibal clown mutant in tiny cars patrolling
25 Ancient theme park populated by beast men and androids, great Wizards tomb in centre
26 Eldren tomb guarded by robots and AI kill satellite
27 Morlock tomb with pits of zombie eloi to feed and serve in the next life
28 Android graveyard where defective androids go to die, a cyberbrain animates them
29 Ritual gladiator pit where men die in bloodsports for funeral rites, volunteers are needed!
30 Black monolith slab AI watches over graves of
tribal cult servants, calls savages to guard
31 Eccentric AI hidden in trap filled bunker tomb has secrets villagers need to live 
32 Violet tribal chop up dead to feed to monsters on sacred ground, beasts expect a meal
33 Green men graveyard guarded by killer plants planted by druids
34 Trap filled bunker tomb of of amazing master thief
35 Knights sarcophagus guarded by horrific mount pining for master
36 Ruined monastery with cyborg monk crypt beneath
37 Concrete bunker of cyborg soldiers turned undead
38 Fish men skeletons scattered over area around huge sea monster skeleton
39 Morlock vampire crypt, desperate for food and willing to take extreme risks
40 Elden wight in a sarcophagi with a UV frequency (anti undead) laser pistol
41 Golden mummy sarcophagus with hawk man mummy inside angry if disturbed
42 Creepy crypt with beast men mummies guarding shining dodecahedron of elder gods
43 Black faceless sphynx with tomb inside of evil necromancer Pharaoh
44 Tomb of ancient combat robots guarded by sentient mine field
45 Strange tomb perched on top of rock outcrop guarded by monster
46 Fire breathing undead t-rex with tiny stone crypt on back wandering in circles
47 Zombie surfers guard grave of the big kahuna, tiki golems defend his coffin
48 Mutant punks turned undead guard the crypt of a necromancer
49 Dolphin men with single crystal horns and psionics guard crypt of the sea shepard
50 Duck men visiting ancient tomb-statue
of their god mother goose hostile to outsiders
51 Chicken men flinging dung at grave of ancient colonel, too scared to enter themselves
52 Raptor men guard the remains of holy spinosaurus, mad with rage if weeping interrupted
53 Sunken pit with semi sumerged tomb of the fish kings
54 Huge golem statue sitting on throne, actually tomb of ancient king
55 Skeletal warriors surround tomb, lich inside wants company but new friends keep dying
56 Ancient tomb under stockpile of psychotronic weapons and hallucinogenic nerve gas
57 Tomb complex bunker guarded by androids who believe the sleepers will awake
58 Wrecked spacecraft with undead astronauts guarding AI and power plant
59 Zombie cowboys guard giant plasticrete cow statue, tomb of the beef king
60 Vampire lizard man kings tomb, prisoners being dragged in to sacrifice by reptilians
61 Tomb of a dragon built by mother Tiamat to mourn her son, guarded by dragon men
62 Crypt of a wizard who collected and bred pakuspawn mini kaiju pets now swarm ruins
63 Kaiju monster curled up asleep on ziggerut temple-tomb of the spice lords
64 Skull rock fabled resting place of ancient warlord filled with traps and undead
65 Ice castle of the snow queen guarded by ice golems
66 Complex chilled to below zero, filled with dead frozen prisoners and security robots
67 Sarcophagi with imprisoned immortal inside, will aid party for a while till bored with them
68 Cave filled with jets of flaming gas, resting place of mutant messiah
69 Zombie children with mouse hats guard tomb of the rat god in ancient ruined film studio
70 Floating sky island crypt drifts by, undead hurling out failed adventurers to death
71 Bee men in mourning guard great hive tomb of revered old queen
72 Bat men vigilantes patrol area around cave tomb of ancient bat super hero
73 Graveyard of butterfly winged elephants full of ivory but don't let elephants catch you
74 Giant snail shell turned into tomb of the squid men guarded by curses and undead
75 Tangerine men trading elderly to Mi-go at brain depository bunker
76 Rollerball court and tomb guarded by skeleton team, gold trophies adorn dead hero
77 Museum guarded by androids in historic costume of ancients protect tomb of academics

78 Turquoise villagers on pilgrimage giving children to ghouls in ancient crypt
79 Warborg guarding tomb of ancient arms dealers clan
80 Mutants with giant brains, lasers and psionics guard tomb of ancestor in crashed saucer
81 Savage grey alien primitives guard crashed UFO tomb of their ancestors
82 Pathetic wooden crucifixes of dead time travelers from past and tiny wooden shack 
83 Adventurers digging up buried ancient cars from ancient traffic jam for loot on bodies
84 Android gremlins guard ancient toy factory and crypt of inventor
85 Chickenmen deep frying a corpse for burial with potatoes in cardboard box
86 Android children crying over graves of human owners dead for aeon's, seek new parents
87 Ag dome with robots caring for garden paradise and grave of human master
88 Morlock butchers digging up eldren graveyard and hacking corpses into portions
89 Morlocks serving the machine god Moloch throw corpses into mouth of huge furnace
90 Eldren solemnly place bodies on altar so AI god can beam up into sky to live anew
91 Villagers place corpses in crude v2 like rockets and fire over horizon for burial
92 Minotaurs of age presenting selves to AI of slaughterhouse to be chosen for next life
93 Robots solemnly taking wounded comrade to recycling centre
94 Plantmen trading corpses for food with villagers, take corpses to mulching machine
95 Taxidermy robot with collection of stuffed dead in museum
96 Villagers solemnly take dead to grey in saucers who mutilate and defile them
97 Villager leave dead in fungus cave, reborn as mushroom men
98 Villagers feasting on dead, man laughing and spasming from diseased brains in diet
99 Bunker where elderly volunteers sacrifice selves while kin dine on free soylent green
100 Cyborg dog man sleeping on grave of dead robot master


  1. These are totally awesome, most would be excellent black-light posters.

    1. my brother in 70s had lots - probably to blame

  2. wow loads of amazing tables on this blog

    keep up the fantastic work

  3. Some of these are fantastic. Lemon yellow sand, buried schoolbuses, chickenmen (both times). But my favorite is probably number 70. A good way to have an adventure hook fall out of the sky and kill your horse.

    1. it was a fun request/challenge - id better get on with my invoicing and secret santicore now


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