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d100 Local Sidequests

So for in towns and village inn if you want stuff to happen

d10 Local Sidequest Types
01 Meddling kids
02 Vermin extermination
03 Old people stories
04 Petty mischief
05 Local resources
06 Crime time
07 Mysterious strangers
08 Romance
09 Creepy stuff
10 Supernatural

d100 Local Sidequests
01 Billy fallen down well follow the exited dog!
02 Child complains of goblins under her bed nobody believes them
03 Puppy fell down drain and child crying
04 Kids have not returned from some adventure for meal
05 Kid has heard noises at night of some monster
06 Kids know a dark hole with a scary thing hiding in the dark
07 Childs pet or toy as got stuck somewhere and needs rescuing
08 An angry local is beating a child with a stick 
09 A child replaced by a changeling shunned by other children
10 A child heard beings talking d4 1=faerie 2=animals 3=ghosts 4=goblins
11 Some giant rats in my cellar ate my turnips
12 Empty house has a giant bug inside that snatched a dog
13 Nasty bloodbath swarm in the attic
14 Farmer found a big hole in a field
15 Something nasty living in stream, pets and children must avoid
16 Villagers killing rat swarms that bit some children and elderly
17 Wild dogs snatching food and chickens and growling at people
18 A strange coloured fox stole something from a house
19 Some creature with claws living inside walls and ceiling of a house (1in6 it talked!)
20 Some beast scared shepherd boy
21 Old farmer tells of some funny old stones with writing on them near a field
22 Old man talks about a cave they found as a child had strange things in it
23 Old timer says found strange carved stones when digging out the cellar
24 Old timer warns about a local spirit and names a thing that enrages it
25 Old woman tells of the people who lived in the old now sealed well
26 Old women tells of a bad witch said to live in hard to get at the area in secret
27 Old woman tells of a creepy old abandoned house
28 Old couple tell of a forgotten ruin in the wasteland
29 Old couple tell of local adventurers disappeared exploring a local sinkhole
30 Old people telling stories discuss a haunted hill tomb of the old race 
31 Somebody is pooping in everyone's clogs left outside at night
32 Someone keeps letting goats out and the goats keep wandering off to strange places
33 Someone is stealing shiny objects recently
34 Locals menaced by a bugbear who surprises people at awkward moments
35 Someone is writing strange signs around the area in unreadable script
36 Something walking on rooftops by night
37 Strange footprints found around town
38 Odd gifts have been left for someone who is curious
39 Something invisible heard running and giggling recently
40 Someone vandalising graves by night
41 Someone is polluting local stream or well
42 Something keeps breaking in feed bins by stables
43 Something has scared cows and all milk has gone dry
44 Something scared village cats that won't go out at night and catch mice
45 Woodcutters axe keeps being stolen or hidden
46 An animal has been stolen and there is a trail
47 Someone tried to set fire to a building
48 A local resource in woods has been blocked by a creature
49 Someone is feeding something to the pigs, they seem healthy but owner wary
50 Something is stealing eggs from chickens
51 A robber knight and his gang have been raiding area then fleeing to another district

52 A gang of robb
ers have been operating in the area but they spare locals
53 A famous masked highway robber and their assistant has been seen in area
54 Humanoids or abhumans camping in area robbed some people
55 Metal from farm tools is being stolen
56 Someone is stealing food from local houses
57 Someone is stealing laundry and bedclothes
58 A lone non-human set up an illegal toll booth on the road
59 A colourful traveller sealing sham potions to locals
60 Loca mob lynching a caught troublemaker
61 Travellers camped nearby and locals troubled
62 Someone did a farmer's chores for them two nights in a row
63 A mysterious person has been camping in the area
64 An old woman lives in a shack alone and locals wildly speculate about her
65 Strange lights are seen on certain nights near the high meadow faerie stones 
66 Foreigners have camped nearby and locals want them gone
67 Mysterious sinister stranger visiting area locals afraid
68 Someone is hiding an abandoned building
 A demihuman has been visiting to trade and drink and all afraid
 A local has been employing humanoids and peers confused and angry
71 Someone too shy to speak to a love interest
Someone claims a mysterious person is courting them by whispers through walls by night
73 Dance is on and locals want to dance with strangers
74 Someones married partner has been missing for several nights
75 Someone thinks lover cheating on them
76 Youths want help to get some private time together
77 Local attracted to party member uses a treasure map as a pretext to get close
78 A local who lost partner seeks a new mate and is interested in a party member
79 Parent offers a child in marriage to a party member they think is rich
A local has been pining for a mysterious lover in the wilderness nobody else has ever seen
81 A prehistoric sinkhole into the deep open in the area and someone fell in
82 Strange writing on a rockface discovered by locals
83 A mutant creature was seen recently and all muttering about it as a bad omen
84 Inquisitor visits and conscripts deputies to hunt d6 1=witch 2=changeling 3=werewolf 4=mutant 5=chaos cultists 6=heretical darkness cult
85 Cult graffiti found in the area has locals concerned
86 Signs of animal sacrifice has been found
87 Goat chased away a cultist trying to kidnap a child, a maniac is still at large
88 Blood found on an ancient stone in fields
89 Abhuman beastfolk dancing around a fire seen by a drunken farmer on the way home late
90 Someone was warned by a mysterious voice that let them hide from hooded cultists
91 A vile wizard has been seen disturbing graves by night
92 Cultists have been heard and seen by night recently and all concerned
93 A witch has been cursing and scaring people 
94 A strange beast has killed locals recently (lycanthrope among locals)
95 People have been behaving badly and not remembering after (doppelganger)
96 Locals having strange dreams with travelling adventures in them to solve the mystery
97 Dark elves play cruel pranks on a family for some reason
98 Someone has taken a relic or damaged a shrine or monument
99 A prehistoric rune rock moved stunning everyone
100 A demon or undead horror has been menacing sleepless area 

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