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d100 Treats offered by Imps from Hell

All you need is to sign a blood pact to the imp and you're ready to go with free magic gifts. If you want to renegotiate you will have to prey on the souls of others and perform tasks for the imps. Imps are happy to help you refinance these deals. Imps for a laugh might trick your desires and interfere with your joyful use of the gift and pop up to remind you all your prosperity is because of hell and nobody really loves you like hell does 

Devils being legalists do this the most and trade in souls and enslave them. Demons prefer to fight over them, eat them or use to make demons for minions. Demons prefer to not use trickery and law to get souls. Demons are mercenary and are often sent to snatch those breaking contracts with hell and occasionally demons try to earn a buck getting mortals to sell their souls. Such souls are low value usually drained by succubi and near worthless but it happens. Daemons collect larvae from demons and devils and it is less certain how night hags became the planar traders in damned souls in larvae form.  

Imps might be jerks with rewards and enjoy engineering ironic slaghter. But sometimes they might observe a candidate for a while as the greater the level the better the tool and the tastier the soul. Long games often require imps visit a hellcat who delight in advising but occasionally move in to "convert" a delightful victim. 

Sometimes when an adventurer is alone in a dark hole a hellcat might offer to help them and make a pact. A hellcat will follow around adventurers giving them twisted information to promote hell. They will happily aid you in reading those blasphemous texts or help locate a demon cult or minions of chaos. Doing the devils work can pay.

Use this on players when:
You visit a town full of cults imps just offer you stuff
You reach the first level an imp finds you
Resting alone after any recent extra horrific dungeon crime
Playing with cursed or evil stuff like books or relics
After spectacular grubbing for wealth or power that increases worlds suffering
After subnormal ignoring the suffering of others they could easily help 
After using the law and rules to be a jerk that results in death or tragedy
Use these for how the cultist got involved in a devil cult
Use this for some local trouble maker with problems in any village

d12 Things you can sell when you've sold your souls
1 Regular human sacrifice d4 1=monthly murder targets 2=innocent victim per year 3=bathe in blood once a season or become hideous 4=join  coven for a 
monthly sacrifice
2 Join a coven and aid the master's desires
3 Help hide a monster and cover-up its excesses
4 Always aid cultists in trouble
5 Murder a priest or holy person and defile corpse
6 Steal holy relics and surrender them to forces of evil
7 Go move into a dungeon serving master or become its ruler
8 Burn down a building once a month as instructed
9 Deliver messages from imps to people in your local area
10 Protect an evil location from meddlers or intruders 
11 Rob graves once a month as directed by imps
12 Recruit others into making deals with hell monthly to save yourself

Treats offered by Imps from Hell
01 Free beer every day for life, call a jug twice a day (jug vanishes when empty}
02 This tiny silver coffer full of gold worth 360gd!
03 This awesome fishing rod that will always catch 3 fish a day!
04 This spyglass that lets you see people as if unclothed!
05 This pair of crystal goggles that will reveal to your spirits and things from beyond
06 This ribbon that whomever you give it too will be charmed and marry you
07 Prayerbook can detect who has not preyed before eating or bed
08 Deed to a house (probably haunted by some monster)
09 Chance to spy on naked witches having a devilish orgy
10 A magic poodle that can get you a duck every day
11 A magic hat that makes everyone find you more charismatic
12 A magical tablet, if you throw into the sea, will call fish folk to do your bidding
13 Letter exempting you from all taxes your lords will acknowledge
14 This fully paid off home that could be yours (was owned by cultist in past)
15 This magic lamp gives you visions of wonders from across the world
16 This book the Diabliconomicon is full of secrets of the universe that will solve all your problems
17 We will grant you arcane powers and a great purpose in this world
18 Can send you devilish lovers to do your bidding once a month
19 A servant imp that can help you get many desires and teach you secrets of power
20 You can have huge muscles and fear nobody
21 Bring you hot stew every day and ham once per week
22 This slave brownie will make shoes and crafts and you can keep in your cellar
23 This donkey that will never tire or eat or age and haul goods all-day
24 This cat will spy on your neighbours and tell you their secrets for only a little bit of blood every day
25 A sack of rye from the fields of hell every month for life
26 This big fierce dog will protect you from any who wish you harm
27 This pig will increase your herd (turns meddling humans into pigs)
28 This pretty youth will serve you as long as you live in sickness and in health
29 This hat will let you take the form of others and live their lives for a time
30 This bottle has medicine that will make you stronger and fear nobody
31 This monster will be your friend if you feed it and let it kill your enemies
32 This spinning wheel practically works itself as good as having a skilled slave
33 This ticket and fine clothes will let you in this secret trident club for the rich 
34 This coffin holds a vampire who you can use against your enemies
35 This cultist will be your lover and bear you many powerful offspring
36 These three witches will advise you on all matters 
37 This sword will make you a famous swordsman (some weird property)
38 This monster head in a sack will make you famous and help meet noble connections
39 This letter proves an important person is a traitor, present them to the law and you will be a hero with gratitude of the nobility
40 This hulking golem will labour day and night for you
41 This harpy witch will be your ally and take you on flights by night where you please
42 We will aid you in matters love assured you to gain the one you most desire
43 This magical grinder lets you grind human flesh unto immortality medicine
44 This fast magical horse needs no food and will come when you call him 
45 This musket from the forges of hell will make you feared by lesser men and beasts
46 This shiny red gem desired by others will always return to your hands
47 This stash refilling tin of exotic drugs will give you pleasure and make you rich
48 This scrying ball lets you see the sufferings in hell of an enemy that you surrender to the power of hell so you can see the good work you do
49 This witch dagger can steal the life of another to make you heal
50 This egg will hatch a beast that will make you feared across the kingdom
51 This book tells you how to talk to dragons who will teach you secrets of the universe if you feed them

52 This portal to hell will have imps bringing you gold for wicked victims your bring in, think of the good it will do in the long run
53 This zombie will serve you faithfully (often use enemy or a family member)
54 This box of delightful candies will refill every day and make wonderful gifts
55 This small piglet may be eaten each day and will be reborn from bones the next day or just cut off what you need and the pig will heal the next day
56 This delightful orange cheese will help you sleep and make every meal better, it grows a little bit  each day and the red wax coating has the seal of hell on it
57 This werewolf will serve you and kill your enemies by night and as a servant by day
58 This book of hell teaches you how to avoid the lawful gates and prisons and escape, really handy if you go to hell when you die, which you probably are
59 Book with the names of attractive youths in service to hell around the kingdom you may call on to do your bidding 
60 Letter of scandalous secrets of the nobility if given to them will make you a trusted person and will be rewarded with many favours
61 Family tree showing you are to inherit a title  with a ruined castle and land 
62 This book has a way someone trapped in hell may be freed
63 These family members in hell will be given less infinite suffering if you comply!
64 For every cultist you recruit you get 1gp and you get to be big in local cult
65 This horn can call undead from hell to aid you when you are in trouble or need some murdering done
66 This dagger will restore your youth if you ritually sacrifice them to hell
67 Smother people with this cloak and gain some of their might for a while
68 This gold ring plane shifts you out of any danger in the world 
69 This awesome mirror has a trapped wizard inside who must answer your questions
70 This painting has a garden inside with a beautiful spirit inside you can visit and avoid the worries of the world if you use the special word
71 These beans will grow a great plant reaches up to the sky where you can just nab some sky gold, the plant won't last so be quick to get a king's ransom quick  

72 This pot will heat your meals without fire!
73 This contract is for a fortune in gold you will receive when you evolve into a noble devil in a few incarnations in hell from now, its a great deal saving you thousands of years, look you'll be thrall to one of the dukes of hell!
74 Help out this secret necromancer and he can help you and has lots of useless old treasure
75 Come and become a wizard! We think you can make it and we have low low only one soul in fees for tuition and fees. Think how cool it will be to be a wizard!
76 This map and letter will get you admitted into the service of this cult, go meet them, your business will do better and you will have strong friends 
77 Take this key to the old crypt and you will find a great treasure, take it and make up a good story of how you found it
78 This bottle has a bound succubus who will dance or tell spicy stories on command, whatever you don't let her out no matter what she says
79 This skull has the spirit of a wizard who can teach you some cantrips in secret
80 This rod can make you command others and here is this book that teaches non-priests how to do it
81 This wand can make potential lovers go to sleep so you can kidnap them easily
82 Shares in a profitable orphanage and position on the board
83 Shares in a profitable private prison
84 This ancient crown and where you can take it to the monarch, they will be grateful and give you power and prestige
85 This pack of dungeon supplies, armour and weapons will allow you to be an adventurer who nobody can tell what to do. Also a map to a local dungeon where your fortune awaits
86 This magic eeltrap will catch all the delicious eels you can eat
87 These magic clogs always keep your feet dry and cannot be stolen
88 This magical nappy means you will never need to go to the toilet ever again
89 This portrait of you will age instead of you and make sure nobody stabs or burns it
90 This magical dog pisses beer, the best you ever drank!
91 This magical bucket fills with water three times a day saving you lots of work
92 This magical potion will make you an ogre, no more pissing about, everyone who ever wronged you will pay

93 This magic potion will make you reanimate as an immortal zombie after you die
94 This magical wolf skin pelt will make you a werewolf. Wow! Nobody will talk behind your back then!
95 This wooden mannequin in a box will be your lover by night and can appear as a fair youth

96 This beast in a box can be set up in your basement and you can use it to get anyone who wrongs you
97 This baby crib keeps child from crying and whispers sweet nothings to them teaching ancient wisdom
98 This magic hatchet makes slaughtering animals easier than ever
99 This axe helps you cut wood and resist certain charms allowing you to chop any trees you please often protected by various pesky forest spirits, comes with a map of special trees to target in your first month
100 This magic seal will make your home repair free for a decade!

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  1. All the imp gifts sound like infomercials, "for just the low low price of y o u r s o u l you too can have this... hat that makes people like you! Wooden mannequin lover! Beer-pissing dog! Rohypnol wand! (((yikes)))"


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