Tuesday 28 December 2021

Elemental Heretics of the Arcane Empire 2 Earth

d12 Common Earth Oaths
1 Devote an hour a day to craft 
Cast stones at your enemies  
3 Cast the impure into a pit 
4 Erect sacred stones on monthly holy days
5 Prey to stones an hour per day
6 Explore the secret caverns within the earth
7 Leave a stone at each crossroad
8 Study the omens of the soil and the earth prophets

9 Always wear the colours of earth, plants and beasts
10 Keep the earth shrines standing
11 Bones of the dead must be entombed in the earth
12 Store food under earth or stone 

d12 Rare Earth Oaths
1 Bury 10% of your treasure under the earth as a sacrifice
Bury unlawful spell casters alive beneath earth or stone
3 Protect wild places, plants and animals from civilisation
4 Shun leaving holes or tunnels in the earth
5 Pour the blood of the living into the earth in a monthly sacrifice
6 Break the bones of criminals as punishment
7 Build earthworks and walls to defend your home 
8 Maintain the ancient stone seals, monoliths and vaults imprisoning the old ones
9 Aid beings of earth with shelter and comfort if they need it 
10 Dedicate 10% of your wealth to the earth temples and shrines
11 Only harm earth beings of in self-defence 
12 Open the way for elemental earth into this world

Gifts per Level
1 Zero Lv Stone spell
2 Potions of healing 2d4hp 4+d4
3 Rock for throwing or slinging returns to hand each round
4 +1 Weapon usually a mace, club or axe
5 1st Lv Bless Stone spell
6 Potions of healing 2d4 per month d4
7 Protection from earth +2 saves and -1 dam/dice from all blunt damage
8 +2 Weapon (if applied to +1 weapon gains quickdraw if within 1 range)
9 2nd Lv Stinking Cloud spell 
10 +1 AC
11 Earth Ally d4 1=bear 2=lion 3=4HD elemental 4=earth drake
12 +3 Weapon (if applied to +2 weapon gains resist knockback ability)
13 3rd Lv Magnetism spell
14 Petrification or paralysis or poison resistance
15 Earth Ally d4 1=ceratosaurus 2=8HD elemental 3=sabretooth tiger 4=hill giant
16 +4 Weapon (if applied to +3 weapon gains stun effect vigour save or stun for 1 round)
17 4th Lv Burrow spell
18 +1 Vigour
19 12 HD earth elemental called per day for one hour
20 +5 Weapon (if applied to +4 weapon sentient and thieves are stunned )

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