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Top 12 Anuran Wizards up to no good Near You!

d12 Amphibian Wizards
1 Barglock Stonegland - a grumpy toad angry about dwarves supplanting his people from their ancient home of Toad Mountain. Used earth and water elemental magic and has strip-mined a few dungeons killing everything inside for the gold. Has at least 3 8HD elementals at any time as gifts of the Anuran gods elemental pacts at the beginning of the world. Often rides a giant toad and has loyal toad folk warrior guards. Prefers hit and run devastation like collapsing underground chambers and letting his giant toad eat whatever digs through somehow
2 Primbok Widemouth - a frog folk wise woman with pleasant golden stripes from a clan of highly aquatic and climbing frogfolk who prefer marsh lands. She is a famed music lover who knows many prehuman songs. She also developed the method of turning human bards into werefrog agents of frogland. She is considered very wise and in her marsh cave she has ancient stone and clay tablets and magic lore. She is pottering away on new experiments to reduce the human menace as several of her thousands of descendants have been killed by humans. She keeps a pack of savage wolf-like guard frogs and the king of frogland provides her with some of his own honour guards to reward her efforts. Currently, she wants a spell that can turn a foe into an equal mass of edible bugs
Gimlon White Eye - a grey and white-eyed strangely scrawny ancient frog folk who gained immortality long ago but has become more subterranean over aeons. He is quite insane and a master of escapes and has a bad habit of working with all kinds of Underland bosses who want a wizard to support raids on the surface. He can't remember why the surface world of dayfarers must suffer but he is very sure humans as the latest are the worst. While a might ally who can put on an impressive show a few times is hopelessly chaotic and unreliable as he imagines there are plots against him and traitors saying rude things about his sanity. He keeps no regular allies and little property but his titanskin spellbook in elder Anuran script 
4 Klorak Nightcroak - with his elder cult robe and tall hat and snakestaff he is much feared. He dabbles in communing with outer planar horrors and has received several gifts from these allies. From his eldrich haunted swamp castle he and his minion's aid local human frog cultists telling them whatever they want and supplying them with booze and drugs. The human cultist sabotage efforts to drain the swamp, ford a river or modify ancient frogfolk hydroengineering projects. Has also recruited a clan of evil giant beavers who also hate humans who castrated their great grandfather to obtain the musk. Kloracks dark blue and black kin have poisonous flesh and they use it on their arrows and spears
5 Mojo Gobblegut - a bloated corrupt crimelord and cult leader in the frog folk drug and grog trade. He is a green frog folk wizard who worships Tsathoggua and administers a human frog wizard cult from afar. From his secret smuggler fort, he welcomes outcasts and bandits to use his facilities for a fee.  Or free for frog cultists. Many don't realise Mojog is a wizard or serves his elder frog wizard god. Undead and giant frog filled moats and thorn hedges surround him forcing enemies come to the front gate. Some of his followers are torn between true believers and those who think Boss Frog is up to something not quite right worse than crime
6 Bufina Marina - This pirate toad queen has again and again escaped had a crew then a fleet then lost it all several times over. She has occupied swamps, islands, river systems, ports and bridges and has transported armies if paid for invasions. Most of her preferred hideouts are ancient amphibian ruins in hidden wet places. She is a famous duelist too but even better at timely escapes. Her water elementalism is a secret most don't know about
7 Klartathon Regis - Firenewt wizard in service to the elemental lord of evil fire elementals who revel in destruction. Mostly with his fire newts and pet firetoads and riding lizards the amphibian heretics have been in their crater citadel where they hope to bring a swarm of fiery salamanders from the fire world. Their other scheme is to break the crater lip causing lava to flow through channels into a dry creekbed above a human town. Klarathon seems to be dawdling on these schemes and his cohorts wonder why. He does constantly adopt new robes and bronze bejewelled hats a lot though and teaches other firenewts in their pyromancy wizard school. One day lava and salamanders will be ready and an army of firenewts and minions will take lands around their hidden volcanic crater
8 Bingus Bug Gut - a huge frog folk wizard too big to move apparently as is carried around in his palanquin made from a giant egg he sits in with his favourite concubine of the week. Carried by regular frogfolk but he really wants human slaves to toil in his bug farms and carry him around. His clan of frog folk minions are not so into it but do like not doing awful jobs and getting to being bosses. He is a merchant trading bog-iron, herbs, crocodile skins and fish for quality weapons and luxuries and slaves. Greedy lazy and a lover of luxury but he is also willing to adapt if he can be given a prophet motive. Gifting him exotic bugs guarantees a good reception and attention
9 Gulbuk Bonk - mysterious underground frog wizard who occupies mines, caves and digs new tunnels for his underground empire. Her minions burrow into city sewers and waterways giving them the means to travel in secret and move troops or goods in secret. One sign her organisation is present is the disappearance of smaller goblinoids, gnomes and giant rats. She has even taken territory in underground lakes and rivers making her sideline in smuggling more untouchable. Her whole horde of burrowing frog folk have hibernated during dry decades and a good rain might wake them up
10 Glorpblob Treehand - a tree frog wizard who mostly sits in his hollow giant tree stump house offering fetch quests for young adventurers for lore, frog relic fragments and exotic delicious bugs. When he has all the elder frog relics assembled they combine into the crown of the frog king and will allow Glorpblob to unite various frog folk species for some glorious purpose once a generation.  
11 Vargan Moreanus - a frog necromancer disliked by amphibian kind. Once living now a vampire who follows frog folk defeats to seize their corpses for his great army of undead buried in a peat bog awaiting the right time. He has contempt for all life but considers only his own species worthy as attractive possible companions (especially after he kills and raises them). He keeps some living and thrall lesser vampires around of various species and has many ghoul minions serving them in turn. Vargan has had a few try to use him but it always backfires and everything turns to shit. Frog vampires turn into frogs, bats or their original species or any combination and all will pause if confronted with a held live snake. When they die they explode into slime and bugs.
12 Zlobback Gobblebug - a philosophical frog wizard interested in vivisecting humans and trying to make them into second rate frog folk. His prison castle is full of alchemical apparatus making giant amphibian and mutant horrors. He has even tried breeding a giant cave toad with a black dragon. Eventually, these horrors reach human areas and heroes are called to investigate. Zlobback welcomes new surgical test subjects and offers his gifts of biological improvements freely for the strong and brave. Claims he escaped dissection in a human wizard school and was inspired by what humans taught him to become a wizard too


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    1. cheers

      thinking of title for collected frog tables
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  2. I can't get enough of the frogs. Call it "Frogtown?" "Once Upon a Midnight Froggy?" "Castle Frogula?" This stuff practically writes itself!

  3. Not to be a killjoy, but the word "anuran" is pretty obscure. If you want it in the title, then I'd suggest a two-line title. Something like Frogs of Death, a d100 Book of Anuran Lore. Or conversely, Anuran Lore, d100 Tables for Froggy Adventures.

  4. https://6b.eleuther.ai/
    13 Velkonath Frogboy - a frog folk wizard who has the right to the throne of the frog folk. He had been living underground on a hidden island for centuries, teaching his secrets and his son to his chosen successor. Now he is called back by the frog folk and will try to keep his throne. He has a dozen sorcerer minions, giant frogfolk and a giant toad to help him.

    1. wow - frog wizard 13 is great

      the generator is very weird and made me forgotten realms content


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