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d100 Tavernkeepers Adventure Tips

d10 Tavernkeepers Tips Types
1 Local loner adventurers
2 Local shopkeeper jobs
3 Common farm jobs
4 Local crime
5 Troublemakers
6 Local news
7 Kingdom news
8 Old folk stories
9 Local mysteries
10 Strange stories

d100 Tavernkeepers Adventure Tips
01 That feller over there is a drunk town guard who got fired
02 That black-clad edgelord over there thinks they are a master assassin
03 That priest over their is after money and ive seen him beat people up
03 That old wizard doesn't say much but he often needs funny stuff delivered
04 That student owes lots of money and probably needs work but he does good research
05 That old drunk used to be a dangerous murder hobo is keen for drinking money
06 That bard is always moaning they want inspiration, they have enough money
07 That guy is a creep but they know where lots of humanoids lurk
08 That woman over there seems pretty angry and has a weapon, she might want a fight
09 That weasel-faced guy got rejected by the thieves guild and needs work fast
10 That big stupid farm lad could totally be convinced to try adventuring
11 Butcher wants some help with a special meat order
12 The blacksmith has a big order and needs workers for a few days
13 The stable keeper has a missing animal he needs to be recovered
14 The healer needs some herbs gathered in a bad place
15 Thefisherman is having trouble with a giant frog
16 The baker has giant rats trying to get in his storeroom
17 Local storekeeper has had trouble getting a few items locally
18 Local brewer found a cave with spring and wants it investigated
19 A passing theatre troop needs some extra hands for carnival
20 Woodcutter has been complaining of something terrible in the woods
21 Farmer needs help steering sheep
22 Farmer needs some short term labourers, food and board provided
23 Church needs some help with roof repairs again
24 Something has been trying to steal chickens and a farmer wants it stopped
25 Sheepherder says there is a new odd coloured wolf taking over the local pack
26 WInemaker complains some evil person is turning his wine to vinegar
27 A farmer found a cave in his field and a few boys and a dog said it was big inside
28 Quarry workers found a buried old ruin or a tomb and stopped work
29 A builder working on restoring a house has had workers flee the site several times
30 Many seasonal labourers have fled their camp claiming some kind of harrasment
31 A famous highway robber on horse with pistols has bee seen in the area
32 A gang of highway robbers have been stopping merchants
33 A thieves guild have taken the area and have a few spies around
34 A robber knight from another territory has been robbing travellers with minions
35 Humanoid robbers have been operating in the area
36 A troll has been charging a toll to pass
37 A goblin has been taxing vegetables from farmers for using the road
38 Murdered body found on the road in the morning and an investigator has been called
39 Several trinkets and coins have been stolen and have made people wary
40 A man is selling wonderous tasty potions that heal all ills affordably
41 A recent unwanted drunk has been threatening to stab people and they ate a stray dog
42 A seasonal labourer has been stiring up trouble demanding more money, sort them out!
43 Thug at the lumbering camp has everyone afraid of him
44 Farmer with three 
oafish huge lads has been picking fights, would love someone to humiliate them in publc
45 A mean merchant keeps price gouging locals on certain goods and blames bandits
46 A trapper who comes to town rarely was seen around the same time someone vanished, hope they can find them
47 Old couple who look after murder hobo orphans have been getting harrassed by someone at night and starting fires
48 Someone keeps vandalisind church breaking rooftiles and windows
49 Magistrate needs to meet with some outsiders for hire, must be some big trouble
50 A cabin of berserker have settled in a hut and are farming but paying no takes or rent, village want them out as they have beaten village bailifs and sherrif
51 Two clans of rich farmers are fueding and both are hiring muscle 

52 A child fell down a well and said there were tunnels down there
53 A great beast has been eating people preying on loners
54 Something has been howling in the forest of late
55 Something in the woods has sabotaged traps
56 Lads saw some kind of faerie woman in the woods and old people are worried
57 Some locals report a huge thing flying about at night
58 A local noble has been ill and the family are gathering anticipating a struggle over inheritance
59 The mayor has been acting strange of late and has been paying people for all kinds of deeds
60 Their is a cheaper healer the church dont like if you need it living in the woods
61 A war has broken out and men are being called to arms
62 Shortages of a certain item due to political tension
63 Kings men came through looking for a fugitive
64 Someone attacked tax collectors in area and the kings men investigating
65 A traitor is in hiding from the nobility and their is a reward
66 A new tax hits the land to pay for excesses of the rich and all complain
67 Nobles seem to be falling in with one of two factions over an issue
68 Smugglers in the area have huge bounties for whoever catches them with goods
69 Slavers are bribing nobility and operating despite the law
70 A certain monster type has been attacking more often and now all can see it is part of a plan
71 Old timers say they found some ancient tunnel under the village

72 There are standing stones nearby they locals say are best to avoid by night
73 Some of the local hills are actually huge tombs the old folk say
74 Some of the farmers find odd idols buried in the fields even ruins
75 In the old days some sort of evil camp was in one of the hills and shun it still
76 A great massacre in a hall happened long ago, nobody can explain who man or beast killed all at a feast
77 Old folk leave out offerings for some forest spirit who protects us from some evil
78 A thief with stolen treasure disappeared in the hills years ago
79 A robber knight and his band were killed in a cave and some say it is haunted now
80 A building in town was built on top of the old folk burned ruins
81 Lights have been seen in an abandoned biolding
82 Someone has been stealing cake and pie around the village
83 Children say some goblin has been trying to talk to them
84  Piles of dead meatless fish remains have been found near the stream and nobody knows what
85 There is an old mine shaft covered up, best avoided they say a few died down their
86 They caught the local bandits and hung them all but never found their stolen treasure
87 Someone has seen demihumans in the area looking for something
88 A mysterious traveller came here a few days ago waiting for someone
89 A scholar has come poking around old ruined tombs looking for something
90 A priest came here looking for some adventurers they were certain would be here
91 Best pass through this town, there is a phantom by night scaring locals
92 We have one room we cant rent because its haunted so we just store turnips there

93 Faeries dance on one of the hills at night but those who see them go mad
94 If you hear weeping by the stream at night just run away dont look back
95 Dont go near that old witch house, we had a terrible time with the witchfinder stopping her

96 Long ago people said there was a sleeping dragon who demanded a tithe long ago but it sleeps inside a burning coal mine abandonedlong ago
97 There are footprints of a devil near who came from a hellmouth long ago
98 One of the standing stones different to others is said to be a bound demon
99 The gravekeeper has been drinking lots, they say the graveyard is too haunted to sleep
100 A phantom woman has been seen at night perhaps she is some spirit


  1. Exceptionally useful, for bonus points perhaps roll twice and they are both caused by the same thing?

    1. its a good way to use any tables - try and make all fit together a fun part of sandbox improv


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