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Gamma Skills

I'll probably have to revise my previous lists a bit but here is my gamma skill list. I'll pdf whole bunch of gamma posts into one when I find out how to do that here. Tempting gamma miniatures on kickstarter at moment too. I love kill crazy gun buns.

I'm intriged that many DnD gamers dont like skill lists and complain of choices yet use a skill and feat and spell system and have character class specific abilities. I find spell/feats in current editions unreadable and visually unappealing with names that are not descriptive. Guess my years as a Chaosium fan made me skill crazy. My DnD clone (EMO Rules) have even more skills and have made more than a few basic classes unnecessary. I provide a dozen or so examples of buying skills which equate to sub classes). A Gamma edition of EMO might be a funny follow up and twin project. Mutant-Maids and Octopi perhaps. But I do like this Lite version of skills emphasizing Gamma Age skills. I'm also glad to not feel guilty for using the horror term : "proficiency".

Gammaworld  Skills
Some skills are split as Gamma Era (tech I-III) and Ancient Era versions  (tech IV-VI).  Gamma Era skills (tech I-III) and even are based on religion, superstition and ignorance rather than science eg Robot-Lore/Robotics-Ops. Everything for Gamma era skills is worded as ritual and magic while Ancient Age science teaches materialism, observation and experimentation. Though at the end-time machines did much of the thinking and innovation. Some skills like Conspiracy Theory, Cannibalism  and Occult Lore are more a measure of ignorance than real useful knowledge but they impress yokels and madmen. Players welcome to justify other exotic skills from other games.

Species Stock base skills = Base skills
Tech Leval +1Tag skill and possibly bonus weapons
Cryptic Alliances +1 Tag
INT Bonus in skills
+1d4 skills

Will get various tag skills from tech and race +1d4 + Int bonus more
learn a new one with a month study under a teacher or one per year self study

Advanced skills
- these sub skills require a basic skill as prerequisite

Bargain - haggling and trading
Beg - begging for food, mercy and boot-licking
Bluff - bluffing, scamming, fast talking
Bribe - persuade others through gifts, know right subtle bribes 
Diplomacy - art of negotiation and making peaceful contact
Interrogate - questioning and torturing
Intimidate - bully and terrify others into obeying
Leadership - command and recruit followers, keep morale
Merchant - know of trade and mercantile practices of the land
Motivation - reading of person gives +3 other interpersonal skills
Orate - public speaking and emotive persuasion
Protocol - (Starting Type eg military, tribal, bunker, feudal, cult) fit into disciplined groups
Seduction - use sexual appeal to manipulate others
Streetwise - deal with criminals and black market
Artist (type) - guitar, poetry, painter, junk sculptor, food, prostitute or many more, could link to existing craft or tech skill to make beautiful utility items 

Research - can examine records and documents efficiently
Farming - can manage land to produce food
Philosophy - logical debate and reason to solve problems
Law - know local legal customs and speak in convincingly in court
Midwifery - how to deliver babies safely and keep mother and child alive
Human Lore - human culture for non humans like apes and plants
Conspiracy Theory - intemperate irrelevant facts with crazy explanations
Ancient Lore/History - knowledge of ancients ways
Beast Lore/Zoology - knowledge of creatures wild and domestic
Mutant Lore/Genetics - knowledge of mutagens, mutants, selective breeding
Radiation Lore/Physics - knowledge of energy fields, forces and rays
Plant Lore/Botany - knowledge of vegetation and fungus of wilds and farms
Psionic Lore - knowledge of mental powers and tech
Plague Lore - knowledge of diseases and their treatment and germ weapons
Poison Lore - knowledge of  poisons and their treatment and toxic weapons
Occult Lore - knowledge of supernatural powers and magic
Number Lore/Maths - advanced counting and calculus
Drug Lore/Pharmacy - knowledge of ancient and folk medicine
Engineer - apply to craft, lore and tech skills on industrial scale
Ruin Lore - knowledge of ancient cities and gamma age hazards

Prospecting - expert at finding useful junk and identifying valuables in ruins
Salvage - maximize valuable scraps from robots, vehicles and stuff
Craft (Blacksmith, Mining, Sailor, Cook, gunsmith, Jeweler, brewer, etc)
Mechanical Lore - knowledge of  mechanics and hydroponics
Electric Lore - knowledge of  power transmission, storage and production
Electronic Lore - knowledge and repair of basic electronic devices
Fuel Lore - knowledge of  brewing fuel from organic stuff and minerals
Radio Lore/Radio Ops - knowledge of  communications devices
Computer Lore/Computer Ops - basic knowledge of computers 
-Programing Lore/Computer Programmer - advanced knowledge computers 
Robot Lore/Robotic Ops - knowledge of  robots
Android Lore/Android Tech - knowledge of  androids and replicants
Healing Lore/Medicine - knowledge of  treating serious wounds, med-tech
Sleeper Lore/Cryonics - knowledge of  suspended animation and revival
Rocket Lore/Rocketry - knowledge of  rockets, missiles and spacecraft
Drive (car/wagon/chariot/bike) operate a type of ground craft
-Offensive Drive - can make split move attacks with vehicle, no hit penalties
Pilot (plane/remote/boat/shuttle/mole/sub) operate a type of craft
-Offensive Pilot - can make split move attacks with vehicle, no hit penalties
Repair - knowledge of  basic improvised repair of goods
Scuba Lore/Scuba Ops  - knowledge of underwater survival and life support tech
Chemical Lore/Chemistry - ID chemicals, brew acid, explosives, poison
Armour Lore/Power Armour Ops - can operate and repair armour
Cyborg Lore/Cyberware tech - can repair and install prosthetic and implants
Security Lore/Security Ops - knowledge of defensive tech, surveillance, traps
Demolitions - make and use high explosives, bombs, fuses
Building Lore/Construction - construct buildings and other structures

Healing/First Aid - heal 1d4 hits after a fight
Sense Radiation - feel rad fields and mutagen exposure
Scout - find fastest path through wilderness
Hold Breath - Full con instead on 1/3 con in rounds
swim - can swim and even stay afloat 1 round per PS if encumbered
Track - can follow trails, identify dung and cover tracks
Quartermaster - pack goods for groups, beast of burden 20% less enc
Navigate - calculate location with tools, maps, sun and stars
Ride (animal) - ride beast, no hit penalties and split move and attack
Cannibalism - can live off own kinds flesh without care
Hunting - art of stalking, killing and butchering game
Foraging - find foodstuff from trash to animals and weeds
Make Fire  make fire with minimal tools in adverse conditions
Find Water - find drinkable water and basic filtration methods
Taste Poison - assess food and water for contamination
Smell - assess odors like food, enemies, most animals have this
Cooking - knowledge of  preparing good food, preservation, purification
Sneak - move quietly and avoid detection
Hide - avoid detection using cover, shadows, camouflage
Listen - detect sound or foes, can listen to ground or eavesdrop
Spot - detect clues, enemies, hidden things
Climb - climb anything but even better with rope and tools
Jump - land accurately, -1d6 fall, jump further without falling over

Combat (-2 to hit if unskilled with weapon, half missile fire rate)
Blind Fighting - half penalties for fighting blind
Night Fighting - half penalties for fighting or spot at night
Fast draw - avoid -4 penalty for drawing weapon or use to surprise
Fast Load - load ammo 1/2 speed
Brawling - 1d3 unarmed attack with any body part and grapple
-Martial Arts - 1d4 damage
-Master Martial Arts - 1d6 damage
Back Stab - x2 damage if ambush from behind
Alertness - +4 initiative, light sleeper
Burst Fire - minimum of average number of hits with burst fire
Double Tap - extra gun shot if has ammo
Extra Attack - second melee attack with different weapon or limb
Expert (Weapon) +1 hit and damage
- Specialization (Weapon) +2 hit and damage
-Master (Weapon) +3 hit and damage
Armour - can use unpowered armour 1/2 move penalty and mass
Shield - +1AC with shield, can use as a weapon if needed d4 or d6
Swords - use any sword
Axes - use any axe - melee or thrown
Clubs - use any blunt - melee or thrown
Spears - use any spear- melee or thrown
Polearms - use any
Bows - use any
Small Blades - use any - melee or thrown
Crossbows - use any
Flail - use any articulated weapon, chain, flail, whip, nunchuck, net
Throw - any thrown thing from shuriken to boomerang
Slings - sling, staff sling, slingshot, slingshot, woomera (atlatl)
Firearms - knowledge of cased and shell weapons and ammunition Tech III-IV
Advanced Weapons - knowledge of  high tech weapons V-VI
Improvise Weapons - make tech I-II weapons from natural and scavenged goods
Blackpowder - use muzzle loading muskets, cannons, make powder charges and bombs
Incendiaries - use of napalm, arson, flamers, molotovs
Exotic Weapon (any one doesn't fit above - blowpipe, lasso or exotic hi-tek)
Parry- exchange hit damage with block incoming attack instead
-Riposte - extra attack against anyone successfully parried
Push - exchange hit damage with knock-back 1/3 PS core in M and DEX save or fall
Power Armour - can operate hi tech defenses

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