Thursday, 26 November 2020

Curse Fetish Clubs

Revising my link page done 3 years back now only 5 more
I think its improved and listed several categories I ignored before.
Go have a look. I've forgotten I did more d100 tables than most table makers have done tables at all. So boost in readers got me working more here plus covid. Whole-time I'm working on my EMO rulebook now on 100 pages and I have added some very strange features. I'm making some of my race classes vaguer so you can reskin them easier to make toadlings, androids, trolls, orcs, minotaurs, dryads or whatever much easier. So now I can help have fewer furries and more weird Jim Henson/Bryan Fraud muppet faeries and plant people.

One of my dungeon generating tests from post a few days back has been stewing for days and in my dreams a good sign.

Those same cultures that use fetishes for luck and as portable shrines also use shrunken heads but curse fetish clubs are more commonly found among any tribal warriors. Orcs and goblins love them and they can help monsters capture victims. Maybe stun or other cantrips could be used one use too. Oh and mostly they get used up in first round and players dont get rich beating these guys up for magic.

I noticed the Polynesians must have cleaned their bantha teeth too and required the same tool as Starwars sand persons.

d12 Weapon Types
1-4 Stick d4 throwable, often used to trip animals
3-9 Club d6 throwable, large club to throw or melee
10-11 Mace or War Club d8 large club often studded in teeth or obsidian
12 Maul d10 huge club or hammer

d12 Weapon Property
1  Evil Eye - blow reduces next save by -1 during next turn after, one use
2 Sickness - blow reduces one attribute by -1 during next turn one use, strength is common
3 Fire Club - blow causes extra d3 fire damage use once (other elements possible)
4 Great FIre Club - as fire and d100 charges
5-6 Strike - +1-4 to hit and damage, each hit it loses one plus
7 Harm - blow reduces HP by d8 and -1 to hit and save for next turn one use
8 Great Eye - as evil eye but and d100 charges and effect cumulative
9 Great Sickness - as sickness and d100 charges and effect cumulative
10 Plague Club - blow to victim causes disease if the fail a save, one use
11 Curse - blow to victim causes curse if they don't save, blindness or cripples is popular
12 Great Curse - blow to victim causes great curse if they don't save, the whole family infertile popular

d12 Decorations
1 Fierce carved face
2 Scary supernatural being
3 Elemental symbols
4 Carved with skulls
6 Studded with teeth or tusks
7 Studded with obsidian
8 Sharkskin grip
9 Rune engraved
10 Thong through handle decorated with teeth
11 Feathers on handle 
12 Painted bright colours

Most are wood or bone but some made with stone heads or carved from stone entirely
Shamans and fetish experts spend weeks a year making these for their heroes and war chiefs

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