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Psionics Revision Lv Three

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-Murder Hobo Manual 96 page revision is in the works hoping this month when its out I'm deleting the current free version on my links page now. Making more art for it now. A few add ons will be on the blog. 

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Wishing everyone as good a December as they can get

As usual, comments here are handy - did a few revisions from feedback last post saving me from the threat of players with max damage 7d6 laser rifles

Psionics Revision Lv Three

1 Air Walk [RS][DT] walk in the air as if on invisible stairs or floor at a normal Move rate

2 Blink [AS][DR] teleport each round at-will 1 range and use to blindside or trick enemies  

3  Call Fire [R6][A1][DI][SH] call 4d8 damage flaming explosion, wont work under water or in a vacuum    

4 Clairvoyance [R12][A3][DR] projects point of vision through walls at Move 6 to spy on areas remotely

5 Detect Lies* [RS][A3][DR] detect deliberate untruths Conceal Lies lie vs magical detection

6 Dispel Magic [R12][DI] 50% +/- 5% per level difference between casters to nuetralise spell

7 Ectoplasmic Form [RT][DT] form 1 ENC of solid matter you can use for making temporary goods. Crafting skills let you perform better jobs and rolls might be required for complex or precision items. The items are slimy, sticky and semi transparent. Typical objects include simple weapons, shields, armour 1 ENC per AC, bars, ladder, canoe, door, rope, furniture, cloaks etc. More precise skilled crafters could make chains, pulleys, artworks or fancy clothes. Objects are as durable as the real thing except to magic weapons or creatures that easily wreck them.

8 Ectoplasmic Shroud
 [RS][DT][SN] temporary d4 HP per level vs non-magical weapons or attacks before your normal HP, coated in a barrier of occult slime 

9 Ego Whip [R9][DR][SN] target with a mind who fails a WIll save becomes passive, compliant and unable to be aggressive, if they take damage they get an additional save

10 Force Bolt [R18][SH] bolt of psychoketic force d6/Lv that can be halved with a Agility save, also useful for structural damage on ships or buildings

11 Force Choke [R9][DR][SN] chosen target is smothered and strangled by invisible force for  round per level, each round target gets a Might save or they lose a d6HP and they cannot cast spells requiring speech and have -4 to attack

12 Free-Action [RT][DT][SN] ignore penalties to fight or move through vs web, entangle, grapple, mud, terrain or paralysis. Move through water like air, which fish dislike

13 Ghost armour [AS][DR] +2AC if wearing armour +4 AC if wearing none plus they become immune to non magical weapons or attacks of under 2HD creatures, the wearer becomes eerily translucent like spirit                 

14 Locate Object [R12][DT] sense object you visualise as long as not shielded by lead. Beyond range you only get a vague sense of direction, in range you get a precise location

15 Magnetism [R6][DR][SN] can draw handheld ferrous metal objects to your hands, if item a held
 like an enemy weapon the holder gets a Might save to resist, or damage non-magic armour -d3 AC per round by stripping metal rivits, rings and plates. If used on a medium or less metallic being it must save or freeze and with a success halves Mov

16 Mental Bolt [R12][SH] bolt of psychic energy that inflicts d6/Lv that affects any living, planar or undead thing and no effects on inanimate objects or constructs. The target gets a Will save

17 Mental Prison [R9][RD][SN] target who fails WIll save is trapped in a mental prison unconscious in a dreamlike fantasy contrived by the caster 

18 Pain Ray  [R6][C30][SS] all beings that feel pain in area make a Will save. If fail stunned for first round of duration and then lose -2 to hit and AC until expired, on success only one round -2 to hit and AC  

19 Phantom Limb [R9][DT][SN] can lift and use objects in range as if with an invisible hand with a might attribute = casters level, the hand flies at Mov of 9 and can hold objects and attack as if by the wizards own hand as a combat action 

20 Protection Circle [RS][A1][DT][SN] creates a 1 radius circle that one from elementals, or undead or demons or devils or lycanthropes cannot enter without a will save unless caster attacks first

21 Resist (Element) choose from acid, cold, fire or lightning when spell learned, immune to  effects of that attack form for a turn per level by touch

22 Resist Poison [RT][DT] Subject by touch immune to all poison for a turn per level

23 Resist Disease 
 [RT][DT] Subject by touch immune to all diseases for duration

24 Spectral Force [R12][A3]DR][SN] advanced illusion that touch, heat, cold and taste components like a fire or a feast or touch of a human. Can inflict 1HP/Lv phantom damage with fire or weapons to those in area of effect but victims get a Talent to save to resist and see through the illusion

25 Strike [RT][DR] adds d6 magic damage to the weapon for the duration

26 Suggestion [R6][A3][DR][SN] one HD/Lv of living intelligent being in areas that fails a save obeys a one-word/Lv command even if it could cause them or friends harm

27 Telepathy [R12][DT][SN] mentally communicate by sight or blind to known friends, those unwilling to join the link get a save, can link one person/level in silent conversation

28 Wall of Wind [R12][DR][SN] 1x1area 1m deep section/Lv of wind wall, range 9, Might save to pass, blocks non-magical missile weapon fire or flying creatures, can suck of dust or gas

29 Weird Walk [RS][DR] hide in the ethereal plane, invisible to most beings and able to see the normal world and walk through non-magical barriers if they were not there.  For every ten rounds 1in12 chance of attracting a planar being or spirit. Can end spell before duration to return if you wish which avoids ethereal encounters or return to the material world

30 Water Breathing [AT][DT] person/Lv can breathe underwater or vice versa

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