Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Exilon Game Set Up Hex 0101

So im gonna be working and playing my exilon setting loosely based on the ancient near east and mesopotaimia.

This hex form for the campaign start for my players to see.
I should do the hex over where there are proper rivers and not just seasonal streams and bogs

I have revised this link page and will do more updates on it - will try to add some historic tests and stuff. There are updates on reviews of other Mesopotaimina games here as well and of course, the image dumps with hundreds of daily life pics to help players get their mind juices flowing.

also this was an adventure ran 2-3 years ago and was start of this whole campain
dungeon zine 007

If anyone wants to play and roll up/make a hex put it on a form and submit it I would most likely share it here on the blog. The links page has lots of random tables and past submissions.

I will put all in a book as is shortly so I can use in play and find mistakes and probably put on patreon.

I will try and fit my 10 threefold flyers and my dungeon zine 007 into this area and exploring a ruined city will be the main theme of the game for a while.

Hex 101 - 30 mile hex
Broken into seven zub hexes
Hopefully players are tempted

The forgotten Ruins are vol19 of my threefolds
-vol 12, 13, 18 could be in the city

The Lion Temple is featured in vol16 (in the future, right now its ok)

The western hex will feature more marsh and river so will use vol 14, 15 and zine 001

There are a few product adventures I will slp in and I'm very tempted to run the lost city but its a bit hard to adapt properly but one day. Contents from the Peridot #1 will be used too - features a Babylonian themed hex crawl setting. Lots of atmospheric bits I can use.


  1. Very nice format! I really like the visual. It also distills things down to a basic level to get on with gaming.

    1. oh cheers

      blank sheet and region hex map here
      links page has bunch of tables and hexcrawl content tables

    2. Agreed, this is a great format for hex exploration. Strikes the right balance of simple-vs-actually interesting. I think a map resource in this format combined with some of Richard LeBlanc's d30 Sandbox tables may just be my hex crawl holy grail.

    3. well i have a few d100s of my own ready...
      yes this + tables is how i sandbox

      thanks for the comment


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