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Dungeon Generator

I don't know why I have not explicitly done this since my Long Stairs days (which probably got me into blogging and gonzo retro dnd). I have updated this somewhat. I have juggled the portfolios of my dungeon zones. Ideally, each zone was to be a book back when I dreamed of publishing 8 years ago when I started. So here are a bunch of tables and checklists for dungeon designer for my Exile Island setting which I should probably update. Possibly I could just use Exilon as name and distinguish ancient and modern Exilon. So a few reasons for this project partly inspired by rebuilding my destroyed blog index. I had forgotten lots of cool stuff I had done. So If I wanted to make a dungeon on the fly from the ground up using my tables this would be the first port of call. I might do for a one-off for a Patreon adventure. Also in the Long Stairs game which (I will rebrand everything I did for that) you could wander between zones. I originally wanted to cover most kinds of adventure. 

Also can mishmash these and make multiple rolls. one of each d12 good for lair or a simple idea. Rolling two each is harder but helps make weirder stuff. Then go to my links page of my EMO stuff on this blog which is being rebuilt but has many dungeon zones d100 tables that might help. Rolling a few villains might help. I could rill up say five dungeons and link in a mini campaign perhaps with travel in between in a campaign or just place on maps. I have places no player would visit in 12 years of the current setting. Names have quite an effect.

My most recent idea has been inspired by Pompei doc about all the people who mined the ruins in years after the eruption. A thriving industry of plunder that would work well for a campaign. People digging, finding sealed air spaces and undead and possibly some high level wizards survived by magic or awake once opened.

d12 Dungeon Zones
1 Red Brick Dungeon - kobold built brick dungeon complexes are the most common type
2 Gothic Ruin - haunted mist-shrouded ruins of castles, churches & graveyards
3 Goblin Mine - goblins have riddled the land with mines now homes of humanoids & monsters
4 Strange Manor - haunted mansions and sprawling estates of time haunted decay
5 Castle Grim - sprawling titanic ruin built by giants and trolls, only degenerate giant kin remain
6 Desert Temple - great haunted ancient desert temple complex buried beneath cursed sands 
7 Lost Jungle City - sprawling ancient ruins in thick jungles full of dinosaurs and cultists 
8 Eldritch Age - prehuman alien ruins of things from the void and their vassal monster kings
9 Glacial Cavern - prehistoric ice caverns where great beasts and monsters of past survive  
10 Sunken CIty - great ruins of flooded civilisation in a terrible reef full of wrecks
11 Elderwood - faerieland forest where creatures live among the roots, inside trunks and high branches
12 Underland Chasm - mighty cavern and tunnel system with lost and fallen forgotten kingdoms

-----------------------------optional d20 bit-----------------------------
13 Shadelport
14 Exile Island
15 Hell
16 Xor
17 Planet Psychon
18 Broken Hill
19 Experimental Operations Command
20 SolSaga SF

I did have a castle kingdom war setting in mind but it never happened. I do want to focus on a more Pendragon type game set up the have land invaded. Was a gonzo time wastes zome with random mythos and Bermuda triangle 
junk. Had one inspired by native Australian content but I axed it for reasons and not my story to tell for other people to misrepresent. I worked in communities with clients and as an artist so it's probably hands-off. Most treatments in comics and RPGs are terrible.

I might graphic it up with some lists I can tick.

Dungeon Defence Condition
Green 1in10 on a d10 per Turn
Amber 1in6 on a d6 per Turn
Red 1in4 on a d4 per Turn

d12 Dungeon Ecology
1 Full of vermin and wild creatures that have occupied it, remains of failed inhabitants 
2 Humanoid tribe have occupied the dungeon and are still clearing it out
3 Humanoid tribe have occupied and modified dungeon and tolerate some other inhabitants
4 Humanoid force use this as a camp or a base but areas still untouched of abandoned
5 A party of adventurers are plundering the place as their claim but still mostly wild 
6 A gang, slavers, smugglers, pirates or some other criminal reprobates have taken over
7 An evil cult has occupied the site to find something or just to hide in past glory
8 Inhabitants claim descent from builders but have left areas untouched
9 Degenerate gibbering inbred remnants of the ancients live here now
10 The complex is haunted by undead remnants of the past
11 The complex is influenced by beings from another plane
12 The complex is partly on another plane and influenced by some spirit or planar being

So now I have a crumbling haunted otherworldly wizard manor built on a goblin mine complex to make. Cannibal creature descendants of the wizard guard the house and perform strange rites and hunt goblins below. A party of adventurers are trapped inside and have not returned


Slave plantation manor is overgrown by vegetation - but it is haunted by an angry deity of a buried axolotl folk ziggurat under the hill the house is built on. Thick vegetation, killer plants, animals and damned undead 
conquistadors haunt the ruined house and keep people away from the entrance to inside the hill. Strange creatures and people from the past come from the otherworldly tunnels inside the hill. Long gone creatures and inhabitants appear as spectral minions and illusions of the old wold.

or 2 die rolls but one a d20 for first one

Desert temple on another planet being looted by visiting humanoids

or 2 dice on each

Ruin of the elder ones  in a landscape of fleshy things and shoggoth life 
Adventurers are camped here to plunder treasure 
Degenerate creatures and animals many non intelligent smaller alien beings


  1. Exceptionally good list, combining them really does make for some unexpected creativity!

    1. simpler than other aproaches but im thinking of using gates a bit next game so having dungeons anywhere handy. In my modern spec forces vs dungeon games too they could wander into new theme areas. It did get me thinking up one good location I will work on soom


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