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Babylonian Gods for Elfmaids and Octopi DnD

here is some babylonian-assyrian-sumerian gods from my house D&D

Gods Name (Foreign Names) 
Holy Symbols   
Cult Alignment   
Power Sphere  
Additional Weapon Choice   
Holy Beast   
Holy Power (Instead of turning)  
Extra Spells

Ishtar (Venus, Freya, Isis, Astarte, Inianna, Athena, Astarte, Diana)   
Symbolic loop, knot, staff, instrument, sistrum or ankh or dawn star   
Any Alignment   
Love & War    
any bow, spear or sword or shuriken   
dove, cats and lions   
Lay Hands Can Heal 1d8+1/lv use once per day  per lv      
Ishtar Goddess of Love and War: Temples act as virgin nunneries, breweries and sacred brothels making her one of the most popular Gods. Just don’t confuse the virgins and prostitutes or they get mad. Range from holy pure palatial shrines of peace to bloody battle alters to filthy backwater brothels. Ishtar is also a soldier, a huntress, a healer, a wisdom giving barmaid a strumpet, a harvest queen and many more. She stole the essential knowledge of all craft from Enki by getting him drunk.
1st Charm Person, 2nd Flame Blade, 3rd Suggestion, 4th Charm Monster      

Ninurta (Saturn, Kernu, Herculese)   
Weapon or tool as symbol   
Any Alignment   
Farmer & Hunter   
any 1H Axe or Sword, Sickle, Scythe, Any Farm Tool, Short bow   
any useful domestic beast  or monster defeated
+1 weapon for 1d12HD Allies/lv once per day, +2 at 5th, +3 at 9th, +4 at 14th for 2d6 rounds      
Ninurta God of Farmers and Hunters: Aids hunters and warrior heroes especially those fighting monsters and animals bothering humans. Protects the common folk in the eternal battle with seasonal changes. Heroes kill monsters but commoners just farm and live simple lives.
1st Locate Animals and Plants, 2nd Bull Strength, 3rd Hold Animal, 4th Call Woodland beings      

Marduk  (Jupiter, Baal, Assur)   
Arrow of law – shovel, arrow head, spear   
Any Lawful Alignment   
Supreme Law & Power   
any Spear or Bow, Javelin, Dart, Net   
dragon or lizard or scorpion or warhound   
1d8+1/Lv Lightning once per lv per day with loud thunder clap
Marduk God of Authority and Power Seized the universe by force from older gods and monsters, He is the supreme god of all now controlling all the universes and world in the name of order. His city at the empires heart is the axis of the world. His clergy serve the empire and law.
1st Shocking Grasp, 2nd Flame Blade, 3rd Lightning Bolt, 4th Fire Wall      

Shamash (Helios, Ra, Utu)   
Sun disc or eye   
Any Lawful or non-evil Alignment   
Sun & Justice   
Any Bow, sword or axe
Swine, Eagle,    
Blind 1d12 HD x Lv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day with flash of light      
Shamash God of the Sun Lord of Light who sees injustice and helps the weak vs the strong. Councilor of kings who sees and knows all he sees from his flaming sky chariot. His sacred city invented king ship and all the emperors have acknowledged this by being crowned there.
Cult serve as judges, advisors and leaders as well as lawmen, just warriors and guards.
1st Magic Missile, 2nd Flame Blade, 3rd Ghost Armour, 4th Fire Sheild      

Nergal (Set, Mars)   
Panther headed Club or favorite weapon   
Any Alignment   
Death & War   
Can learn any weapon   
panther or cat   
Fear 1d12 HD xLv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day      
Nergal God of Death and Suffering Praise him before he destroys you! Beg him to kill your enemies instead. Lord of battle, Usurper of underworld, Blood God with 50 sacred weapons. He may seem bad but he protects his people from predation by undead by locking up the land of the dead. He kills monsters and ruins your enemies. He is also the terrible summer sun which kills all with desiccating wind and plague
1st Elemental Burst, 2nd Flame Blade, 3rd Hovering Skull, 4th Bone Wall  
Sin (Khonshu, Nana, Su'en, Sindar)   
Moon or staff or lamp   
Any non chaotic or or non evil Alignment   
Moon, Illumination   
any Axe or Bow, khopesh, sabre, scimitar
horned beast or bull for animal   
Peace 1d12 HD xLv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day      
Sin God of the Moon, Sin is a god of wisdom, illumination, trade, civilization, wisdom. Underworld, night, lord of dreams and Healing. a favorite of travelers and merchants he was born in the underworld and escaped as a child with much wisdom.
1st Pass Without Trace, 2nd Invisibility, 3rd Spectral Force, 4th Confusion      

Erishkigal (Lilith, Hel, Loviatar)   
Symbolic jaws or skull   
Any Alignment   
Death & Underworld Dungeons  
any bow, spear or sword  
owls, cats, hares, rabbits  
Command undead 1d12 HD xLv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day      
Ereshkigal Goddess of Underworld Queen of the Vampire Throne, mother of Monsters, Her father Enlil mated with her to create hordes of demons to punish the wicked. Nergal usurped and raped her and conquered her realm. She is the dark side of Ishtar who withholds life and death.
1st Corpse Link, 2nd Ghoul Touch, 3rd Vampiric Touch, 4th Wall of Bones      

Ninhursag (Gaea, Durga)   
Triangular mountain glyph   
Any Alignment   
Earth, nature, beasts   
Sickle, Scythe   
any natural animal or plant  
Command Plants, Animals or Earth beings 1d12 HD xLv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day      
Ninhursag Goddess of the Earth Favorite of the common folk. Cult are healers who care for the land and people. She is the great goddess and present within all women, but she may withhold the power of life from evil doers.
1st Magical Stone, 2nd Warp Wood, 3rd Summon Animal Spirit, 4th Call Woodland beings or Replace list with Druid as a magic option.

Adad (Thor, Perun, Indra)   
Lightning bolt, Axe or Hammer or Spear   
Any non-lawful
Storm & weather   
Axe or Hammer or spear or javelin   
horned animal and especially bulls   
Command weather for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day – at least makes wind      
Adad God of Storms Herdsman of Storm clouds, lord of the sky, destroyer of evil, loved by common herders and farmers,  he is a furious bringer of rain and life to the land with-held by monsters.
1st Feather Fall, 2nd Levitate, 3rd Fly, 4th Ice Storm      

Enlil (Baal, Odin, Jupiter)
Mattock or farm tool or weapon   
Any Lawful Alignment   
Underworld, Earth and sky
Any Axe, bow, Spear  
horned animal preferably a bull   
Command demon 1d12 HD xLv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day, if double needed HD then can kill
Enlil God of Air, Earth and Underworld Previous ruling god and lord of the middle Air, Enlil is one of the great gods rooted in the foundations of the universe. He cycles the elements through the underworld and heaven making seasons and bringing life or disaster for the wicked. He fathers demons and monsters with Ereshkigal to punish wickedness. His demon children and monsters hunt the wicked or cull mankind when they grow too many.
1st Summon Monster1, 2nd Summon Monster2, 3rd Summon Monster3, 4th Summon Monster4      

Enki (Prometheus, Neptune, Amon, Ea)   
Staff or jug   
Any Alignment   
Water, Magic Knowledge
trident and net, shuriken   
fish, ram, snake or turtle   
Command water creature or elemental 1d12 HD xLv for 2d6 rounds/lv once per day, if double needed HD then can kill     
Enki God of The Deep Water Lord of the Deep Waters, magic & knowledge. While crafty Enki made humans it was to toil for the gods, he save us from the flood then stopped humans becoming immortal to keep the status quot. Unable to assume supreme power from his father or brother he made his son Marduk to be greater than them all. His temples include persons of all the sacred occupations. They restrain mortals from angering the gods or being harmed. Created the Melamu - the celestial encyclopedia and the basis of scribal wisdom and the Me - basic arts of civilization and culture.
1st Swim, Sleep 2nd Web, Ice Knife, 3rd Breathe Water, Tongues , 4th Ice Storm, Polymorph Self      

Anu (Ukko, Great Spirit, Odin)   
Shooting Star, horned cap, pole star   
Any Alignment   
Stars & Destiny   
Any Bow   
horned animal preferably a bull   
1d8+1/Lv Shooting Star once per lv per day with loud thunder clap      
Anu God of Heavens Master of the Universe. King of night stars. Lord of the upper sky. First human-god to rule the universe, now he is mostly retired above the sky in the celestial city where the djinn, angels and spirits administrate the cosmos according to the destiny he has fixed them in the tablets of fate.
1st Magic Missile 2nd Rope Trick, 3rd Fly , 4th Dimension Door

(Frey, Baldr, Dumazi, Adoni, Pan)   
Corn or beast horns or wine  
Chaotic, non-evil Alignment   
Vegetation and Life  
any spear, hand axe, hatchet, short sword, sabre, lasso
any natural plant or animal but herd beast like goats a favorite   
Spring: Grow 1d12x100xLv in pounds of edible or terrain chocking vegetation or in winter can destroy      
Tammuz God of Nature, king of vegetation and lord of rebirth, favored by herdsmen, nomads and barbarians. Dies yearly then returns with fructifying power of underworld. Cult practice ritual duels & ecstatic mob hysteria (spring) wailing (winder) Hunting and courting (summer), Scourging enemies (autumn) then back to weeping and mourning (winter)
1st Animal Friendship 2nd Charm Mammal, 3rd Possess Animal , 4th Sticks To Snakes      

Tiamat (Leviathan)   
Dragon or chaos symbol   
Any Chaos Alignment   
Sea, Chaos
trident, net, any spear, sabre
Dragon or scorpion or lizard   
1d8+1/Lv dragon breath once per lv per day with loud thunder roar      
Tiamat the Chromatic Dragon Mother of Chaos. Tiamat was the primordial dragon of the sea who tried to kill all the gods. Marduk defeated and dismembered her using her corpse to complete universe at the dawn of Time.  She ruled the elder age when monsters ruled the world and human ancestors were slaves.
1st Burning Hands, Summon Monster1, 2nd Flame Blade, Summon Monster2, 3rd Fireball , Summon Monster3, 4th Wall of Fire, Summon Monster4      

Snake or tree or fruit   
Any Alignment   
Healing, Wisdom, knowledge,   
chain, lasso, whip, blowpipe   
Snake or hydra   
Call 1d6 x HD xLv of poison snakes 1d4+lv in poison dam or snakes or form one constrictor with staff 1d6+1d6/6 lv  dam    
Ningizzida the Serpent Lord, The holy Hydra, brings wisdom to humanity and the fructifying powers of the underworld to the surface. His cult grow fruit trees and brew fruit wines. His priests are healers, prophets and farmers.
1st Speak Animal, 2nd Reflecting Pool, 3rd Charm Reptile , 4th Sticks To Snakes      

Rattle or drum or ancestral remains   
Trickster, Ancestors   
chain, lasso, whip, blowpipe, bolo   
Dwarf or ancestral spirits   
Contact 1d6HD/Lv of ancestral and other local departed spirits in a séance, 1/lv per day or use Shaman power      
Bes the dwarf trickster comes from the old times and is followed by many people as a shamanic cult. He is a comic clown but also deals with spirits, ancestors, childbirth, trickery, common folk. Many clowns hide their wisdom and use buffoonery to get close to power.
1st Friends, 2nd Knock, 3rd Summon Animal Spirit, 4th Bargain 
Nebo (Mercury, Thoth)   
Any Alignment   
Scribe & Messenger   
Any sword   
get +1 non-combat proficiency every level
Nebo God of Language Scribe and messenger of the gods. Patron of scholars, wizards, bureaucrats, librarians,  merchants, travelers, messengers  and even thieves. They operate the post and heliographs services of the empire.
1st Comprehend Languages, Run, 2nd Reflecting Pool, Knock, 3rd Tongues , Clairvoyance, 4th Magic Mirror, Bargain      

Bau (Baba)   
Staff, Dog medallion   
Any non evil Alignment   
Dogs & Healers    Any sword    Dog    Lay Hands Can Heal 1d8+1/lv use once per day  per lv       
Bau Goddess of Healing Healer and protector, guardian of the store house, the good wife of Ninurta. Don't stop to think-- Bite!
1st Summon Monster1 (Dog), 2nd Summon Monster2 (Wolf), 3rd Summon Monster (Dire Wolf) 3 , 4th Summon Monster4 (Hell Hound)       

Geshtinanna (Persephone)   
Staff, Wine vase, vine, grapes, snake medalion   
Dreams & Vines   
Any sword   
Snake, Hare   
Contact 1d6HD of ancestral and other local departed spirits in a séance, 1/lv per day      
Geshtinanna Dreams and autumn vines, she takes turn with her brother in the underworld, returning with life and wine. She mourns the dead
1st Sleep, 2nd ESP, 3rd Wraithform, 4th Hallucinary Terrain    


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