Monday 8 October 2012

Gamma Cryptic Alliances

More Michal Dutkiewicz art

DnD has had trouble running last few week - some of us have new shifts and other stuff but hop to be running soon. My Urchin books game of cthulhu has requested i run a post apocalypse game so Im planning gamma world 2nd edition with some of my add ons.

Dug up my list of gamma cryptic alliances stolen from every source possible

Rolling for players:
Roll up to three times to pick one - the ones you dont pick are traditional enemies instead. This would work if you were the wrong species for a society. If you dont like any you are an outcaste with 3 enemy groups. Another option for veteran players is roll 1d10 for type and pick specific group.

Member stock, tech, location, encounter attitude, Tag Skill
GM Human, Stone Age, Village, common, pacifist
Standard Human, Archaic, town, uncommon, friendly
Mutant Human, Pre-steam, city, rare, cautious
Mutant Animal, Pre-Atomic, fortress, very rare, hostile
Synthetic, Pre-Nanotech, outpost, very common, paranoid
Hybrid Species, Apocolypse, lab, unique, beserk

Type 1d10
1 Idealists
2-3 Conquerors
4-8 Builders
9-10 Destroyers

- Religious and Philosophical Groups d100
01-10 Healers (White Hand)
11-15 Radioactivists (Radnics)
16-25 Seekers (New Dawn)
26-30 Friends of Justice (Crusaders)
31-35 Knights of Avalon (Gamma Knights)
36-38 Earth Mothers (Pandorans)
39-40 Postal Service (Eagle runners)
41-43 Mary Janes (Shaggies) 

 44-60 New Tribes (various local tribes)  
61 Illuminati (Spooks) 62-65 Mystics (Aquarians)  
66 Conspiracy Theorists (Freaks) 66-70 The Glowing Lord (Radiants)  
71-75 Those Who Wait (Listeners)
76-80 Sons of the Second Coming (Reborn)
81-100 Pick one or reroll or make your own cult

Conquerors - Empire Builders and Strongmen d100
01-15 The Ranks of the Fit (Bonapartists)
16-25 Knights of Genetic Purity (KGP) 

 26-30 Army of the Deep (Trident)  
31-35 Empire of the Sun (Sun-mecha)
36-45 Bloodlords (Talons) 

 46-59 New Republic (Presidents) 
60-69 Overlords  (Brutes) 
 70-79 Ape Empire (Apelords) 
80-95Peace Brigade (Cops)  
96-100 Black Templars (Brotherhood)

Builders - Survivalists and Hoarders d100
01-02 Servants of the eye (Archivists)
03 Thinkers (Seers)
04 Programmers  (Followers of the voice)

05-09 Restorationists (Fixers)
10-12 Searchers of the new Dawn (Searchers)
13 Voyagers (Spacers) 14-20 Roadclans (Riders or truckers)
21 Foundationists (Doomsayers)

22-26Vault Lords (Overlords)
27-29 Corporation (Merchants)
30-31 Cogsmen (Tinkers)
32 Morrow Project (Saviors)
33-34 Sailors Brotherhood (Shipmen)
33 Communists (Reds)
34 Skyrunners (Airmen) 35-38 Rubble Runners (Looters)39 Greenfist (Wildchildren)
40 Underworlders (Dwellers in darkness) 41-43 Rangers (Starlawmen)

44-46 Sparksmen (Fuelers) 47-50 Alpha Complex (Citizens)
51 Icemen (Frozen Chosen)
51-54 The Mob (Syndicate)
55 Nautilus club (Adventure club)

56-60 Breeders (Mothers)
61-70 Vault Dwellers (Newbs)
71-74 Romantics (Squares)
75-77 Herd-beast (Battle Cattle)
78-79 Femme Fatale (Black Widows)
80 Sisterhood of the Sword (Sisterhood)
81-86 City Builders (Various cities)
87 The Jolly Green Giants (Vegetons)
88-90 Motorheads (Road Ragers)
91-94 Librarians (Historians)
95 The Bureau (Men in Black)
96-98 Mechanics (Machine shaman)
99-100 Wanderers (Gamma Hobos)

Destroyers - Separatists and Slayers d100
01-05 Friends of Entropy (Red Death)
06-10 The Iron Society (Mutationists)
11 Mind Warriors (Brainlords)
12-15 Zoopremists (Animal Liberation Front)
16 Spoilsports (Black Rogues)
17 Cyborgs (Legion of Gold)
18-25 Road Gangs (Various)
26 Frankenstein Destroyers (Razors)
27-28 Monster Hunters (Blood Sporters)
29-35 Mutant Hunters (Inquisition)
36-38 Fist of God - (Gods Killers)
39 Hunters Club for Men (Shooters)
40 Night People (Feinds)
41-50 Slavers (Slave Lords)
51-55 Cannibals (Sons of Kane)
56-58 Corn People (Rednex)
59 Confederates Knights (Clansmen)
60 Six fingered hand (Devils Mutants)
61-70 New Gladiators (Sports)
71 Plaguelords (Flayed Lords)
72 Satanist (Devil Spawn)
73 The Created (Machinists)
74-78 Gun Nuns – (Blood Sisters) 

79-82 Dust Devils  (Sandmen)
83 Assassins (Wizards of hidden mountain)
84 Sons of the Panther (Brotherhood)
85 New Spartans (Clone Warriors)
86-87 Tree People (Green Fang)
88 The Swarm (Bugz)
89-91 Headhunters (Scalpers)
92-93 Animal Friends (Furverts)
94 Aryan Nation (Stormtroopers)
95 Saurains (Lizard men)

96-00 Cthulhu Cult (Dagon's Sons)

Idealists - Religious and Philosophical Groups

Primarily concerned with ethics, the best way to live and ideals beyond the material world. May have members in other communities or groups and may operate own villages within an empire or hiding out. These organizations operate cooperatively and may still tolerate non believers.

Healers (White Hand) – Medics
Any Any Any Uncommon Pacifistic Tag Skill: First Aid
Healers most often encountered as wandering healers who do their best to help as many as they can for free. While some abuser or try to enslave them – many from gratitude help them. Even many violent groups will not harm a healer. They believe in love and its power to heal the apocalypse. They live like monks – some running hospitals others wandering and helping.

Radioactivists (Radnics) - Worship divine glow of radioactives
Mutants Pre-Atomic Wasteland Common Cautious  Tag Skill: Sense Radiation
Radioactivists worship the divine glow of the atom exposing themselves to mutagens and chemicals and poisons to illuminate themselves as the divine glow intended. Some dwell in temples other are wandering friars. The church of the atom treasure mutagens, bio warfare devices and atomic waste as holy. Normal humans are seen as naive and stunted. GM humans are cursed forever.

Seekers (New Dawn) - Build a cooperative natural new order without advanced tech
Any Organic Pre-Steam Village Uncommon Wary  Tag Skill: Farming
Seekers generally live simple low tech lives of righteousness on farms keeping to themselves. They are peaceful and tolerant but hide from outsiders who might disturb or harm them. They may choose some to join them and others will be taken care of behind the barn. Sometimes you meet them with a wagon of grain or taking organ-swine to market. Black powder weapons are their choice but they may uncover stockpiles others when threatened. Some dress as Puritans or Quakers.

Friends of Justice (Crusaders) – Superheroes
Any Any Fortress or Ruins Rare Friendly  Tag Skill: Law
These beings have been chosen by extraordinary powers just like heroes before the apocalypse to fight for truth and justice. Some are very effective protectors some die fairly quickly. Anyone with skills, who submits to the hero oath and has the might to survive is welcome to join as a hero. Artist members record and tell of their deeds with crude picture stories and figurines which are collected by fans across the wasteland. Fan rank members are very common and some control shrines to the heroes of the ancients. Cult heroes wear colourful uniforms

Knights of Avalon (Gamma Knights) - Feudal lords of benevolent chivalry
Any Male Archaic Fortress Rare Cautious  Tag Skill: Protocol (Chivalry)
These village champion knights form kingdoms and defend them according to the code of chivalry. They only believe in magic not science and speak a strange dialect from early vid cults. They may have variant rules in various kingdoms and practice ritualized but harmless combat which keeps their people well trained. They all follow the code of Albion where Arthur has awoken and rules forever.

Earth Mothers (Pandorans) – New age pagan matriarchs prone to frenzied fits of violence.
Any Archaic Village Uncommon Berserk/Friendly  Tag Skill: Drug Lore
While preaching love and tolerance the mothers are cruel and vindictive to any who earn they're scorn. You could meet them celebrating in the forest and get along fine without offending them. Then set them off on a ritual murder spree in a flash. Most are just wary of them except the groups they believe are part right. Common members are harmless but seasonal rites may set off mobs in a Dionysian frenzy. Heads of enemies are valuable to them. Highest ranking cult males are consorts or assassins.

Postal Service (runner) – Deliver news, preach everything is getting better
Any Pre-Cybertech Any Uncommon Pacifist  Tag Skill: Scout
Postmen deliver mail and news and hope and most leave them alone. Most communities appreciate news except cults and warlords.

Mary Janes
(Shaggies) - Intelligent dope plants and followers, friendly, lazy bums
Any Pre-Cybertech Village Uncommon Friendly  Tag Skill: Drug Lore
A cult where human animal mutant and plants all share oneness through natural drugs and medicine. While some trade occasionally with them others fear they corrupt local youth and start a lynch mob. They help anyone with food and drugs if they can. Talking drug plants and fungus and spreading their seed nation wide are held in high esteem. The fungus version of the cult is often subterranean. Many are nudists.

New Tribes (various local tribes) - Gone native and shun tech in favor traditional tribes life style
Any Primitive Village Common Hostile Tag Skill: Protocol (Tribal)
Descendants of long lost tribals and other who went feral. Most have ritualized life with own dialect and little dealing with outsiders. These include about 30% of all persons. Every tribe has own dress, speech, codes and taboos. While they have frequent skirmishes with each other they hate civilized encroachment on their land more. They view all as magic warning of machine spirits of the ancients. Slaves may use tech for them. They also steal children and accept runaways into their ranks to make up for their ever threatened numbers. Some are all mutant, or all animal. Those that don’t accept certain types at least acknowledge other beings place in the world.

Illuminati (Spooks) – more power for the strong, slavery for the weak
Any Pre-Nanotech City Rare Paranoid  Tag Skill: Conspiracy Theory
They claim all is going to plan and they control everything and did before the apocalypse. Practice corruption blackmail and cult rituals in secret to make invisible strings. They spend most of their time infighting and betraying each other. Many wear pre war freemasonry and sillier regalia from the ancients like judge wigs and toilet brushes. Different sects offer different great schemes and outlandish plots. Murder any who betray or expose them.

Mystics (Sun Cildren) – cosmic new agers dwelling in the new era
Any Pre-Nanotech Village Uncommon Pacifist  Tag Skill: Drug Lore
Psychedelic children of tomorrow using alternative medicine and power and organic food. From naive who all die in the waste land to organized armed communes with fortifications. Different groups may have decisive oligarchs or squabbling assemblies. Many are peaceful farmers and fairly tolerant. Some follow the caveman way others operate university arcologies hidden by force domes. Land yachts, bicycles and solar power are often used by them.

Conspiracy Theorists (Freaks) – lonely prophets preach every wrong is a deliberate plot
Any Pre-Nanotech City Rare Paranoid  Tag Skill: Conspiracy Theory
Always alert for Illuminati and ufo sightings – they protect their communities wether they are wanted or not. Some are competent debunkers and exposers of truths. Others are madmen who carry doomsday signs and earn charity from locals to leave them alone.

The Glowing Lord (Radiants) – Words of a mutant seer whos maxims are spread by preachers
Any Pre-Cybertech Any Uncommon Pacifist  Tag Skill: First Aid
The simplistic maxims of a mutant messiah. His cultists risk all to spread the word. New naive followers keep adopting this creed and coming from somewhere. A strange mixture of Healers and Radioactivists. Superficial and masochistic and less actually helpful. Many are suspicious of this cult and keep their children away from them. Many are cruel and mistreat them, their mutilated bodies litter roadsides.

Those Who Wait (Listeners) - Alien and space contact cult, search for aliens among us
Any Any City or wasteland Rare Pacifist  Tag Skill: Radio
A dedicated team who seek to travel into space and contact any aliens found there. While not exited by lost human colonies they still document any signals from beyond in case of aliens. Interested in any scientific discoveries in aerospace field or possible black vaults with proof of aliens. Many phenomena and tech items are really alien design they teach.

Sons of the Second Coming
(Reborn) Jesus is back for all humans, mutants and even talking animals
Any Pre-Steam Village Common Friendly  Tag Skill: First Aid
Jesus is back - spread the word - I love you. With his new pals various talking plants animals and mutants he’s here to save us all. Yay! They dislike followers of glowing lord their rivals who they see as a deceiver. A few are pacifistic victims others can be very aggressive if threatened. Heavier armed sects are more paranoid and defend pilgrims. Certainly don’t always appear as weak or soft. Very diverse genotypes make them popular. All are equal to the new messiah.

Conquerors - Empire Builders and Strongmen

Occupied with conquest and plunder by violent force and the capture of goods and strongholds. They guard their territory, taxing and terrorizing all. They are interested in social orders backed by force and keeping power and luxury in the hands of the elite.

The Ranks of the Fit (Bonapartists) - Militant Animal Empire builders
Animals Pre-Atomic City Common Aggressive  Tag Skill: Beast Lore
An army of ex animal slaves liberated and loose. Their genius bear leader has a fanatical loyalty from his people and has brilliant battlefield tactics. They do not want to exterminate mankind – but only animals have government or command positions. Other than this, humans can expect better justice than in most human dominated lands.

Knights of Genetic Purity (Purists) - Militant racial supremacist survivalists
GM Human Pre-Cyber City Common Wary  Tag Skill: Find Mutant
The knights are on a quest to purge aberrant DNA from humanity keeping Homo Sapiens Superior the dominant species. Mostly led by GM humans the knights mostly suffer from depleted numbers so have included animal tribes in their empire – kidnapping and breeding dog-men and other breeds as slave troops. Their fanaticism, weapons and occasional high tech have served them again and again.

Army of the Deep (Trident) - Maritime empire builders
Any Pre-Cyber City Uncommon Aggressive  Tag Skill: Hold Breath or swim
Aquatic mutants, animals and sea dwelling humans based in a half submerged Aqua-city dome. They have dominated trade and piracy and now invade up river and are taking swamps and building bases.

Empire of the Sun (Mecha) - Battlesuit pacific empire builders
GM Human Pre-Atomic City Rare Hostile  Tag Skill: Robotics
An empire controlling Japan and Hawaii and some pacific islands . They have advanced weapons, rob and transport and are clearly scouting local territory with their bizarre shape shifting vehicles and robots.

Bloodlords (Talons) - Cryonic dictator and bloodthirsty emperor
Any Male Pre-Cyber City or Vault Uncommon Aggressive  Tag Skill: Track
A pre GM human awakens every decade to give new orders to his fanatic band. Their savage warlords always seek weapons and scientists to build for them. Women are for sport and breeding and nothing else but cattle. Strange breeding programs, cyborgs and generations of scientists have served this faction. Recently use pig-men clones to battle and serve them.

New Republic (Presidents) - Democratic but warmongering empire builders
Any Pre-Cyber City Common Wary  Tag Skill: Law
The republic claims authority and taxation and promises to protect all, but they let people down a lot with their claims to legitimacy. Their troops tend to be inexperienced, scared and trigger happy. The president preaches peace but famine and war have gripped the republic since the beginning.

Overlords  (Brutes) – Brotherhood of bandit chiefs who dominate their region as robbers
Any Pre-Atomic Town Common Aggressive  Tag Skill: Track
Overlords are a group of warlords united against do-gooders and freedom spreading trouble makers. Leaders are voted for with bribes, threats and worse to be standard practice. Once the initial enemy was crushed the overlords kept cooperating and developed a joint capitol for sport and intrigue. While all seek the supreme power the system has worked. Now the overlords raid and attack any on their borders.

Apes Empire - Devolved humans and mutant apes who blame humans and make them slaves
Animals (apes) Pre-Atomic City Uncommon Hostile  Tag Skill: Human Lore
Apes have had enough and have unified to stop humanity. They will tolerate slaves but no man may look on an ape or speak unless spoken to or strike an ape. Apes study human tech and culture and become more like it every generation. Some neuter and render humans mute or lobotomize them. Apes battle many human and mutant groups but tolerate retro evolved humans and any animal or plant. Machines are as bad as humans or worse. Ape scientists study human evil and report as science to other animals. Heavily armed ape cavalry is terrifying. They preach man and ape lived together but apes were in space before man, so man made the apocalypse.

Peace Brigade (Cops) - fight for peace, wall builders, may charge food and ammo
Any Pre-Atomic Town Common Wary  Tag Skill: Law
Peace brigade act as lawmen and militia in many towns even forming armies in cases. They may act as the military of another faction run state. They often defend healers, postal, merchants and bringers of civilization. Any village forming a chapter will receive support from their local groups. They also run prisons. At times they may demand food, water and ammo for their expenses – but this is better than being eaten by Satanists.

Black Templars (Brotherhood) - corrupt merchant warrior monks who act as banks and landowners
Any Pre-Atomic Fortress Uncommon Wary  Tag Skill: Law
These knight monks appear to be a civilizing force but they charge tax for their help and run elaborate banking debt schemes. They control fortified towers and have come to control plots of land. They can amass a horde of motorcycling scum and beast men to ravage “wayward lands”.  Robber barons and knights are often Templars. They are happy to use any weapons or armour and not against anything that works. Spies and agents and merchants of the black temple are in many communities hidden away. Some say they were a biker gang or a corporation intelligence agency before the apocalypse others claim then to be an evil entity worshiping cult dating into history. 

Builders - Survivalists and Hoarders
These groups have strong links with the past and are interested in material goods of the ancients and their safe storage for the group’s ultimate purpose. Many aim to create a new society based around their goods. Communal living and idealism make these groups work. Most just want a community and to settle to their purpose unmolested.

Archivists (servants of the eye) - templars of old tech – but worship more than use
Any Pre-Atomic City Common Cautious  Tag Skill: Ancient Lore
These priests hoard and enshrine tech in underground temples and vaults. They tend to not use or study the tech just worship it. They may use in a crisis but generally it is sacred and its holy mysteries not for heathens. The greatly revere robots and AIs as gods but are just as happy if they don’t work.

Thinkers (Seers) – teachers of free will, reason and cooperation
Any Pre-Nano City Common Wary  Tag Skill: Philosophy
These philosophers spread reason and educate the people in the use of logic, rhetoric, ethics and other fields. They preach cooperation, problem solving and are often called on as judges or speakers in trials. Most people see them a fair and objective or at least well intended. They meet to argue - the best start schools and advise heads of state.

Followers of the voice (Programmers) - programmer priests of A.I.s
Any Pre-Nano City Uncommon Cautious  Tag Skill: operate computer
These are a mix of Archivists who activated and follow an AI or in some cases the descendants of the pre apocalypse programmers.  Different AIs have different strategies. Human followers are only as wicked as their god and he absolves them. Many travel the land seeking AIs to reactivate or bring into the fold or quest for parts. Collossus, Guardian or just "the Computer" (there is only true one!) are some of the more powerful AIs ruling multiple complexes of humans.

Restorationists (Fixers) - Seek to rebuild lost past
Any Pre-Cyber City Common Cautious  Tag Skill: Ancient Lore
Restorationists seek to rebuild the past as it was, a utopia where men were perfect and godlike. While not racist per se, GM humans are deemed the original unspoiled man the original state. But they see no need to hasten death if it does not actively stop them rebuilding the broken world. The seek tech, study it and learn, using its benefits for all peoples. They believe in trade and urban society and education too. They hate archivists who hoard tech like gods or for personal gain.

Searchers of the new Dawn (Searchers) – idealistic and progressive
Human Pre-Atomic Fortress Rare Paranoid  Tag Skill: Ancient Lore
Searchers have given up on the past and seek a new order where all intelligent life is valued and technology will not only be restored but move forward.  Searchers stockpile and study relics while other groups build and defend bunkers. The ancients were wicked and deluded and did things wrong so we must be careful picking what science we make available. They are suspicious of those who worship the ancients, reject progress, persecute species or other backwardness. Many religious and backward thinkers don’t like them either so their way has had trouble spreading.

Voyagers (Spacefarers) - Wanabee space traveling monks
Any Pre-Nano Lab Rare Pacifist  Tag Skill: Rocketry
These seek control of remnants of the ancient space program, star ports, fuel, facilities. They seek control of lost orbitals, moon bases, war sats, orbital missiles and more. Often benignly seek learning for its own sake. They believe there could even be a colony ship still in space but are not so keenly interested in aliens like those who wait. They are supported by some nations and have easily re-created V2 technology with some secret space projects they run from bunkers and observatories. Occasionally earn sponsorship with rocket artillery, radio, radar and explosives know-how.

Roadclans (Riders or truckers) – Nomad clans acting as merchants, herders and mercs
Any Pre-Cyber Town Common Cautious  Tag Skill: Drive bike or car or other
These clans travel in convoys with vehicles from mules to wagons to steam locomotives or other ancient travel forms. The best have fleets of off road military vehicles armed to the teeth. Some are welcome traders others are hostile raiders fleeing some worse threat or just looking for fun.

(Doomsayers) – We aint seen nothing yet- build and horde for the coming apocalypse
Any Pre-Apocalypse Vault Uncommon Paranoid  Tag Skill: Quartermaster
That apocalypse was easy, we must be ready for the next one and occupy bunkers, and be ready for the next cataclysm. Eventually we will rule the world because we were ready. A little nudge might be needed so any ancient tech to tilt the balance helps us.

Bunker Lords (Overlords) – Cryonic rich who set up armed enclaves for the elites
Human  Pre-Apocalypse Vault Rare Paranoid  Tag Skill: repair
Various bunkers from ancient times survived – some stayed isolated or used spys only to deal with surface and some became hubs of larger towns some became degenerate cults even devolving into morlocks or ghouls. Different vaults had different functions and provisions but most developed a unfair hierarchy which in the worst are degenerate inbred albinos or even vampires. Vaults may trade but vault lords control information and goods to and from the outside. Vault lords don’t call themselves that name preferring overseers. Many vaults were built by the greediest who hoped to outlast the world. Others were military, scientific or government or corporate. The cheapest mass housing city vaults were cruelest. One of the main vault contractors offered lottery tickets and used winners as test subjects in experimental vaults. Private vaults could be quite unique depending on the builder. Sometimes an AI is the ruler.

Corporation (Merchants) – capitalists merchants trying to reestablish paper currency and economics
Any Pre-Cyber City Common Cautious  Tag Skill: merchant
Merchants and traders association who operate and defend market places and gateways and crossroads and cities everywhere. Merchants keep fair prices and weights and measures and mark roads and operate taverns to stay in and gossip. Each corporation may have an owner or a board of directors and workers are contracted employees or shareholders. Some operate their own currencies or own slaves.

Cogsmen (Tinkers) - Traveling tinker clans – offer repairs and trade – all hail the cog
Any Pre-Cyber Town Common Cautious  Tag Skill: repair
Cogsmen rebuild what people use understanding the machine spirits and the way of steel. Some are gypsy repairmen or blacksmiths; others operate steam power and industrial machinery.  Some are mechanic friars who run workshop monasteries. Some may employ surprising lost or rediscovered tech. More interested in helping than just archeology.

Morrow Project (Saviors) - Survivalists with hidden bases – well intentioned
Human Pre-Apocalypse Vault Rare Wary  Tag Skill: radio
A millionaire created the project – private hidden bunkers of frozen scientists explorers and soldiers ready to rebuild the world. Most got the timing wrong and new groups emerge and assimilate into local populations when they realize how wrong it went. Others dedicate themselves to aiding survivors and destroying conquerors.

Sailors Brotherhood (Shipmen) – Aquatic nomads who trade by sea and waterways
Any Pre-Atomic Town Common Cautious  Tag Skill: Navigate
Boat nomads and sailors who trade and travel waterways. Empire builders of the sea ways have slowed them down recently but they were the first to map the new coastline. It takes bravery to face storms, sea volcanoes, monsters, fish folk, giant clams and squid and worse.They in some places may be linked to piracy.

Communists (Reds) – Communal states often include mutants – seize all goods for the people
Any Pre-Cyber City Uncommon Paranoid  Tag Skill: Interrogation
Communists promise to never bring about an apocalypse and to provide minimal basic needs for all. Egalitarian and authoritarian. Consist often of mutants living up to the post apocalypse cliché. Blame everything on evil corporations and imperialists. Peace bread and land for all, but now we must fight and sacrifice. May settle a commune usually quite industrious and a massive propaganda machine of commissars. Computer controlled complexes must be smashed especially if not communist.

Skyrunners (Airmen) – Sky nomads, explorers – dwell in inaccessible mountain tops
Any Pre-Atomic Town Rare Paranoid  Tag Skill: Pilot (Craft) or ride (animal)
Operate basic flying devices from kites to gliders balloons to powered aircraft. May settle in inaccessible locations in hiding. May work as scouts and messengers for others as trade. They treasure aircraft relics of any kind.

Rubble Runners (Looters) - Packrat tech prospectors who jealously guard their claims
Any Pre-Cyber Ruins Common Hostile  Tag Skill: Prospecting
Miners guild of relic hunters who glean from the atomic rubble fields of the ancients. Work together for defense and on large sites. May be forced to pay tax to warlords and gangs for picking rights. Miners may hire other to get rid of critters and claim jumpers and robbers. They usually will give tips to locations too dangerous for them for free. Rubble runners buy or find children to work the heaps.

Greenfist (wildchildren) - protect nature from dark tech – promote clean tech
Any Pre-Atomic Town Uncommon Pacifist  Tag Skill: Nature Lore
Love animals, plants and wild. Nature needs defense from humankind and many humans agree as the apocalypse is there fault. Animals plants and mutants all fight to protect native life and the wilderness. They designate areas as heritage or species as endangered and kill any who break their law.

(Dwellers in darkness) - Underworld tribes folk who avoid surface
Any Pre-Cyber Subterranean Uncommon Paranoid  Tag Skill: Blind Fighting
For those cave and tunnel dwellers who don’t become undead or morlocks become part of the nocturnal underworlds. Many are hated or hunted or shunned but the underworlders aid each other and meet in secret places to trade feed or plan. Generally hide from commoners and dislike them. They also deal with undead, monsters and beings people would normally shun.

Rangers (Star Lords) - Lawmen - sometimes unwanted vigilantes
Any Pre-Atomic Town Uncommon Hostile  Tag Skill: Law
Rangers and their deputies defend small towns from criminals and monsters. Some are called for or elected, some are sponsored by rich or traders. A few just appear and start. Most keep basic order a few are corrupt or torture outsiders. A few roam wasteland killing scum. Best to show them respect and keep moving.

Fuelers (Sparksmen) - Cult who mine coal, dig oil and produce power for profit
Any Pre-Atomic Town Uncommon Wary  Tag Skill: Brew Fuel
Fuelers produce fuel for power or vehicles by mining or even bio fuels or rendered animal fat.  They can defend themselves from road gangs and slavers and pay mercs with fuel. Fuelers also may collect radioactive waste and fuel cells. They operate rechargers for power cells. They prefer dirty fuel but do what is cheapest and easiest. Some groups collect any bio matter and convert to fuel attracting hatred from others.

Alpha Complex (Citizens) – AI mad god operates vaults full of idiot clones
GM Human Pre-Nano Vault Rare Paranoid Tag Skill: Protocol (Alpha Complex)
AI bug in several arcologies made a paranoid irrational slave state of oppressed clones. Each believes it is the last true alpha complex and hates all others as well as communists and mutants.

Icemen (Frozen Chosen) – Cryonics cult of world conquerors
Human Pre-Apocalypse Vault Rare Paranoid  Tag Skill: Conspiracy Theory
Only the frozen should rule and rebuild. They know the true way to restoring the land. Many agents awaken once a decade to spy on a community then return to hibernation.  They are frequently out of touch and uncaring. They use miracles to dupe ignorant outsiders into believing they are special and follow the cult.

The Mob (Syndicate) – Support corruption, intimidation and greed and operate many enclaves
Any Pre-Apocolypse City Common Hostile  Tag Skill: Streetwise
Organized crime kept several cities together and took over administration. The syndicate controls crime, government, business and cheap thugs aplenty. Specialists in black goods.

Nautilus club (Adventure club) – High tech aquatic survivalists
Any Pre-Apocalypse City Very Rare Paranoid  Tag Skill: Pilot Submarine or Scuba
A rich explorer club before the bomb, with global facilities which operates a small advanced elite who watch the world go by. They sometimes intervene but wish to remain a secret. Many of their instalations have gone degenerate from lack of purpose.

Breeders (Mothers) - Pro family and re-populating areas, some practice eugenics also
Any Pre-Atomic Town Uncommon Wary  Tag Skill: Midwifery
Breeders dedicate themselves to reproduction and building a community to make babies. Safety and aplenty at any cost. Men do most of the fighting and exploring leaving women safely having babies. Make best midwives, wet-nurses and childcare in the aftermath.

Vault Dwellers (Newbs) – Corporate operated bunker vault network
GM Human Pre-Apocalypse Vault Very Rare Paranoid  Tag Skill: Repair
Many smaller vaults were less authoritarian and more democratic. While some stayed hidden or used agents to deal with world in secret others opened the doors and became centres of new cities. Vault dwellers are usually helpful but a bit freaked out by the outside world. Many assimilate once separate to some other group. Many feel romantic and fuzzy about vault dwellers, others resent them like dumb spoiled kids.

Romantics (Squares) – preserve pop culture religion and everyday life
Any Pre-Atomic City Uncommon Friendly  Tag Skill: Ancient Lore
Restoring the world is too big a task. Collecting ancient pop culture relics of the ancient religion is more easy and fun. Star trek, Ramones, Baseball, Christmas, Mc Donalds and all the rich spiritual culture of the wise ancients is yours to plunder. Romantics are harmless eccentric cultists who devote themselves to emulating and collecting ephemera from the past.  Each group is obsessed with some other object and has swap meets of their holy relics. Many reproduce whole streets to be faithful to a era or tv show. Sesame street is a famous mutant ghetto.

Herd-beast (Battle Cattle) – Animal herbivore hordes who have united vegetarians into nomad tribes
Any Vegetarian Pre-Steam Town Common Wary  Tag Skill: Beast Lore
Vegetarian animals of all kinds are accepted and humans are tolerated if they confess their wickedness and never eat meat again. Sentient plants are a philosophical problem. Herd beast defend the herd and warn all of danger. Herd beast protect their plains and destroy threats if possible. Some Herd beast dream of the magical gates of Arbot-Aar where they will be reborn without pain after gorging in the heavenly feedlots.

Femme Fatale (Black Widows)–working within to promote female interests
Women Pre-Atomic City Common Paranoid  Tag Skill: Protocol
These women operate within communities – working as administrators, doctors, midwives and prostitutes for years before playing their hand and promoting women to seniority. They act in secret and even when victorious will not expose themselves until absolutely secure. They will work with other women’s groups.

Sisterhood of the Sword (Sisterhood) - Militant feminists who operate armed matriarchies
Women Pre-Atomic Fort Common Wary  Tag Skill: Fast draw sword
The sisters are heavily armed military order that defend women and children providing them with safety and comfort unless a male of puberty. They worship past sisters as saints and often come to the aid of communities threatened by males.

City Builders (Various cities) – Build walls, domes and seal selves from the common rabble outside
Any Pre-Apocalypse City Common Paranoid  Tag Skill: Repair
Some city builders are just getting started while others have gone on to isolate large territories and even support advanced people in overcrowded city domes. Often the poor dwell in horrible slums while elite live in luxury towers. Cities may vary in style and many trade via high altitude airships. They are distant and selfish to outsiders.

The Jolly Green Giants (Vegetons)– United vegetation for a new dawn of plants
Plants Pre-Steam Town Common Friendly  Tag Skill: Plant Lore
Plants are here to repair the earth and establish a new ecology. Meat beings have their place – all will have soil, water and nutrient. So as not to repeat the past, plants are willing to use human tech where possible if it helps. Some plants have even taken their own ag-domes and have the robots protect them from animals. Plants are idealistic and jolly offering the cornucopia of their divinity to all. They will reluctantly battle evil plants if they must to showall plants are not the same.

Motorheads (Road Ragers) - Repair roads and advocate cars for all
Any Atomic City or Wasteland Uncommon Wary  Tag Skill: Drive car or bike
Motorheads, build, race and fight in vehicles – motorbikes, cars and others for sport and for war. Car-warriors from advanced citied sometimes roam the wasteland looking for trouble.  Highly competitive gangs battle for turf and terrify locals. They make walking people their slaves and make them build roads or gather fuel.

Librarians (Historians) - Spreaders of literacy and knowledge
Any Pre-Steam Town Common Berserk  Tag Skill: Research
Free knowledge for all. Teachers and keepers of books. Spread wisdom and research new knowledge. Academics of the wasteland who copy books and teach the young. In some places their knowledge makes them wizards. Objective wise men for the most part. They fight ignorance and seek the truth for all.

The Bureau (Men in Black) - Vigilante law enforcers
Any Pre-Steam Town Common Berserk  Tag Skill: Law
A group claiming government backing and continues existence to the shadow years. They identify and exterminate warlords, troublemakers, seekers of best left forgotten secrets and other jobs protecting the citizens of the scorched earth. They fund their cause by robbing criminals and dealing in contraband goods.

Mechanics (Machine shaman)
Any Pre-Atomic Any Uncommon Wary  Tag Skill: Nature Lore
The old blood mechanics who repair and maintain technology in harmony with nature. They advise communities on interacting with the new natural order. The protect game from extinction and nature from over exploitation. Dwell in garages with vehicles, steam, thermal and hydro power plants. A communities water refinery and power supply may be operated by them. May try to reclaim sourlands.

Wanderers (Gamma Hobos)– Thieving nomads who steal chickens, children anything
Any Pre-Atomic Camp Common Hostile  Tag Skill:Tag Skill: Survival
Shell-shocked wanderers who just keep moving from the worlds horrors and cannot find a home.

Destroyers - Separatists and Slayers
These groups are more concerned with killing, cleansing and vengeance than any of the above needs. Killing and robbing enemies with no thoughts for consequences is their usual plan.

Friends of Entropy (Red Death) - Nomads who destroy everything for fun
Any Pre-Steam Town Common Berserk  Tag Skill: Track
Worship the forces of apocalypse the gods of chaos and entopy. Only weapons are valued and possibly vehicles to help wage war on life. Slavery and murder and poisoning wells and burning houses is the way.

The Iron Society (Mutationists) - Destroy all non mutant life
Mutant Pre-Steam Town Common Hostile Tag Skill: Sense Radiation
Only mutant life is fit, non mutants are inferior and deserve control or extermination. GM Humans without possibility for mutation will doom the human gene pool more than mutants will. Even technology is second rate to mutations.

Mind Warriors (Brainlords) – Mental supremists
Any smart enough Pre-Nano Lab Uncommon Wary  Tag Skill: Psionic Lore
Mental power and charisma are the only things that matter. Mental warriors prefer mind powers and count non psychic powered beings as backward and mere slave toys.

Zoopremists (Animal Liberation Front) – Animal lib terrorist anti-human
Animals Pre-Steam Town Common Aggressive Tag Skill: Human Lore
Humans are oppressors and must die or be slaves. Humans must die for breaking the world and using black science.

Spoilsports (Black Rogues) - Military dirty commando cult
Human Pre-Atomic Fortress Very Rare Beserk  Tag Skill: Brawling
Long lost special black op unit awaiting the code signal to send them to the lost base. Famed dirty fighters.

Cyborgs (Legion of Gold) – Cybernetic hybrids looking for bodies and parts
Any Cybertech Fortress Common Aggressive  Tag Skill: Repair
Remove flesh and serve the machine, convert others to the cause.  Find more batteries. Live forever and travel the stars with the machines when earth is long dead.

Bikers Gangs (Various) – nomadic mercs and roving looters
Any Pre-Atomic Village Common Berserk  Tag Skill: Drive bike

Various bike riding gangs, most hostile colourful barbarians who endanger all on the road. Many have strange customs and clothes. Most are cruel killers.

Frankenstein Destroyers (Razors) – Destroy all tech
Any Organic Pre-Archaic Town Common Aggressive  Tag Skill: Sabotage

Most agree machines are to blame especially thinking ones. Sects vary on other key issues depending on their own interests and intolerance. Example: Animals that talk are abominations and must die, mutants are witch marked and must burn, GM Humans have no souls and must be killed, Psionics are evil spells etc. Van Helsing is the founder and being one with the ecstatic mob wielding torches is bliss.

Monster Hunters (Blood Sporters) – Hunters who kill creatures for trophies and cash or honour
Any Pre-Apocalypse Camp Rare Hostile  Tag Skill: Track

Killing animals is the only thing that matters. Monster hunters meet, team up and get drunk and go shooting. Glory goes to the best kill.

Mutant Hunters (Purity Patrol) – inquisitior-medics who drive mobs to kill the impure
Any Pre-Apocalypse Town Uncommon Paranoid 
Heal and preach to commoners and teach them the evil signs of the mutant. Mutants must all die to cleanse the world. They are all sick and must be aborted. St Torquemada is their god.

Fist of God - (Gods Killers) Christian zealots - non believers serve satan - this is the end times
Any Human Archaic Town Common Paranoid  Tag Skill: Find Mutant
All the new world is just a phase in the apocalypse to test true believers. True believers kill unclean and evils of mutants, cyborgs and demons walking the earth. Those not with them must die.

Hunters Club for Men (Shooters) – Kill and eat intelligent plants and animals for thrills
Any Males Pr-Apocalypse Camp Rare Wary  Tag Skill: Cooking
Intelligent game is the greatest challenge and eating intelligent animals makes you smarterer. Display trophies and chat manly deeds in lodges where women are kept out.

Night People (Feinds) - ghouls, vamps and monsters in hiding who prey on mankind
Mutants Animals Archaic Subterranean Uncommon Berserk  Tag Skill: Track
A cult for intelligent nocturnal devourers of humans meet to eat and stake territorial claims and feeding rights. They have normal servants help them by promising immortality. Often meet graveyards and sewers. Have their own national borders only they recognize.

Slavers (Slave Lords) – Sell humans for food or slave labor, build sweatshops and loot
Any Vegetarian Pre-Steam Town Common Wary  Tag Skill: Slavery
Traders in human flesh. Kidnap anyone not nailed down.

Cannibals (Sons of Kane) – Secretive cults who murder, rob and eat humans
Human Mutant Archaic Village Uncommon Aggressive  Tag Skill: Cannibalism
Eating your own kind makes you smarterer and stronger. Ha ha.

Corn People (Rednex)– Farmers who dislike and often kill and eat outsiders they don’t fancy
Any Pre-Steam Town Common Wary  Tag Skill: Farming
Corn people seem at first like friendly farming folk but really are insane rednecks who worship chaos and eat flesh. They may keep up pretence of being helpful to learn where they can find more people and learn about their homes. They may trade peacefully in the open but don’t enter their land alone.

Confederates Knights (Clansmen) – Farmers and slavers with tradition of racism
Any White Pre-Steam Town Common Wary  Tag Skill: Conspiracy Theory
Racist robed cult who maintain way of life by lynch mobs, racist murder and slaves, blame outsiders for everything wrong. Often inbred and mutated but white.

Six fingered hand (Devils killers) – slay all in name of evil, only hideous mutants may live
Mutant Animal Archaic Camp Common Beserk  Tag Skill: Mutant Lore
Demon worshiping clan of mutant martial artists who kill the pure.

New Gladiators (Sports) – A league of warrior slave and freemen sportsmen
Any Archaic Town Common Hostile  Tag Skill: Brawling
A league of athletes who travel town to town brawling for cash

Plaguelords (Flayed Lords) – mutants flagellants who worship plague, mutation and disease
Any carrier Archaic Camp Common Hostile  Tag Skill: Plague Lore
Hideous diseased mutants who try to mutate into formless chimeras of corrupt flesh. May appear as robed monks, exposing mutations when they attack.Thy have faith the strong will survive. They seek to contaminate the pure and make them creatures of the new world.

Satanist (Devilspawn) – This is the devils world now kill torture and take what you can
Any Archaic Town Uncommon Aggressive  Tag Skill: Occult Lore
The Apocalypse is here, serve Satan by performing rituals and desecrating holy places. Anything which destroys the world or causes suffering is good. May force convert by bloodletting victims and making them sign contracts.

The Created (Machinists) - AI founded cult for robots, AIs and androids
Any Inorganic Apocalypse Vault or Lab Rare Paranoid  Tag Skill: Machine Lore
These machines are organized and out to aid machine kind at life's expense - they try not to harm even misguided machines who humans have tampered with and enslaved.

Gun Nuns – (Blood Sisters) Sisterhood of killer nuns who slaughter all they find
Women Pre-Atomic Fortress Rare Beserk Tag Skill: Firearms
Gun nuns are a sect of he sisterhood gone mad and turned into a hybrid with the wasteland scum they were meant to battle. They cry religious hatred and they slaughter all indiscriminately. Slay & torture men and forcibly recruit women

Dust Devils (Sandgangs)– Roadgang of entropy cultists who dwell under deserts
Any Pre-Atomic Town Uncommon Aggressive Tag Skill: Repair 
An organized clan who build hidden garage bunkers and raid communities and rob prospectors. Use stealth electric buggies, night vision and gas. Possibly once a military unit.

Assassins (Wizards of hidden mountain) – Hired killers who dwell in mountain fortress
Any Archaic Fortress Rare Wary or Beserk  Tag Skill: Back Stab
Religious killer cult of bearded monk martial artists

Sons of the Panther
(Brotherhood) –Anti white supremists who blame honky for everything
Any Black Pre-Atomic Town Uncommon Aggressive  Tag Skill: Brawling
Black separatists who create their own communities. They dont mind mutants or animals or plants as long as they dont look freakin albino. They object to all slavery.

New Spartans
(Clone Warriors)– Fascist slave keeping violent brutes
Any Human Archaic Fortress Rare Beserk Tag Skill: Shouting 
Psychopathic slavers based on ancient sparta. Think 300 with blasters. Scornful of mutants and outsiders they think all history revolves around them. If possible they use cloning to build armies.

Tree People (Green Fang) – Angry sentient plants and their meat slaves destroy civilization
Plant Primitive Wilderness Rare Berserk  Tag Skill: Plant Lore
Tree people have formed a collective agrarian society – an ecology of mutant vegetation who include mobile, sentient and dangerous plant mutants. They spread vegetation and herd flesh slaves – stealing and domesticating their young and breeding them into carnivorous slaves. Some slaves even carry intelligent plants and plant deadly seeds into new locations. Some are even bonded with plant symbiotes which might turn them into vegezombes.

The Swarm (Bugz)– Aggressive tribes of insect people siezing their destiny as dominant life
Insect Pre-Archaic Hive Rare Aggressive  Tag Skill: Insect Lore
Insectoid sentients only- you dont qualify

Headhunters (Scalpers) – bounty hunters human trappers who sell to lawmen, slavers or cannibals
Any Any Camp, Rare, Hostile to target Tag Skill: Track
A guild of man hunters who kill off amateurs and those who bring disrepute to their trade. Very honorable and will always take you prisoner if you surrender

Animal Friends (Furverts) - Animals need us to fight to protect them, even from themselves
Any Pre-Atomic Lab Rare Beserk Tag Skill: Beast Lore
Animals need protection and to be free of humans - they are actually separatists and try to drive human and animal friends apart. They are patronizing to animals and hostile to humans. Cultists recant around the fire all the degrading things they'd rather do than wear fur or eat meat. In private they dress as animals to perform certain ritual acts.

Aryan Nation (Stormtroopers) - Nazi racist wannabe empire
Human Pre-Atomic Fortress Rare Beserk Tag Skill: Conspiracy Theory
An attempt to create a fourth Reich and breed a master race by killing all impure. Most of their troops are shabby barbarians but clone super-SS troops are their elite. Some say mutant Dominators actualy rule.

(Lizard men) - Reptilians who preach return to dinosaur occupation
Any reptile Archaic Rare Hostile Tag Skill: Reptile Lore
Various reptiles believe they commanded a previous civilization which surpassed humanity. They blame humans for all their problems and propegate reptilian horrors with sorcery or science.

Cthulhu Cult
(Dagon's Sons) - fish men and sea mutants
Any any tech temple uncommon berserk Tag Skill: Conspiracy Theory (Cthulhu mythos)
Did they just find some HP Lovecraft or is something really going on? Sacrifice, kidnap, breed most common activities.

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