Thursday 9 December 2021

Psionics Revision Lv Six & Seven

So finally this mostly finished and will put in a booklet for playtesting and in the revised version of my homebrew rules pdf. I was considering adding my psionics mutation system also and if it needs a class and the mutant class in the same book and some notes. Will start revising druid list now. When all the main spell lists done I can get onto another old project with extra necromancy, elementalism and meat spells.

Psionics Revision Lv Six

 Amnesia [RT][DP][SN] victim makes Will save or they forget their life stories. They may discover they have skills and abilities but will initially be confused and may be unsure whose side they are on. Finding strong evidence, loved ones imploring might gain an additional saving throw or the effect can be cured by the reverse.  *Remember the reverse restores memories lost by damage or magic to just from time. A few users of this became introspective hermits lost in their past

2 Animate Juggernaut [R12][A1][DP] turn pile of junk or artwork into one or many animated automatons that obey simple two-word orders from the creator AC based on material AC+1 corpses AC +4 junk or wood +8 metal or stone. 1HD/Lv human-size 1-2HD d6 ram Mov 12, large bull size 3-8HD 2d6 ram Mov 9,Huge rhino size 9-14 HD 3d6 ram Mov6, colossal or mammoth size 15-20HD 4d6 ram Mov 3. The larger ones are ideal for making self mobile engines like battering rams or siege towers and can have crew inside

3 Banish* [R12][DT][SN] planar being saves or returns to it’s home plane a day/Lv Summon calls planar being to this world, less HD obeys caster for duration, planar nobles or gods get a save to resist or will perform one desire with a save they deceive and betray you

5 Conjure Nightmare [R18][DH][SS] Calls nightmare from enemies nightmares and fears AC+9 1HD/Lv, Att 2 Claw or Bite 2d8 the target makes a will saves vs fear or flee every round in sight but others can attack the horror as a normal enemy

6 Conjure Shadows [R12][A6][DR][SS] Create a shadow copy of one person or creature with half the AC, HP and Attack bonus but the same damage or summon an undead shadow per level instead. Each shadow must be based on a living creature present in the area or at least use the shadow of a  statue or shadow puppet and there must be some light and shadows

7 Conjure Spectral Stalker [DH][SS] Conjures an invisible manifestation of unconscious killer id with an hour ritual, that hunts down an enemy that you visualised, AC+20 HD12 Att 4d8 spectral touch Move 36 flight, it has a limited duration it has but can sense the summoners enemy and pursues them to assassinate them  

8 Legend Lore [RT][DI] study an object or person and absorb lore regarding them from the collective knowledge of the world. Especially draws from songs, poems and written works especially and can be repeated within the hour or written down to sound very wise and impressive

9 Plane Shift [RT][A1][DI][SN] travel to another plane known plus bring a person/level, unwilling get a Will saving throw. Once you have been to a plane you can go there again but occult scholarship might allow a risky skill roll attempt 

10 Power Word Stun [R12][A6]DR][SN] 1HD/Lv creatures stunned but if save only 1 round, 1HD creatures are knocked unconscious for an hour per level or one hour if they save

11 Regeneration [RT][DT] subject can regenerate 1HP per round unless the head is severed or damaged from fire or acid

12 Sense Malice [R1km][DR][SN] Detect the presence of enemies, naysayers, slanderers and plotters in areas of effect like a town or dungeon or caverns. Ideal for paranoid rulers. Could risk teleporting to the location or target other spells

13 Transfer Mind [RT][DT][SN] Swap two minds possibly including your own, each unwilling participant gets a Will to save, when the spell expires both minds swap back unless one of the bodies has died

14 Wall of Force [R12][DT] unbreakable force panel 3x3 per Lv, disintegrate can destroy destroys it, panels may be like a sheet of glass and could block air or configure them as cage bars instead

Psionics Revision Lv Seven

1 Astral travel [RS][DH] Send astral spirit body free Mov 36 that can watch the waking world or with a WIll save can travel to another known plane through a distant astral region but risk meeting spirit plane encounters. If save save fails your spirit instantly retreats to your body. If your body dies or your spirit is severed you are in trouble

2 Alter Reality [RT][A2][DP] Bring an illusion or dream of a person, animal, or small location into reality, 1HD/Lv creations are loyal first hour then get a save every hour or if abused. The Illusions do not have magical powers of what they look like 

3 Dream Palace [RT][A100][DH] Open a magic door to the dimension of dreams where a fabulous palace of wealth and luxury and feasting awaits with royal entertainment and splendour. After the duration expires the world lives on attuned to creators taste and awaits the master's return. Other beings left here may be found again sometimes as there are many dangerous dream entities to prey on them

4 Gate [RT][A2][DP][SN] Open a circle gateway to anywhere in world or to a known dimension. remains open but can be open shut with a magic password phrase or key tokens created with the gate (one per level). Opening a gate on a gate destroys both gates permanently

5 Wind Walk [RT][DT] fly carried through the air with extra passenger per level at Mov36

6 Fire Storm 16 range can create 2 range cube per level, any within 3m of cube take a d4 damage or 2d8 damage if passed through save for half, lasts a round

7 Prismatic Ray [R36][DR][SH] 10d6 energy beam per round, choose colour each ray red=heat, orange=fire, yellow=light, green=acid blue=cold violet=lightning

8 Prismatic Sphere [RT][A3][DR][SH] creates protective immobile dome with six protective barriers the caster can place in the order of they choose. Each has own special defence it blocks and 50 HP vs other forms of damage: red=fire, orange=petrifiction, yellow=illusions, green=acid blue=cold violet=lightning

9 Shadow Walk [RS][DR] become living shadow, invisible in the darkness, teleport from shadow to shadow in sight each round, +1 or better magic weapon needed to hit

10 Seize Spells [R12][SN] if target fails will save or caster can see their spell list and steal 5 levels of castable spells from their daily total. The caster can cast these or possibly use to make a scroll. A wizard could write the spells into their book  

11 Soul Prison [RT][DP][SN] can drag soul from recently dead or the long dead in the underworld if you have some remains and trap it into an object like an idol or a bottle or an urn or body remains. Once imprisoned the spirit cn be released by breaking it at the casters will. The spirit can be questioned using other spells if needed. Trapped spirits are unhappy and get a will save to resist 

12 Weather Control control weather for a mile per level area centred on the caster, can create wind, storms, rain, lightning, snow or other effects for a turn per level

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