Thursday, 5 November 2020

Big Battle Session

So as the party now going on 12th lv and have a flying giants castle and lots of followers the game has become more about domain play and possibly mass combat...I will keep the campaign up for a while then will go run my Patreon broken hill book and planet psychon. Ill keep it going but basically this level dnd bogs down more and more. Like we had one fight this game.

At this point, they are the most diverse tribe and most advanced of the tundra and typical tribe members are pretty hubris happy over their god-like status. The orc tribe they liberated have been pretty grateful. So they flew their giant cloud castle to the north to the valley of frost giants who had been dabbling in elder magic in the city of the old ones thawing from the great northern glacier. Sourberry the elf flew invisibly and spied on giants and learned of their factions and unhappy orc servants, So he brought in his two orc followers he had recruited from the friendly orc tribe and got them to infiltrate the frost giant hall and spread subversion and disent among orc servants.

After a week of spying Sourberry tried to use a cantrip to con giants into betraying jarl but this was a disaster. The giant threw a cast iron bed-chiller full of ice at the elf who appeared momentarily between invisibility spells on the ceiling. Elf was hit so fled out window and fireballed the giant before fleeing. Realising the giants knew an elf tried to ferment internal strife Sourberry went to the cloud castle, called his elf followers, his giant friend with his pack of giant dogs and the allied orc warriors.

They brought the cloud castle closer and air dropped the force by the gatehouse of the giants stockade wall to find guard orcs had abandoned it a good sign. They marched up to the hall and four fill giants came out to warn them off. They lasted a few rounds and one fled so out came half the frost giant warriors with ogre thralls. Sourberry fireballed them then chain lighteninged the lot that was pretty destructive. The giant and his dogs and the orcs broke into fierce melee performing well and more frost giants came out including an evil priest giant and the Jarl. The giant priest made the hero giant blind which slowed him a bit. Various elves peppered giants with spells and arrows and retreated. Sourberries griffon did some damage but as he was a weak griffon fled to rear ready for emergency evac duty. The battle got close towards the end as the giant king with his winter wolves took out many orcs and the heroes only just won. At one point the evil giant priest was imprisoned in a firewall then hit with insect swarms and caltrop spells. The final victory came when the frost giant orc serfs revolted and finished off the wounded giants and saving the allied orcs who were bleeding out. All up only 6 orcs were killed. The giant elderly and women surrender and were put under the heroes good giant. They offered to marry him but as he was a pretty lawful good giant and they were chaotic evil he declined (plus they were but ugly).

Thew was a pile of these funny coin things that the old races valued and some magic items they shared with their followers. Sourberry used his life draining sword to finish wounded giants and heal himself. Five hours mostly of battle, levelling up and looting. Heroes were pleased to welcome more orcs into the flying castle. Orcs now outnumbered humans in the mountain tribe but all were getting along ok. Sourberry, as usual, flipped a coin and decided his anti orc sentiments were backward elf traditions that must die. 

Got to use lots of my terrain and battleboard which worked well.
It was cool the player giant was 1/3 bigger than everyone else and the frost giants a third bigger than him. Next session will explore the extradimensional ruins of the old ones full of shoggoths and killer giant penguins and black magic.

Also Emo artist Michal Dutkiewicz has a deviant art now

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