Thursday, 30 December 2021

Elemental Heretics of the Arcane Empire 4 Air


d12 Common Air Oaths
1 Study the weather omens and sky prophets an hour per day
2 Expose impurity to the open sky
3 Scatter your enemies like dust in the wind
4 Sing to the sky on holy days
5 Wear colours of the sky
6 Observe the movements of birds
7 Sacrifice daily to the sky
8 Shun clothing and go skyclad on weekly holy days
9 Sing a sad lament after a death or battle 
10 Keep the air shrines in high places
11 Worthy dead must be mummified or exposed  to air
12 Sing a song before eating

d12 Rare Air Oaths
1 Expose the dead of the wicked for the birds 
2 Strangle the life from unlawful spell casters 
3 Hurl the wicked from heights according to their guilt
4 Dedicate souls of the slain to the sky powers
5 Sleep in the open spaces 
6 Make constant screams in battle
7 Explore the highest secret places
8 Anoint yourself with rare unguents and perfumes
9 Aid beings of air with shelter and comfort if they need it 
10 Dedicate 10% of your wealth to the air temples and shrines
11 Only harm air beings of in self-defence 
12 Open the way for elemental air into this world   

Gifts per Level
1 Zero Lv Open spell
2 Potions of levitation 4+d4
Always know direction or north 
4 +1 Weapon usually a spear or bow 
5 1st Lv WIndblast spell
6 Potions of levitation per month d4
7 Gain one skill from: Acrobatics, Air Lore, Weather Lore or Sing
8 +2 Weapon (if applied to +1 weapon gains returns to your hand each round)
9 2nd Lv Invisibility spell 
10 Featherfall at will 
11 Air Ally d4 1=giant eagle 2=pegasi 3=4HD elemental 4=air drake
12 +3 Weapon (if applied to +2 weapon may turn invisible +2 hit the first attack in combat)
13 3rd Lv Wall of Wind spell
14 No longer require breathing cannot be asphyxiated or choked
15 Air Ally d4 1=griffon 2=8HD elemental 3=giant pteranadon 4=invisible servant
16 +4 Weapon (if applied to +3 weapon "dances" can attack as wielder, Mov12 round/Lv per day)
17 4th Lv Dimension Door spell
18 +1 Reason
19 12 HD air elemental called per day for one hour
20 +5 Weapon (if applied to +4 weapon sentient may turn invisible to hide from thieves or attack them as a dancing blade)

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