Sunday, 19 December 2021

Out with old Campaign in with the New

So my 2 year cave theme game which started from that book I did finished.

Concluded the Talons of the Night campaign. Was a great send-off with great high-level threat variety and epic locations and also affected a Peace Summit.

Lanos the Giant, Sourberry the Elf and Boron the sky hero with wife Radon the priestess prepared to enter the gate after the Night Spider. Checked up on the peace conference and found the Emperor and Empress missing taken by possibly the same plane shifting Nightwing daemon they finally defeated days ago. Arrived at the conference site this time in flying castle and landed on clity Agora and disembarked all glowing and buffed IP by as many spells as the castle population of hundreds could manage. Explained they represented Hyperborea of the north and offered to save the leaders when all sides put facts together.

Flew back to the gateway held by their lemur, elf and treeant allies and passed through to the world of Thorn. Battled a touch bunch of planar wizard spiders then defeated the would-be spider goddess, her vampire Pharoah and spider queen daughter. Onehundred and 150 lemur folk zombies were destroyed by a holy force field. Through the next gate f
ound kidnapped peoples descendants and got the royal remains and fought the final form of the spider and a great apartment block size monolith Baalom from the outer darkness sent by Neutral Evil gods of the outer void. Lanos especially had fun with his titan maul gauging out tons of rubble with each blow and used the holy McGuffin to finish nightspider forever on her home plane. Some other being of darkness glared at them and uttered some alien incomprehensible threat.

Returned home to restore the emperor and empress who were resurrected and married and this was the first of three great empires in my setting. Hyperborea (the player's homeland) was recognised by all and civilisations were warned to keep away (they claimed the whole world above the equator to the southern civilisations). The castle now had some treants and spider riding lemur folk join the population. The old spider darkness cult among the parties home villagers was reformed by the arrival of non evil spider folk and all agreed it was a good thing they didn't purge them when they were all more Law obsessed.

Many ewok-muppet parties were held across the world and on the plane of Thorn now free of the influence of outre entropy.  

On return to his Ziggurat home, Boron and Radon with their griffons and favorite followers went through a gateway to the mountain home of the sky gods. They were embarrassingly more advanced than their gods and would help them redecorate with a palace instead of a big cave. Lanos was taken to the relics of his people and joined the gods and recovering lost giants to the cause of Law (though he had become much more interested in good as he grew in levels and made more oaths).

Sourberry was pleased he had tricked the gods from apotheosis but he did become more friendly with the queen and became the leader of the Twilight clan of elf spies and after a few thousand years retired to fairieland to an estate and became a regular faerie court celebrity.

So we had a chat about what to run next and we went for my Exilon Setting and we had time for a session zero. Made zero level characters (with goal classes considered).

So are youths in a trade stop herding town between two city states in Exilon.
This is set about 2000 years after the last campagn.

One is a herder with a short bow and a hatchet who has a pet bird that sometimes warns him of stuff

One is a weird found child who makes a healing berry each day and has a pet lizard and a tougher friend. As dragon land is close locals don't mind and they even trade with dragon cults a bit but on the quiet.

A student scholar enrolled at beginner wizard school with a bodyguard going to learn magic and had an acid cantrip. (both had 1hp). Literate and middle class

Heard a few rumours of fish people by river a day away or a vast ruin where passing adventures go. Arrived at walls of ruin and decided to go with stream entrance and battled a seven-foot tall fish person and almost dies.

Followed river inside and saw a few buildings. Closest a snake temple had weird footprints the shepherd could tell were closer to the fish person than human but something else using path and creek daily. Possibly nocturnal. So went to next closest ruin what looked like a granary house surrounded by beehive-shaped silos. On way could smell pleasant scents from a courtyard enclosed garden. Over a vast rubble plaza they found a corpse of a cultist and his heart was removed. Further on saw two flying things around target building. Scribe identified as Perytons and all crawled back towards the perfumed garden via the shelter of the marshy creek. A small pleaseosaur had a nip at themand they fled.

Found the garden and had a guardian statue and a shrine so they gave it some money from the fishman and cultist they found. An old hunchbacked man appeared to welcome them immediately telling them they were wise. He said they could rest here just don't leave the path only use the fountains surrounded by paths. All went in and looked around. The scribe went to a forbidden fountain and some bushes moved and he backed off. Spoke with caretaker, noticing his royal quality jewellery and robe and he explained you can try and leave but only the worthy will reach the other fountains.

Impressed by all this the party fled.

Near home were persued by 5 bandits. The sheperd drew fire while the rest fled. He shot the archer and the slinger stopped to help his comrade escape. Three men attacked him and fleeing party stopped. There was some rock throwing and a few participants fell and the party won. WIth weapons and prisoners they returned home and were rewarded by militia and headman. 

Some time passed and everyone made 1st Lv
Shepherd is a Fighter (worships obscure ancient sky giant hero)
Weird magic fellow is a draconic changeling (descendant of Sourberry)
Scribe is a wizard who made apprentice rank under a 5th level enchanter

yes so some links to previous characters

My Exilon campaign adventures are being re-edited and this playtest will help me get 10xtheeefolds out there. My long untouched game prep being used at long last Yay.

Still have an occasional dnd and post apoc game going sometimes and I'm playing Trouble Boy in a superhero RPG. He is a flying 15-year-old ex-sidekick who is a bit naive and creepy. Secretly he is a telepath.

Hoping to get a few extra holiday season game or two happening

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