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Retro RQ world - game logs and gods

More archaeology from RQ files

this is a campaign log from the game - i dont understand it all and remember only some of this

Part 1. (1592-1599 After. Founding.)

St Clubfoot of  Ironforge Dwarf Smith, Hero of Iron God Ulfgar, The White Haired
Sir Fredrikos Earth-Dragon of Kanos  Magus-Lord, Clan-founder, Son of Tithera the Oread
Lord Goldclaw of Spingeldton,  Hero and Son of of the Cat Goddess Ushther
St Timatus the Flail of Monstan Bleeding Martyr, scholar and explorer from Wearlund
Salimar the Pirate King Magus and father of many pirate lords who now rule Inner sea
St Godori the Golden Sage Founder of the Solari Order of Monks, once Lamnutain farmboy
Harmag the Horned Hunter Sorcerer and Hunter Lord, Survivor of Lomordian Cataclysm
Tatharsten the Highcarl Viking Prince, Lawspeaker, Champion of Ulfgar the Iron God
Gnashtgraal the Werewolf King Lord of Elderwood, Demons Bane, Iron Jaw,

Heroes met as adventurous youths. They spent years looting ruins and monster slaying. They were employed by the Takarsian Duke to  hunt chaos. They explored Elderwood, voyaged to Into the Underworld and killed the Vampires of Castle Skyford. Stole Dragons eggs and ate them rather than loose them in a  river accident with a serpent. Gained power, settled down and married. Explored the Rowanac Pyramid of the  Elderswamp. Forty years later returned to world. Salimar left to hunt the Hell Fleet. Others reclaimed the lost lands and traveled to the mysterious otherworlds. St Clubfoot and Gnashtgraal killed the demon of Iron mountain. Many left towns and kin behind. Many others were finally lost in the Otherworld.

Part 2. (1642-1969 After Founding.)

Sir Darion Earth-Dragon Bison Rider, Illuminate, Chaos Cursed, Wizard, Demonsbane
Lady Sun Horse Barbarian Farmer Girl turned diplomat and Healer, married Baron
Wolf-Who-Rides-Horses Nomad Shaman, and trapper of monsters and slaves,
Lady Dorm Skyfrost  Lost Barbarian heir of the famous keep, Mercenary broker and banker
Khan Daranthar Moon Nomad, Hawk Friend, Kin of the Moon Horse Khan
Lord Voran Runewolf  Rescued prisoner, Helped save from bankruptcy, Noble ally
Sir Alistoras Sunhorse Shepherd Rescued and adopted child of Lady Sun-Horse
St Gunuvar Lightningschild Bard who opened the northlands to trade
Khan Storm Bison Master of the Unbreakable Axe, Champion of Skyfrost Keep
Sir Garreth the Short - Dwarf thief and wizard, rebuilder of Ironforge
Tanthael the linkboy turned Bard

The heroes meet down and out and luckily gain employ from the king of Takarsia under Hunderbrecht the kings man, as messengers. On the way they were attacked by assassins and healed by villagers. They asked but a favor; kill the Great Worm within one year and a day. They traveled widely through the land and even met the Great Dakarian Horse Khan and his horde. Met Earth-Dragons Clan who as alway attracted trouble and opportunities. Back home the Master died. Knighted by King Mantifex to call the Council of Kingdoms. Battle the Worm and satisfied their dept. Meet Queen Hypolat who tells of pasts and destiny. Spent months training. Competed in the Games of Igendar. Then explored Hellwood Forrest and found the lost ruins of Skyfrost Keep still partly cursed.  Sir Darion killed the Demon of Skyfrost Keep, returning it to the rightful heir.

Elsewhere after wintering with a housecarl, other traveling youths who had been stranded by snow, hunted a “Trollbeast” who killed clansfolk. They followed its trail to the City of Stone, which had thawed from a glacier. They set an evil spirit free to ruin the world there. An old Dwarf Lord tells them of their responsibility. Explored the holy caves of the Earth Age, the well of souls before returning to the city. The spirit now embodied recovers evil artifacts from the past. He makes allies with monsters and sends them against the heroes. Driven to a city they consulted the Moon Oracle. They returned the next year and slew him in his lair. They were rewarded with magical fungi from the dark elves. With these they seized power from the other side.

 Then they joined kings men to being knighted and bequeathed land. They helped negotiate peace with Nomad hordes and agreed to settle them. Food supplies were sabotaged and stolen, sending the nomads on the warpath. Many bitter nomads survived and remembered the treachery and vowed revenge. Alas those which survived the journey would take many years to recover. The Entaranian Empire, believing the Barrier lands weakened, attacked. The Heroes were quested to stop their Lamnutainian allies support, so they went through the lost mountain pass. They met a minor demon, giants, formarians, fatchans, volcano cults, and blocked the pass forever. Bison walker earned the hate of Bangarigor the god of corruption. Having blocked the pass they were stranded. After finding a city they rested. They battled a Lamnutain expedition and Gunuvar struck Sunheart Goldbrow dead with a lightning bolt he called from the god Ferris. They fled to a stronger but independent city (with heavy tax), and stayed for a time.

After traveling their separate ways they returned with many victories and new secrets. Sir Darion went to Kanos, slew a Minotaur, met the king and returned with distant kin. Wolf-Who Rides-Horses became a shaman and accumulated a tribe of wolf-folk primitives and nomads. Sir Garreth studied spells then flew home, the guest of satyrs, Oreads and other dwarves. Bisonwalker robbed and killed a great She troll and her guard, giving him a fortune in gold. All studied, married and rested.

Then they went north to aid Bisonwalker and Wolf-Who-Rides-Horses find their ancestral ground among the kingdoms of chaos. Bisonwalker was even challenged by a powerful giant formarian champion of Bangarigor. Both found their ancestors, Sir Darion was obligated by a Duncow who saved his ancestor to help them free the herds of the underworld. Gunuvar converted hundreds to Ferris worship then traveled home in the form of a lightning bolt with news of a chaos crusade and new converts. Gunuvar gained fame as the finder of the trade route through the red wastes.

On the return home to raise a crusade they battled evil ogres hidden as good farming folk. They penetrated their cavern sanctuary. In killing the clan ogre father and releasing undead into the fungi forest, they drove the cult of Karima the severed goddess into the wasteland. They easily slew the ogres son and made truce with their ogre ally to battle a mighty demonic fiend. The fiend near killed Earthdragon after one of it’s head was blasted to cinder by Gunavar. Finally they slew it. The ogre women and aged fled with treasure and called a pitfiend upon them. Then they traveled to Eldara, finding many treasures and possible friends among young adventurers from exotic lands.

They spent a year raising the crusade. Garreth Low returned to Ironforge and brought openhanded dwarven crafters, an alchemist, a wizard and a even a cannon. With these friends, they killed a dragon and many river serpents. Earth Dragon fort was under siege by The King of Marrus and a chaos horde of Bangarigor. Gunivar spread her faith around the lake, working towards being a Champion and saint hood. Gondo Holst, Grandpa, Mother and Jezra the Harlot led many ogres to kidnap, ransom and slay the heroes kin. The beast nomads used their terrible heroquest gained powers to spread their kind far. They called down the elder beasts to win their wars. Wolf-Who-Rides-Horses whelped a litter of a huge prehistoric breed of wolf long gone in this world. She rules the Hellwood forest and hunted the evil of Hellwood to Morvia.  

Finaly prepared they led the crusade north, burning Morvia and the lands of chaos to ash. They re-established the ancient capitol of Eldros for Stormbisons empire.

Well sounds like the end was happy - sounds alot more epic than my current potholing murder hobos. I also remembered we would all bring cats to our sessions. Lots of burmese were fun.

If I could just find those maps. Ill post the world here some time. I have lots of cities too which were big fun. Have lots of notes on gods too.

I ran 2 groups in my Ancient Babylon game for few years after this.

Most worshipers didn't formally acknowledge the elemental nnitarian system of classifying gods but they did detail the most important ones. Other minor gods existed but were considered unimportant bu the element scheme. Some of these gods were character in a previous games from 84-94 (earlier cycle of reality). A little reward for for being awesome players.

The EARTH Gods The gods of Earth, Growth and Nature
Preserve the Life Force!

Earth Pantheon Ruling Deities
Elanir - Greater Earth Goddess, Mother of the Gods, Ruler of the Earth, Lady of Life, Mistress of Nature
Harkanos - Greater Earth God, Lord of the Hunt, Master of Underworld, Father of Beasts, Ruler of Spirits

Earth Pantheon Associate Deities
Feloras - Major Goddess, Lady of Joy, Queen of Flowers, Spring Virgin, Bringer of Vitality, Growth-Maker
Dalatan - Major Goddess, Goddess of Beasts, Queen of Passion,  Mistress of the Wild, Woodland Huntress,
Astorak - Major Goddess, Lady of Blood, Queen of Vengence, The Red Goddess, Destroyer of Monsters
Hirama - Major Goddess, Home Goddess, Harvest Mother, Caretaker of Souls, Bringer of Childbirth
Dagthoa - Major God, Lord of Youth, Master of Fertility, Bringer of Freedom,
Marlergi - Major God, King of Plants and Wisdom, The Green Man
Garlwyn - Major God, Lord of  Earth and Bronze, Land Builder
Belraig - Major God, Lord of  Beserkers and Battle, Chaos Killer, the blue boar

Earth Pantheon Nuetral Deities

Forms of Earth, Metal, Homes, Stones, Healers, Midwives, Farmers, Slings, Flails, Mauls, Cattle, Elk, Swine, Bear, Dog, Snake, Fowl, Moa, Potatoes, Beans, Oats, Trees, Beetles, Ants, Forests, Hills, Swamps, Feilds

Earth Pantheon Hostile Deities
Shumgora - Greater Goddess, Lady of  Hunger and Poison, Mother of Monsters
Bangarigor - Major God, Lord of Mutation and Carrion,  Lord of Corruption
Baranlak - Major God, Lord of Plague and Destruction,  Despoiler of Enamies, Broo father
Tanaldar - Major Goddess, Lady of Pestilance and Famine, Queen of Sorrow
Morgorma - Major Goddess, Lady of Change and Blight, The Slime Goddess

The SOLAR Gods The gods of Fire, Light and Truth
Bring Order to the World!

Solar Pantheon Rulers

Tyranius - Greater God, Lord of  The Sun, Emperor of Heaven, Father of Law
Solaria - Greater Goddess,  Mother of Light, Lady of  Warmth, Empress of  Peace

Solar Pantheon Associate Deities
Protar - Major God, King of  Light and War, The Bright God
Danius - Major God, Lord of Justice and Culture, Bringer of Civilization
Monstan - Major God, Lord of Truth and Knowledge, Father of Writing
Olmanda - Major God, Lord of Fire and Skill, The Fire Clown
Jelene - Major Goddess, Lady of Forsight and Virtue, White Goddess
Kyranis - Major Goddess, Lady of  Love and War, Bringer of Life and Death
Eadgeld - Major Goddess, Lady of  Gold and Trade, Patroness of the Arts
Gamelda - Major Goddess, Lady of Healing and Compassion, Healer of the Heavens

Solar Pantheon Neutral Deities

Fires, Chariots, light Sources, Heralds, Kings, Knights, Watchmen, Bows, Spears, Swords, Oxen, Cats, Dogs, Hawks, Geese, Eagles, Horses, Snakes, Corn, Wheat, Flowers, Bees, Butterflies, Deserts, Jungles, Grasslands

Solar Pantheon Hostile Deities
Ithyrion - Greater God,  Lord of Desert Storms and Jealous Rage, Scarlet Emperor
Taganikus - Major God, Lord of Darkness and Deception, Shadow of the Sun
Braal - Major God, Lord of Volcanoes and The Forge of War,  Lord  Hellfire
Tarpena - Major Goddess,  Lady of Vice and Temptation, Mother of Succubi
Heskan - Major Goddess, Lady of Pain and Pleasure, Scorpion Queen

The STORM Gods The Gods of Sky, Death and War

Destroy Your Enamies!

Storm Pantheon Ruling Deities
Kerganaton - Greater God, Lord of the Sky, Master of Death, Father of Battle
Naragyana - Greater Goddess, Lady of  Darkness, Mistress of  the Underworld, Mother of Storms

Storm Pantheon Associate Deities
Brotun - Major God, Lord of Thunder and Rain, Monster Slayer
Ulfgar - Major God, Lord of Iron and Runes, Artificer
Ferrus - Major God, Lord of  Lightning and Communications, Messenger
Garimbar - Major God, Lord of Justice and Death, The Executioner
Ranea - Major Goddess,  Lady of Wind and War, Shield Maid
Arran - Major Goddess, Lady of Doom and Destruction, Black Goddess
Makarsa - Major Goddess, Lady of Cold and Fury, Queen of Wind
Hegari - Major Goddess,  Lady of  Wealth and Secrets, Keeper of Treasure

Storm Pantheon Neutral Deities
Forms of Wind, Storms, Weapons, Poets, Warriors, Chiefs, Sheildmaids, Axes, Spears, Swords, Bison, Rhinos, Aurochs, Mammoths, Wolves, Ravens, Eagles, Vultures, Crickets, Sheep, Mountains, Plains, Coasts

Storm Pantheon Hostile Deities
Ganaton -Greater God, Lord of Terror and Might, Father of Giants
Lorthar - Major God, Lord of Mystery and Deception, Black Man
Temparak - Major God, Lord of Slaughter and Murder, Mansbane
Malotzig - Major Goddess, Lady of Madness and Ill omen, Queen Nightmare
Laykos - Major Goddess, Lady of Night and Undeath,  Defiler of Dead

The LUNAR Gods The gods of Water, Magic and Mystery
Study The Mysteries!

Lunar Pantheon Ruling Deities
Anastaria - Greater Goddess, Lady of Mystery, Mother of  Magic, Mistress of  the Moon
Volkrad - Greater God, Lord of Water, Father of The Sea, Bringer of Life

Lunar Pantheon Associate Deities

Celestine - Major Goddess, Lady of  Beauty and Dreams, Queen of the Mists
Lirada - Major Goddess, Lady of  Water and Purity, Mother of Rivers
Tathelas - Major Goddess, Lady of  Silver and Stars, Guardian Star
Makala - Major Goddess, Lady of Ice and the Underworld, Preserver of Life
Sindar - Major God, King of Mastery and War, Champion of Heaven
Varvetch - Major God, King of Shadows and Cunning, Prince of the Night
Kostak - Major God, Lord of  Mystery and Secrets, Astrologer of Heaven
Marcosi - Major God, King of Explorers and Ships, Fates Sailor

Lunar Pantheon Nuetral Deities
Stars, Lunar Phazes, Time, Astrologers, Queens, Prophets, Bows, Sicles, Sabres, Axes, Goats, Cats, Dogs, Hyena, Owls, Swans, Turtles, Antelopes, Snakes, Bats, Moths, Mushrooms, Islands, Coasts, Rivers, Lakes

Lunar Pantheon Hostile Deities
Tekamis - Greater Goddess, Queen of Chaos and Disorder, Eater of Gods
Sythona - Major Goddess, Lady of Cold and the Deep,  Mistress of Hells Fleets
Kengasu - Major God, Lord of Ignorance and Desire, Bringer of False Law
Taskar - Major God, Lord of  Conquest and Slavery, Lord of Bondage
Karmara - Major Goddess, Lady of Butchery and Mutilation, Mother of Slaughter

I have more detail on this later

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