Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Elemental Heretics of the Arcane Empire 3 Water

d12 Common Water Oaths
1 Shun the pollution of pure water
2 Wash daily with water
3 Shun the touch of others blood
4 Travel by water as often as possible
5 Prey to water an hour per day
6 Always carry a flask of water
7 Sacrifice daily to a well
8 Anoint yourself at water shrines
9 Study the marine omens and the water seers words
10 Dress in the colours of the waters
11 Water must carry away the remains of the dead
12 Food must be washed or boiled

d12 Rare Water Oaths
1 Drown unlawful spell casters beneath the waters
2 Throw 10% of your wealth into a well or the sea
3 Sacrifice an animal to the waters monthly 
4 Improve the communities cleanliness
5 Dig wells and irrigation ditches on monthly holy days 
6 Punish those who defile the waters
7 Explore the mysteries of the deep
8 Comune with beings of the underwater world
9 Aid beings of the water with shelter and comfort if they need it 
10 Dedicate 10% of your wealth to the water temples and shrines
11 Only harm water beings of in self-defence 
12 Open the way for elemental water into this world

Gifts per Level
1 Zero Lv Purify spell
2 Potions of water breath 4+d4
3 Waterskin holds 10x volume for same weight and volume as one
4 +1 Weapon usually a spear, trident, net or axe
5 1st Lv Fog Cloud spell
6 Potions of water breathing per month d4
7 Amphibious - use highest Move or Swim speed always, hold breath 10 minutes (or vice versa)
8 +2 Weapon (if applied to +1 weapon gains extra +2 vs aquatic beings)
9 2nd Lv Water Walk spell 
10 +d3 Mov
11 Water Ally d4 1=giant frog 2=dolphin 3= 4HD elemental 4=water drake
12 +3 Weapon (if applied to +2 weapon gains +1AC while in water)
13 3rd Lv Wall of Water spell
14 Breath Water or vice versa
15 Water Ally d4 1=sea serpent 2=8HD elemental 3=giant turtle pt4=killer whale
16 +4 Weapon (if applied to +3 weapon gains +1 Attack)
17 4th Lv Raise Water* spell
18 +1 Will
19 12 HD water elemental called per day for one hour
20 +5 Weapon (if applied to +4 weapon sentient and thieves save or drown)

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