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Encounters of The Enchanted Woodlands

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These are these major types of magic forest on the island. While there are specific places they are located there are patches like them in the other woodlands. Magical woods may have fey world entries where time and distance are distorted. Some of these points are time dependent.

ill update these to d100 bit by bit - this is enough for my game for now

suggestions welcome

they'll be used in the world book section of Elfmaids and Octopi publication

Darkwood (Dark Fey)
Dark Elves with their goblin serfs have ruled this wood since the dawn. Weakened by wars they have become decadent and lazy and adventurers have begun raiding them. There is a gate to the Dark elf realm in the underworld in the great Dawn Blackthorn tree where the Dark elf king dwells seasonally. Many giant tree forts and towers keep mortals at bay. Many large animals dwell here, with evil tempers.

1 Black Goblins - elf servants scouting and harrying enemies, sadistic, sneaky and cowardly
2 Dark Elf scouts harrass
3 Dark Elf Knight challenges single combat - he rides a giant monitor lizard or gecko
4 Giant Bat or Wasp riding goblins drop puffball spore bombs on the party
5 Black Unicorn - Level draining horn, those killed return as wights, perhaps a dark elf virgin rides it
6 Young Green Dragon - Inexperienced and fierce but uses terrain cunningly, only a puny horde
7 Dire Wolves, possibly with goblin riders
8 Bewitched humans attack players - see them as dark elves, have been lost here hundreds of years
9 A Dark elf witch in disguise pretends to be lost and needing help - will charm party one by one
10 Wicked mushroom men silently stalk the party and often hard to detect
11 Giant Spider - black hairy giant hairy tarantulas and their deadly dance inducing bite
12 Giant Horned chameleon hiding in a tree near a dry path
13 Goblin slave escapee will spill beans on local elves
14 Zombies of adventurers or villagers made by dark elves for fun
15 Wizard Spider - intelligent spider also a 1d6 lv wizard
16 Evil tree men hunt and kill anything not native to forest
17 Ogre band, carrying sacks of chopped mystery meat as treasure
18 Dark Elf Hunter with Dire wolf stalk party and attack at inconvenient moment
19 A Dark elf witch busy in orgy with zombies and goblin saves
20 Dark Fey herd of deer are surprised and enraged, the stag lord casts as a 6th Druid
21 Giant black rooster and hens outraged by humans attack, get cursed if you eat their yummy flesh
22 Nest of giant eggs - hatch into who knows what, parents may return
23 Gorgon, Basilisk, Cateoplas or Medusa on a blasted heath of sour-land poisoned by its presence
24  Evil treeant squeezing animals blood onto roots of his inanimate friends
25 Crazy Axeman looking for victims to slaughter, driven mad when tried to chop treeant
26 Hidden Sinkhole into a cave entrance - 50% chance of starving creature trapped and bones
28 Evil Dryad with her various slaves charm then blackmail loot from party
29 A black dwarf looking to test his new poison axe on anything he encounters
30 Black Druid meeting his dark elf lover and their followers, assume humans are enemies
31 Dark elf child with a toy, actually 3rd Lv and hundreds of years old, offer reward to take home
32 Angry parents with screaming goblin baby, looking to swap back their own child
33 Herdsman trying to herd his now undead animals home, while they are off to a dark elf feast
34 Hobgoblin mercenaries who are employed to drive humans away, all with halberds and halfplate
35 A Forest Tako bandit challenges a duel or the parties money, he could be befriended
36 Goat Men having a ritual dance and holy sacrifice, chase party of defilers
37 Witch appears as old woman offering apples and other treats to weary adventurers
38 Warlock needs some human fat and elf blood for a potion - your party will do
39 Bugbear Assassins troupe with wanted posters of party from the dark elf king
40 Giant Mushroom man, (use treeant) looking for stuff to make nice compost, youll do
41 Dark elves are smacking around a devil swine in human form, he begs for help
42 Devil swine merchant tries to sell fake potions
43 Devil swine cult leader with gang of goat men engaged in a blasphemous ceremony
44 Goatmen and dark elves dance, human arrival sets off erotically charged insane mob
45 Goatman Warlock and his goblin cult assume humans are evil and approach to trade
46 Dark elf slavers with trained troll, skeletons guards and a coffle of slaves
47 Goblins cutting and cooking a mushroom man alive
48 Discover the mushroom field you've been walking through is a explodestool field
49 Cyclops thinks you want his sheep or trees, hunts you with sling long range
50 Wild man in bark clothes offers party shelter in his hut so he can axe murder them

The Hellwood Bogs (Primordial evil wood)
A sentient evil swamp full of hostile primitive plants and animals. Magical and sentient beings offend the bog which has been battling local Druids for millenia. Local Druids test themselves here. It keeps civilization away from the mountains. Cultists on the fringes and some evil druids worship the voice of the wood but it despises them. All life has a mean disposition dell here, druids cannot trust the beast of this place. 1d4-1 ft of water is common with deeper patches with strong flowing river water.
1 Giant Centipedes - paralyze you then give birth to live young in your ear or eat you
2 Giant Spider - spindly legged yellow green orbs the size of dogs, occasionally in groups
3 Giant Scorpion - Grey pony size scorpion, females have d100 babies on their backs in spring
4 Giant Snake - Anaconda and larger snakes lurk in the water logged roots
5 Giant Toad - Vegetation grows on this variety hiding them
6 Giant Monitor Lizard - water loving giant monitors act as crocodiles
7 Devil Beavers - build pit and steak traps, collapse dams on victims, collapse trees
9 Hyenadon - lone mangy hunters, can smell you from many miles away, old and mean
10 Sabretooth swamp tiger - an ambush predator
11 Swarm - insects or leeches bedevil you for 2d10 rounds, inflicting 1pt per round
12 Giant Boars - these yellow skinned prehistoric porkers carry diseased pustules
14 Angry Demon Birds - Axe beak birds hunt for flesh, black with red beaks and legs
15 Strangle Vine - entangling vines entrap and then choke, other predictors may wait for this
16 Yellow musk creepers and zombies grow in many of the best campsites
17 Giant Geckos water walk with their padded toes and move very fast
18 A bubble of toxic swamp gas engulf all, reducing Con buy 1d4 for 24 hrs if fail save
19 Tar Pit - what seems safe is a sucking tar pit, which may contain mega-fauna or human undead
20 Swamp unicorn - scabby, dirty yellow shot unicorn inflicts disease by touch, cast stinking cloud
21 Cannibal cult - inbred swamp folk who dwell on the borderlands out hunting
22 Druid undergoing ritual test - he may join you for a while
24 A petrified log water crossing is really an insane undead treeant who hates humans
25 Dire Possum - try to get your food and run - mama possums can hurl babies at you from her tail
26 Evil Dire Squirrels pelt you with nuts and drive you into natural hazard 1hp/round
27 Giant Horned Chameleon - hides in tree waiting for passing snacks
28 Lost bandits - may be demoralized and surrender if you help them escape or feed them
29 Madman - driven from other people and drawn here, attempt to get close and backstab
30 Lord of the forest spirit animates a tree as evil Treeant with Druid spells
31 Blood Druid looking to feed the swamp with blood to appease it, giant leech followers
32 Intelligent animal magus demands the parties written documents, it has a familiar to help it
33 Black Druids planting zombies to aid the forest spirit
34 Crazy child the swamp protects - if they harm or remove roll another encounter
35 Yellow Dragon - lays under mud awaiting prey near tempting patches of dry land
36 Velocer Raptor (real ones) a pack of 1m tall lil raptors menace the party
37 Yellow goblins with cauldrons and buckets of disgusting goop, stinking cloud like FX
38 Pterodactyl swoops down from blind spot silently, has a nest with babies in a nearby tree
39 Harpys fly about shitting and screaming, they also have bows with diseased arrows
40 The forest likes orcs as a perversion of the natural order, orc bands reside here with impunity

Forbidden Forest (Light Fey)
Humans are not welcome here - non human fey, goblins, elves and magical animals dwell here. Many are good or neutral even the goblins. There is evil here but as part of a balance not for humans to comprehend. They may meet and talk with Druids on the borderlands but not enter. The humans have built a great Lodge where unicorn hunters from around the world visit. Wild men here are green fur covered primitives rather than cavemen or just primatives.
1 A collection of beings dancing - outraged at humans they call hue and cry on them
2 A collection of beings dancing - they magically draw the heroes in who may be lost in time
3 Enraged unicorn tired of its friends being slain by humans attacks
4 Satyrs demand wine and women (only for a few days guys)
5 Tiny faerie steal coins one by one invisibly
6 Unicorn hunters killing everything in their path accuse party of being poachers
7 Centaur stalks the party - may ride by grapple and carry off opposite sex in one round
8 Dark centaur wizard with poison blood wants party magic - uses his blood to poison arrows
9 A group of druids and bards with a temporary passport from the elf king, warn players to leave
10 A diminutive Piskie follows the party till it curses everybody with random embarrassing curse
11 A lone Druid stalks the party, assumes they are elf or unicorn hunters and tries to drive them off
12 An elf hunter with his werewolf hounds sets them on the party
13 Blood Druids - want to capture and slaughter party to atone for their presence here
14 Elf knights riding stags demand your surrender to the elfking or die
15 Elf maids try to seduce you with charm spells to come to the faerie realm
16 Wild man being trapped by hunters, will aid you from future encounter if helped
17 Wild maiden demands sex, beats her hairy chest and grunts this as she knows no language
18 Wild hunt and his entourage pursue you for defiling this sacred place
19 Poachers - peasants looking for easy game or magical unicorn dung mistake you for the law
20 Dryad and her enthralled lovers try to enslave the party
21 Treeant outraged at humans goes berserk, grapples humans use as a club
22 Kindly huge ancient treeant scolds you for being here and offers to carry to borderlands
23 Green Goblin horde swarm the party - think Zulu Dawn
24 Goblin scouts riding bats/wolves circle the party and pepper with arrows
26 Elf Sniper - maxed out in bow skills and sneakind stalk the party, shooting then running
27 Madman - wants to return to fairy land, try to kill party if they refuse
28 long lost warrior who has been here for over a thousand years, speaks no modern tongue
28 Gnome with animal friends tries to drive off party from the woods
29 Redcap gnomes - will polymorph self into Ogre at will, will demand loot and a slave
30 Young Green Dragon - wild and savage looking for gold to attract a mate or build a nest
31 Intelligent animals abuse party but avoid direct conflict - 2 legs bad!
32 Intelligent animals having a dinner party, scream and panic when they see party
33 Gypsy and his dancing werebear, will perform and demand money. Gypsy is a werebear too
34 Fox or cat spirit maiden claims to be lost , try to marry hero and ruin his life
35 Giant forest Iguana troupe hungrily peruse - give diseased bites, then flee and trail till weakened
36 Lion or panther or cave bear, outraged by humans in the forest attacks
37 Elf bard wants to accompany you, wants to record your exiting doom
38 Red Dwarfs trading post under roots of a giant tree - will serve any well mannered
39 Talking crow follows you, talks about other humans who met doom here
40 A band of familiar animals gather for secret business for their masters

Ghost Woods (Plague Doomed Lands)
Once a thriving plane of cultivated land, a necrotic plague killed all and the forest reclaimed it all. Remains of old homes, villages, towns and farms are everywhere, some haunted, some mass graves of sleeping undead. Goblins are most common living sentient but villages shrouded by millions of tiny spiders and the occasional magical one. A lich with an artifact has been blamed.
1 Pass through graveyard, zombies grab your feet as they burst through ground
2 Skeletons tending fields like living peasants for who knows who
3 Non-corporeal undead in ruined remains of peasant cottage
4 Wights dwelling in a barrow mound tomb of long forgotten noble
5 Flaming Skull - screams and flies at you screaming
6 Willow the wisp, will kill you and eat your souls
7 Bone fence blocks your path, if molested skeletons arise from it and attacked
8 Three old crones offer to tell your fortune - actually they curse hero with every prophecy
9 Witch house - pleads she is just old woman, if threatened she is a sorceress
10 Witches pretending to be lost harlots try to enslave and kill party
11 Hideous Witch doing something unspeakable, if harmed her demon lover appears
12 A priest and his acolytes looking for undead to slay accuse party of being necromancers
13 Necromancer and pupils on a feild trip
14 Giant coffin spiders with zombified web covered husks of old victims
15 The remains of an ancient battle, undead soldiers awake to defend their honour
16 Albino goblins roasting a "live" zombie on a spit
17 Albino goblins collecting bones to make buildings, skeletons or ogre bread
18 Ogre grinding bones for his supper, he really busy but might like some fresh bones
19 A necromancer with their undead lover - doesn't aprove of you perverts disturbing them
20 Swarm of vampire bats
21 Ogre Mage Necromancer wants more magic items, pay or die
22 Wolves digging for food decide fresh meat better - may be Dire wolves
23 Dire Squirrel with a tree full of skulls, see him hide with a skull, a magic hat in bottom
24 Young Wizard thinks party are necromancers offers to be their student
25 Mad man gnawing on bones thinks he is a ghoul
26 Undead band playing haunted death march ignore party
27 Stumble across a broken tomb and swarm of feasting ghouls
28 Skeleton cavalry and skeleton horse archers chase party
29 A creepy wizard or his hunchback offer you increadible powers if they can experiment on you
30 Undead giant cobbled together from normal bodies lumbers after party hungrily
31 Black Druids sacrificing at a sacred stone, set their undead slaves on you
32 Swarm of undead crows, rats molest party
33 Undead wolves chase party, might be directed by a wight hunter
34 Undead prehistoric Elk or moose with rune covered antlers attacks
35 Albino Unicorn - blood red eyes, wounds inflicted bleed 1pt/round till first aid or magic
36 Nightmare with skeleton mage demands a life from the party
37 Night Hag in disguise lures into her cottage decorated with twitching undead adventurers
38 Undead farm animals arise and try to eat humans who are not vegetarians
39 Undead treeant with zombies in his branches he can use as missiles
40 Lich and his enterage quizes party about current events of the empire, gives 1gp, leaves

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