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d100 Local Mayor Favours

Every village mayor has a favour for some dodgy wandering murder hobos. And if they cause trouble you set the mob on them. They might offer town funds not their own to do these jobs. Lots of mayors are jerks if you don't like it run for office. I guess petty evil spirits and evil petty gods might do stuff like this too. Possibly getting a reputation for beating town mayors might reduce the use of this table in play.

d12 Bad Mayor Basics
1 Greedy for cash and hoarding wealth, a miser who hates poor
2 Uses power to own everything and skim from everyone several times
3 Uses bailiffs and magistrates and a small prison to punish troublemakers 
4 Loyal agent to a lord, skims plenty and sells local assets
5 Loves fashionable metaphysics and occultism, fascinated by travelling weirdos
6 Every job in town is mayors relative no matter how dim
7 Mayor works with a fanatic priest and uses religion as the basis of authority
8 In debt to mob acts as an informant to bandits and releases guild criminals
9 Outdated conservative and convinced can sense the wicked and likes mobs
10 Has many servants they treat so poorly that other slavers find tasteless and not best practice
11 Is a member of a secret cult in secret usually one of the leaders
12 Controls local crime and employs thugs and criminal guilds

d100 Local Mayor Favours
01 Could you clear out an abandoned house that some homeless drunks have moved into
02 Could you help the bailiffs collect local taxes for a days work
03 Some unpopular seasonal workers have not broken up their camp and moved on yet, help them leave
04 An unpopular priest has got some locals interested in an unpopular faith offering cheap healing, please convince them to leave town
05 Some goblins live in a cave have been stealing chickens can you round them up alive for me
06 Could you take these orphans off my hands please as apprentices
07 A demihuman in the woods alone needs to be driven away
08 Farmer lets hobgoblins work on his farm undercutting human workers go and beat the hobgoblins and drive them back to the wild where they belong
09 Local kobolds have been breeding. Trick them into drinking this drugged beer and snatch 20 it thirty in sacks for me, please
10 Approach this tribe of orcs in secret and offer them safety in my area if they leave my people alone while they plunder surrounding villages
11 Local frogs have been extra noisy, go into the bog and cull some of the giant frogs and frog folk, chefs will pay for their legs
12 Some women complain a dryad has been servicing their husbands in the forest and want someone to test trees in the area or locate the heathen inhuman being
13 Dig up a grave in the graveyard at midnight for they should not be buried with good people
14 Go and kill the strange beast in the woods with horns and legs of a beast that walks like a human with hands
15 Visit outer farms looking for signs of any loner farmers turned to lycanthropy
16 Dig up the object on this map and bring it back here
17 Cross into another territory and kill a robber knight menacing the mayor's land
18 Meet smugglers late at night to receive or send mysterious goods
19 Go to this place and kill the green cloaked person camped their, look out for their illusions!
20 Go rob this wandering gambler who fleeced locals and mayor wants this put right
21 A local bandit gang fight the law and rob the rich, bring the leaders head
22 Steal an old book from an elderly loner in a forest cottage
23 Kidnap this wizard familiar so we can force them to cooperate with law and taxes
24 WIll pay you if you can help drive off old person and their grandchildren from a struggling farm. Has heard they are superstitious
25 Some old loner wizard is faking a monster in a cave to scare away taxpayers, thwart them
26 A strange beast has been seen in area kill it in secret and bring me its head and skin intact
27 The blacksmith has considered leaving the village could you break their legs so they will be oo crippled to flee?
28 Some dirty homeless urchins have been hiding in the area somewhere and have been begging for food from travellers. Help drive this riffraff away, the sheriff won't do anything to stop you
29 Had a dream about a chest in a cave can you fetch it for them
30 Terrible teenage criminal needs to be hunted and killed, they are possibly a baby eating werewolf don't trust their lies just stop them without listening to protests
31 A secret cult has been meeting at night in a secret ruin go there and ambush the cult killing and injuring as many as possible and we will mop up those with wounds while your long gone
32 Burn down this house tonight here is fuel and some beer
33 Drive bard from town and make it clear they must never return tonight
34 A man slandering mayor has been in tavern buying drinks for locals and spreading lies, who are they an agent of
35 Worker leader has stirred up trouble with seasonal workers, please find them and give them a beating
36 Take this letter to this elf and ask them to reply via yourselves in secret
37 When the blacksmith is smelting ore, steal some of the potions he mixes and puts on cooling metal or find out what it is when they take on extra labour 
38 Stop this wine merchant coming into town, avoid anyone getting hurt
39 Find this drug dealer preying on the youth and labourers 
40 Find where the flagellants camp corrupting our youth with their mendicant lifestyle, and give them a sound beating, don't harm any local youths with them
41 Sorcerer staying in this rental house for the month is up to no good, help get rid of them, the sheriff will say sorcerer started it first
41 Go beat up this popular shepherd and drive off their livestock into the forest late at night
42 The village idiot and children claim they are talking to goats, whats going on? Is it the secret brotherhood of Rothsharzemalhad?
43 The local village idiot is faking it, discredit them so I can give job to my cousin in law
44 Escort this woman in her carriage to this other town don't let anyone stop her or speak with her till you deliver her to my cousin
45 Take these child heirs to his location, keep them quiet and listen not to their claims or offers
46 A child with a talent for sorcery has been discovered, take her by night to this larger town and pass onto this associate
47 A colony of illusionist students have been camping at a shack on holidays, go and investigate them and intimidate them a bit, but don't start trouble
48 When this person who robbed me leaves tavern at night follow them and box them soundly before they reach home to tech hem a lesson, say nothing be assured they deserve it
49 A man staying in the inn is a friend of the lord please try and talk to them and find why they are in the village, determine if there is a plot to replace the mayor  
50 Some hermit monks living in the woods are growing in numbers whats happening?
51 Some barbarians have been camping in area sort them out for us please

52 A creature has been seen in a distant lair. It has done none harm yet but many are concerned it will attack and want it gone
53 Locals have a sacrifice to a monster for the year coming up. Find us some criminal or vagabond we can leave the beast so we feel no wrongdoing on our part
54 A unicorn has been seen near, bring us the unicorn horn or even alive, find a virgin as bait
55 SOmething has been burrowing in the area recently please stop it
56 Some giant bugs in the area have a colony please get rid of them
57 A basement is infested with rats or centipedes or snakes
58 Capture a wild wood savage and make them admit to their evil plots then dispatch it
59 Take this wagon of goods to this dungeon. Show this flag so the goblins dont shoot you
60 In the wilds is a wizard making orcs, take them these chemicals they need urgently
61 This person living in an old crypt needs these forbidden books delivered to them, don't mind what they look like they are one of the good ones
62 A local coven have been plotting something and have som calendar event for a secret ritual soon
63 Several cultists tortured spoke of a grand unholy day coming soon, find where and when this foul event is to happen
64 Take these chests to this dragons lait, it's familiars will deal with you and give you sealed documents
65 This mosaic tile floor was dug up from some ancient cult and now lamia cultists have been moving into the area. Can you inspect the new settlers for us? 
66 Wolves have been howling in the area can you kill them
67 A forest shack has been seen with a young woman or an old woman but not both, can you please visit her
68 An old building has become infested with giant cobwebs please kill whatever did this
69 A camp of mutant homeless have camped within a mile for too many days now, please drive them off permanently
70 Stay in the murder house for three nights to show it is harmless
71 Find what the gurgling thing in the drain is

72 My child pet fell down the drain please fetch it
73 A travelling priest has given some sermons that threaten the traditional ways, please encourage them to move on to give up public speaking
74 An anti-slavery protestor from one of the fashionable city churches has been causing trouble with some local semi-legal traditional slavery. Encourage them to move away
75 Take this baby and coins to the hag living in this evil cave
76 Take this child to a shack and guard them for three days, all this must be secret
77 My partner is talking to somebody else, spy on them and tell me who. A bonus if you thrash them out of town
78 Go see the ancient cave hag with this list of questions and giver her this money, keep what she tells of the future secret and word for word back to me
79 Several locals have vanished since elected and they suspect those who vanished were mutants. Are they in hiding? Is a cult aiding them?
80 Stab the man camping here and leave this knife, you don't have to kill them just make it messy and seem close
81 A order of nuns have among them an heir I seek to keep an eye on, go visit them with injuries in some righteous cause so they treat you and find the woman among them
82 Go visit this goblin shaman in the forest and give him gold for a potion and bring it to me, nobody knows we ever spoke
83 Visit this man in the forest by night and buy a magic item from him, you can keep any profit just make sure you get it 
84 These debtors around the village need a beating for the month can I rely on you?
85 A noble staying in this house needs a lesson, kill one of their settlers and make it look like it was a cult assassination, it will drive them wild. I can supply a costume
86 I suspect this man be a male witch who obeys a coven as a witch-cult assassin. Wound him or kill him if possible. If you can get a signed confession exposing the secret coven you will get a reward
87 Meet this man by a bridge at night and collect a box, say nothing and bring it here
88 A gang of adventurers have asked if you could beat up another party in a tavern and humiliate them into leaving town. Just make it look like a pub fight. They are jerks it will be easy
89 This writer gave our village a bad review a year ago. Capture them and throw them in the manure pits but hurt nobody
90 These rich youths on holiday renting rooms and being rude, can you lure them into a dungeon with you and well see if they are as tough as they say? I have a map to one and some coin you can say you found laying about with hibernating lizard people
91 This strange noblewoman has refitted and old abandoned manor suddenly. She used no locals and must have her own servants. Find out what you can about her please as she scares many locals. The property has some kind of strange history she is exploiting
92 Kobolds stole a wagon of beer and have been terrifying people with their public antics since.Think  of the children and stop these vile performances

93 This grisly old man has sheriff and bailiffs scared. Can some of you give him a black eye so locals know he isn't so tough. He comes to the Inn for a drink nightly
94 Beastfolk have been camping in a secret grotto they know of. If only some adventurers could exterminate the pests who are maneaters and chaos cultists mutants
95 Deliver by night this covered wagon of full coffins to this old ruined manourhouse then leave 

96 Noises from this clan barrow indicates it is corrupted by undead. They will have grave goods we will use to compensate their victims and pay adventurers 
97 Hang out in the taverns and ins a few days spreading these stories of how halfling settlers ruined a town and the humans ended up slaves
98 At midnight burn this large wooden holy symbol on a hill by night, blow this horn then flee. Take these shiny shiny red gems as payment
99 Mark this symbol inside the old stone circle then light it and flee, never speak of this and you will have drink money for a month
100 Take this goat and kill it splattering these old stones with blood tonight then you flee and keep the goat and never come back this way again. Sweet deal huh? 

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