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d100 Petulant Demands of a Dungeon Tyrant

You thought adventurers had a bad time?
Or perhaps start adventuring as slaves in a dungeon complex
Or to get some monsters onside or for atoning for mass murder
Or what monsters are up to if questioned

Think monsters just think about being stabbed by adventurers? 
Nope - they worry about making the boss happy and satisfying their desires

d10 Petulant Demands Types
01 Treats & food-related goodies
02 Craft & fancy things
03 Monsters & improving dungeon might
04 Revenge & punishing enemies   
05 Love & romance 
06 Fun and games 
07 Expert specialist required 
08 Vice and depravity 
09 Constant warfare 
10 Magical desires 

d100 Petulant Demands of a Dungeon Tyrant
01 Demands fancy cakes from a famous bakery
02 Demands honey, from that area all the huge bears hang out
03 Demands some fancy candy or sweetmeats from the city
04 Demands a particular breed of fancy noble dog for a snack
05 Demands several potions of a certain type
06 Demands some healing potions for emergencies
07 Wants to hold the most fabulous feast inviting other evil factions
08 Wants a proper chef and fancy modern equipment 
09 Wants a magical fruit guarded by a monster
10 Wants a noble blooded human to eat or just blood for some magic
11 Demands a portrait painted by a proper artist
12 Demands treasury melted into a new crown by a proper artisan
13 Demands a fancy new throne with gold and skulls
14 Demands a magic weapon and wants a magician found or a mighty relic found 
15 Demands fine clothing and wants a tailor kidnapped and best cloth stolen
16 Demands spies investigate rival dungeon decor and the bosses stuff
17 Wants a famous craftsman from the rival dungeon kidnapped
Wants a hat they have heard spies speak of
 Wants a fancy bed and has heard of one fit for a king
Wants fancy pit trap installed to activate on command into some sadistic peril
21 Wants dire wolf puppies and a specialist to handle them
22 Wants magical aid to breed some new hybrid creature
23 Wants an evil priest or necromancer to manage undead minions
24 Wants a pet owlbear and beastmaster
25 Thinks a couple of trolls would spice up the place (or thouls if trolls passe this season)
26 Thinks a pet dragon would make them seem more powerful or something dragonlike
27 Want an evil priest to make some crypts haunted by nightmares undead
28 Wants to keep a few werewolves can be used to infest local humans
29 Thinks it worth sending an envoy to recruit some chaos berserkers, preferably mutant ones
30 Wants a spectacular riding beast that would make them a legendary figure
31 Wants head of a sibling that might challenge power
32 Wants local tavern sigh and build a better tavern in the dungeon
33 Wants a building burned down 
34 Wants a well poisoned in the enemy camp
35 Wants hostages of some enemies from old grudge
36 Wants a peasant who killed a stray monster to have children killed or kidnapped
37 Wants a party of adventurers murdered who are currently in a tavern
38 Wants a rival king or close kin or bodyguard killed
39 Wants a bard killed for spreading slander
40 Wants a holy person influencing dungeon killed
Wants a famous attractive villager kidnapped
42 Wants a pretty trinket to impress a lover
43 Wants a diplomatic marriage to another dungeon|
44 Wants a person they spy on with magic kidnapped
45 Wants current lover killed
46 Demands eligible lovers are to rounded up and put on the parade for inspection
47 Deliver a proposal for marriage and alliance, if they refuse kidnap them
48 Worried lover has a lover so find and kill them
49 Concerned with offsprings marriage, find them a bride
50 Wedding to be held needs all kinds of fancy things and gifts 
51 Bored so wants a village idiot captured
52 Unhappy with the current jester, find some candidates and make them audition
53 Heard of a famous bard and wants them brought here to perform
54 Wants a biography about life and families divine origins, find a writer
55 Wants someone to play chess with, losers executed or fed to monsters
56 Wants a dance band so monsters can have a ball
57 Wants an old storyteller for when late up at night, go snatch one from a tavern
58 Wants to have beautiful music at dinner go catch a harpist
59 Wants some acrobats to entertain visiting monsters, go get some
60 Wants wagonload of booze for a feast, go rob a tavern or merchant or brewery
 Wants a merchant kidnaped for financial advice
 Has heard of a crabby old wise shaman, go catch them and bring them to live at court
63 Wants a new cult priest brought in to consult (and to offend existing clergy)
64 Wants an astrologer, just get one anyone, all the dungeon bosses are doing it
65 Wants a famous writer kidnapped to show off the court and dungeon
66 Assassin cult refused a contract so kidnap some of them
67 Wants a mechanical device built they dreamed up so get a mechanist 
68 Wants a human mercenary hired to train troops in human tactics
69 Wants monsters to be fed more pie, capture a piemaker and their tools
70 Wants to see a player they wrote performed, go kidnap a troop of the performers
71 Kidnap an alchemist and set up a drug lab
72 Demands naked dancers for a feast go catch some
72 Follow the black lotus guild drug couriers so we can rob them later
73 Go get an array of tasty drugs for a party
74 A wizard wants some weird crap to summon a pleasure demon at tonight's orgy
75 Go raid an urban thieves guild to find where they get drugs from
76 Go down to the human bars and peddle this strange underworld drug
77 Recruit a guild of courtesans for a big monster noble get together
78 Wants friends to be drunk with for days constantly
79 Wants friends to eat and feats with till vomiting point daily
80 Decides to build a harem even though current lover unimpressed
81 Collecting skulls of an enemy race gives rewards for every head brought in
82 Blames a rival dungeon for failures and wage war on them
83 Seeking allies to wage war and bring down the kingdom
84 Want elves out of area want to burn down the forests
85 Paranoid about a secret demihuman community in area thwarting plans
86 Works with a dungeon against another underground complex
91 Has made a demonic pact and has supernatural reinforcements and powers
92 Has sold soul to hell in return for support or magic relics
Made a deal with some chaos cult that promised mutant hordes and berserkers, what could go wrong?
94 Unicorn horn or some other good creatures body parts wanted for some kingly decor
95 Has made friends with a new spiritual advisor, a priest of a strange cult 
96 Has had visions and dreams sent by a being from beyond 
97 Immortality sounds good, go find who has it and take it
98 If we collect evil relics some dumb cult will do what we say and maybe we can boss around a demon or something, that would be cool
99 Steal human holy objects and lock them away till they can be destroyed or ransomed
100 Fascinated by occultism and black forbidden lore and other planar beings


  1. You could run an entire Monsters! Monsters! campaign using this as a mission generator.

    1. I did play dungeon keeper pc game but it wasnt dnd. But ideas in it cute. I played a game where we go trapped in the dungeon and learned about the secret levels where monsters healed and had costume changes and secret passages everywhere and healing sugar crystal potions in their mouths. We got to beat up a paladin and some adventurers. Whole dungeon was a scam for wizards to watch.Ive done similar stuff but this was more dungeon boss than my way


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