Sunday 26 August 2018

d100 Signs the Dungeon Dimension is infecting Your Reality

Coincidence or is the dungeon dimension leaking through, contaminating the world? These are for when your team is allowed out of the dungeon after proving themselves able to help cover up more invasive intrusions into the world. These are things they witness or come across some might be just accident. Some are intrusions but minor ones. As dungeon money, potions and items leech into the world through gates more ordinary people become influenced. Some people receive dreams that influence or inspire them.

Many of these items could appear in news reports.
Up to DM which of these threads leads anywhere.
Some might just help dimensional intruder hide among humans better.
Some might be government cover stories to hide dungeon phenomena.

d100 Signs the Dungeon Dimension is infecting Your Reality
01 Death metal band new release sung in orcish
02 Kids playing dnd everywhere
03 Pigeons shit seems to be damaging stone buildings and statues
04 Tattoo shop includes dungeon gang signs in flash art
05 Graffiti tags including monster gangs and wizard names
06 More people believing in magic, paganism, new agers, freemasonry on rise
07 Occult auctions increasing and prices rising 
08 Miracle churches claiming they can heal the sick and to shun science
09 New cults appearing, some claim links to long dead orders and religions
10 New piercing and body mod fads look increasingly orcish/":
11 Dance craze using wizard hand gestures
12 Several fantasy films and tv series being filmed in public
13 Increased attempted break ins to museums, libraries, university collections
14 Mental health institution crowded with new delusional pationes
15 Serial killers on the rise, some increasingly bizarre 
16 Children scrawling weird occult symbols on pavements some covering blocks
17 Children singing weird chants while skipping and playing hopscotch
18 Television series in production about secret gate to fantasy world
19 LOTR and Conan conventions all the rage with huge cosplay events
20 Huge clouds of bats over city, blamed on climate change and habitat loss
21 Wild animals encroaching on city more and more sighted daily
22 Strange muttering homeless man seems to follow everywhere
23 Fantasy theme park being constructed
24 Developer proposes underground housing complex under city
25 Strange new plant based drug on streets, police cant work out origins
26 Graveyard robberies have become rampant
27 UFO sightings have gone up and spotters having a convention
28 Cryptofauna sighting increased and organised spotter clubs have regular meetings
29 News story about unidentified baby reptile discovered in park being studied by museum
30 Tshirts with dungeon art latest trend
31 New age jewelry store selling elf looking designs
32 Conspiracy blogger talked about secret gov underground bases, run over by train
33 New underground train tunnels being built disturb housing residence  
34 Cave complex discovered when sinkhole opened up and swallowed a car
35 Shipwreck discovered with unusual gold and silver coins
36 Gold being devalued in multiple developed nations by flooded market
37 New disease breaking out baffles scientists
38 Botanic gardens showing newly discovered flower about to open it's blossom
39 Several new species of toxic mold discovered in some cases in hospitals
40 Several cows mysteriously pregnant claims farmer
41 Several dramatic house haunting make the news
42 This years Royal Show Ghost Train ride is getting rave reviews
43 One suburb has multiple arson outbreaks
44 A farmer has bred a new bread of huge black chickens as big as a dog
45 Weird unseasonable storms hit the city and many strikes hit a nearby mountain lookout
46 Police raided a greenhouse complex but found some unidentified crop and no people
47 Astronomers report unusual solar activity and other recent phenomena
48 Strange rotting creature found on beach attracts a crowd
49 Strange coloured toxic algae slime in river has public health warning
50 Strange eerie fog has shrouded city for several nights
51 Cannibalism cult busted by police, one of several in recent months

52 Road rage killer reported having weird nightmares for weeks leading up to his spree
53 Child found a huge slug as big as his arm, experts believe it is escaped illegal pet
54 Artists sellout breakthrough show of macabre painting 
55 Bathers at beach report something in water tried to grab people
56 Oddly covered comet returning to the inner solar system after a thousand years
57 Packs of stray dogs have been chasing joggers early in the morning
58 Urchins living in drains have refused help from social workers
59 Record huge shark sighted, some say it had tatoos
60 Monkeys in zoo escaped and unlocked other animal cages
61 Mysterious power outages have increased, some call for a new nuclear power plant
62 Customs siezed shipping container of unidentifiable reptile skin boots, jackets and belts
63 Politician caught murdering his family but has no memory, commited to mental hospital
64 Feral child reported in park rumours say was raised by wild dogs
65 New celebrity psychic contacts dead relatives for a fortune
66 Fishing boats have been disappearing
67 Ugly deformed children have been born, doctors have been naming several new birth defects with names such as goblinism
68 Large groups of stray cats have been forming large groups in park
69 Strange TV interference in city has all kinds of popular theories and speculation
70 Spelunkers in a cave system have been lost and world watches as military sent for rescue attempt
71 Strange footprints have been seen about city 

72 Late night tv psychics and astrologers have increased in popularity
73 Crazy man on news claims he encountered goblin like aliens in park
74 Exiting new wax museum opening
75 Kids are into the new cape fashion
76 Sword fighting increased in popularity as sport and LARP activity
77 Popular new agers and occultists drawing up leyline maps of the city78 Kids on Harry Potter craze LARPing and cosplaying everywhere
79 Previously unknown songs by long dead artist have been discovered and authenticated
80 New female popstar encouraging fanatic fans
81 Politician trying to make cremation only legal burial
82 Fracking ban called for after disaster on mine site
83 Crops disappeared from fields
84 Mysterious stone sphere discovered
85 Prehistoric fish discovered thought long extinct
86 Gigantic mushrooms found growing in abandoned rail tunnels
87 Various huge centipedes and spiders have been reported of record size
88 Blood bank attempted roberey baffles police
89 Huge figure carved into desert surface visible from air
90 Commercial fish farm damaged in storm and fish stock escaped
91 Chicken egg found with lizard inside baffles scientists
92 Several thousand sheep 
disappeared, farmers outraged
93 Sinkhole opened under dam and swallowed up the water
94 Man claims was abducted by aliens who had sex with him
95 Rail tunnel workers have been disapearing

96 Cult police siege in rural compound
97 Homeless disappearing off streets
98 Several public statues vanished, student pranks blamed
99 Protest at military base entrance of dungeon gate, protesters unaware of real purpose
100 Minor earthquake surprises off guard scientists

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  1. So...we are seeing more of these signs than not currently. I friggin' knew it!


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