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d100 New Friends for Successful Adventurers

When you come into some town and locals all you murder hobos, behave or the law will deal with you! Then you make some money and spend it on a few feasts and a better room and it's how can I help you sir, ask me anything, Im willing. Bah! So here are lots of fair-weather friends to harras adventurers away from civilisation.

 New Friends for Successful Adventurers

d100  New Friends Types
01 Beggars
02 Needy
03 Charities
04 Church
05 Investors 
06 Crooks
07 Artists
08 Struggles
09 Law
10 Magicians

d100 New Friends for Successful Adventurers
01 Homeless beggar jumps in mud in front of you inviting you to walk over them
02 Homeless man wants coin to feed stray puppies
03 Beggar wants money to see a healer about stab wounds
04 Woman wants money to buy back child from orphanage
05 Wants money to get medicine for old mother at death's door
06 Needs money for blankets as its getting cold 
07 Tries to clean boots with a dirty rag and spit for a coin
08 Needs money for wine urgently
09 Legless war veteran begs for money or work
10 Sketchy sweaty apprentice wizard needs money for black lotus resin
11 Villager begs for money for a new well for the home village
12 Daughter needs a healer or will die, parents will do anything for money
13 School teacher wants money to build a school to spread literacy in the village
14 Guild raising funds to get a local area on merchant guild routes with bribes
15 Sea captain needs some money for voyage or risks losing ship and crew
16 Seek escort to pay money lender as many get robbed on the way
17 Child begging for money for schooling so they can support parentless siblings
18 Woman trying to sell a baby out of desperation
19 Woman begging to get the husband out of private debtors prison with high-interest rates
20 Collecting money for grain for farmers ruined by a recent flood
 Woman collecting for bastards and unwanted orphans home
22 Woman collecting for old murder hobo retirement home full of syphilitic old drunks
23 Collecting to pay for old faith druid to bless the crops and beasts instead of church
24 Collecting to repair a local monument local fond of
25 Collecting to hire a witch hunter to investigate sick pigs
26 Collecting to pay an extra bailiff to help local courts move faster 
27 Collecting to send some talented children to be tested by wizards
28 Collecting to print pamphlets on the unjust hangings of critics of new tax
29 Crippled orc collecting for hungry recent widows and orphans among humanoids
30 Collecting for a wall to keep out humanoids and demihumans and savages
Priest collecting for widows and orphans of miners and sailors
Priest raising money to help those in prison too poor to afford food
 Priest collecting for the church roof fund
34 Priest looking for help with something spooky in a graveyard at night
35 Priest concerned that a cult is operating in the village
36 Priest comes to meet and hear of your deeds, hopes to recruit or convert them
37 Priest mentions a local dungeon with a lost holy relic and some treasure too
38 Priest concerned som official or noble is a cultist
39 Priest comes to see if they can make any money healing wounds or casting any spells
40 Priest invites party for dinner and at some point makes a moralistic sermon
41 Merchant wishes to invest in party equipment and offers money and guild livery
42 Shifty wizard offers top money for monster skin, blood, fingers, bile, phlegm and teeth
43 Slaver offers to by any nonhumans you defeat and will follow you with caged wagon
44 Drug dealer offers to travel with you and sells drugs and offers you guys cut of good stuff
45 Healer offers to follow you and offers cash on the spot healing on-demand services
46 Clerk offers to help with dungeon deeds then sell them off to rich idiots when your done
47 Scrap and bone kingpin want to have men clean up dungeon debris after your done
48 Real estate scout can get great cheap haunted properties that party can clean out
49 Thieves guild offer to sell any unusual goods you cant offload anywhere else
50 Local lord would like you to make area official home base and wear his livery
Apothacary selling cheap d4 healing potions for 10gp save versus addiction each use
52 Man selling colourful great-tasting healing potions that give you a slight energy boost
Representative of secret unheard of dungeon explorers guild wants yearly dues quickly
54 Dwarf selling dungeon maps cheaper by the dozen each comes with a wild story
55 Goblin offers dungeon map for a scrap of food, sent by boss to lure party into trap
56 Assassin hired by some survivor of adventurers past tries to separate party and murder
57 Thieves guild have imposter tax collectors visit party for a scam
58 Noble offers to sell estate and manor at a low price but full of monsters
59 Merchant would like to team up to clean up some old ruin to make money
60 Thieves guild offer drugs, lovers, gambling whatever vice you crave
61 A bard wants to hear your stories and write a poem about party
62 A scholar wants to observe adventurers for a thesis 
63 An artist makes a portrait of the party for prosperity
64 A master crafter offers a quality tool weapon or armour for sale 
65 A tailor offers to make you all wonderful matching team outfits
66 A noble invites you to a feast cooked by a famous chef attended by snobs
67 Hear there is a puppet show depicting the party in the market 
68 A bard has written a popular song about the party but never met them
69 A band of travelling players plans a show based on the adventurers
70 Noble writer invites the party to relax at the mansion while being interviewed for a book
71 Humanoid rights advocates throw rotten vegetables at the party and shout at them

72 Anti-demihuman brotherhood follow around with farm tools or if night torches
73 Witchhunter and followers start to spy on party thinking they are a cult 
74 Famous gossip is fascinated by party spreads wild stories about backgrounds
75 Worker asks the party to support workers protest by turning up and having some drinks
76 Local snobs for fun shout you all a slap-up pub grub and grog
77 Mutant comes to you telling of their outcaste shantytown has mysterious attackers
78 Humanoid comes to you seeking help versus a party of adventurers in their dungeon
79 Former slaves want help buying land and a sponsor would be appreciated
80 Pirate wants some money to start a new crew and needs silent partners
81 Tax collector would like to see your books, licences and dungeon deeds and claims
82 Local noble conscripts you to kill the beast under the ruined tower
83 Noble lady visits you seeking heroes to fight a thing under a bridge that worries her so
84 Magistrate asks for help with sheriff and bailiffs to catch the local bandit gang
85 Local lord invites you to stay the night, happens to mention a haunted ruin on grounds
86 Tax collector wants your help to make other adventurers pay their tax
87 Sherrif wants you in a posse to destroy a criminal enterprise in a house tonight
88 Invited by the secret police to being informants and in return, they will look favourably on you, if f group refuse all individually get a written invitation in private
89 Secret police want to question you about your activities and some villains you killed
90 City clerk has found an inheritance for a party member using divination waited decades
91 Wizard offers custom magic items a year at a good rate
92 Alchemis offers potions, incendiaries and black powder grenades and guns

93 Druid offers to improve your pets with gigantism or intelligence and speech
94 Priest offers a pre-pay we pray for raise dead spells deal
95 Wizard will teleport you to an exotic dungeon they want something from

96 An evil wizard sends assassins to taunt party into coming to a magic murder maze
97 Cult want adventurers to find part of their god held by mean alien wizards
98 Take beautiful youth of a sacred bloodline to a sorcerer before cultists kill her 
99 Wizard offers you a magic item each if you just go through a gate and fetch something
100 Druid wants you to help destroy a mine or tannery or loggers camp or all of them


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