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d100 Dark Lord's Commands


Thanks for this recent vid. It spiked my hits to a high point and made me bother to d100 again. I had the lowest posts and ratings in 12 years so this and the swell of interest in this page has encouraged me. Comments encourage me. Telling me what you like and sharing how you use my content encourages me. Reading it quietly is nice but some useful feedback helps everybody win.

Remember when EHP was a normal abbreviation for EVIL HIGH PRIEST? Sorta hardwired into basic d&d with reversible spells. Also, EHP do bad things so look out for naughtiness ahead this post. I'm getting a bit more into reading 5th ed (not playing it). I have a dmg and monster book in the post to me and will try and pick up Volo's, Xanthar's guides. Tasha's book looks good and the magical environments is very me. Like like lots of stuff in this new book and the puzzle section has me interested as I hate puzzles. Morkendainens foes book is more lore Im not into as much but probably may get. It all started with Theros and Saltmarsh I got partly for the maps.  Considering some old-school modules I never had lots of the mid 80s modules and never sow some of these so looking at some pdfs to see if i want to hunt hardcopies.

Anyway here are some commands for that dark lord invading your world or up to no good. It might even just be some evil priest in a dungeon in black plate with a mace who dreams of being the dark lord or his servant. Or why not a dark lady with amazon orks in black with whips that carry away all the barbarian men. These are the sort of things orcs and evil templars or adventurers get to do in the lords service. Or perhaps these are the order the dungeon priest has been given. Or those orcs on the way somewhere who didn't want to fight. Or if your players need to have witnessed sone naughty acts so they can wear more black and be edgy you could roll here. Is edgelord a character class yet? 

d10 Dark Lord's Command Types
01 Take care of someone

02 Gather this material
03 Gather these experts
04 Muder these trouble makers
05 Recover these relics
06 Visit these wizards
07 Aid this agent of darkness
08 Spread hopelessness
09 Attack the state
10 Apocalyptic plans

d100 Dark Lords Commands
01 FInd everyone of this bloodline and kill them

02 Find this orphan and kill them
03 Find this person and drag them to me in chains
04 This old person is speaking against our interests so kill them
05 Find a certain pair of siblings, separate them and bring them here
06 This bastard child of a house may prove trouble so kill them
07 Gather up a dozen orphans for the priests to perform their dark rites
08 Go give this corrupt drunkard courtier these fell drugs
09 Kill this investigator sent by the d4 1=church 2=king 3=secret society 4=guild
10 Snatch this baby with a sign on them born under a constellation
11 Capture a mine and work it with slaves sending us all the ore we need
12 Go set up a lumber camp in the woods but beware elves finding you
13 We need slaves constantly, go fetch more for glory
14 Go take slaves and quarry the ancient black stone from the dark mountain
15 Go build a watchtower and cistern for when a great army will pass your way
16 Go dig dams and canals to channel waters to our lands and starve those seaward
17 Gather the rusted iron from the drowned army in the vast foul swamp
18 Go topple these ancient stones and bring them to our lands
19 Take idols from temples and demand tithes to keep their god fed
20 Gather the dead, keep in salt or vinegar and bring them to the dark cathedral
21 A scholar has possession of ancient texts, go get them
22 This smith knows a new method of hardening metal go fetch them
23 Theses men have the secrets of black powder and guns, size them or kill them
24 This priest has certain knowledge unfavourable for darkness to prevail
25 These adventurers may prove to be a problem kill them and bring corpses to us
26 Go give these magical gifts to these important leaders 
27 Go carry this gold to these guild masters
28 These priests have a map to a tomb where something we need is hidden
29 Give this gold to the wererats under the city as a gift 
30 Take these to wizards trading in items, let them buy them and think they it profit
31 Murder this young noble youth as they are idealistic and will be mighty
32 Murder this magistrate who acted against our schemes
33 Murder this mayor for refusing to accept our request
34 Murder this bard singing songs of hope in the most public and horrible way possible
35 Murder this wolf hunter who has killed hundreds of wolves and my werewolves
36 Murder this vampire hunter who has destroyed several of my servants
37 Go to this tavern and kill everyone and burn it down
38 Kill these guards so we can replace them with weaker more compliment ones
39 Kill this noble who can see through our agents lies
40 Kill this adventurer spy who is reporting on our agents to the crown
41 Recover these evil weapons from long ago in the crypt of this church
42 Open this great warriors grave and have them made undead to serve us
43 This famous weapon is kept by a trophy by a foolish lord, take it and kill some of the household as a lesson
44 A priest has been keeping a great treasure of ours hidden go find them
45 A champion of darkness lost this relic of evil in the deep go find it
46 A great lost treasure of mine was stolen long ago, go find it as it has called for me again
47 Knowledge of me is in a great hidden book in a ruined wizard tower, fetch or destroy
48 Go find these wild sacred beasts alive to me so all their kind will serve us
49 A body part of a great servant of darkness is hidden in a monastery go fetch it
50 A vial of blood from a god of darkness is sealed in a secret vault in a tomb go fetch it
 Go kill a wizard and bring their books to us
52 This wizard has refused my service, cause them harm and scare their loved ones
53 Go spy on this wizard council meeting when they discuss us
54 This wizard has something of mine from long ago in their tower take it
55 This wizard has given men hope and knows how they may obstruct me kill them
56 Go to the magic school and collect a book then give this to this wizard who vexes me
57 An arrogant wizard has sought to unite others against me they must be killed
58 Poison this sorceress so she does not join the coming resistance
59 This wizard who disappeared is really in hiding from me, find and bring them to me
60 Burn this library of wizard lore, it offends me
61 This bandit is an agent and needs help to destroy law and order in this area
62 This lord serves me and needs agents in a scheme against the crown
63 This guild has some trouble with the local law, give the law some other enemy 
64 This agent has been caught and is on trial as a witch, save them
65 These well-poisoners need fresh poison supplies behind enemy lines
66 This wizard serves me to go help them recover certain evil relics and watch them closely
67 This king has a servant who bends him to my will, go aid them this servant from court enemies
68 The master of assassins is running out of assassins and you are being sent to serve them
69 This vampire agent needs minions to help them operate in daylight and business
70 This lich needs some living servants to awaken barrows wights across the land
71 Attack farms and burn houses

72 Burn temples and smash graves
73 Take spawn of monsters to set free in civilised lands
74 Spread animal diseases to ruin farming and trade
75 Go murder people and horribly mutilate remains by crossroads
76 Plant seeds of evil trees and plant monsters and wicked spores
77 Capture and torture victims then set them free mutilated mutant wrecks
78 Deliver these hellstone gems to jewellers who will not be able to resist their influence
79 Enter the weakling kingdoms and raid behind lines as bandits and stockpile food
80 Take this wizard with you into the kingdom, make orcs or undead and build a force
81 Go break out prison population recruit them into a mob and recruit kings enemies
82 Target tax collectors and take their wealth in my name
83 Foul wells, burn fields and wreck fences to terrorise the country folk
84 Recruit kingdoms dispossessed and persecuted into a fighting force in my name
85 Go to the deep caverns and recruit an ancient evil to my cause
86 Suicide squad attack royal event just to warn them they are never safe
87 Take these carts of alchemical waste and dump in their cistern or well to make mutants
88 Take these scrolls allowing mortals to call demons and devils and sell them in city cheap
89 Sell these addictive cheap healing potions and the recipe throughout the kingdom
90 Get drugs and robes and unholy symbols to my secret cultists in the city
91 Go and slay these two giants prophecised to signal the end times when they die
92 Go take this volcano seed into the sewers of this city so we may destroy it and ruin the land

93 Go take this horn to this port town and use it to summon a great leviathan to ravage the coast
94 Go take this offer to this dragon and negotiate how much gold it wants to serve
95 Go attack this sacred tree that is guarded by druids and elves and walking trees

96 Help this mad wizard call down the fire sultan of elemental evil with this relic
97 Take this potion to the rat-folk king under the city and they will know what to unleash next
98 Open this forgotten Hellgate with this relic and allow hell to come forth
99 Take this book to this cult that they may summon their god to this world
100 This tablet has a true name of a demon of the deep, go drop it in this secret places they arise

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