Friday, 12 October 2012

Gamma Mega Dungeon Beaver Feaver

Somewhat fallout inspired large bunker design
small and medeum ones on my flickr gamer folder

I just need character sheets - i think ill keep skills simpler than i originally thought - gammaworld is a game where you mutate or die rather than learn.

You awake on uncomfortable metal benches in what seems to be a decrepit field hospital. Kit metal shelves full of scrap and boxes of junk. You are wearing comfortable jump suit which has seen better days judging by puncture repairs and stains. As you sit up and rub your head a spectacled man through an armored window gives you thumbs up smiling. A metal door opens and a man inside an armoured bio-hazard suit enters he gestures you to get up and to grab your backpacks from your foot lockers.

Your life growing up in the bunker flash like a holovid before your eyes. Everything seems as you remember it but run down and decrepit. You are led to a huge battered room with more armored bio hazard troops and what must be the Bunker door.

A voice over a loud speaker crackles on as klaxons sound and the massive doors begin to open.

"Intrepid explorers of a new world we salute you! Your heroic efforts have bought us time in the struggle to maintain the machine works we all need to survive here in Heavenly Haven. Now we must call upon you again to serve us. You have been treated to resist the chemical, biological and nano-technological weapons found outside. We bid you continue to be patient while we develop a treatment to the nerve gas you were most recently afflicted with. Even though your memories of us are flawed be assured we who remain here prey for you everyday to return to a secure life here in heavenly haven. Your loved ones and family need those supplies"

The doors are open and a sunlit green is beyond. Humidity and bird calls greet you. The ABC Trooper hands you a list -

"Heres what we need, now go get looking, you've got 2 days of food and anything you see is probably gonna eat you or worse".

Stuff we need (do not let outsiders see this list)
-Atomic fuel cell - from a vehicle
-any other batteries or power cells
-400 gauge recycling filters from a bunker
-a bicycle or any you can find
-any good condition weapons found
-decontaminate and bag any interesting specimens
-any remains of other explorers and their equipment
-any cybernetic electronic parts from robots or computers

Also gives sanitary spray and roll of 6 CD body-bags if they ask about bagging specimens

Return in two days with even some of these and receive more food and ammunition

Explorers also remember fragments of warm friends and family, patriotic survivalist urges, history footage of shadow years. War, terrorism, alien necroplagues, the super rich abandoning the world by hiding in shelters brought the world to its edge. Nations planned not just how to destroy the world but how to rebuild it. Species and workers would need to be replaced by androids and genetic creations. Your people forged by the fires of history are destined to rebuild the new world. But its still a bit too hazardous yet. 

Might need some daleks - genesis of the Daleks was a fave of mine, 2nd dalek movie with cyber goons good too. An enchanted meat forest of transplant organs with organ donor pigmen and robots protecting it.

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