Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Science and Sorcery in DnD

Went into game shop. Saw new eclipse phase book then found a whole section of OSD and Indy DnD - nabbed Carcosa. Saw Vornhiem and it looked good - alas i had already got book of mars attack cards inducing all the new ones. So i went for being careful with xmas and everypayroll officer getting holidays when i want to be paid.

Carcosa is basically if HP Lovecraft wrote john carter. Its simple, bonkers and a labour of love. I laughed out loud rather than was shocked - reminded my of 1st edition Stormbringer from 80s game. Kill a friend to cast a spell - wow. Needs mythos undead. Someone did a game where party from 30s germany crash a Nazi thule type saucer on carcosa.

Ive been reading about carcosa, reading the Dungeon of Signs blog and reading about many 1800s literary inspired DnD games. Gammaworld starts to overlap too. Mish mash of magic and tech is inspirational. So I may do a science and sorcery game next year. Carcosa would fit in well. I always thought cupolas Dracula was a bit DnD.

I always was fond of the hollow earth as a setting with dinos, nazis, mutants with plasma lances, robots, aliens and atlanteans as a kid so its all cheezy inspiration for now. I may allow talking animals and mutants in my game now. Tukemal does all this stuff too - i have the different worlds edition.

Ill probably digest this for a while.

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